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Mar 1, 2012

Cayo North East Political Bloody Machete Match Up

In the west, the rivalry between party supporters is known to get contentious. On Sunday in the village of Los Tambos, U.D.P. supporters of the Cayo Northeast Division claim they came under attack from followers of the opposition. The incumbent area representative Elvin Penner says he does not believe his opponent was involved but thirty-nine year old Israel Parham was badly injured. Two others received chop wounds to the hand and neck. News Five’s Andrea Polanco was in the west and has a report on that incident.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

It happened here on the football field in Los Tambos. According to Cayo Northeast Standard Bearer, Elvin Penner, a group of his supporters was attacked, allegedly by P.U.P. supporters:

Elvin Penner, U.D.P. Cayo Northeast Standard Bearer

“As they passed we just heard noises and stones flying all over the place and they actually broke the windshield of my vehicle, which was parked close to the road and hit one of our supporters. We hoped that would’ve been the end of it but they nevertheless were aggravated for some reason or simply were in high spirits after having been in San Ignacio at their rally. Apparently under the influence, they went back home and came out back on their motorbikes with their flags and started shouting at us.”

According to twenty-five year old Timoteo La Rosa, a UDP Supporter, one of the men later pulled out machete. La Rosa is one of the three men injured during the fight:

Timoteo La Rosa, Chopping Victim

Timoteo La Rosa

“I come Sunday to the meeting by the field, by the road when the next guy get wah machete and come chop me on my neck.”

Andrea Polanco

“Did he say anything to you? He nuh tell yuh anything?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“He nuh tell me nothing.”

Andrea Polanco

“Suh he beat up as well or..?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“Just chop me with machete.”

Andrea Polanco

“So how many guys attacked you?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“Only one.”

Andrea Polanco

“So he came straight up to you?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“No I just defend the next guy from San Ignacio.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you were trying to stop the fight and he chopped you?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“Yes. Yes. He chopped me.”

Andrea Polanco

“Did this guy identify himself? Is he somebody from the area, here in Los Tambos?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“Here in Los Tambos, yes.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you and him; you guys never had any fight or problem before?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“No, we never had any problem before.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you think it is because of the P.U.P./U.D.P.?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“Yes, P.U.P. and U.D.P.”

Andrea Polanco

“Okay, So I understand you are a U.D.P. supporter?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“A U.D.P. supporter, yes.”

Andrea Polanco

“And he attacked you because of that?”

Timoteo La Rosa

“Yes, yes.”

Elvin Penner

Elvin Penner

“In the process of subduing him, a guy by the name of Lenny Parham got a bad chop wound on his head. We still don’t know the extent of injury; in fact he is being taken to Flores right now.  Which initially was declared just simply declared wounding by the doctor, not knowing the extent of the injury. When we did the x-ray the next day we realized his skull was cracked; he had a fracture in the skull and the following morning he was bleeding through his mouth and this morning he was bleeding through his ears. So there is obviously some internal injury that we are trying to attend to because the last thing we would want is for a fatality to be the result of something like this.”

Penner categorically stated that he believes the incident is an isolated case and wasn’t orchestrated by his opponent’s camp. But he believes the individuals were under the influence of alcohol:

Elvin Penner

“I certainly don’t think there is any involvement with regards to my opponent or any other member of the pup running for office. I do believe that the individuals who caused this to happen, had planned it because why would you have stones in your hands passing an event that we had. So it was certainly planned after they all had their drinks and were under the influence. I personally don’t think.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Both political parties are calling on their supporters to avoid election violence.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “Cayo North East Political Bloody Machete Match Up”

  1. Be Real says:

    I like how Mr. Penner is being realistic and honest. Yes the attackers might be PUP supporters but that alone does not mean that the PUP standard beaerer endorsed the attack. I wish Mr Smith in Pickstock could do the same regarding the burning of his car instead of alleging or inferring that his opponent is to blame.

  2. truth says:

    When will our people realize and open their eyes and see that there is no need to hurt one another doesn’t matter which party you support.

    The cause of your pain isn’t your fellow supporter but the area Representative or the persons in power. If there is the need to retaliate, retaliate on election to vote against who you don’t want in power.

    Hurt!!!!, hurt the persons in power, Cast your vote, they are the ones responsible for our troubles and our demise.

    Wake up!!

  3. los tambos resident says:

    There is something that mister penner is not reporting or saying. Why does he not say that his supporters were the first ones to go and take this young mans pup flag and burn it before his eyes and that then all this fight erupted and there is were the machetes were taken care of please mister penner stop telling only one side tell the peaple of belize the real truth and face the challange your party suporters started the fight the pups only were listening with there flag on there bikes and cars and your peaple went and take them and burn them show them the flags that your supporters burn if you are an honest man mister penner.

  4. Sasha says:

    No matter what the outcome, these FOOLS should be locked up awaiting trial.

  5. Bmp man says:

    I couldnt have said it better myself BE REAL

  6. belizeanpride says:

    this is just embarrassing when political fanatics go wild. what do they gain nothing but problems and maybe assault charges. mein people be more realistic why fight when there’s time for election ahead to make a better point of view when we want a gov. removed or make the gov . stay in place.

  7. Pissed Off says:

    no matter what Elvin Penner will loose, he is a thief and chance his people in North East during these four years, bye Elvin Penner, go back to Canada and fool those people over their but here in our Country, go home you chancy Penner……………………………….

  8. los tambos resident says:

    That’s right sasha even the ones that got chopped so they won’t start a next fight again even elvin penner for not stopping his peaple until all had gone to worse. Plus Elvin penner in his last meeting in the village of duckrun 3 told his peaple that whenever the pup candidate reaches there that they shuold stone him too and run him from there village. You see Sasha where it all starts if u are not from this area please stop fooling yourself.

  9. now i see says:

    You guys are so stupid dont you know all politicians are good freinds? Only on election time they talk about each other.They are as fake as wresling.

  10. saint ignatius student says:

    In my opinion i gues we live in a free country were we cud do and be what we desire to be. during this time of elections many politics supporters gets into conflicts for a simple color. when all the ministers of both parties are hanging out together cool as best friends the citizens are killing their selfs.

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