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Feb 22, 2012

Bert Vasquez to stand trial for Forcible Abduction

Bert Vasquez

Businessman Bert Vasquez has been in and of court since May 2011 when a sixteen year old minor alleged that he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and pistol whipped her. Well, today at the end of a preliminary inquiry, Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart committed Vasquez to stand trial at the Supreme Court for Forcible Abduction.  The victim was also present in court to sign a binding document, agreeing to appear in court to testify in the trial. Vasquez, who was unrepresented, was granted bail of five thousand dollars and his case was scheduled for the April Session of the Supreme Court.  The report made by the sixteen year old is that shortly after eight o’clock on May thirteenth, 2011she was waiting for a bus in the Pound Yard Bridge area when a tinted vehicle pulled up. She claims that the driver approached her with a point thirty-eight pistol and forced her into the vehicle. According to the minor, Vasquez took her to the Vista Del Mar area of Ladyville where he sexually assaulted her and hit her in the face with his gun, injuring her nose.

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44 Responses for “Bert Vasquez to stand trial for Forcible Abduction”

  1. check it out says:

    sexual offenders will always repeat, that is why the US has a sex offenders list. why we copy so much from the US in lifestyle, but resist to adopt some of their regulations

  2. Head Strong says:

    That I agree but, they should publiclly wiped and then hanged

  3. Concerned Belizean says:

    Bert Vasquez is a con artist!!!!! He is not a business man….so do not refer to him like that Channel 5! He is known for writing bounce checks and being a fraud!
    I do believe he raped that young girl!!!!!!!! Shame on him and I hope the law deals with him to the full extent!!!! I hope he rots is jail!!!!!!!

  4. belizeangirl says:

    @”concerned belizean” you are a true and shining example of belizean cruffy, badminded all the way, bert is my dear friend, he is no fake, shure he has made his mistakes in the past years ago…..but unlike a lot of hypocrites in our midst, he is a genuine person and has a lot of ambition,he is very caring and has been there for me in very hard times,and for the record, there was NEVER any alegation of rape…..i know personally that he was victimized and targeted for money….but all that will be taken care of in due time…..i have nothing but love for bert,and he also has a right to defend his name, and friends like me will NEVER ABANDON HIM………………LOVE YOU BERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. true belizean says:

    stay strong borther bert………….you have the support of your friends and we will never speak ill of you, you are a victim of fowl play,we know the details…..keep your head high as always buddy….i know you are a man of great strength and character… have endured the worst, now with time reclaim your name……god bless you always!!!!

  6. Concerned Belizean says:

    I see Bert Vasquez has conned you both belizeangirl and true belizean!!!!!! He is a fraud no matter how you want to put it!!!!! And I do believe he is a rapist too! Even the devil has friends… you can support him all you want but he is no good!

  7. belizengirl says:

    get a life “concerned belizean” there was never any alegation of rape….don’t you have something better to do? hate all you want!! one thing i can swear about my dear friend is that unlike many others he is not afraid to admit his past mistakes,he is a man of true valor……i admire his ambition and drive to accomplish his goals in life…….me and my entire family love him…….furthermore his true friends are there for him,including myself…..i will not dignify your small mind any further…….Bert always has and will remain a dear friend NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is loved by many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. us belizean says:

    He was over her doing the same thing!!!! Took people money he was suppose to deliver. He always have a sorry story and needs money and he know why he ran from over here. The law was looking for him. He really need to be taught a lesson,

  9. lovley belizean says:

    what law is looking for him over there? get real dont you have anything better to do us belizean you sound so stupid

  10. bertie bullfrog says:

    yes andrea…………typical so called christian………….wish bad for your self at the same time

  11. ILoveBelize says:


  12. Cayogial says:

    As far as I am concerned, if the Police in Cayo cannot charge this man for murder then leave him up to the Cayo people. He deserves to be stoned to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. John Eskisofrenico says:

    This …….. trial should be done front of all the Belizean people. If he is not condemned then he should be stoned to death.

  14. Eyes Wide Open says:

    You cant tell what drives a person to do such horrid things and if we did know, we wouldnt have such cases. We wouldnt have them if friends and families knew what these people really did.. So stop being so blind people and stop defending perverts. They need help and their is no where in society for them except Jail. He has stalked a couple of my friends a year ago…. so just accept that this animal is a bad creature.

  15. stan says:

    let’s see if belizean girl and true belizean will come to his defense once more…he is a pathetic man who deserves to be castrated…and tortured…stoned to death is easy for this man Cayogial…he deserves worse…he is a poor excuse for a man

  16. Cpgas says:

    Does this guy goes by any other alias because other people may know him by another name.

  17. Jabaru says:

    I have no reason to lie or tell tales, I don’t even really know the guy but can tell you he approach me once pretending to know me and try to sell me some cock and bull story at which at the end he wanted me to give him a “LOAN”. He is a very shady person. Some businessman! He is more like a busyman. I am sure there is a lot more ppl out there who probably have had some sort of contact with him that may have seem insignificant but I tell you these little insignificant encounters could have been clues of exactly who we were talking to.

  18. Johnny says:

    He is innocent until proven guilty…NOW he is DARN GUILTY!!!!!Now belizengirl and true belizean you BOTH should be stoned with the alleged…that low life rapist and who ever is with sin should cast the first gallon of gasoline, I will throw the first lighted match!!!!!!!I could be my mother, brother , sister, wife or children if they do something as heinous they should pay the PRICE!!!!! Now Belizeans please do the right thing and burn him alive!!!!!!

  19. Drake says:

    Like every time there is people supporting ppl like this. and I feel sorry for this man if he ever goes to prison caz it will be like a living hell. and as far as I am concerned there is more than 2 reports against this man.

  20. Judith says:

    Rot in hell @$$ hole

  21. Us beluzean says:

    Well lovely beluzean who sound stupid now !!!!!!!!! What you have to say about this sick MF
    Tie him up and have him stoned. Sick sick lets see who they will say framed him now . He was caught with a little girl inside his car who does this kind of stuff just some sick MF

  22. Ruthel says:

    $5000.00 bail, are you kidding me????? Wow! I had no idea Belize was so lenient on violent crimes.

  23. BzeanChick says:

    Say something now…you all on his side sounds so stuipid! this is why u shld never put ur head on the block for people

  24. 1love says:

    ummmmm. true belizean and belizean girl…WHAT WERE U SAYING AGAIN!! i bet u are all sick in the mind like bert.U CAN ALL GO TO HELL TOGETHER!!!! this man is SANTAN himself.he deserves to be STONED to death by the cayo ppl.

  25. AnnonBelizean says:

    Still waiting for true belizean, belizengirl and lovley belizean to come to his defence. You spoke of this man with such high morals and dignity. Now he is once again involve in a similar situation, only because this time the act is heinous, dispicable and what ever other derogatory terms and be imagined. Totally agree with you BzeanChick.

  26. us belizean says:

    I agree with 1love they all need to go to hell together. He was over here in the US doing the same thing cunning people. I bet he didn’t try that mess over here his @$$ would be in jail and they would have killed his @$$ right in there. I feel so sorry for the mother of that little girl. This guy is a sick person and need to be castrated. His mother need to stop bail him out and let him learn his lesson and stop trying to say they always planting evidence on him she don’t want to accept that she has a murderer and a rapist for a child.

  27. Rds says:

    It’s such a sad situation that this guy has done so much messed up things in our little society, and yet he was still out on the streets carrying on in his sick perverted passions, he should have been hung from his B**ls long time ago, and all the the other ones who try to protect him, should be investigated too..
    I bet if he gets out from this one and is a free man on the streets again he wont last long, the people in Cayo are thirsty for his blood, and i don’t blame them….

  28. trikz says:

    @ Belizean girl what can you say now about your dear friend bert…now June 2012 he is found with the ring of Jasmin Lowe May he burn in hell for his crimes….

  29. truebelizean says:

    Bert is my friend…he is a good man…he is innocent…

  30. Jenny B says:

    All I can say here is that if “Bert the pervert” was dealt with by the justice system a long time ago, the people in Cayo would not be in front of the Police station demanding justice for JLowe. Im sure due to his “connections’ he was just given a slap on the wrist for abducting/assaulting the sixteen yr old in the city…if he would have been dealt with accordingly the Lowe family would still have their beautiful daughter alive instead of mourning her. Our justice system is failing us miserably!! These types of deviants in our society need to be dealt with severely from the onset not when their behaviours excalate to murder. Will he escape justice this time? Lets wait and see!!

  31. now i see says:

    I heard that he changed his name he was haylock and now vasquez. I agree he deserves a lot of pain every single day until he dies.

  32. Cayo Resident says:

    This is a signal to all those who keep coming to our twin towns and surrounding area and commit these horrible crime. The people from our community will not tolerate these type of people. You see the crowd in front of the police station. Justice has to be served. It is a signal to all of Belize – learn from the people in Cayo – now we need our non nonsense magistrate to deal with this person. Throw the book at him. Ensure that he does not allowed to do more harm. And why not, we need our own Sex Offender List as well… to prevent such things from re-occurring. Notice people that the crimes committed in the cayo area – twin towns etc are by people not from our community but from the city, from other places. Maybe we need to know who are the people coming into our area… like applying for a visa to visit… do we need to go to this extent to prevent these crimes from contaminating our community here in Cayo. It is food for thought.

  33. miss justice says:

    hmmm well i gat fi seh is whoeva d tek up fi bert unu da just sum damn fool ok….e mussy d pay unu fi tek up fi a to…da mi wah e do wana unu sumting fi c if unu still mi wa tek up fi da animal deh…he da wa animal n he deserve fi dead like wa animal….no beast worst dan he he is d devil himself…take a good look at bert n c hw e really looks devilish….old bible days should come bak c hw much pple nh mi wa done dead…true ting dis….Bert da animal..

  34. Jenny B says:

    @cayo resident…we are all Belizeans regardless where we choose to live so having a visa to visit any of the districts will not solve our crime situation. I am sure that if something similar had happened in OW or Corozal, people would be clambering in similar fashion for justice. Out district residents are more community oriented and are more familiar with each other due to family ties or simply because they are more close knit than city folk.

  35. Cayo Resident says:

    @Jenny B … of course it would not solve our crime situation… no one measure can…that is obvious however, finding excuses why crimes in the city is more prevalent highlights the fact that one of the main problem is the very same people who live there. So when we should… crime is bad, police and GOB not doing anything, have we ever looked at ourselves and see what role we play. Why is it that people in the city cannot be community oriented? there are bigger cities in the world that have closely knit communities that work with the police. But everyone keep closed mouth, don’t help the police, go on tv and radio and vindicate the criminals… oh my son, my friend, my whatever… dah wah good person… no do no wrong… we have no idea why they would want to kill them etc. Of course they why and that those people are involved in other things. But we got be adult enough to accept that people are not perfect even if the are our family or friend. THIS IS COMMUNITY WORKING WITH THE POLICE. BIG UP TO CAYO RESIDENTS!

  36. justice bze says:

    for all those friends of this lunatic……being so stupid to be on him with this are jus accomplices…..if he is custody who is updating his facebook……i kno they will want to pull strings for him to walk free because his family has money and r big p.u.p……..but hopefully that doesnt happen…..caz if it was any of my kids i wud put u away myself… nasty disgusting ………hurting innocent children. no doubt he is responsible for all those other innocent children…..

  37. Cayocitizen says:


  38. alley cat says:

    We are with you Cayo, crime affects the whole country but we are with you, no standing around!!!

  39. Jenny B says:

    As a town girl living in the city I know first hand about the lack of community involvement and the need for our city folk to stop living in thier own bubble and do more to fight crime! No more excuses we should all follow the example of Cayo, we can all collectively make a big difference! Now lets spread this “community” involvement all over the jewel!

  40. ilove Bert says:

    I know for a fact that Bert didn’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love bert!!! i want to have his children. he is the sweetest person every!!!!!!!!
    leave Bert alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    don’t worry bert i know you are innocent!!!!!!

    i Love You Bert!!!!!

  41. 1love says:

    @ true Belizean…u are definitely NOT a true Belizean. if you were u would not be in support of this monster….As a mother myself….i would take action in my own hands since our justice systems almost always fail the society……I AM ROOTIN for the CAYO ppl.. and i hope that there is justice for J.lowe. many blessing to the family……..

    now would the REAL BELIZEAN..PLEASE STAND UP…and fight together as one community……

  42. Cayocitizen says:


  43. Lynn, PG says:

    Oh my God, what is this world coming to. Thought i was watching HLN or Cold Case, but reality hits when it’s right here under mt nose. As a parent i would kill anyone who would harm my children. BERT Vazquez if you are guilty you need to rot in hell.
    L. Lopez

  44. pressha72 says:

    I have known this @$$hole from he was a kid and he was known as BERT HAYLOCK… I also have known the Vasquez family for years…even as a teenager he was this way…com artist and perv…and for sure his mom is always bailing him out….it is high time he starts answering for his unforgiving deeds…all those who support this perv needs to be punish with him….as for the stupid !@#$% who wants to have his babies…we don’t need anymore sons of satan in this world so u should be killed with him!!!!!!!!! GOD NUH LIKE UGLY….SI HOW Y CAST SATAN DOWN DA BATTAM DEH…SAME WAY Y WAH CAST BERT AND ALL FI HE FALLOWAZ!!!!!!!!!!!! and FALLOWAZ…sorry fi mawga dawg, guess what @$$-wipes mawga tonn round bite yo…so go head and falla BERT DI PERV…UNU WAH GET BITE UP!!!!!!

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