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Feb 22, 2012

Former B.E.L. C.E.O. responds to Editorial

Lynn Young

Lynn Young; he’s a prominent Belizean who was the head of Belize Electricity Limited before its nationalization. Young has dared to speak up on government’s takeover of the utility company without paying compensation. Since returning from a business trip to Washington organized by Friends of Belize a few days ago, Young has found himself the subject of an editorial written in the Amandala Newspaper in which he is being called out for supporting Fortis.  The author says that Fortis, the erstwhile owner of the utility company, has been singled out as an enemy of the Belizean people because of corporate greed.  In a response to the column, Young asserted that Fortis does not need his defense and he drew attention to the power of the media to persuade Belizeans that state ownership and control of the utilities is the way to go.  Young recalls the days when he coached Santino’s Hotpoints, who played against the Raiders and says, “I believe that the approach of winning by any means necessary will and did lead to the demise of the sport. That is my problem with the way the current government has been handling the affairs of our country. When we play unfairly, buy off the referees and pay the news media to make you look good, you will have short term victories.” He goes on to say, “Whether a business is owned by the state or by the private sector does not necessarily determine whether it will be successful or whether it will provide a good service.  Good management, well trained employees and access to capital for development will determine the quality of service.” Young’s response concludes with him stating that not being on friendly terms with the government does not mean that one is an enemy of the country.

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7 Responses for “Former B.E.L. C.E.O. responds to Editorial”

  1. Be Real says:

    Yaaaawn!. I thought this dude got the sense that only his type like what he says. Yaaaawn.

  2. Dre says:

    Well said!!!

  3. Think-About-It says:

    We in Belize need to stop this foolishness of demonizing anyone whom we do not agree with. Krem seems to think they have a monopoly on deciding what is “pro-Belizean” and “anti-Belizean”, and anyone who dares to think differently is a stooge of the “white man”, or a traitor, or whatever. Needless to say the current government takes this approach to a whole new level. In a mature discussion there must be room for differing opinions without descent into trying to destroy people. Leave that for politicians to do to each other, that’s the name of THAT game, but private citizens should be free to speak out and speak their mind. Government vs private ownership has nothing to do with nationalism, its a debate about economic systems and both sides of that argument have valid points. Painting it as Belizean against foreigners is misleading and damaging to Belize’s long-term insterest. Inept government management is just as damaging as inept private management, only perhaps more so since its often harder to correct!

  4. Belizeanist says:

    Think-about-it, i guess you have a good point. but you are wrong in one thing, private ownership has to do a lot with nationalism, recovering all your national assets can help you to have the power to help your people. All revolutions in the world had to do with foreigners owning all those assets that are essential or very neccessary for your people. As Fidel and Hugo Chavez about the economics and the difference it makes for their country and you might understand. The reason why this goverment seemed to be fighting with the Private owners is because during the last 10 years this same private has received so many concessions, business, subsidy and secret contracts that when left to compete with each other, they can’t, because those were not even well established business. As Johnny why those business were not putting money in the economy but they were exporting our cash.

  5. Think-About-It says:

    Belizeanist, you make very good points but you make one big error IMHO. You seem to be automatically equating private ownership with foreign ownership. My argument is about whether government or private (local or otherwise) ownership is best economically. If there were problems with private ownership in the past, then perhaps a government should focus on more sophisticated regulation and fine tune its laws, rather than trying to outright own companies. If you believe previous governments, whether red or blue, were corrupt or inept in regulating private companies, what makes you believe future governments won’t be corrupt or inept in actually running said companies??

    But at any rate, this is a legitimate debate to have, and your opinions are legitimate. No one should ever demonize you for having your point of view, and the same should go for all other private citizens.

  6. Belize says:

    He who pays the piper calls the tune!!! Lets not forget this guy walked away with a “golden parachute valued at over 650k

  7. Think-About-It says:

    Yes Belize, 650k after 30 years of service. U do the math. BTW that’s less than some “preferred” law firms in Belize bill in 3 months doing government work. He who pays the piper indeed. Stop hating and smell the coffee.

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