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Feb 17, 2012

Sick story of rape

In other news, a twelve year old student from the Cayo District claims she has been gang raped. According to the minor, she left her school in San Ignacio at around four o’clock on Thursday. But before she could get home, she was attacked by a man dressed in black at an overgrown empty lot. He was joined by two masked men and reportedly put his hand over the child’s mouth, before taking her into the bushes. The minor alleges that she was forced to walk in a creek, then into an unfinished concrete house where she was tied up and raped by all three men. She was left at the house until two persons found and untied her. She was then taken to the Western Regional Hospital for medical attention. Police have since detained one suspect for questioning

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11 Responses for “Sick story of rape”

  1. OriginalWoman says:

    OMG…….The people should unite and help find these animals, along with the police…I hope they find them before the police do and kick their stink @&&es hard and long!!!!!

  2. Storm says:

    A very serious crime, so it must have VERY SERIOUS PUNISHMENT.

    CASTRATE ALL CONVICTED RAPISTS. No mercy, no exceptions. It’s the only way to protect our daughters from from future rape.

  3. kendra Gordon Palacip says:

    Dogs! !!

  4. BMNJ says:

    We must catch those three animals and castrate him before another young girl falls victim. Parents & the general public: let’s be more aware of our surroundings & protect our children.

  5. Cayo says:

    the community should come together and find these mens and castrate them in public, so it serves as a lesson to anyone that has the intention to do that. It is a pity where our country is heading. Police Officers you need stop being corrupted officers and stand up to apply the law and the country will be in better conditions..

  6. SW@GVILLE says:

    Sick …………….. The only way to catch them is for the community to assist. I know someone must have seen what happen.I wish i had powers,to stop stuff like that from happening.We have to live in a country were our children are the target for these sick …………. If they find them they should “bun fiya pon them”, i mean literally set them on fire.Just throw some kerosine on them and i will be happy to blaze up things.

  7. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:

    Well.. the other day we heard about some very strict law officer that was about to close all stores in San Ignacio at a certain hour etc. etc. Let us SEE now if HE is as he says or he is just another chalk marble !!!
    I am sorry it was not his daughter that was raped, since he is so very strict with the laws, those s o b dogs would be hanged by their ….. !!! Well I think so, but we have to see yet if he the so called strict officer is good for something !
    All of you shouting on castration, I`ve heard that even after castration erection does happen. So better we all go find them, cut off their ….. and let them see it thrown to the crocs to eat, then we burn their ….., after that we set them on fire !!!

    Of course I don`t think we will have time to do that because the strict officer will get them first, before we can do our move !!!

  8. JennieB says:

    Never travel alone and dont trust anyone with your young ones, people are demonic these days; these devils must be found and get maximum punishment +

  9. now i see says:

    To josefhino estroberto pesomedio I hope you dont have daugthers,sisters or a mother.Dont wish bad to others it mite come back to you.

  10. Libety and Freedomer says:

    What needs to be done is to create a fund to assist this young victim with the psychological problems that she is, and will experience for a long time.The rape occurred and now is the time to help the victim. The GOB, led by Prime Minister Barrow, should be the first to step in and spend some of that oil money on a victim assistance program, after all their slogan is ” Always For The People”.
    Mr. Prime Minister, it is time to step up or shut up with meaningless slogans……..

  11. Liberty & Freedom says:

    What a great opportunity for P.M. Barrow to demonstate the U.D.P. Party slogan “Always for the People”. How about setting up a victim assistance program to help this little girl and other victims of crime that is so prevalent in Belize. Don’t tell us you do not have the money, Mr. Prime Minister. Those oil trucks are rolling 7 days a week; 24 hours a day. Put some money where your mouth is and show us how you are always for the people. This little girl will need psychological help for a long time.

  12. Lu B. says:

    Rapists are trying hard to get around the crime! They are seducing and BRAIN WASHING our young children with money and goodies, so that when they strike at these innocent children, they do not look so guilty. They make it seem as if the child is up to it. But we know that children can easily be mani[pulated. Parent need to be more vigilant and demanding with their children. Speak with your child daily, find out who their friends are and their whereabouts.

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