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Feb 16, 2012

Schakron says renunciation process is underway

Yolanda Schakron

Before the news of the objection by a Lake Independence elector was made, News Five spoke to Schakron about her dual nationality and if all would be well by Friday. For clarity, Schakron at the time of the interview was not yet aware of the objection.  When we spoke to her, she had just returned from another visit to the United States Embassy in Belmopan where she is going through the stages of renouncing her US nationality. That process, however, will not be complete by the end of the nomination period, which starts at ten a.m. and ends at four in the afternoon.

Yolanda Schakron, Renouncing U.S. Citizenship

“I went into the embassy. The process of renunciation has started. I’ve signed a letter of consent and authorization for them to be able to speak to the media about my case. So you all are free to call them; they will speak to you about my case.”

Jose Sanchez

“I understand part of that process includes an oath. Have you done that?”

Yolanda Schakron

“I did the first part. The second part will be done this week coming.”

Jose Sanchez

“At this point by tomorrow, the process won’t necessarily be complete.”

Yolanda Schakron

“Well it is a three stage process. It has started but it will be continuing. They will brief you on that. You can call them.”

Jose Sanchez

“In terms of nomination day, when you present your credentials, you would still be a dual citizen. Are you supposed to say my process of renunciation will be completed at a later date or must you have already renounced your citizenship tomorrow?”

Yolanda Schakron

“Well we have the lawyers, Miss Lisa Shoman dealing with that particular part of the case so I would direct you guys to go and call her and she will brief you on that part.”

Jose Sanchez

“Clearly you are still a dual citizen and moves are being made legally either for or against you at this time. Is that correct/”

Yolanda Schakron

“I believe that’s what they are doing at this time. With the United States of America, you can’t just go and tell them what to do; there is process. I understand that this has never been done before in this country. So they are checking with Washington on the process and the steps.”

Jose Sanchez

“Also in terms of tomorrow, I am assuming you will be having those lawyers next to you when you do go to make your presentation of credentials for nomination?”

Yolanda Schakron

“Well as you know we have lawyers running in the P.U.P. so I believe they will all be there and the people of Lake I will be out too.  I want to thank the people of Lake I who have kept on encouraging me; the people of Belize. Everywhere I go, people just come up to me and tell me don’t give up. I want to thank all my Christian brothers and sisters who are praying for me. It is a journey that is not easy but I believe god gives you the strength to persevere. I just want to say thanks to everyone and God Bless and come out tomorrow and support the P.U.P. as we go on nomination day.”

News Five called Schakron’s Attorney, Lisa Shoman, who said she was busy. But speaking to Schakron late this evening, she informed our newsroom that she will be present for nomination day.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Schakron says renunciation process is underway”

  1. 100lizean says:

    I think the Law cannot be bend for one person, i strongly believe that this happened because she was hiding the truth from the people and she was not expecting it to happen, it could have even come from a close relative. But if she can’t run, guess she has to come back in 2017, if she really wants to serve the people, if not, we then have to believe it was all about herself and not the people.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why not do a background check on all our elected officials,i can gurantee that there are more people with dual Citizenship in the House of Representatives.Not that i condone this type of behavior but fair is fair stop the double standard and nepotism Belize.

  3. Belmopaneze says:

    all of a sudden it’s such a big deal, when it is known that quite a few of them have dual nationality. in the west, it is common knowledge that one minister has a canadian passport on which he travels frequently, another is able to go back and forth over the Melchor border b/c he has a guatemalan one and so on and so forth!

  4. J girl says:

    i agree with Elgin. all of the members should have a background check. fair is fair.
    as to Ms. Schrakon i wouldnt give up my dual Citizenship. one never knows what tomorrow brings.

  5. Concern says:

    Don’t give up – and don’t disappoint us and turn out to be somebody other than who you have shown yourself to be. Someone fighting for justice in country who needs more women like you!

  6. helo says:

    yeah, when a person that is interested about justice they try to get her out of the way and leave some one the does not even know what the needs of the people are. Her dual nationality has nothing, does not inhibit her from running for a representative. And just to let it now Sir Manuel, the first UDP prime minister was a guatemalan when he was prime minister.

  7. belizeanpride says:

    if i’d be miss yolando i’d never give up my us citizenship to risk my political feelings when there’s always no surety of winning. and if she wins the citizenship will be cancel and she won’t get it back so easy. she should have step down keep her stats keep fighting injustices along with her NGO Belizean for Justice. Now she is really messing herself up. if in case she loose bet her party won’t be able to help her regain her U.S status. and that’s the risk she should have thought about the minute she was confront. personally i’d never do that. we never know what’s gonna happen in Belize in a few yrs to come with this madness and corruption going on for ever being UDP OR PUP in place. Hope she don’t regret doing this.

  8. jescalante says:

    We need honest people to govern Belize.Why is it that no one do a back ground check on all politicians on what assets they have before and after,because when they get voted out these people are rich. Mrs Shackron is still a Belizean thats the meaning of dual citizenship, America do not give that to many other countries so we need to be proud to be a Belizean and American.

  9. jewel says:

    Dean Barraw, have dual citizenships so this entire time he pull one pan the Belizean people – I will have the US embassy look into this !@$ yah.. GG…tek yo nose outta the man @$$..

    “Let sleeping dogs rest”

  10. Breaking News says:

    Breaking News ! Two UDP were just caught with dual citizenship. Please call your media houses to find out if Its true. IF Shakron cant run then Dean Barrow arrogance cant allow UDP to still run, dont hide it. If its true let the US Canadian and Guatemalan embassies acknowledge that there are no passports for these people.

    Fair is Fair!

  11. Concern says:

    Not good news – they just announced that Ms Shakron is out! This is so unfair – I hope people wise up and see what is happening in this country – Vote for anyone other than UDP (or PUP) to voice your concerns!

  12. RedBwai says:

    Wow dat was insanely stupid of her to give up her US citizenship jus because of wanting to enter politics…its not worth it. Nowadays its hard to even get a US visa, much less a greencard or citizenship. Personally, i wud have kept the US citizenship and forget about politics in Belize…dat wud be the Ace in my back pocket…..caz if $@#& hits the fan, im outa here Belize…an
    seek a better way of life in the US..

  13. john says:

    Here in San Pedro a man called Camal forced his construction workers to parade for the UDP and if they failed to do so they would not get their salary and would be fired!!!!! Mr. Heredia u say u walk barefooted because you dont get down of the golfcart.

  14. now i see says:

    Jescalante in what world you live? In what country they have honest politician?

  15. JESSEJAMES says:

    @Belizeanpride i totally agree with you. Mrs. Shakron should have never renounced her u.s citizenship..She should have walked away from politics….It wasn’t worth it. I hope she doesnt regret it.

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