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Feb 14, 2012

US Citizen Schakron visits Uncle Sam

Yolanda Schakron

As Belizeans as rice and beans, that’s how Yolanda Schakron described herself at a People’s United Party (P.U.P.) Press Conference on Monday. Her Guatemalan birth was not of her own design, but her United States citizenship was as American as McDonalds.  Section fifty-eight (one) of the constitution says, “No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives who is, by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power of State.” So by end of the business day this coming Thursday, the Belizeans for Justice Founding member would have had to renounce her U.S. nationality to be eligible for nomination as the P.U.P.’s Lake Independence Candidate on Friday morning. And to make that possible, she would have to visit the U.S. embassy in Belmopan and take care of business in front of a consular officer. Well, News Five understands that at three-thirty this afternoon, Schakron entered the Embassy compound and rejected McDonalds and all things American, including her US citizenship. Schakron was reportedly escorted to a service exit on the Embassy compound before five p.m. to avoid the Belmopan media.  News Five attempted to reach Schakron about her trip to the embassy but she has not taken our calls.

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22 Responses for “US Citizen Schakron visits Uncle Sam”

  1. Eye In The Sky says:

    This woman is a fool. If she loses the election she will beg to get her citizenship back so she can move to the USA and go work at McDonalds.

  2. benque man says:

    Well, why has Erwin Contreras not been asked to renounce his Guatemalan citizenship?


    What about Musa and Price?

    And the rest of them outsiders who made it into political power, who is questioning their background?

    If Yolando owns a Belizean passport and it’s legal then why should she be the exception of the corrupt politicians game.

  4. Be Real says:

    Yolanda wasn’t the whole point of going to the US embassy so that you could renounce your US citizenship and make it a point to prove to the media that everything gaan clear? Why sneak out of the embassy? Things no gaan all clear dehn? The saga continues!
    This is arguably the most interesting Election season in Belize history. So many twists and turns; resignations, 11th hour entries; section 58(1) of the constitution. Oh my this is better than any soap opera! So much drama, sub plots and anti climaxes. They should make a movie about this.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    The question should be is Schakron a Naturalized Belizean?The media keep lamenting on Schakron’s US Citizenship and her country of origin and yet no one seems to even care if she is a Belizean Citizen.

  6. Cliff says:

    She gotta be on something to give up her US citizenship; i got my US citizenship n im not about to give it up as a good jester to obtain some votes! she would have been a better Reop with the citizenship

  7. Earl Grey says:



  8. CEO says:

    Some are more equal than others!

  9. Bulba Martinez says:

    @Earl Grey, I totally agree with you my friend.

  10. concerned says:

    She has been in Belize for years dont know why her citizenship is an issue. Udp will look for anything to start unnecessary drama. I personally wouldn’t give up my US citizenship but its her choice.

  11. belizeanpride says:

    just tell them what lisa shoman said a few yrs ago that she’ll stand against the persons with dual citizenship for running for politics. she screwed all the desire of other Belizeans with dual citizenship willing to help the country in politics if they try.

  12. reatph says:


  13. Bulba Martinez says:

    @concerned, atleast she gat more Cojones dan Cordel and Mark weh stab we inna wih back and tek dih easy way out, insted a tell we weh mi dih gowan inna dih house, why dehn cudn’t get along!!!. Mek wih sih weh all shi gat fih Belize dehn.

  14. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    If I have a penny in one hand,and a dollar in the other which one would I give up.I would give up that penny in a heartbeat. I would not give up my U.S Citizenship for no other citizenship in this world, but that is just me.

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Schakron is on something for renounce her US Citizenship.What is the possibility of Schakron been elected as a member of the House of Representatives in the US.Furthermore this lady is probably living a more productive life in the Jewel than she was living in the US.I definately don’t believe that Schakron would let go of the bone for the shadow.She knows what is in it for her.

  16. alley cat says:

    Valid question, is she a belizean citizen? She was born in Guatemala and has a US passport… If she is a naturalized belizean how do you guys feel about a person who was not born in Belize possibly leading the Country. In the region Guyana’s Janet Jagan was an American born politician who later became president. In our case I am bit uneasy with a Guatemalan born having the oppurtunity to be prime minister… I know that is a bit far fetch but I believe every minister has this oppurtunity since the political party decides who will be prime mnister.

  17. Storm says:


  18. Dee says:

    Be Real, i really agree with u….dis year election is definately movie material. It’s amusing.

  19. MS SMITH says:

    I would never give up my US citizenship in order for me to run in ploitics,that was not a smart move.OK lets say she wins what happens when it’s time for elections again and she looses.I’m just saying and yes i heard nothing of her status in Belize all i hear is that she was born in Guatemala and holds a US passport.

  20. Deee says:

    this is one stupid lady like seriously you stupid and u will still loose

  21. now i see says:

    To JOHN BOY CARSON”now you know why she dont care about the dollar she will make a lot more in politics or should i say (steal).just common sense.why you think they do it?

  22. Light says:

    MS SMITH: your comment is an epitome of what’s wrong with this country. For we are people that lacks a lot of people who are willing to make hard sacrifices.

    We spend too much time dwelling on what we can’t do and also discouraging others, instead of focusing on what we can do and encouraging each other.

    I gave up my visa to the states almost 10 years and have no intention of applying for another, I love my country it provides more than enough for what I need and all the material things I need is available here and if you need to get fancy, then order it and have the, more than several Belizean owned shipping companies, deliver to your doorstep.

    Maybe Belizeans should stop running away from sacrifices and start coming home with all those skills they learn in developed countries and come back home with all that money and start walking the walk and shut the hell up and stop complaining about how corrupt and bad Belize is while they sit over there jacking off about all the useless material crap they worship. For that’s all most Belizeans are over there, because they consider a better life of eating junk, living in a house they can’t afford, and driving 4 cars etc etc…and they consider that success and happiness.

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