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Feb 8, 2012

Marcel and Marcotulio; former U.D.P. endorses P.U.P.

On the heels of recent resignations, today the opposition got a boost when former U.D.P. area representative, Marcel Cardona threw his weight behind the P.U.P. candidate in Orange Walk East. Things between the U.D.P. and Cardona went downhill early in the administration of Dean Barrow over a NICH contract. Cardona was sent to the back bench until last May when he was expelled from his party and placed as “unaffiliated” in the House of Representatives. Today, Cardona held a press conference during which he excoriated the Barrow Administration.  For the better part of an hour, Cardona strongly criticized the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow for the many improprieties which he claims took place during the U.D.P.’s term in office.  While Cardona admitted that he refrained from voting against the policies of his government, which would have constituted crossing the floor, he formally expressed his committee’s support to his former opponent Dr. Marcotulio Mendez.  Mendez is the P.U.P.’s standard bearer for Orange Walk East and is contesting the seat against the U.D.P.’s Orlando Burns.  Cardona says that retribution for four years of neglect under his U.D.P. government will come on Election Day.

Marcel Cardona, Former U.D.P. Orange Walk East Area Rep.

Marcel Cardona

“The evil that has been done to us in Orange Walk East must not go unpunished ladies and gentlemen.  The evil, the victimization, the oppression that we have suffered under this U.D.P. government must go punished and punishment will take place on seventh day of March 2012 ladies and gentlemen. I shall not be contesting the upcoming General Elections.  By no means does this mean that the Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee shall remain passive during these upcoming General Elections.  In fact, in fact the Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee has voted on and has agreed that considering the two candidates in Orange Walk East, the U.D.P.’s candidate and the P.U.P.’s candidate it shall be endorsing and shall be campaigning for and shall be supporting the P.U.P.’s candidate Dr. Marcotulio Mendez in Orange Walk East.  I furthermore wish to announce that as for me, as for me, my support cannot be for any Landy Burns in Orange Walk.  It will most definitely be for Dr. Marcotulio Mendez in Orange Walk.  My Belizean people we need to wake up.  We need to look around and we need to see where we are.  Has the prime minister delivered on his promises, his promises contained in this here manifesto entitled Imagine the Possibilities.  Has he delivered and the answer is no!  He has miserably failed to deliver on his promises.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Marcel and Marcotulio; former U.D.P. endorses P.U.P.”

  1. William says:

    Wow….it seems, that, and hopefully i am correct in my judgement, that the guy that once, was locked up for being drunk, and with a prostitute, in mexico, has finally matured…I hope that he is not lashing out for being shunned. I hope its truly for the people and not his political agenda.

  2. lino says:

    another clown that will be talking in vain for years-like arthur

  3. Member of the PUBLIC says:

    Wat Marcel Cardona needs is a good hit at the back of his head. He was never a true UDP supporter caz not UDP supporter would ever do that to its party..

  4. Sugar says:

    Just one spoilt pickney with bad belly!!

  5. murphy says:

    On election day vote for the Blue, vote for the PUP!!

  6. Belizean says:

    A person that can only blame, point fingers, and be so darn desperate is only on the losing side. Where in this speech has Mr. Cardona made a wise statement, one which truly shows consideration and sincerity??? Instead if saying what the opposing party has not done, why not say what you can do and prove, back it up with some real leading facts??

  7. Mosh says:

    Mr. Cardona live it for 4 years, we have been suffersing under the present administaton, time to make the change, good move Marcel. Good men knows what is best.

  8. Jan says:

    People often critize politician and say that they are all the same. But when one man stand and express his discontent for the government everyone says he is a clown, a crazy head by all means we crucify him. When some has the balls to come foward and express what he feels that is a true law biding citizen not a politician. My respects to Mr. Cardona. We always have the right to change our minds in everything in life…

  9. Lucas says:

    In war and in love as in politics, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I have personally criticized, rediculed and even insulted Cardona but if he wants to help bring down Dean so be it. Mr. Vega under QUITER quiter land that the PUP had given to the people of O.W. East in Carmelita. It is not land that the PUP took away from someone to give to another and it was not just giving for giving sakejust. The people paid to have their lots surveyed but along came Dean who Quiter it and gave it to his people who paid not a dime for having it surveyed. AS an Independent, I have promised to fight alongside Senor Francisco because I believe in the Man. I believe he can and will right the wrongs that QUITER did to the people of O.W East. I am asking all those Independents: TRUST SENOR FRANCIS. And to Cardona: THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

  10. Jeeboo says:

    In other news, the Chinese are from China.

  11. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:

    Many Guates will vote blue, traditionally they support their blue color flag.
    It is in their blood to do so, so I`m not scared at the UDP now, the UDP has setup it`s own failure by registering so much Guates !!!!
    Belice es nuestro, adelante hermanos, vamos al AZUL , AL AZUL !!!!

  12. jose says:


  13. Retired CEO says:

    Cordel and Mark are no different from Marcel Cardona. Marcel dared and spoke up for his constituencies and recieved the boot from Dean. Mark and Cordel crossed the line on many occasions but was never treated the way Marcel was treated by the UDP. Wake up Belizeans stick to the issues and Vote PUP all the way on Mar. 7, 2012. Tek the citizenship, tek the money, tek the lan and stick to the plan.

  14. Latina Mom says:

    William, I believe you MUST be talking about YOURSELF when you describe the person locked up in Mexico for being drunk and with a prostitute. It has to be YOURSELF you are referring to, because if you are referring to the time Marcel was “set up” by those who strongly opposed him in the North with the intention of tarnishing his name, (because they couldn’t achieve that any other way) let me be very blunt with you. his so called “fellow ministers of the UDP” in the North were the very ones who paid off the mexican red car to crash into the vehicle he was driving at the time. That is common knowledge, so your bs story above ain’t selling, buddy. By the way, he received an apology letter from the Mexican government. do you really think that he would have received such letter if he had been “arrested” for the ‘charges’ you have described above?? You really have to be a complete IDIOT to believe YOUR story!! haha! Poor you! You ku go sell da story when you find one country with only uneducated pipl, buay! Belizeans are too educated to believe crap like that. Kyan lie dem no mo! on the other hand, you can see where Mr. Cardona has stood out at the expense of sore eyes and griping bellies over the balls in the “house” since he has proved to have to stand up to the tyrants who are on a ‘high” on POWER (because those ‘ministers’ are not “in office”, they are “in power”) and only suppressing the poor. Cardona is someone you can’t compare to. btw, the Guates will vote PUP ALL THE WAY because not only is BLUE the color of their flag, but they are racist against the PRIME MINISTER! You obviously haven’t seen the recent blog about them and how they refer to Belizeans. Guates DESPISE the people of darker complexion than their own. Wait, it’s coming! the UDP is about to receive a back-fire for all their malicious and devious actions…………

  15. Concern Belizean says:

    Mr. Marcel am very proud of you. You can call yourself a true belizean and you have all rights to make a change . It take a true man to do what you did and as for all you belizean sho are a puppet to Dean Barrow and his uncivilized team you too are welcome. Like the PUP songs says welcome to the Party. PUP all the way.

  16. Guat by birth says:

    It’s so fun reading all the comments. I really enjoy reading them! Yes, all Central Americans will go Blue!

  17. Pepe says:

    A leader once said, I am better off DEAD THAN VOTING RED. Take heed.

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