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Feb 6, 2012

Schakron replaces Cordel Hyde

Francis Fonseca

Yolanda Schakron is inheriting, for the most part, the Lake I executive committee but she may still have to make a few changes. She has received support from most members and they will stand by her through Election Day.  Party Leader Francis Fonseca said the Belizeans for Justice Founding member would make a smooth transition since many of the women she worked with during her social justice campaign, live in Lake I.

Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition

“Yolanda has been a champion for social justice and the rights of Belizeans in many different parts of the country. We know her best for her work here in Belize City with Belizeans for Justice, but she has been a strong voice for the powerless and the victimized under this U.D.P. administration. So we welcome another strong woman to the P.U.P. And that now makes four strong, dynamic, credible women representing the P.U.P. in the next elections. The U.D.P.; how many women are representing the U.D.P. on their ticket? None, zero; that is the case.”

Yolanda Schakron, P.U.P. Lake Independence Standard Bearer

Yolanda Schakron

“As an activist, I have been out there on the ground. I know a lot of these people—my record speaks for itself. I also have the commitment and the support of Mister Cordel Hyde’s committee. So I am confident come March seventh, Lake I will be delivered to the P.U.P.”

Francis Fonseca

“In the case of the Lake Independence Area, we are very proud of the fact as well and very encouraged by the fact that the P.U.P. Lake Independence committee has given full and unwavering support to the candidacy of Yolanda Schakron.”

Jules Vasquez, 7News

“Cardinal Whylie, he says that he in fact has not met with. He urged you to come and meet with his committee and that at this point he has not pledged any support for you on behalf of the Lake I committee because you have ignored or not respected them. How do you respond to that?”

Yolanda Schakron

“Yesterday afternoon, I met with nine members of the executive from Cordel’s committee. They signed a paper and they endorsed me as the member for Lake I. the party leader has that letter. Today, fifteen minutes before I was coming here; ‘Duck’ Garnett and Whylie called me and told me to have this press conference postponed. I told him this cannot be done because we have the thirty-one candidates. And I told them I will meet them after the press conference and that’s where I stopped. I have not spoken to them after that.”

Schakron is the fourth female on the P.U.P. ticket for the general elections. The U.D.P. and the small political parties do not have any women on their slates.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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21 Responses for “Schakron replaces Cordel Hyde”

  1. Public Officer says:

    Waste of time.

  2. Do it right says:

    PUP needs to get serious. David Craig is a good candidate for Albert, but appointing Shackron is a waste of time. This lady just know how to make noise and thats it. Imagine how her good for nothing nephews will act once she gets into government.

  3. Just sayin says:

    This woman has NO BRAIN, NO CLASS, NOTHING TO OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just reading her answer to a question makes me ashamed that someone like this is representing us C,mon PUP you guys can do better .


    While I support Yolanda for the fight for justice her political inheritance is exactly what is wrong with the entire political system in Belize.

    While many Belizean should support the fight for just many should vote “no” for Yolando inheritance as a politician. (If you cant beat them you join them).

    I will have to assume that she has a clear vision of what justice should be, but her dabbling her hands in politics will soon delude her mental state of wrong and right.

    Afterall her fight for just was against the politicians and the police, since they refused to enforce justice as the untimate punishment for crimes in Belize.

  5. Lake I Resident says:

    Yolanda, has always been a champion of the People. She has some big shoes to fill. She is not trying to be Cordel Hyde, she wants to become the next Area Rep for Lake I. She wants to continue the good fight. We welcome her with open arms, and commit ourselves to working with her and bringing victory for the PUP once more. There is no way that we will choose Mark King and the vindictive UDP.

  6. J C Guerra says:

    Not sure if Yolanda is the right person. I admire her work at Belizean for Justice but i honestly think that from the beginning she was seeking to gain recognition that would lead her for politics. Her strong character will cause confrontation at times amongst her own party members.

  7. the real issue says:

    headlines read
    “Hon. Yolanda Shackron has been named Minister of Police”

    and then you will see real drama….if the PUP guarantees that she gets that post i think it might swing a few votes :)

  8. Carlitos Way says:

    I honestly say that I am disillusioned!. I waited so long for the P.U.P. to fix up there acts and ever since their lost in 2008, it has been one mess after the other. I thought Mr. Briceno would have made a big difference but he did not garner the support of some of his fellow political members as it was obviously noted and he stepped down. Now with Mr. Espat, making a lot of noise then when he was given the opportunity to lead the party he refused. (I don’t think he knows what he really wants). Then with Mr. Francis, he means business and that is a good thing, he brings changes and that gives optimism but with candidates resigning a month away from general elections, says a lot about how much the party itself is not unified and not all are on the same page as the leadership. Mr. Hyde, its understandable, myself, as a dad, I would put anything aside, except God, for my family especially someone as your own son. God then Family then the rest that is the way I see it. However, with Ms. Shakron, I admire her work for justice but it doesn’t change the fact that she is entering into something that she once rallied against politics. To me, she has a lot to prove and one month to show that is just not enough to convince me that I should vote for her as a politician. I will sure not vote for Mr. King, he is another Mr. Cardona, too much crying and no work!… but hey.. this is my opinion.

  9. Earl Grey says:

    Who is there for them???

  10. Freetown GYAL says:

    Yolanda Shackron, Carolyn Trench Sandiford, Dolores Balderamos Garcia and Patty Arceo, PUP is the only party giving WOMEN a voice in politics. Remember this is a Millenium Development Goal.

  11. Reality Talk says:

    As a voter of Lake i with influence over a hundred members in my community, I think we should be nice to Ms. Shakron. She is only human and just went the wrong road. However surely we will not forgive her for joining politics just to get richer. On the other hand, Mr. Mark King has been in my area talking to my people and not just talk, he was the udp standard bearer for 10 months and he has fixed many streets, drains and assisted many…. I see something in him.. I dont know what yet but it looks good,.. maybe we shud look at him as our future rep being he is showing interest… Ill continue watching u mr. King – on election day u still need to convince us … from the gungulung>>>

  12. subKonshus says:

    To all the “Shackron Haters”, I would feel more confident in voting for someone who was socially active before accepting to run for public office. Because at least we can be 90% sure she is not in it for the wrong reason. We need more politicians who are socially aware of the ills of our country. We should instead be very cautious of those who begin to speak out just because they want votes. Because when they win, you won’t hear from them again. We need people who are willing to become politicians just for a day, and remain as social activists whether win or lose. Instead, its the other way around. We have people who become social activists just for the moment, then live the life of a crooked politician and laugh all the way to the bank for their five years in office…and don’t do a damn thing for the social welfare of those who elected them. This is because it was never in them from the first place. Big up Miss Shackron! Win or loose, I know she stands for justice.

  13. Mosh says:

    We deh wid you Ms. Shackron, you are hot and you will mek it, its time for real justice…Adelante..

  14. charles says:

    After all the noise is over… Mark King surely will prevail,
    he is a worker.. besides who is helping us more than
    him… Lets all support mark King since the PUP cant get
    it together..

  15. pos vibes says:

    Thanks for fixing up police street and sunflower street mr. king
    we c ur effort and will support u.
    just always b there for the people when u win ok
    we love u…

  16. PIV says:

    This block in lake was for cordel, however king has been looking
    after us without classing us as PUP. With the way the PUP is
    going we r definately considering our options… Mr. King come meet with
    us in our book ur a cool rep. thanks

  17. Bgroovy says:

    Joke…Nuff said…

  18. justice says:

    cordel on the low will be a part of miss shackron in some way so i will vote for her, give the woman a break to prove herself. cant u all see he had abandoned his own party before,what next,.

  19. Dee Dee says:

    As a proud voter of Lake I, i welcome Ms. Schakron to my beautiful constituency. As an undecided voter i am very much impress with some of the tremendous work you have done with your community projects. Am watching you closely for you to impress me political wise now…..
    The Prime Minister dispises Mr. King so what should residents expects…MORE NEGLET. Both PUP and UDP has neglected my area.

  20. Charlie Price says:

    @Earl Gray… Sure looks like Ms. Shakron sold out, I guess time will tell.

  21. Earl Grey says:

    One month to elections is not nearly enough!!!

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