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Feb 2, 2012

Murdered in front of Healthcare Partners

Mark ‘Power’ Lewis

There was a fatal shooting this afternoon in the city and it’s another tragedy for the Lewis family of Fabers Road. They are still mourning the loss of eight-year-old Marquis Mahler who was gunned down in the family yard last year. This afternoon, thirty eight year old Mark ‘Power’ Lewis was murdered. Lewis was a marked man who did not stray from his Faber’s Road residence. But this evening, he got a phone call and drove with a friend to the parking lot of Belize Healthcare Partners. And that is where Lewis was shot several times in his stomach. Even though there were rumours that he was shot about fifteen times, the police have recovered six expended nine-millimeter shells from the scene. Police also confirm that there was only one gunman. News Five spoke to his sister Bernadette, who says that the news has shocked the family.

Bernadine Lewis, Sister of Mark Lewis

“Mark left home a little bit after one o’clock. I don’t know why he left or how he left but I was lying down in bed when I see the vehicle drive out. And I got up after two and I went to E.P. Yorke to pick up my daughter’s report card and on my way back after three I met his kid’s mother and two of my nephews and they said, Bernadine they just shot Mark. And I said no and I jumped in the vehicle. She jumped out by Pallotti to go and get his daughter and then my nephew finish take me to Healthcare Partners. They left me just by the lane and then I had to run all the way to healthcare partners. I didn’t know I could run, but I did. As I reached I asked where is he and one of the police said go to Mister Alvarez. And so I asked where’s my brother. He said inside. So I ran inside to the hospital where he was and I hugged him and everything and then they said we need to get your name and thing first. All I said is that I know to know if he is dead. They said when you’re finished. And then they said yes he is dead which in I knew he was already dead. He had bullets all over his body and it was something close not far.”

Jose Sanchez

“I understand that there was as much as fifteen shots?”

Bernadine Lewis

Bernadine Lewis

“Something like that I heard the doctors were saying, but the police said they found only like seven expended shells.”

Jose Sanchez

“Was he under the vehicle? I heard some reports that he was fixing a tire or he may have been under the vehicle.”

Bernadine Lewis

“No he was in the vehicle and the young man that left home with him was under the vehicle.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now I understand that Mark only goes between his home and the Lewis home which is only across the street.”

Bernadine Lewis

“Yes that is where he basically is. So when they met me and said they just shot Mark and I said like where and they said by Healthcare Partners, I was like what is he doing there and they said that he went to either sell the van, or pick up someone over there—something they said he went to do over there but I am not sure. But he did get a phone call and he left.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now the phone; where is that phone?”

Bernadine Lewis

“I think the phone is in the custody with the police because the young man that was with him had the phone and they took him as well in custody for questioning.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now the dark skinned young lady that was on the ground what’s she to mark?”

Bernadine Lewis

“The young lady; she had four kids for him.”

Jose Sanchez

“Hence the reason why, but he was living with someone else?”

Bernadine Lewis

“Yes at the time he was living with someone else; they had separated, but he still took care of his home and his children.”

Jose Sanchez

“I understand that other person they were asking him and one of your other sisters where he was going but he didn’t really want to say?”

Bernadine Lewis

“No he did not say where he was going.”

Jose Sanchez

“But by all accounts, mark knew that someone out there wanted him?”

Bernadine Lewis

“At some point because he used to get some threats and say that they will kill him some day. But for what reason, I don’t know because my brother is not a person that is on the streets or in any gangs or anything like that or interferes with any other person. He is a family person as far as I know and he is a loving brother and a loving father; a loving son to my mom and my dad. I can’t say that I would like to see justice done because there had been things happening in my family before and I hadn’t seen justice done before—not only to my family, but to other families I see that their loved ones get taken away from them and nothing comes out of it. So I just can say leave it in the hands of god.”

The loss will be especially hard for Mark’s sister Delia Lewis, who is the mother of Marquis Mahler. Delia suffered another tragedy in August 2011 when another son, Maurice Usher was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Murdered in front of Healthcare Partners”

  1. Rod says:

    Condolences to the family see people this is what I have been telling you if you want more of this vote Fu barrow vote udp and you will get more of this nothing but murders all killers know nothing will happen to them as long as this useless pm and udp gov stay in power so remember people if you want more of these murders vote for udp and Fu bald head barrow.

  2. wise up Belize says:

    Mr.Rod,this has nothing to do with politics.I am not a member of the family,or am I interested in the politricking going on in Belize.,How ever this has to do with these same people killing over and over again,because they know that if, and when they get caught,they will go to prison,and will be set free again.human life in Belize is equal to a chicken you buy at the store,cook eat and forget..Until they start to do capital punishment in Belize these hood rats will continue.I lost a son in 2009 to gun violence also,and nothing came out of it.Even though they kidnapped him,tortured him killed him and then sodomized him with a piece of do you think any one deserved to die like that?politics have nothing to do with it.Just start to HANG THEM HIGH TILL THEY DIE and make an example of them when they murder.come on we can do it.


    Rod is Said Musa handle name on this site.

    Don’t vote for UDP and don’t vote for PUP either.

    The country need a new party.

  4. Do it right says:

    Rod is another one of Musa’s puppet. SIng it ROD, like Franis lol

  5. murphy says:

    we need Capital Punishment in Belize!!!

  6. Englebert P says:

    My condolences go out to the Lewis family.

  7. chi-town says:

    condolences to the Lewis fam and his other 2 children (my cousins) living in chicago.

  8. Freetown GYAL says:

    what happen to the gang truce, i guess since election call all bets are off.

  9. BMNJ says:

    Regardless whether its the PUP or UDP murdering & killing will continue. Definitely, both political parties are not doing enough. But likewise, the Churches are not doing enough and the parents are not doing enough.

  10. Storm says:

    HANG ALL MURDERERS IN BELIZE. No mercy, no exceptions.

  11. deedee says:

    Leave it to that POS Rod to bring politics into this terrible & sad situation for the Lewis family. My condolence goes out to them.

  12. mauri says:

    hope Johnny, Cordel and Mike run as independent candidates so they can still win because as part of the PUP they won’t.

  13. citizen #2 says:

    Somebody just said it I agree, I think Rod is Musa, because of some of the things he constantly saying. He is full of hate, I don’t even think he like himself, I believe he will insult himself one day. And as for the comment above, “HANG THEM HIGH” that will stop all this mess.

  14. L.C. says:

    I will never understand how for every robbery, every murder, every rape, every mishap, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE automatically blames the government. Are you really that ignorant to your surroundings to see that people have problems WITHOUT the government being involved? Your dog died? Barrow did it. Someone stole your bicycle because you left it out in the yard? Musa is a criminal.

    Seriously, that sort of thinking will never get you anywhere. You have a problem? Work on it and get yourself out of your own trouble. Stop blaming everyone for everything that happens. Maybe if you stop to consider that YOU might have a problem, you could make a step forward.

  15. Jrod says:

    What will it take to get this belize back on track?. I’m even afraid to visit my own country. people are crying out for help. Punishment is not the answer, education and opportunities is. Get rid of poverty and u’ll see less crime

  16. wise up Belize says:

    I agree with you L.C.– We Belizeans in general need to stop look at the point of our noses and see the the real picture.the things that is going on have been going on like for ever.We had a big riot back in 1981 there in Belize.who was in power then?P.U.P,but they were not to blame.The people who started it is to be blamed.This problem really started then,and just got worse.Come on Belizean let’s get together.Stop pointing fingers at each other and try to save our country.It is still savable.If you see something,say something,if you know something,say something,to protect your neighbors.The next life you save could very much be your own,or that of a loved one.Bring back the love we once knew.Belizean’s are one nation let’s keep it that way.Love and let’s love.Wise up Belize.

  17. From the Rudon family in California says:

    Our deepes sumpaty goes out to my brother CHICH and my sister -in-law Marie Lewis we loss another member of our family our hearts goes out to you all in Belize and we love you all. also from the Collins family is everything to us regardless.

  18. Sister love says:

    No one deserve to die the way he died. no one can take away the pain and the anger we are feeling, however I will Continue to ask God for guidance and pray for my Family.

    Its ashame that or politician and our Police Force are so corrupted they dont even have the time to deal with the issues and CRIMEs that our counrty is facing. all they think about is themself being in Power. Our country is in the worse state it have even seen and our people of Beliz is still suffering.

    Mark was a loving brother, he was a devoted father to his children,and a great friend to many. I will surely miss his beautiful smile and his Love for his Family and those special occasion we dance and share our love to each other. I will never forget those beautiful and loving words you said to me two weeks ago., its just linger in my thoughs and mind never know you were saying your goodby.
    I will not question why you have to leave us this soon, but GOD have a purpose for you and my brother George in heaven. R.I P MY BELOVED BROTHER.
    Love always Sis

  19. justice says:

    Everyone is being so sympathetic, wat happen to many persons that his same young man got killed, i can tell you i lost a brother because of him last august. Wat goes around comes around, if he is so innocent and good, them my late brother was too. The Government has nothing to do with all this.

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