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Feb 2, 2012

High Level Meeting on Shooting of Guatemalan

Harold Caballeros

A Guatemalan national was killed on Saturday along the western border in the Chiquibul. The foreign Minister of Guatemala, Harold Caballeros and his vice minister flew into Belize today to protest the fatality. It’s Caballeros first visit to Belize since the change of government in Guatemala last month.  Caballeros met the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington at Whitfield Tower, for well over an hour after which they both addressed the press. The first order of business was over Juan Choc Chub, the twenty-nine year old father of two who also left behind a pregnant wife. Choc was killed during a joint patrol by the B.D.F., police, immigration and the NGO, Friends of Conservation. His brother Daniel was injured.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains that the fatality took place on this side of the border and that it was not known because there were cross fires twice in the area. But Caballeros says the shooting was unnecessary.

Harold Caballeros, Guatemalan Foreign Minister

“We feel that even if this matter happened in Belizean soil, the response was out of proportion. If this peasant was actually cutting xate, which I understand is forbidden here, there is a due process for that, but not exactly killing a person. And this person died in the arms of his brother who was also injured and that is unacceptable. So that’s what I came to present, we had a good conversation here and we obtained the commitment to investigate the matter thoroughly which is what we want because we want just to be served.  We expect that there will be also an indemnization for the family because this gentleman was twenty-nine years old with three children and his wife is pregnant, one to come. So this is very regrettable and that’s the worst that happened. This is the source of the concern in the Guatemalan public opinion.”

Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington

Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs

“This is an incident which occurred in Belizean territory and it is an alleged crime so that it is a matter exclusively for the Belize Police Force. The Belize Police Force has charge of the investigation. We have invited the OAS to be present and we have also invited personnel from Guatemala to be present to ensure that in fact all goes well and that the due process is followed. Once the result is concluded—it’s just like any other criminal investigation the police will go out there and do their job and then if in fact it is suspected, if we have reasonable grounds to believe that anybody in Belize is at fault, then of course due process will be taken. Legal action will be taken against them. If it is necessary, they will be arrested, charged and the matter goes to our courts so that we are expecting that when the police have done their work on the ground to look at the locust, to investigate the soldiers and other people who are involved, we are also hoping that they will have a chance to interview the Guatemalans that were involved and at the end of that process they will determine whether in fact it’s a matter that needs to go to the D.P.P. for prosecution. If in fact, there is prosecution and people are found liable, certainly the government of Belize will be in a position and will certainly be disposed to compensate the family as he is intimating, you see. That will come after in fact, we ascertain what the truth is.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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32 Responses for “High Level Meeting on Shooting of Guatemalan”

  1. Bulba Martinez says:

    Wow, Sedi again?. He just threw our Protectors under the !-!@-!@ Bus then he talk about due process, can you imagine that?. This is exactly why Mexico and Guate can come into our Country, do whatever they want, and get away with the bs. Man, enough is enough and out wid unu 1-$-$.

  2. The Truth says:

    So what happens when a damn guatemalan kills a Belizean on the Guatemalan Side? NOTHING !!!!

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    How many Belizeans has been killed in Guatemala and no justice has been served.Wake up Belizean Leaders and stop kiss@.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why is Sedi quick to talk about punishment?Has any one of his kids walk that border in uniform?You don’t know what you’re talking about Sedi just shut di F up.

  5. Sugar says:

    “artificial” borders, OAS, “adjacency zone”……..these all contribute to not knowing where the line is drawn. You cum over to thief and yet want protection as civilians?? Keep uno backside on your side of the line and nobody will shoot at you guys..!!!

  6. bzn2dbone says:

    Let me put it like this, there is an alleged fatality. We don’t know for sure because we did not see the body, nor did our BDF know that they had shot someone dead. As for Mr. Sedi, I think that he and the press should have asked the guat minister what their government is going to do to ensure that the idiot guats do not enter to rape our natural reserves. As for the BDF who “allegedly” shot and killed the idiot guat, give him a Medal of Honor for securing our patrimony from illegal trespassers.

  7. from the west says:

    Sedi, I hope you know who you represent. I want to hear nothing about prosecuting our BDF. I want you to tell the Guate to go home, and mind his own business. We stand behind our BDF 100%, and if you dont, then go live in Guatemala.

  8. juan gongora says:

    There might be several “reasons” why Sedi say s and does. Maybe he is a naturalised Guatemalan or maybe the pittance that he gets is not enough for him to fight tooth and nail for us Belizeans. Tell us Senor Seedi.

  9. subKonshus says:

    Look ya man! Done with the bull. Its about time they get the sense. Kill them blood cloth! They no belong cross ya inna the first place. The Belizean authorities like bow too much to outsiders. We have enough domestic killings and violence against our own people that needs investigation. No sense in investigating and iterrogating our own soldiers who are protecting our borders. Whats the sense in authorizing me to do a job, then investigate me after I protect what I am supposed to protect. Me really no want to hear bout no pregnant wife and “died in his brothers arms”. He was tresspassing and stealing for crying out loud. Come on Sedi, are you a die hard Belizean or what. We no need no OAS fu do nothing. We are an independent nation who’s borders needs to be respected. If someone is caught committing a crime, of course he will retaliate. I no need to graduate from Norman Manley Law school to figure that out. Let the BDF do their job. If not, send Sedi and the OAS to patrol the borders and bring in our boys to be with their families. Mek them get the sense.

  10. SP says:

    WTF? These fools come to rape our natural resources and we have to give an indemnization? This is just wrong, that’s why you politicians will never be taken seriously by foreign eyes because you bow to the first effing request these guats make. Sedi, you give the guats any of our money and I STOP paying taxes completely. How many Bzeans been killed across the border? huh? Did their family get ‘indemnization’? Hell NO! Come on Sedi, this is our borders we talking about, the news said it was crossfire, for all we know his idiot guat brother could have shot him!

    Mr Caballeros, I don’t give a rat’s @ss about your ‘concern in the Guatemalan public opinion’. Why don’t you came and take back your brothers/sisters back home with you where they belong.

    Let the OAS come and investigate this, this Caballeros guy has already found us guilty! Let the experts deal with this, it will all come to light to show our BDF is doing what they are supposed to do, DEFEND & PROTECT our borders!

  11. O.Walk Observer says:

    It’s really a pity to here a government official saying that pending an investigation, the culprits shall be held accountable. First of all, the guats should never have come on our side of the border; and three exchanges of fire happened , on the third one was when the guat was hit but who will be able to identify which rifle fired the fatal shot?? Obviously the guats did not have any intention of withdrawing even after two initial engagements. From experience, those guats are really hardheaded and aggressive and wouldn’t hesitate to chop you off or blow your head, they are used to that.
    What the guat ambasador mentioned is crap, saying that they only plant on rented land from Belizeans; who owns the chiquibul area the size of Belize City that has been cut down and cultivated for years ?? No Belizean can rent that land to anybody. Also the guats are constantly being chased over, and obstinate as they are they keep coming back; if they squat on any land on the Guatemalan side, they will definately be shot along with their families, so they rather take chance on Belize side since we are considered soft pops.
    Let the BDF do its job; do not tie their hand since this will ultimately lead to Belizean casualties, something wich we cannot afford.(just remember the confrontations between Israel and the Arabs) One may be small and weak but doesn’t have to bend down on the whimps of an aggressive neighbour!!!

  12. Bze pride says:

    What the Hell Sedi is talking about? if thats the case Mr Minister then let me tell you that i believe that all operations like this comes from GOB and that all of you are aware of a joint operations of which different departments goes out to do these Operations. so that means that if the soldiers are to be convicted, you and your GOB must be all convicted aswell. How can we accept guatemalan coming here to bze and assalt out officer? I strongly believe that All these stupid politicians should take the M 16′s and have do these patrols for them self and lets see what happens next, especially Sedi Elrington. we are Belizean and we will stand strong as one. GO BDF!!!The Belizean public are with you guys.

  13. bmpanese says:

    bzn2dbone, u hit the nail right on the head. Media and Sedi should have asked the Guat FM what is the Guat Government doing to educate their people on respecting the borders and to stop the raping of our natural resources.

    I wont be surprised that when Sedi is voted out March 7, he will become the attorney taking up the case for the Guatemalan “victim”.

  14. Conservationist says:

    The kind of nonesense that our foreign minister is tolerating from the Guat Foreign Minister is what dissappoints our military and NGO’s who are out there putting themeselves in the front line to protect what is ours. What business this the Guat have in our territory, they know fully well that what they are doing is illegal that is why they come armed. Give the BDF a medal yes for his bravery. Put Sedi out there to do the patrols see if he will survive one patrol and have the Guats shoot at him!!!

  15. belizean patriot says:

    mr. foreign minister i heard you on the news and could believe that you are trying to punish the BDF for doing their job. they were being shot at and returned fire and withdrew. what did you expected them to do? sorry to tell you but you are a fool. they should send you to patrol our borders. but you cant do it, you dont have the courage!!! you didnt even had the courage to tell the guatemalan foreign minister that its them that had the fault. im proud of my country. very proud of the BDF that are protecting our borders. 6 of my brothers are serving our country. very proud of them. Mr. Perdomo should give you some classes on patrotism. He adressed the media the correct way.

  16. shane Henry says:

    I am out rage at our minister. They say Gorge price was selling Belize but he is giving us to the Guatemalans.if our millitary is charge we should protest riot watever it takes because no man has the right to come into your country to steal and shoot after you no man! So what our minister is saying is we have no rites but all other countries have rights over us! Bull shame on Gob.

  17. murphy says:

    The Truth, Elgin Martinez, Sugar, bzn2dbone I agree with you all 100%!!!!

  18. maryjane says:

    why didnt Sedi asked the Guatemala personale to stop the idiots from coming and explioting our country, but no they cant say that when our PM have given them so much authority they have nationality and have rights yhey even gave them our Belizeans very own address imagine the possibility of these people coming and claiming for there property please Belizeans open your eyes safe our country please dont vote these idiot into power they are worthless.

  19. Freetown GYAL says:

    who you think did a better job of expressing their position the Guatemalan Minister of Sedi? Oh but remenber Sedi said we have artificial borders and also that he is paid a pittance of six thousand dollars only per month. this is coming from SEDI ELRINGTON , who along with other so called friends of the Baymen have made a platform of saying George Price was selling out to the Guatemalans, my, my,!!!

  20. BMW says:

    Sedi-did you say wat u said just cuz the Guat was standing beside you. Even so- it is ILLEGAL wat they are doing. You should have reminded that to the Guat and said if you cud enforce a law to your people. Stay on your side of the fence and do not mess around with the other side nuttn like this probably would have happened. This is not a recent situation- we’ve been hearing of engagement from a while back- we knew this day would come sooner than later. Why then will they cry foul now? We have our NGOs and conservationists condemning this type of infiltration a long while back – they should have heeded and advised their people to heed to our laws and territorial boundaries.

    IF it would have been the other way around..Sedi- would you have had the ****to defend us? U heard what Perdomo said, not only one group was targeted? They know what they are getting into and are not afraid to..why- their own government does not stop them from it. They have the solidarity of their government. come on Sedi- go and do a week with the BDF and you will be singing a different tune..who feels it knows it.

  21. 100% BELIZEAN says:

    mr. sedi you are a traitor!!!!! and treason is punishable by death!!

  22. bird says:

    well sedi the talk bot court marshall an thing bot he don’t knw d dammage weh they ppl do in a belize so he the say that deh guate could come in an nothing is to be said or done about well i thing if u wa do d joy go ahead an it yo self we d put our life in danger for our country an u deh d fight for the guate the sedi u have to go….

  23. Rich Kid says:

    Now now people the guatemala official came to Belize expecting the Belizeans to jump at his presence well honestly he just got what we would get when we would make a police report, a whole lot of running around….nuff said

  24. ABC says:

    The BDF were doing their job, which they aren’t even paid for, Sedi shud trade his salary with a BDF and he will !…ing know what a pittance is, I always wonder how they manage to feed their family. I love my country but I don’t think I wud b in d jungle with the treatment our government gives the BDF soldiers.

  25. blackberry says:

    Hell no! not a cent in compensation. Tell Guatemala to first pay us compensation for the chopping of the BDF soldier who was chop while working at the border. Belizeans now we know exactly who is selling out Belize. First he said there were no borders, now he is talking of compensation for people who break the law by entering Belize illegally.

  26. BelCap says:

    WHY is sedi apologizing to di guates for OUR defence forces doing wat der paid to do, which is to PROTECT OUR BORDERS, how come he didnt ask WAT WAS DI GUATEMALAN DOING ON OUR BELIZEAN SOIL lyk so MANY odr INCIDENTS dat dey keep mentioning….are we supposed to applaud dat dey want a quick resolution but let dem f@#$ us while dat takes place, WEY ur patriotism dey sedi?

  27. Skywalker says:

    What an absolute disgrace. As Margaret Thatcher said, “Do I smell the STENCH OF APPEASEMENT?”

  28. Skywalker says:

    What an absolute disgrace. As Margaret Thatcher said, “Do I smell the STENCH OF APPEASEMENT?”

  29. tony says:

    close the border. !@#$ these sorry @$$#$ guatemalans

  30. Teacher says:

    We need to be compensated for our xate and all the illegal logging!!

  31. Dillie says:

    I don’t know what happened as I was not there but I do know one thing.

    Guatemala Population 13,824,463
    Belize Population 333,200

  32. Jehova says:

    they should extradite those insolent and miserable “officers”…. the guatemalan government can make good use of them,… may be as fuel for industries or something like that…
    and people, common’… the guatemalan government has nothing against belizeans… is just that, now that you are done cutting off wood for the british you can leave our territory alone… u can go home now… africa or where ever your supposed to be…

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