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Feb 2, 2012

Guatemalan Minister speaks on other incidents

Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington

The Guatemalan Minister also raised a red flag that there have been other incidents in the past which were not triggered by Guatemalans. And while investigations are ongoing, early reports say that the B.D.F. fired the shots that took the life of the Guatemalan farmer.

Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington

“It doesn’t matter whether you are legitimate in a country or whether you are a trespasser, you have rights and therefore, when you are dealing with a trespasser or an illegitimate person, you can’t violate their rights. And so persons can be found liable for their death if in fact they were killed unlawfully. That is possible. Not because they are trespassers, it means that you can believe that they have no rights and cause their deaths. That is not so at all and it is for that reason that we have an obligation to have the police investigate it just like any other alleged offence. We use the word alleged at this point in time because we don’t know the details. We have requested those details and when those details are in our knowledge and possession, then the legal course is going to be pursued.”

Harold Caballeros

Harold Caballeros

“We have several incidents happened in the past in the AZ and the reports that we have and that we have committed to share with the Belizean government are rather different. And the OAS has verified four serious incidents since August and they were not cause by Guatemalans. And the incursions are incursions that many times, or at least I will say several times, are peasants who come to sow in the land of someone that they rent. If the land is owned or not by this person, we cannot know but our people come in good faith and pay for the rent of the land and that’s how they sow and they expect to reap.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Guatemalan Minister speaks on other incidents”

  1. Rod says:

    Well you idiot you need to tell your people to go sow in your land not in Belize I say what we need to do is mine the border this will solve the whole problem mine the whole border area sediment you need to retire taking the side of Guatemala you caused this problem anyway retire .

  2. rasman says:

    I can’t understand how in God’s name our foreign Minister will take a position like our military were wrong. They were doing what they were established to do – protect the territorial integrity of Belize. Sedi you are history. Get the !… out of there

  3. busha says:

    Rod you idiot, they are paying to sow…

  4. rasman says:

    Then again I reason that we should not expect much as they are giving the very people that violate our laws – Belizean Nationality

  5. Paco Smith says:

    Minister Elrington’s interview was a classic example of our nation’s incompetent leadership…especially on this issue.

    Never should a Belizean representative appear to even give credence to the Guatemalan claim. Invoke the unyielding stance of our territorial sovereignty, but don’t publicly concede things such as, “trespassers have rights too”. It may have been a politically correct statement, but realistically, such sentiments being publicly uttered by our Minister of Foreign Affairs, is unacceptable…especially given the circumstances and history of Guatemalan border incursions.

    As for the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, his brazenness in saying that his government expects compensation to the deceased’s family, is only buttressed by Minister Elrington’s innocuous admission that a Belizean could possibly be found at fault.

    This reeks of boot-licking to the extent that it truly makes one question our “leader’s” commitment to the well-being of our nation. Well, I guess the recent mass naturalisation of many “new Belizeans”, serves to underscore that point.

    Successive governments have displayed a similar impotence on the matter of Guatemala’s disrespect for our territorial sovereignty. It persists and is not acceptable. Such actions, by our so-called “leaders”, should be deemed treasonous.

    Wake up Belize and embrace a new breed of leadership. Support non-”PUDP” persons who offer themselves to serve our nation, because the “PUDP” institutionalised train of thought has failed us on virtually all levels.

  6. Islander says:

    He sounds just like the mothers of criminals when they come on tv after the police or a citizen killed said criminal in self defense.

  7. RENE says:


  8. juan gongora says:

    So when the investigations are completed, will the guatemalans be charged for tresspassing, carrying firearms without a licence, ammunition, attempted murder,etc etc. Tell us Senor Seedi. I don’t think that wil never happen.

  9. from the west says:

    I hope our leaders understand we will not tolerate this pandering to the Guates. Grow some cohunas maan.

  10. subKonshus says:

    Sedi is an educated idiot. Which Belizean have rights when they enter the US through the “back”. Which right is he referring to? Only the right to go to jail you stupid jecko!! If someone enters my house illegally, its a matter of life and death. My life and his death!! Its my word against his. But he is dead, so its my word, my premises, my defense. This is an open and shut case!!!!

  11. Integrity says:

    Paco Smith, lets pick up an AK 47 and lets stand at the Border, do you have the B@lls to stand and die for your country? We are at war with Guatemala, and you dare divide the country? In a situation like this every politician should take off their political uniforms, stand together in unity because we have one cause, our sovereignty!

    Wake up you idiots, take politics out of your a$$e$ when it comes to national security issues!

    If this is what Paco Smith stands for then he has conceded to being just another worthless politician VPUDP it is then!

  12. SP says:

    I agree with PACO & RENE, this issue of border incursion has been going on for too long! These guat don’t come to sow no land, PLEASE!! they are depleting our natural resources, albeit in a nature reserve! Busha, If your really believe this guys saying they pay to sow the land then I believe your are the idiot! Squatters is what they are. Sedi, believe me when I say that if you compensate that guat family, trust me I will stop paying taxes and boycott your political party.

    Ask your Belzean people what they think of this issue, we are the ones who put you there.


    9issed voter & tax payer.

  13. Justice says:

    Many Belizean have been killed in Melchor de Mencos, what is the Guatemalan government doing about that… yet they claim for justice because one of theirs is supposedly killed by a Belizean BDF. What Guatemalan people need to do is to respect our Belizean territory. Stay away and the war will end, stop claiming Belize… Belizea is uniques its for Belizeans.

  14. murphy says:

    Harold Caballeros has nothing good to say, but that’s how tipical Guatemalans are. If a Guatemalan wants to sow make dem sow in Gutemalan territory not Belizean territory. Furthermore I can assure you that this Guatemalans that where there in this confrontation are not paying rent for the land. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, you are a disgrace, you incompetent. People do have, but I bet you if a Belize goes and cultivate in Guatemalan territory and come across with their soldiers and open fire on them; I can assure that will not hesitate in opening fire against these Belizeans. My point, if you are ask to surrender, and u go against, just expect the unexpected! Let’s big up our soldiers for they are doing a good job!!

  15. Str8 UP says:


  16. Charlie Price says:

    @Sedi…This is what happens when you say that we have ARTIFICIAL BORDERS.



  17. Storm says:

    ALL ILLEGALS OUT OF BELIZE. Not just the Guats, but all of them.

    Our economy struggles to support the people who belong here, and it is made worse when people come illegally and take jobs away.

    We need an immigration “hotline” where we can call and report when we know there is somebody here illegally. And then immigration needs to act and deport them!

    And it should be a crime to hire someone here illegally.

  18. CEO says:

    I do not care for any of the two main parties in Belize but let us give the devils whats due. SubKonshus you should be quiet. Here is some advice it is better to be quiet and let people think you are wise rather than open your mouth and show them otherwise.

    In America everyone has basic human rights so even though you may be illegal here they still need to treat you with human dignity. In other wors basic human rights does not go away. These are the rights that Elrington was speaking off.

    Just for clarity artificial means manmade as opposed to exist naturally or made by God!

  19. Paco Smith says:


    I believe a second read of what I wrote might prove beneficial, or maybe not, because when individuals look at matters, without attempting to actually digest what has been expressed, normally, it is a moot point.

    Do you believe that successive GOB’s have served us well on this issue? If not, what do you believe is the means through which those in authority can do better?

    Do you believe that our system of governance (e.g. the Westminster Model) which is adversarial in nature, can actually lend to the those who occupy positions of influence (e.g. Area Representatives, Ministers of Government, etc…) who incidentally have all been part and parcel of the political system of our country, actually stepping out of their comfort zones and doing what is right by Belizeans? I mention this because it is NOT about party politics. If you notice, I did not advocate any political party, but I expressed that the two, existing ones from which our Representatives continue to be drawn, have failed us.

    So, does that clear it up somewhat? If not and if you are open to discussing the matter, please contact me and I am more than willing to further explain what I wrote.

    At times, I believe that we Belizeans are so imbued with the political ideologies that have pervaded our society since time immemorial, that in looking at the forest, we unfortunately fail to see the trees.

    Given that you are using a pseudo-name, I am unable to say whether (like me) you are contesting an election. Nonetheless, unlike you, I won’t endeavour to pass judgement on your character, based on what you wrote. That’s just not what I do.

    As for whether or not I am willing to die for my country, the answer is “Yes”.

    Its easy to hide behind pseudo-names and pass comments.

  20. Integrity says:

    Paco, good luck on the elections. You can articulate your points properly, kudos. You answered one point, and when the time comes I will die for my country too. But the clique response to each other is not helping our country. I dont see any press release where the nine of you say we stand in solidarity with PUP and UDP to defend our sovereingty, infact you join PUP in casting down UDP, when you should be taking up a united front, why you think the Guates dont respect us, casue we are fighting amongst ourselves. I agree, perhaps our past and current leaders need to take on a new approach to the nation of millions of people with much more soldiers and arms, like say lets fight back. Perhaps we need to put an AK 47 on Sedis back so u accept his response. It was a correct one, but when you have your turn in office, if Bzns grace you with that opportunity, hopefully you apply your ideologies that seem to you, to have far better meaning than what PUDP have adopted. Lets see if you can make that difference you are claiming to be able to make if and when.

  21. blackberry says:

    I do not believe sedi believe what he was saying, i believe he only wanted to give some comfort to the foreign minister. I also believe the guat foreign ministar believe what he was saying that the guats were renting lands from belizeans when he dawn well knows that that is a forest reserve.

  22. Paco Smith says:

    @ Integrity,

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. Even beyond that I am appreciative of your willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue on this matter.

    I cannot doubt your sincerity when it comes to what you believe is the best approach to appropriately address the issue. What I detect is that in our desire to make things right on the matter, we have divergent views in terms of the essence, capacity and reality as it relates to the two, major political entities. As you know, I refer to them as the “PUDP”. Therein lies our difference. I subscribe to the notion that one cannot seek to solve a problem by turning to the very same mentality that created it. Hence my reluctance to call for a “unified” front on the matter. I acknowledge that individuals can and should play an integral role in addressing the issue, but my faith ends abruptly at that juncture.

    I view both the PUP and the UDP (PUDP) as a political entity or better yet institution, whose ideology remains consistent. Incidentally, I must admit that the subsequent modus operandi between the PUP and the UDP appear to be slightly different. Leaders may come and go, but for the most part, their once covert and now blatant manipulation of the general population will continue. I have found the PUDP to be self-centred in terms of their actions. Indeed, from time to time, actions they undertake may appear to be “pro-poor”, be I realise that it is simply a means to an end. The end of which normally spells prosperity for the select, chosen few who are in the good graces of the party faithful.

    It is for these reasons, that I don’t call for a “united” front to defend our sovereignty. Admittedly, it sounds like a good idea, but based on my view, the underlying selfishness of our elected officials would ultimately trump the good intentions. Allow me to draw upon the practise of both the PUP and the UDP, which has resulted in the cheapening of our nationality. The UDP are guilty as sin, with the recent mass naturalisations, but let us not forget when the PUP facilitated bus loads of individuals from Melchor de Mencos (Peten, Guatemala), to pad the voters list several years ago. This is but one example of what I am talking about, as it relates to the political institution referred to as the PUDP.

    The suggestion of placing an AK-47 to the Honourable Member’s back sounds all too tempting, but to honest with you, I believe that the current crop of politicians would ultimately say what they believe we want to hear (especially under duress) and at a moment’s notice would do a completely contradictory action. Its unfortunate, but this crop of politicians would presumably sell their own flesh and blood, for the right payoff. One might say that I have a pessimistic viewpoint when it comes to these traditional politicians, but I would argue that it is more realistic. In that vein, is why in my conscious mind, I could never place myself for election under the “PUDP” banner. I am all for inclusion, but I believe that greater inclusion from those who are willing to think independently and not tow a party line, is what our nation truly needs.

    I look forward to the opportunity to serve my country. I shall be honoured and resolute in my stance to do what is in the best interest of our nation. For me, it all begins with personal conviction and a commitment to serve, not oneself, but our community.

    Belize deserves better than what we have subjected ourselves to, under this “two party” system. I believe in political plurality and therefore applaud all those who are willing to place their name on the ballot, as independent candidates, in an effort to bring about substantive and constructive change.

    I ran as an independent Councillor Candidate in 2003 as sort of a litmus test, regarding our people’s psyche as it relates to non-party candidates. My realisation was two-fold. #1 Belizeans weren’t, at that time, ready (in mass numbers) to embrace an independent candidate and #2 It is important to link with like minded-individuals apart from the traditional political structures that we have come to accept as our only choice. Hence my decision to become part of a movement, that advocates a change to the prevailing status quo.

    In all, I look forward to being able to effect positive change, yet I understand that it cannot be done alone. It will, in fact, take the input of my colleagues and the population at large.

    Again, many thanks for sharing and let us see how the matter in question progresses.

  23. belize first says:

    sedi di talk lone ‘ARTIFICIAL STUFF’ as he calls our border that its
    shame on GOB.

  24. no to injustices says:

    sedi di talk lone ‘ARTIFICIAL STUFF’ as he calls our border that its
    shame on GOB.

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