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Feb 1, 2012

Referendum rigor mortis; 8,000 signatures rejected

Tanya Williams

Moments ago, Coalition Coordinator, Tanya Williams contacted News Five to say that they have received devastating confirmation that Elections and Boundaries have rejected over eight thousand of the eighteen thousand signatures needed to trigger the referendum. The Coalition maintains that the signatures are legitimate and says it will not give up on its mission to have the referendum. Late this evening the Coalition sent a press release in which it implores the Government to support the Referendum by enabling the completion of the vetting of the petition signatures by February sixth.  The coalition also intends to write the Governor General and ask him to “act in the same good faith and reasonableness, and issue the Writ of Referendum on February seventh, naming March seventh, 2012 as the date of the offshore referendum.” News Five spoke to Williams about whether or not the Coalition feels the request will be honored.

Tanya Williams, Coalition Coordinator

“Well when we made that humble request, we did it acting in good faith to ensure that we save the people’s money and that we have the referendum the same time with another election so that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money. The only issue for us that we had to consider was that the villages would take a little bit of financial and human resources. But now that they are calling two election—both the general and the municipal—that point in mote. We both have municipal which would be your town and city and the general which will be everybody. So there is no financial or human resources cost that government would have to bear. So there is no reason for them not to hold the referendum on the same day.”

Jose Sanchez

“He also mentioned that it took a while for the signatures to be handed over to be verified and that process, he says, is going to take a long while—not right now.”

Tanya Williams

“I don’t think that is the case. As we understand it, that process is almost finished. And the other reason si that the Coalition is asking the elections and boundaries complete that process by Monday which will February the sixth.”

Jose Sanchez

“But all in all, at least political insiders are saying that they wouldn’t have made it happen anyway.”

Tanya Williams

“And that would be against the people’s will. The referendum is a people’s referendum. We had over eighteen thousand signatures on that referendum and the people of Belize want the opportunity to vote in the offshore referendum. So we are asking; give the people the opportunity to vote.”

Jose Sanchez

“And at the same time, what’s the Coalition’s or APAMO’s response regarding Treaty and the alleged find. We find or see a lot of fly by night oil companies coming and making allegations.”

Tanya Williams

“Well for us it prove4s us right with what we have been saying: that some of these companies don’t know anything about what they are doing and especially when it comes to offshore; it’s very dangerous. So the issue that we have right now is that Treaty proves us right. We have to ensure that we put systems in place to ensure that we are protecting our economy, our environment and our people.”

Jose Sanchez

“All in all, if the referendum does not happen on March seventh, do you foresee it happening any at all?”

Tanya Williams

“We will not stop, we will not give up. We have the people’s right to push for this referendum. People are looking for this referendum. We will not give up.”

From what we understand, the Coalition is considering other options.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Referendum rigor mortis; 8,000 signatures rejected”

  1. juan gongora says:

    I didn’t know that the Election & Boundaries has a handwriting expert in their employ. Really, how did they arrive at 8000 signatures were not valid? Don’t these “experts” know that signatures change from time to time. This really smells from afar.

  2. maryjane says:

    please dont give up our voices must be heard we are the boss and its time for barrow and his idiots know that we Belizeans have our eyes open and wont take any more !$@& from no political party we dont care which one ,we da d boss barrow we elected u to do our work and u have failed time for u to goooooooooooooooo

  3. Freetown Voter says:

    This is just another Barrow tactic all over again, just like how he had his tentacles in the judiciary to ensure there was no referendum on the Ninth he is doing the same with this. Vote out U D P!!!!! This man and his party respects no one except the aliens who will vote for them!!!! he turned his back on 18000 for offshore oil referendum and 22000 people for the Ninth!!

  4. straight up says:

    get 8,0000 aliens signatures then it will be valid



  6. x says:

    I support drilling for oil, I’m against legalizing homosexuality, and I was storngely against passing the 9th amendment. If you agree with me or not, is not the point. I believe we should have a referendum on all of those issues and more. Is this not a democracy? Does the majorty rule? Politians hate referendums because it takes away thier power to dictate to us and puts the power back where it belongs in the hands of the people.

    I would vote no on this referendum, but I want to be given the right to vote no and if you support it, I want you to have the right to vote yes. If you agree with me or not I want your voice to be heard and your vote to be counted. Let the majorty rule.

    And thanks Audrey for helping us all those years back.

  7. SW@GVILLE says:

    People please open your eyes,the goverment is the one that doesn’t want referendum to be passed. Can’t you see that anyone who tries to go against the goverment never seems to win any case.I believe that all signatures are real how will you forge 8,000 signatures. The goverment is for oil drilling anywhere so that they can get thier hands on that black gold money.No one that works with the goverment can do thier job properly because the polititians them a fraud and they are pulling the public servants’ limbs. There is no proceduresto be followed at any of our goverment offices because the ministers control everything.Some people that works with the goverment only go into work to collect a paycheck and act like they own Belize city because the work with the goverment.Look at the stuff that they get away with,but yet they will “trip” on a hard working brother for a draw of the marijauna.The UDP can kiss my @$$.

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