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Feb 1, 2012

New immigrants get new land

Egbert McKoy Jr.

The recent mass naturalization of immigrants to meet the deadline for registration of new voters turned into a nationwide scandal, especially when it came to light that processing was being done in questionable locations. And while the mad rush is over, the concerns about the new Belizeans have not subsided. There are still lingering questions about the shortcuts that were taken and whether the hundreds of immigrants that took the oath, met the requirements. And today, Santa Elena Resident, Egbert McKoy Junior raised another concern. According to McKoy, a number of new Belizeans were given land titles on Tuesday by Cayo Central Area Representative, Rene Montero. McKoy is incensed about the giveaways because he says, he and his family have been applying for land for years and have been unsuccessful.

Egbert McKoy Jr., Santa Elena Resident

“We have a little problem in Santa Elena. I’m a U.D.P. for all my life. I’ve supported this party. We have all applied for a piece of lot. I have some sons that applied for lot and we cannot get our lot. There are people that came behind, people that just get registration the other day and they get a piece of lot and I want to know why we can’t get a piece of lot. We as a born Belizean, we born here, we grow up here and we support our family right here and why can’t we get a piece of lot? And people that just come and they are getting lot. I just want the people of Cayo Central just know why they don’t give us a lot? Why our minster, Mister Montero does give us a piece of lot?”

Delahnie Bain

“So how long have you been applying?”

Egbert McKoy Jr.

“I applied for over twenty years. And I personally am forty-one years old and I don’t even have a piece of lot for myself. My son is twenty-three years old, my other son is nineteen years old and my wife is forty-one years old and we don’t have a lot for ourselves.”

Delahnie Bain

“So how did you find out about these other persons getting land?”

Egbert McKoy Jr.

“Well we can see it yesterday. There was big thing at the minister’s office where they were giving land and we don’t get a piece of land. And I am not talking politics but as a Belizean rights. We Belizeans deserve a piece of land. We deserve our lot because we are born and grown Belizeans and we want a piece of lot for—we are getting old—but for our children to have something.”

Delahnie Bain

“How do you know that these people that got lands are the ones that were recently naturalized?”

Egbert McKoy Jr.

“I know two of them; I personally know two of them that came and showed me their paper and they told me that see we just come here and we get and why you can’t get. So that’s why I am saying this.”

Over one thousand persons recently got Belizean citizenship and the last count of new registrations stood at five thousand plus.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “New immigrants get new land”

  1. duh says:

    Nice deal. Citizenship, land, & kisses. Did they when the lotto and will get money too?

  2. Just sayin says:

    nothing about this lad issue is new, I have been applying for a piece of land since 1993 and still haven’t got anywhere, It is amazing that we have more land than people in Belize and we still can’t get a piece. Just sayin!!!!!!

  3. BelCap says:

    ♫We no wan no guatemala(3 times)
    You will vote n i will vote n we will vote
    for the UDP♫
    NOW dats ironic considering how barrow went about with his massive naturalizations jeje
    gotta jnoy sum humor out of di politicos
    Same !a#@, different colors

  4. No Hope in Belize says:

    Main I born here and i cant afford or cant get land worst for free….All my bills go up including my food bill but my Pay no go up fi nothing … People say finish school girl…when school fees are up too…NO HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT…… TIRED OF THIS>>>>SOMETIMES I WISH I DIDNT LIVE HERE…

  5. Bulba Martinez says:

    Not too long ago Sedi said on the News that, Belize is the only Country in the world issuing land to it’s citizens and this process has to be abolished, because he personally has earned everything he ever own in life since he was a youth and others need to do the same in our Country. The idiot forget that no job noh deh fu most Belizeans daily needs. The very same Belizeans that entrusted him and di rest of the jack-as-es by voting for them to better off our Country’s economy and then get kicked in the rear end. How soon can this idiot and the rest of them forget?. They open their damn mouth and put both feet into it as usual. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Dis ya time, unu wa haul unu !–#. NEXT!!!

  6. belizeanpride says:

    bro same like me since time of mario castellanos i applied was charge for it never got nothing this time i applied went to the ceremony waiting under the rain never heard my name called but i still have hopes since there is another batch of land titles coming soon bro don’t give up. hope this time i get one also i’m in my thirties belizean from ancestors. i deserve a piece of this jewel and won’t give up until i get one.

  7. Freetown Voter says:

    Who is the minister of Natural Resources, who is behing the rosewood scandal, who was behing the insurance scandal and got his family rich, who is behing giving away lands to first time belizeans while you and i have to wait years to get land? he and the UDp is victimizing us because they are sure we wont vote for them. Vote dem OUT!!

  8. Mel says:

    So new immigrants get land! what a bunch of BS. I have applied for land under both PUP and UDP administration to be a first time land owner and still not been given /granted land and am a working BZEAN! Why are the new immigrants being given land , what about Belizeans like me who keep applying and or try to buy and still cant get land! At this point I am pretty mad! This is a bunch of BS!

  9. Tanya says:

    The only sensible thing to do belizeans is not to vote for the red or blue…it’s time for the 3rd party and independents.

  10. ABC says:

    They always say first time land owners will be priority, oh and belizeans r priority, well im almost 30 too and i have always seen people just reach here and get and if they want more they get and we can apply and wait and wait and we get nothing… If we belizeans want land, we MUST buy it now from the people who just came here, who does that wit its people??

  11. BelCap says:

    well put Tanya, its about time we showed them who put dem der and who can throw dem out lyk a piece of debris as well

  12. Alej says:

    Mr Montero has no vote from the Santa Elena people. Now lets see what Mr Montejo Collet will do. If he does the same, then his a** needs to go too.

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