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Feb 1, 2012

Spitter jailed and mom cries down the Court

Guany Zhao

On Tuesday, police were executing a bench warrant for the arrest of Guany Zhao at his Lakeview Street home, but they also took his mother into custody after she tried to prevent police from taking her son. Zhao, who also put up resistance, kept the police out of his house for two hours with chains and locks on the doors. But he was arrested and taken before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez. Zhao refused to answer to questions from the Magistrate and was later remanded to prison until February sixth. Because the court observed that Zhao wasn’t able to articulate properly in English, he will be given a court interpreter for his next court appearance. In May of 2011, a female patron of Zhao’s family business reported to police that Zhao had spit on her, which led to Zhao being charged for common assault to which he had pleaded not guilty and was offered bail.

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16 Responses for “Spitter jailed and mom cries down the Court”

  1. Really? says:

    Seriously? Why dont those stupid illiterate police go and solve real crimes like let me see…go arrest Ian Vega and Mike Silva for murder or the goverment for thief…what a pack of idiots makes me sick………..barfing.

  2. Marvy says:

    This story is incomplete. The report states that he was out on bail since May 2011. What is not mention was did this individual did show up for scheduled court hearing (s) why he is in custody?

  3. James Carter says:

    Charged for spitting? What has Belize come to?

  4. tmpz1 says:

    r u serious? we are putting pple behind bars for spitting? what has this country come to? what happened to putting the criminals behind bars and stopping the drug trades? or even addressing our issues with nationalization and corruption!!!

  5. duh says:

    A lot of effort and news on this.

    How is the Giovanni Chi investigation going? Another unsolved murder?

  6. Str8 UP says:

    Typically arrogant Chiney shop keeper. He is certainly not the 1st or last Chiney fi spit pon somebody from behind the safety of his iron bars.

  7. CEO says:

    My Belizean people, spitting at or on someone is a serious offence/asault. This is why when Crist was crisified he was spat upon! This is why in football games spitting on or at another player the offender is ejected from the game immediately and other punishment folows. Spitting at or on a referee in soccer could be the end of a footballers’ carrier. This is serious and should be treated this way. Belizeans should not accepts this mess from these dam people.

    In other parts of the world street justice would have perhaps caused him not to see the following day. He is from a part of the world where this is one of the worse things one human can do to the other and he knows this. We should not accept this! Someone with a communicable disease could cause someone to dies with this act!

  8. Are You Serious?!?!?! says:

    Ok so let me get this str8….we are letting murderers (even the ones that confess) get away with their crimes and we are diligently arresting and charging this chineyman for spitting?!?!? seriously? I do not agree that he should spit on anyone but were he not chinese would this even be pursued? Use your diligence to pursue killers and thieves man! come on!

  9. Samsung says:

    Some of you all are not getting the story! He spit in a female face… Where in God’s world can a Belizean go to China or where ever He’s from & spite in someone elses face? We let these foreigners come to our country & do what they want! I want to know which Belizean can have locks & chains on their doors for 2hrs & its accepted? Look @ the channel seven news, how they beat the crap out dat guy Lopez. Why didnt they do Zhao’s that too for resisting arrest? Money talk & BS walk in this country!

  10. Freetown Voter says:

    Yeh but unno want giv power to LEE MARK fu bring in more chiney inna dis country fu look down pon we, disrespect we, and tek weh food from the belizean business man. They are a mob, they dont let belizean business prosper because they mob together to control prices and profits, buying wholesale. They dont employ belizeans, pay proper taxes and send their dollars back to china. Lee Mark has never helpled belizean businesses prosper because he is a part of the Chinese MOB

  11. Freetown GYAL says:

    vote for Lee Mark, and he will bring more SPITTING CHINESE. how many Belizeans do you see working in Chinese grocery shops. do you see them invest in Belize.

  12. the new world member says:

    freetown voter and freetown gyal da some REAL HYPOKRIT!!!!!!!! go and complain on how ppl go rob and shoot other ppl for no reason! comment on that

  13. Freetown Voter says:

    boo hoo, sniff sniff, i think i push a wrong button and got whipped just now. when the new world order, sorry member,comes and explain to me why politicians and chinese are not mobs then i ll engage you. if you arent educated yet about what im saying, who are the biggest peddlers of drugs through this country, why are bdf soldiers held off when a plane lands, we have all the resources to stop it but turn a blind eye, people kill and rob because our leaders uphold it. when dean go da ralph house and dem touch whiskey glass and talk big business ah hope the new world member could sleep good da nite! If we uplift our own bzns and give them education and jobs they will stop killing each other. if they own the shops and employ belizeans they will stop killing each other and our government has the responsibility to do so, no to subsidize to buy votes. wake up, or probably you are part of that new world order where one org controls through ignorance and poverty! now seh sunting!!!

  14. the real issue says:

    I think everyone is missing the real gem of a story here…headline should read


    chiney spit pan creole = jail
    creole shoot chiney = government pay roll

  15. Freetown GYAL says:

    @new world member, your money can’t buy love. check this: if a black man steals 1 chips he goes to jail for 5 years. Chiney man has been stealing all his life selling illegal boledo and have police protection paan tap. if a black man have one stick a weed he goes to jail, how many Chiney restaurant they have surprised with dawg guts in the fridge , john-crow guts, rats !@##3 and dawg excrement in bakeries and how many of them have been even charged in the courts.I rest my case

  16. SW@GVILLE says:

    All different people who comes to Belize can live and get what they want.We are the minority because look at albert street.How many Belizean own stores are on Albert street,i can’t even think of one except for brodies. A lot of Hindu stores tho.They are on the main making all the money.I am really tired that the Belizeans has to suffer for the foreigners who comes to our country. We are not the goverments priority,if an immigrant can get land and naturalized,why can’t i get a piece of land? I was born and raised in Belize i have no police record and i am a productive member of society. If your water pipe is broken you can call me and i will send someone to repair it.The goverment is just full of crap.They can’t defend anything that they are doing around this time. All they will do is mumble and repeat the same arguments.We want a peaceful Belize a place that our children can grow up and can apply for land.I heard Patrick Faber speaking about a lot of high school drop outs who needs to go back to school because they can’t get a job. …… please,there are people with associated and bachelors degree who can’t get a job.If you don’t know a minister or someone that knows a minister,lets face the fact you can’t get a job with goverment.People are politically appointed.I hate that $#!%.I hope all of them die when they drive to Belmopan.

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