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Jan 31, 2012

General Elections called for March 7th

Dean Barrow

After weeks of speculation, all the tell tale signs were there that the prime minister would call early general elections. There is the decrease in electricity rates, proposed decreases in water rates, Christmas disbursement for constituencies, and seven hundred and eighty Social Security Board housing loans write-offs. Well, it’s now official; there will be a double election day on March seventh. The text messages started in a flurry at the end of today’s Cabinet meeting. Then a recorded address was aired on radio stations before midday in which Prime Minister Dean Barrow officially broke the news to the nation.  The PM has advised the Governor General to dissolve the National Assembly on February third. The PM says elections are costly, and by their very nature, divisive. The need for the elections one year before they are due, according to the prime minister, was to meet the challenges of the “unfavorable international climate.” This afternoon at two-thirty the Prime Minister addressed the media at a press conference at the Best Western Biltmore, overflowing with Cabinet Ministers and party supporters.

Dean Barrow

“It has been my privilege to lead this United Democratic Party Government since 2008 and in making the General Election Announcement today, I want to say that the emotion that I experienced in the greatest measure is one of gratitude. Whatever happens as a result of the general elections, I am and will remain forever grateful to my party, but far more important to the people of this country for giving me an opportunity to serve them.  I visited the Governor General this morning, at about a quarter to nine, and there is a formal letter that is being prepared that I will sign to send to him. The announcement made clear that I have asked him to dissolve the national assembly with effect from Friday. I did not think the dissolution and the announcement could take place on the same day simply as a matter of logistics. When the formal proclamation dissolving the National Assembly is signed by the Governor General, the expectation is that he will at the same time sign the writ of election and there is certain information that will have to be contained in that writ; the returning officers will have to be chosen and all that sort of critical housekeeping exercise must be done by the elections and boundaries commission and by the chief elections officer. This way, making the announcement today, gives those officials a chance as a consequence of meetings that they will no doubt hold later this evening or certainly I would think no later than tomorrow to in fact do that kind of selection slash appointment process and I thought enough lead time was required so that when the election writ is prepared for the G.G.’s signature on Friday, all our ducks would have been in a row. Ladies and gentlemen, the other extr4emely important thing that I said in the prepared statement is that we have this enviable record of always holding elections that are free, fair and peaceful.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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35 Responses for “General Elections called for March 7th”

  1. EMS says:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country and vote this crazy baldhead and his cabinet of bufoons out of office.Tek the citizenship, tek the house, tek the ham, tek the land and stick to the plan!!! VOTE PUP ALL THE WAY!!!! WAKE UP BELIZEANS AND RISE UPAGAINST THIS MAN!!! IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES OF THIS DANGEROUS AND UNSCRUPOLUS BUNCH IN OFFICE FOR FIVE MORE YEARS?

  2. Brutally Honest! says:

    Rape seems to be legal in Belize… Why? Because the current government is raping belizeans everyday and they say nor do nothing bout it how can you be so blind and vote for udp even when they steal right in front of your face all your hard earn pay n jobs wise up ppl or stay there wait til it’s too late. Quit being ignorant this place is heading downhill with every passing minute and I must say I will not be shocked if udp wins remember he lives in wealth while you are in a cardboard box. People who disagree with me are of the following: stupid,rich, profiting from the poor ppl of Belize, or an immigrant getting naturalized.

  3. Charlie Price says:

    I’m still trying to see HOW and WHERE DEAN BARROW SERVED THE COUNTRY…We all know that him and his family GOT PAID. Maybe they got enough money now.

  4. Rod says:

    Out with you bald head corrupt persona non grata you will go down in history as the worse pm and gov. In the history of Belize. People if you want more murders another 150 more murders vote udp vote Fu bald head for corruption and murders vote udp.

  5. murphy says:

    memba people Dean Mr Quitar Barrow has had its turn!

  6. Dear all says:

    The present Government has done much better than the previous government. In my view whether it be Barrrow administration or PUP administration murders will continue to happen, another point is that of the OIL drilling, (whether it be pup or uDP both parties know that oil drilling will make Belizean economy boom)

  7. Teacher says:

    This man is an economic DUNCE. We do not need any more lyris and fancy words. We need JOBS. He has failed us miserably.

  8. Str8 UP says:

    Mr Barrow will be known as the best PM of Belize by my grand children’s children, AND THE GENERATIONS OF BELIZEANS THAT THAT FOLLOW. Just that the people who are around TODAY are too partisan to realize that Mr Barrow is a really good PM.

  9. juan gongora says:

    I would really like to see Ms. Bodden [PUP] elected mayor; she seems able and willing. Would also want to see a mixed council with majority UDP [to keep the money coming] and also some third party candidates. However, I wouldn’t want to see any of those UDP incumbents win. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Food for thought!!

  10. Freetown Voter says:

    lets talk about the stellar performance of Zenaida and her crew. REMEMBA Z was once the CROWN JEWEL of the UDP..look at our streets people, look at crime(paying gangbangers 500 dollars a week is not solving crime) look at UNEMPLOYMENT, look at yourself then look at LOIS and ANWAR and DENNYS BARROW , why are these people reaping millions while we have no job.

  11. hard woking Belizean says:

    Barrow knows fully well what he’s doing…..he wants to take us Belizeans for a ride once more!!! Ask yourselves why he didn’t wait until after passing the budget for 2012/2013? It would have been Belize’s worst budget ever! He was told he would have to increase taxes and cut down on public officers in order to alleviate expenses! Wake up Belize and smell the coffee….things are getting worst and worst each day that goes by under this UDP gov’t who ain’t worth one crap!! The Super Bond has tied us up for years to come but don’t forget the nationalizing of BTL, BEL & BWS did not drop out of the sky free of cost!! Who will pay for all the legal expenses and cost of the utilities? The people!! We need solutions for our beautiful jewel Belize and BARROW & his set of dumb ministers ain’t the solution!!! 5 more years of them will dig us 6ft deeper yet into the ground and if that is the case, tighten your belts even further my fellow Belizeans!!

  12. Precious_B says:

    Enough is enough with the present government (UDP). We need a change, a new vision for the people. Down in the south (Toledo West), roads/ streets are in the worst condition, however, Juan Coy doesn’t care about that, but he is busy fixing up his house n forgetting about his constituency/his people. We surely deserve a change n deserve better!!!!! “PUP builds UDP destroys!!!!”

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    Freetown:It’s NEPOTISM at work.Wake up Belizeans can’t you all see what’s happening?

  14. rod says:

    str8up you must be the most ignorant person in this land its people like you that have this country the way it is i hope you and bald head barrow will go together to the junk heep of history as the worse pm and gov. in the history of belize so people if you want more of the same like another 150 murders this coming year vote fu barrow vote udp and i hope you are not included in that 150 people who will be murdered this coming year if bald head and the udp win again.

  15. Do it right says:

    One question? Most of you are saying vote them out, but who should we vote in? If you say PUP then your rants are hopeless bc they are not ready to run this country. They cant even run themselves. SO please tell me who to vote for bc while this UDP government has not been perfect, they have done better in 5 years, as compared to ten years of PUP. Just bc y’all have not benefitted doesn’t mean others haven’t. Someone that is selfish will never see the good others do bc they are only thinking bout themsleves. The day our people stop voting by colour is the day this country will see progress. And Rod calling someone ignorant is priceless. CLassic case of pot di cuss kettle. Get a life Rod and get off the Rod of the PUP.

  16. Toledo says:

    Its about time. Agree with Precious B. Juan Coy has lost his footing and forgot who voted him into office. We the people. I offered my intellectual knowledge to him as a former classmate but only to be denied. Its time he goes.

  17. AnnonBelizean says:

    Rod you are a straight uneducated jackass, murders will continue, I do hope that if there is a new government, and the murders continue that you keep psoting your ridiculous, non scientific data.

  18. ProudBzean says:

    What’s the alternative PUP…they can’t even get candidates to remain on their roster!!! I can see UDP sweeping for that same reason. PUP step your game up….

  19. ontario village says:

    U D P is not good for belize an belizean we love this nation. an i want belizean to go with d. P U P all d way with PU P ok

  20. impartial says:

    we are screwed whether the PUP or UDP wins… but the UDP is worse! he got his chance and he failed

  21. Earl Grey says:


    UDP & PUP = 6 of one AND half-a-dozen OF THE OTHER….NO DIFFERENCE.

  22. Frustrated Belizean says:

    @ Rod, you must be a Barrow to actually have benefitted from this government. Barrow talks about little corruption…….. in 4 years this is the legacy he leaves…..

    1. ONLY his family is capable of running BTL, BEL, representing Belize in the courts, represent Belize as Music Ambassador.

    2. Clear the Land and his selling of land he did not even have access to.

    3. UDP Counciler “so called fixing” a computer in a Government office… Yah right!

    4. SSB scandal……… using employers and employees contributions to pay big time employees house loans

    5. etc. etc…… I could continue, but for limited space allowed, till next time…………….

    UDP has failed on the very ticket they won on………… corruption, CORRUPTION

  23. murphy says:

    i agree with impartial, n like u said the UDP is worse, that’s why on March 7th vote blue, vote PUP!!

  24. me says:

    Charlie d news said that his son oil company found oil. Figure he cares to get in back again? If he loose he gone clear. If he win he will ruff us up again for anada 5 years. All a unu out deh, He gone clear any way u tek it man. Now unu out deh, can we take 5 mo years of this? I surely no happy di work 3 days a week and struggling to pay my bank loan.

  25. CEO says:

    Most if not all the above comments are very partisan and really this is the thing that has our little country where iit is. Really we should have grown much more by now. Yes we know times are hard and internationally the rest of the world is in crisis but do not use this to get a pass for all the wrong that was done.

    The Belizean people do not have much of a choice because the ones trying to get in were already there and still not much happened in terms of improvements. I hope that who ever gets in they remain focus and deal with the issues. Make the country truely a place from which “DESPOTS MUST FLEE” and perhaps then and only then will Belize return to being a “TRANQUIL HAVEN OF DEMOCRACY”.

    My people do not fall for any of the old tricks; do not mortgage the future of the country for a load of sand by your gate and a christmas turkey. For that matter do not fall for the mortgage write off. Think about the future of who will come behind you. Hold the elected officials responsible and make them produce.

  26. Jones says:

    If we are to progress as a country, we must stop voting by popularity.

    ‘Vote PUP, all the way…’

    ‘Vote UDP, make a change…’

    The only thing that seems to change is party colours; not much in practicability.

    I propose to any new gov’t…..


    Education is the real step forward and everyone should endorse which ever administration does this.

    If we want the jobs we have in mind, we must educate ourselves.

    We have UWI, UB, UTech, UG…..we don’t really need to go to US or any other country. We have all that we need in the Caribbean.

    To the future administration of Belize: please, support gov’t schools and scholarships…and CAPE. That is the crucial step for a better education.

  27. Irate Belizean says:

    We need to have conversation in the Cabinet, too long have back room politics been the norm of Belize. The truth is both the PUP and UDP have no idea how to Create jobs and right the ship. They are politicians and handlers not nation builders. The immediate solution is to bring in 3rd parties and independents into the House, so that conversation is forced upon our GOV, by electing a few third party candidates we will force the formation of a Coalition Government. Where they will need to have real discussions and conversation in the house instead of imposing their will. Also they will fear being out of politics for 10 years instead of the usual ” 5 fu me and 5 fu u mentality” thats been the case since 1981, with the exception of the 10 yrs of Madness under the PUP. We need to break the comfort zone of the Belizean politicians, we need to hold them accountable for their actions and bring in good people who are willing to fight for OUR people and OUR future. We hear talk all the time that things was better under PUP and money mi the flow, OF COURSE there was money flowing. They were runnng up the credit card and the crumbs were falling down on the people like us on the bottom. Now that we have to pay back the Super Bond and the dismal world economy, things are getting much worse. We hear that the UDP is doing much better than the PUP or they are doing as not as much craziness or corruption as the PUP, but the truth is that neither of them worked for the Belizean People and our futures. WE sent them there with Super Majority to make our living conditions better, but it has steadly gotten worse. While there pockets are filled, ours are Empty.

  28. Louisville,Ky says:

    It is said that in free and fair elections, a people get the government they deserve. In maintaining my political nuetrality, it is mandatary that I keep my thoughts to my self. That’s all.

  29. JAMES JOSEPH says:


  30. belizeanheat says:

    The King Soloman solution

    PUP City Council

  31. x says:

    No violence, and no real arrest, no change. Vote how you want but there will be no change and in 4 or 5 years we will be crying about the same thing going into the next election.

    When they arrested Musa and Fronseca when they 1st got into office, you knew neither would go to Central. Even though they did commit crimes. Red knew that one day (maybe March or maybe in 5 years) they would be out and the blue would lock them up for the crimes that they have committed.

    The politicians have to see that the people are becoming less like their cattle. We had more acts of cival disobedance in 2011 than any time in history. Chetamala Street, bus drivers, even the Chinos took to the streets over that murder.

    The politians also have to look at the last polls that showed na even split between red, blue, and undicided. The undicided are the ones that are not happy with the present Gov. but are not simple enough to have forgotten all the fu–ery that the blue boys did 5-6 years ago. Atleast 1/3 of Belize is not satisfied with either party.

    I pray that change can come through peaceful protest. Demanding that those in Gov. that stole from us go to Central. I pray that change doesn’t have to come from us marching on Belmopan with our 16 gauge and machette. But if you believe that change will come at the ballot box you must have lived in a cave for the last 30 years.
    God bless Belize, we really need Your help now.

  32. Storm says:

    We have been cheated and defeated by both PUP and UDP in the recent past. We must NOT vote for incumbents, but vote for reformers, like VIP and PNP.

    Even if a few of them win, it will start to re-shape the politics of this beautiful country. It is the only hope of beginning our long climb out of this hole we have been in.

    We must do it for our children and future generations.

  33. Drew says:

    i am not eligable to vote but as a citizen of Belize i will say whats on my mind when it come to politics ministers and diapers are both the same they need to be changed very often. poor people are suffering here everyday. the UDP peoples they build little houses 4 people as u turn the next way uh bahind buck pan the next side ah the wall.

  34. SPYNET Garcia says:

    All i read is how belizeans are been rape and racism is shown on these various comments. mature people not only u are belizean but most of us, some may be naturalized and some immigrants all of us deserve a chance, YOU guys are just been so stupid and you are the ignorants instead of standing for your country ur the one who are making it worst. showing racism critizing the poor about them living on cardboard box while you guys live in good house. watch bout perspective before you say someting because not all we belizean are rich some of us are stuggling with our everyday life. so if you dont help dont say a word and stop descriminating the people.

  35. San Narsico says:

    Well to me when a government is elected into office its the people who make the choice and to me this UDP administration has gave its all and to me the have been more resilient than the other previous government, no one can really predict the future can we ,we just give our honest opinions ,some say blue will win others say red will win but no won is really sure but on march 7 all the big mouths would be shut because only one party would win and the people WOULD MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE and that party certainly would not be the pup and their “CHICLES” full of lies and deceiving the belizean people no it would be the UDP who will run VICTORY because the have shown consistency and unity something which OTHERS are jealous of so i hope people make the right choice.

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