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Jan 31, 2012

P.U.P. reacts to PM’s Election Pronouncement

Francis Fonseca

As soon as the formal announcement was made that voters will go to the polls one year early for general elections, the opposition sprung into action. The leader of the People’s United Party, Francis Fonseca, gave his reaction in a televised statement to the nation, which appears in this newscast. Fonseca says that the U.D.P. has failed miserably to deliver on its promises.

Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition

“The U.D.P. came to office in February 2008 with great promises and the support of a hopeful nation. They have squandered that hope and failed miserably to deliver on their promises. Despite this, the Prime Minister asks for new clear instructions, he asks you the Belizean people to instruct him to spur economic growth, to do something about the Superbond, to roll out N.H.I.  After four years of incompetence and politics, the Prime Minister only now realizes that he and the U.D.P. were elected in 2008 to solve these challenges and to grow the economy. My fellow Belizeans, we do not need to give the U.D.P. new and clear instructions, we need a new P.U.P. Government with clear plans and solutions to our social and economic problems. The P.U.P. will deliver us from the stifling air of uncertainty and anxiety that prevails today and will set free the creative and enterprising spirit of the Belizean people.

Everyone who wants to work must have an opportunity to work so that all can enjoy a dignified life in a Belize growing in prosperity. Working together, the public and private sectors as well as Civil Society and community organizations will, with the right leadership, pursue a vision of National Renewal, to grow the economy, create jobs, lower taxes, increase wages and build a 21st, Century infrastructure in a Belize that is clean and green, a Belize that is safe and secure where citizens can walk the streets without fear, engage in gainful employment, provide more for their children and enjoy a better life. The U.D.P. want this election to be about the past. You passed judgment on the P.U.P. in February of 2008. This 2012 election is about the future.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “P.U.P. reacts to PM’s Election Pronouncement”

  1. Occupy Belize says:

    Tell that pompous @$$ of a Prime Minister to hold that election. We abroad would like a way to cast our absentee ballot. We da P.U.P. too and would like to cast our vote too. I bet that scares him. We have more P.U.P supporters in the U.K. and U.S. than the immigrants he is fraudulently naturalizing.

  2. Teacher says:

    You go Francis!! We tired of being bullied and lied to by this UDP Prime Minister. We tired of fancy lyrics and arrogance. We need jobs and we need to restore confidence in the Belizean econmy!!! You have a degree in law and economics and that is just what we need, not just a law degree that this PM has!

  3. belizeanpride says:

    DO WE TRUST THE PUP if they are elected? i bet not nor the UDP come on VIP and the other party step up to the plate. PUP did the same crazy thing the UDP is doing and worst did it for 10yrs so why believe these two parties that have too much in common.

  4. murphy says:

    belizeanpride i no agree with you, UDP has done worst than the PUP and I can prove u wrong. On March 7th Vote PUP for a better Belize!!!!

  5. ABC says:

    I agree wit you Murphy, these bufoons promised to do better and look where Belize is at, we travelling backwards with them. And as for VIP, u have to know them before u even try to put them in there, characters speak for themselves.

  6. jael says:

    i don’t think PUP will win.. UDP ALL THE WAY BABYEE

  7. UNKNWN says:

    its not being red or blue but being a proud belizean… i honestly think a lot of us vote today bcaz of tradition( bcaz my parents vote red or blue i wha be the same)… i think at the end of the day its who is workin an what the are doin… u guys should compare the both parties and see who work more and not jus by thinking but by proof… den i say u make ur decisions…

  8. maryjane says:

    am sorry but at this time PUP will win in them people have something to eat and jobs and they are more for the people UDP are arrogant victimizers vindictive and liears they failed us miserable out with Barrow and his stugies

  9. carlos says:

    time for the change , but change for the better. Lets go Francis.

  10. Hotsauce says:

    A PUP PM… with a Die Hard UDP Wife? huh? interesting!!!!

  11. CEO says:

    All this crap about who did worse and justification of one bad move by the fact that the others did the sajme bad move is just plain and simple crap!

    Get your heads out of where ever they are and try to see the light of day and force elcted officials to do better for the country who ever they may be.

  12. Coro-resident says:

    In an era of earthly demons and evil beings reining… it is hard to decide on who should govern our jewel… With the National Elections being called for March 7, the populace has the most-horrible task ahead in electing people to office… In my case, I can’t decide on whom to vote… In principle I sympathize with the PUP… mind you, I was glad they were gone in 2008 because the party had lost direction and lost touch with the people, some elements in the PUP just had to go! Much to my dismay, throughout this current administration, I have been constantly disappointed by the UDP… Dean Barrow, an intelligent man, has most definitely been a great disappointment for me…with all that disgusting pompous and highfalutin jargon aside, I was honestly hopeful that he would govern wisely… mind you (again) He had all the burden resting on his shoulders given that UNFORTUNATELY he had DODO birds in his cabinet (Pablo Marin, Vega, Anthony Martinez – just to name a very few) But one has to admit that he IS an intelligent man and could have done much better… For UDP to be second-guessing a new mandate is simply ridiculous and border stupidity — but BARROW, contrary to all that he preached just thought of himself and his selected few who (as rightly been said before me) have RAPED this country senselessly… That blatant nepotism (Lois, Anwar, Denis, Criminal Shyne) has been his worse case of hypocrisy and he alone has contribute greatly to the UDP’s demise…But coming back to our dilemma or my dilemma in particular – I have no real option!! The candidates in Czl South West are deplorable. NOT ONE OF THEM INSPIRES ME — so I am doomed and honestly do not know what to do… Of lately I am weighing my mind on whether to vote within party lines but to think that by so doing I am sending yet ANOTHER DODO bird to Belmopan makes my stomach churn – deep down Gabriel Martinez is not too bad – stupid, yes, but not a bad man and at the end of the day, within the choice of evils, he may get my vote – but in so doing, I will actually endorse a failed government – I will actually be giving my approval for BARROW to continue in that craziness he calls governing — do you people understand my dilemma?? — Can someone PLEASE help me think clearly??? Let me read some wise words, PLEASE – – I honestly need some guidance…

  13. blackberry says:

    I share your dilemma Coro- resident i have the same problen . wonder if i should stay away from the pole. voting will be low as we are not alone.

  14. ISLAND GUY says:

    bunch of idle people typical belizeans neva see good only bad the pm is doing great u all wont see that cause u have a small mind u need to see a bigger picture like he is seeing but i think de man just to smart fi this country PUP will always be pup always have the same mandate the only thing wrong wit uDP is hulse get rid of hulse an the party would be perfect

  15. Teacher says:

    Well, I do not want a repeat of these last 4 years coro-resident and blackberry. Why should give this PM another mandate after he has tampered with my constitution? He and his dodo birds do not deserve my trust. He abused the trust placed in him because nobody voted for him to tamper with the constitution, and if for only dat, although this blog would be too long to name the others, I will vote him out.

  16. rasman says:

    We need a coup de tat

  17. THE VIPER says:


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