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Jan 20, 2012

Trying to muscle in voters in San Ignacio

Over a hundred new citizens were sworn in today at the George Price Center in Belmopan. The minister of national security and immigration witnessed the event. We’ll have that story coming up, but first we go to the San Ignacio Elections and Boundaries Office that was swelling today with persons in a last minute effort to get on the voters list for the March seventh elections or if the general elections are called on the same day which seems to be a very likely possibility. Minister Elvin Penner was at the offices where police stood in place at four-thirty to mark the last voters on the line. As the following video shows, a political operative attempts to have a supervisor talk to a minister by telephone. It is reported that Minister Rene Montero was on the other end. The operative, Elojio Cano from the Montero camp, tells him that the supervisor did not want to come to the phone.

[Video footage of event…]

At elections and boundaries offices around the country we are told that hundreds are also attempting to get on the voters list.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “Trying to muscle in voters in San Ignacio”

  1. Demetrios Fauskein says:

    Four thirty my big red backside !!!
    At 8:00PM they were still hurrying things up!!!!
    A line of STRANGE SCARY looking NEW SPANISH faces were hurriedly running to get to the election & boundaries office.
    But do not despair, this is EXACTLY what led to the downfall of the PUP on the last elections.
    Only that this time it is FAARR more obvious in AMOUNT of SCARY looking SPANISH faces, as if asking themselves if they will be welcome on this unknown freely given land !!!!
    Thanks BARROW & PENNER, we wait for election date, we will laugh at you and you stupid helpers, you !&%*!@ BET on that !!!!

  2. blackberry says:

    I saw this mass nationalization coming. In June of 2011 i consulted several attorneys in trying to get a stay in the courts of Belize to try and stop Guatemalans from becoming citizens of this country as stated in the Belize constitution chapter three sectoin 29. All were afraid to take my case because if they fail they may be balme for opening the floodgates for more Guaremalans to come in. However i will not give up on this issue.

  3. joe says:

    weh lazy SALVA wi noh hear nor see him. STOP SLEEEEEEEP

  4. no to corruption. says:

    lone corruption,more unemployment di come and more poverty,many thousands of Belizeans do not have a job and now more bein nationalized things will get more rough,just watch and see,if theis UDP govt’ cant’ give Belizeans a job now how will he provide the massss immigrants now?

  5. ivan call says:

    lone corruption,more unemployment di come and more poverty,many thousands of Belizeans do not have a job and now more bein nationalized things will get more rough,just watch and see,if theis UDP govt’ cant’ give Belizeans a job now how will he provide the massss immigrants now?

  6. Retired CEO says:

    This may create a severe backlash for the current Government and the future of the so-called black creoles and all Belizeans who are sons of the soil. Imagine the possibilities these new Belizeans and their offsprings may one day decide to revolt against the country or government of the day, what will happen then? They may have ulterior motives coupled with loyaltity to their Country of orgin/nativeland? In any event their children will grow up in Belize and one day decide to get involve in politics, perhaps becoming the future Government/Leaders in the Jewel? What then? Just imagine the possiblities? This appears to be the biggest sellout of our once so-called tranquil heaven of democracy. Imagine the possibilities, The Republic of Belize/Guatemala? Apparently all the ridiculos charges that the udp made in the past re, the PUP and it’s former leader the late Rt. Hon. George Price about selling or sovereignty to the Guats. is now coming to light. It is very simple and plain as daylight, that because of their greed to hold on to power they are selling out the future of our young people to these people of latin orgins. Mr. PM where is your sense of loyaltity/dignity? Belize is rapidly becoming Belice. Clearly, we are witnessing the latinization of Belize, Wake up Belizeans/Natives of the soil, rise up, stop this crazy baldhead and his bufoons from selling out your birth rights. Whenever the elections are called vote en masse PUP all the way.

  7. busha says:

    unu di bawl, but da unu vote pure criminal een every &*^%ing time!!!

  8. JESSIE JAMES says:

    @ demetrios i guess u are a RACIST …….. God gave us this land, but man put borders…and at anybody else who talk BS…Belizeans no wah work, they r too lazy….the latinos r the ones that do all the dirty work…who u c d work d land (LATINOS)…who u c d sell veggies da market…(LATINOS) lot of jobs out there…uno just have to find it

  9. wangla seed says:

    where would Goldson stand on this issue, Ms Emma you silent, next year we will have REINA DE LA BAHIA,, Ha, ha, ha you di imagine the possibilities now!!!!

  10. Vuk says:

    I agree with you 100%, Busha. 100%.

    Since this situation began, I’ve been analysing it and I’ve come to the conclusion that, despite the behaviour of the PUP in the past, the UDP is demonstrating itself to be much worse and I believe that it would be best for the Belizean people to dump these fools and vote “PUP all di way!” whenever they call the next general elections. If the PUP gets into power this time, I hope they launch a full investigation into this clearly rushed naturalisation/nationalisation process and weed out all of those who have used addresses that did not belong to them to fraudulently become Belizean citizens.

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