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Jan 20, 2012

5000 plus new voters on election’s list

The cut-off date for the registration of voters for the upcoming municipal elections was extended from January tenth to today, Friday January twentieth. Not surprisingly, another swearing-in ceremony for new Belizeans occurred earlier today in the Capital. There have been two recent surveys that placed heavy weight on undecided voters. Well, the thirty percent of the undecided voting population may be inconsequential to the next municipal and general elections when you compile the lists of persons that pledge their allegiance to the flag recently. This may shock you but between, December tenth and this past Thursday, over five thousand new voters made it to the list. The Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai who will now oversee the rigorous revision of the list, explained the process to News Five.

Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer, Elections & Boundaries

Josephine Tamai

“The extension as I understand it was a cabinet decision; an SI was actually passed to extend the date so the original date would’ve been the tenth of January and now that have been extended up until today, the twentieth of January. So the supplementary list which would’ve been due on the fifteenth is now due on the twenty-fifth according to the SI that has been passed. Investigations will be ongoing through-out that period, so the general public for those registered persons, if you know of anybody who applied to be registered whatever the case may be, the person is given an opportunity to object to that person’s name. The person needs to go to the office, get the objection form, fill it out and lodge it with the registering officer at the department; from there, the elector whose name has been objected to, is informed and given a court date. Because at the end of the day, those things go through the courts and the court has the final say. If they decide that this person needs to remain on the list, then they remain and if they decide that that person needs to be removed for whatever reason, then that person is removed from the list.”

Andrea Polanco

“We know that in the last couple days, there has been a number of people getting registered; to date, can you discuss with us the number of new voters that the department has seen so far?”

Josephine Tamai

“Okay, country-wide we have seen over five thousand from the period of the tenth of December up until, I would say, yesterday because well for today the process is still ongoing until the end of the day. The office hours for government on Friday is four-thirty, so at that time we will ask the police man to join the line because if someone reaches the office on that time or before, then we need to attend to them. We know that the personnel from the office will be there for a while because they have to finish process whatever.”

Andrea Polanco

“Moving on to resources that the elections and boundaries has, is the department equipped to be able to carry out the verification of the information of these voters?”

Josephine Tamai

“Okay, well what we have done, the department is very limited interms of staff and I guess the general public knows that right now we are also dealing with the verification of signatures for the referendum process, but we got additional staff in regards to that exercise. So what we have done is because we have officers here at Central Office, some of the areas of the country are much busier than others so what we have done is to deploy persons especially to Orange Walk and Corozal, which have the highest number of new applicants at this time.”

Tamai said that registration continues on Monday as that is an ongoing process, but that those persons will not qualify to vote in the upcoming municipal election on March seventh. And though a footnote, social anthropologists may need to do a study on how the social and cultural dynamics of Belize is changing with ever increasing migrant populations.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “5000 plus new voters on election’s list”

  1. Eye In The Sky says:

    Right now UDP taking advantage that they are in power and will do what they can. When the PUP are in power it is the same story so stop cry about spilt milk. Everyone in politricks has their turn to rob and plunder Belize.

  2. Frustrated Born Belizean says:

    I am very frustrated in the way that the Government runs this country. This is just another indication that is this party wins another election that nothing will be done for us the poor people of this country. Whenever a party pays to win an election, they are not obligated to the people to do nothing for them. The poor people grab the oppurtunity to get these money’s pooled by party cronies and investors. The goverment in turn is then indebted to these investors in large sums of money. When they get into power it is just to return the favor to these people who invests in padding the voters list with paid voters. We still believe that our cries will be heard when in fact we are the ones causing the problems. The governments of the day will continue with this stupidity until we take a stand and do what is right. Voting for people that will actually help this country grow. The Government can never be blamed for the way they run this country. But if we as a people stand and show that we make the Government then things will change. Politics in this country is a very funny business. Imagine a Government that spends over 50,000 per week paying the criminals up to $400.00 a week just to stop crime, these people dont even have to work and are collecting a healthy salary just for being bad misfits. When the poor people of this country cannot even get a job that make a sensible $150.00 per week doing honest work and trying to be a help to society. Again this is just the government trying to tell the people that it pays more to be bad than to do the right thing. This is also just another strategy to try and get all these gangs to vote for them. Imagine a Government using paying quarter million dollars per month into these gang accounts, funding them more to do other crimes and to empower themselves with more weapons. On the other hand it is also obvious that the Government is just trying portray the wrong concepts of life. Imagine a country where only certain people qualify for portions of taxpayers social security money to get free houses. While others have to work their butts off in the sun and rain to get a small house. This again shows this is just a big animal farm, where animals with higher standard of living are more equal than others. Simply put, to have qualified to obtain loan from Social security in the first place, one had to be a friend of somebody in the Government. I bet if the of the smaller animals are given a chance they can run the country better than any one of these politricking crimianals called Government. It is time that we open our eyes and see that the Government does not have the people at heart. It is time to give rise to a third party that has been trained and powered by love for the people to obtain votes and not by money.

  3. J with Belize says:

    “Eye in the sky”, what a shame for a Belizean to justify these acts of treason & robbing of our Democracy by citing the past. History is meant to be rewritten by the brave who dare to stand up against these tyrants. The UDP was elected on a platform of Transparency & anti-corruption, but this is a stinking clear show of abuse of power. Stop feeling pity for the UDP & finding excuses, cause if you wrong, you wrong. Illegal & wrong address registrations will be challenged in the Courts of our Land. Power to the majority who dream & will work for a better Belize & will not tolerate nor justify corruption.

  4. Retired CEO says:

    This may create a severe backlash for the current Government and the future of the so-called black creoles and all Belizeans who are sons of the soil. Imagine the possibilities these new Belizeans and their offsprings may one day decide to revolt against the country or government of the day, what will happen then? They may have ulterior motives coupled with loyalty to their Country of orgin/nativeland? In any event their children will grow up in Belize and one day decide to get involve in politics, perhaps becoming the future Government/Leaders in the Jewel? What then? Just imagine the possiblities? This appears to be the biggest sellout of our once so-called tranquil heaven of democracy. Imagine the possibilities, The Republic of Belize/Guatemala? Apparently all the ridiculos charges that the udp made in the past re, the PUP and it’s former leader the late Rt. Hon. George Price about selling our bithright, sovereignty to the Guats. is now coming to light. It is very simple and plain as daylight, that because of their greed to hold on to power they are selling out the future of our young people to these people of latin orgins. Mr. PM where is your sense of loyalty/dignity? Belize is rapidly becoming Belice. Clearly, we are witnessing the latinization of Belize, Wake up Belizeans/Natives of the soil, rise up, stop this crazy baldhead and his bufoons from selling out your birthright . Whenever the elections are called vote en masse PUP all the way.

  5. Just sayin says:

    WOW. Retired CEO I agree with you, Belize population in inundated with Latinos, you have a very good point with the possibility of a REVOLT against the government of the day and the Original Belizeans. These people know nothing else but CREATING OR CAUSING A CIVIL WAR WHICH WE ARE NOT PREPARED FOR. However, politics aside PUP did the same thing

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