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Jan 17, 2012

Do you agree with mass registration?

Tonight’s question is: Do you agree with the mass registration and naturalization of immigrants before elections? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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16 Responses for “Do you agree with mass registration?”

  1. Demetrios Fauskein says:

    It don`t matter what is done, email text, etc.etc., nothing will stop what they are doing to this country!!!
    And what they are doing to this country is that all you great Belizean citizens are being low rated to have none English speaking thrashes become one like you all.
    Those thrashes of nationalized will now walk with their heads higher than you Belizeans and be prouder than ever pretending and thinking that they are your superiors !!!
    Of course they will eat and drink here, they will surely find a living.
    Better jobs and land for them, as always…Belize is for Guatemala !!!!
    Thanks to BALD HEAD !!!

  2. Vuk says:

    No, I don’t agree with it, the reason being that, if it’s wrong when the PUP does it, it’s also wrong when the UDP does it. These politicians should stop viewing people (in general) as another vote; instead, they should view them as human beings and as constituents who they must serve. If they start doing that, then maybe I can feel more confident in Belize’s future.

    Also, I must say that the fact that they’re doing this now is an indication that the UDP is in a “contentious” position with Belizean voters and that they are unsure that their measures are popular. Instead of being unsure of their position and instead of rushing to make these individuals citizens for the purpose of getting more votes, they should campaign on what they accomplished and compare the accomplishments they’ve made to the “accomplishments” of the Musa administration.

    It’s the only honourable thing to do.

  3. belize first says:

    yes I agree but in a civil and law manner not in a corrupt way as dean barrow and the UDP are doing…poor people they are the ones that will suffer still under the dean barrow administration.

  4. Are ramirez says:

    No to naturalization to immigrant before election.It is done for votes.

  5. San Pedrano says:

    No !!
    How can we ensure the immigrant to prove that he or she does not have any criminal records where they just left . We should ensure that they produce a clean foreign police record . Any immigrant should follow the already written procedure to become a citizen . It should should Resident then Citizen . SHAME on this SCANDAL

  6. D Real Belizean says:

    Well Belize very cool d person and d place and d more opinions about the matter of Fact, Str8. Go Belize everybody like d looks.

  7. leannie says:

    You can not refer to none speaking as thrashes Demetrious.
    These people are hard working as any other productive belizean. Some of our own belizean people should learn from them. Its a shame that as Belizean some wait around for everything to be handed in thier mouth, they havent learnt to earn thier way. Dont complain when these people come and have a better lifestyle than we. We should use that as a push to better ourselves in what is rightfully ours.
    They have earn the right to a citizenship of this country, and yes they can and will walk proud because the appreciate a country that has open thier doors to provide a better lifestyle.
    The same way u view these people, are the same way the US view the Belizeans who go through the same process, the same discrimination.

    For the record, for as much as a mass naturalization that is being done, it is being done legally… and these persons have earn the right to thier citizenship.

  8. John says:


  9. Barack Obama says:

    For Leannie,

    It is not done legally. I personally know some of these people and some are here for only a couple months and are suddenly then qualified to become a resident. The legitimate applicants doing it the right way with all the tests, police records, etc. are then set aside.

  10. Darius Martinez says:

    I say no to mass registration and nationalization especially just before elections are called in order to influence the results, it is shameful, a disgrace and blatant abuse of power and the system, it is time that we put a proper immigration policy in place to prevent such abuse and corruption in the future.

  11. blackberry says:

    Definitely NO these recent migrants takes away our medical and education budget which is our taxes.

  12. CEO says:

    Are Ramirez naturalization will always be before an election whether 3 months before, 6 months before or 9 months before. Furthermore every thing that politicians do is to improve their cahnces at the polling station come election day.

    I complaint that is should have been done with more care and not done by elected officials. There are people hired for these jobs in the country already. The guys seeking votes should never be the ones to naturalize potential voters. Conflict of interest!

  13. ABC says:

    Guys there are people hired to do this, but those people also sell themselves to politicians. Maybe these media houses that are reporting that these are speculations and accusation get into the matter and find out how this goes, Immigration Officers sell their integrity for a few bucks or maybe big bucks caz we know their salaries and those salaries cannot afford d big rides they driving and the high life they living, so please lets not just blame the politicians, we allowed these things to happen.

  14. Enio Lopez says:

    Naturalization of immigrants is a lawfully practice that is embraced all over the world; however, when it is done with the sole intention to benefit a political party, then it becomes an utmost affront to our NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

  15. belizean says:

    been in the usa for 20 years! not a chance for naturalization,why should it be different in belize

  16. JM says:

    It is ashamed what this present UDP administration is doing – prostituting our country just to stay in power. It is totally WRONG! They were against it when the PUP did it and now they are doing it, this makes it even worse. PM Barrow claims to be a nationalist, yet he is condoning the prostitution of our nationality. Shame on you Dean Barrow and shame on the UDP and anyone who condones such illegal practice. The people can’t take this UDP administration anymore. Mr. barrow, if you have at least one drop of love for Belize then do the right thing and resign en mass or call election NOW!

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