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Jan 16, 2012

Maskall minor defends family with a machete

In the Rural North, minor took matters in his own hands to defend his family. The fifteen year second form student from Maskall pulled out a machete on a group of men that had threatened family members.  One of the assailants, who climbed over the fence and into the yard, claiming to have a gun, proved to be no match for the minor. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

A family in Maskall Village came under siege after a group of men went looking for one of their sons. One of the men threatened the older son that he was coming back to the house. The younger brother, fifteen years old was feeding animals when the assailant came.

Voice of: Minor, Who Defended His Family

“The gate was locked. He came and shook the fence and want jump the fence and started to curse us and he said he will shot up all of us right now.” I took him seriously because I don’t like people threaten us. This is the first time and people don’t usually do that. But the man said he will shoot us so the impression I get is that he has a gun. So I went inside for my machete; no matter if he had gun or anything right.  I’m willing to defend my family. So when he came inside, I just chop the man right and he and the rest of his cousins and friends ran.  I serious right. So he also ran outside and dropped by the side of the road. And I didn’t think twice cause I could have chopped him more than one time, but I am not a murderer; I just try defend my family. There were several of them out there. that’s why my neighbor she old, she come outside by the gate and never did gone. Just now I went over there and she said she was shouting for me to go across there. the lady even cry in front of me just now and said she never want them to hurt me because it was a lot of them out there. and it is only me one; me and my sister.”

But the youth’s mother saw what happened. Mrs. Choc said it wasn’t over and the bleeding invader then tried to break down the windows and the front door.

Voice of: Mrs. Choc, Survived Attack

“He went out of the fence, pick up some big rocks and stone him under there. and I scream because I know the size of the stone that he was using. I know my son mi wah drop right down there and maybe he mi wah pick up the machete and chop back my son. So when I see him throw the second stone, rock, I tell my kids to get inside; lock up the windows. And he started to stone and stone. So we were locked up inside and I thought that was it. My daughter called 911 and when we heard, he done get into the verandah already and he start to stomp up the door and that’s when I got more scared. I didn’t know what to do. My husband was at work. So I started screaming in the house, I screamed for help. People were out on the street, but nobody could help us. My two daughters hold the door and pull it in because he was trying to force himself in. And then somebody from the street yelled and told him to get out of the people’s place, get out of the people’s place. But he still continued and all kind of noise on the verandah.”

He eventually left but the family is concerned that security is inadequate in the village.

Voice of: Mrs. Choc, Survived Attack

“This is it. I can’t live here in Maskall anymore because somebody gone call the police. The police wasn’t there as we understand. I am not saying that he is nto doing his job, but I think what we need; we need more policemen in this village for security. Like myself, this is an experience I never had before. Always watch news; things that’s happening, but this is something I never experienced before. I can’t even send my children to shop when it get dark anymore. I have to send pay somebody to go to shop or wait until my husband come from work to send for whatever I need from the shop.”

Voice of: Minor Who Defended His Family

“There is only one police in this village and sometimes he is not even here, things are happening in the village, no people complain—nothing. There’s a pile of boys out there; on every corner you go. I can’t even go buy cause you see them smoking. You go across the bridge and you see them still smoking. You go to the next shop and it’s like everywhere they are located. One time they even hold me down and make a lee bally punch me in my mouth but I just left that so. That’s why when I had the chance right here; I just do what I had to do to defend my family. To be the youngest one, it seems strange right? For the youngest one to defend his family, but I just do what I had to do because I don’t nobody hurt my family check.”

Voice of: Mrs. Choc, Survived Attack

“I don’t see headway in this village with this policeman. Lotta people say we need policemen, but they don’t go and say let’s get together and do something to say yes let the minister get serious and say make we bring more policemen in the village.”

Miss Choc says she now intends to move from her current residence. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Shane Gallego is expected to be charged in connection with the incidents. The situation bears watching because there are more threats coming from the other assailants.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Maskall minor defends family with a machete”

  1. Storm says:

    Every village needs to organise and train a local “Citizens Watch” patrol, or something like that. Not enough police, too many crazy criminals. We must defend ourselves!

  2. CEO says:

    I agree with Storm but this should be over and above an adequate police force that the government is required to provide!

    I know this may be a new idea that Belizeans are not able to wrap their minds around but what would really help is if each village, town and city would organize themselves into local governing body so they can hire their own police force and develop their own little town instead of depending on the central government to defend and protect them.

  3. defend says:

    I think that if we leave people to take us as fool and then try to hurt our family, then we are just being unreal. the Minor should have chop off the person hands and throw to the assailant friends, it is just a case of self defence.

  4. survivour says:

    it would have been better fe this little boy kill all a them,because these waste a sperm will go back.ppl in belize need to arm themself and do what the police are not is so hard to visit our own country with all this $#!% going on.what happen to planting stuff and selling things to live by?our older heads use to plant and sell what ever they plant.then ppl in belize want to blame immigrant who are there doing better than most of the lazy @$$ youths.

  5. survivour says:

    kill these lazy waste of ……..ppl need to arm themself these sorry@####$# will go back. why all these lazy @$$ not planting food and selling their stuff they plant.?instead of living their life in excuses.there are too manny land in belize to plant things on.then these ppl have the nerve to blame the immigrant for doing what they are not willing to do.

  6. lakei/chicago says:

    i cant believe that in the 20 first centry Belize still have one police officer in a village. Come on GOB times are changeing, you have more criminals. The one police thing would work 30 years ago,step unnu game and defend the people………….

  7. rasman says:

    We needto learn from the Guatemalan Experience where citizens take justice into their hands because the state fail to provide secuity. Community burn alive criminals when they are caugth. I would advocate for this since barrow can’t get the job done.

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