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Jan 16, 2012

Write-off List includes S.S.B. CEO

The insider trading at the Social Security Board was stopped in its tracks when it became public that, from top to bottom, S.S.B. staff applied to benefit from the write-offs after reducing their loans with S.S.B. to fifty thousand dollars. An emergency meeting of the Board of Directors on Wednesday suspended C.E.O. Merlene Bailey Martinez and internal auditor Denise Mahler for two weeks. There are members of the Board who would prefer the termination of Bailey and at least one organization has called for a Commission of Inquiry. The Board of Directors also decided that an external independent audit is required. Interestingly Bailey’s loan, number four hundred and fifty three, for eighty thousand dollars, appears on the approved list circulated to the House on Friday. The loan was disbursed in August 2011. She is the most recent member of staff to get the loan at concessionary rates. The Prime Minister has said that S.S.B. staff would not be able to participate in write-offs and went further to state that the C.E.O. of S.S.B. had assured him that she would not be seeking consideration since the list was approved at the end of September.  Still yet, her name as well as other S.S.B. staff members are on the famous list among the seven hundred and eighty persons who have been approved for the debt forgiveness, valued at over seventeen million dollars and which government says it will be paying six million dollars.

The government is also undertaking to write off seventeen other loans held with the Heritage Bank for an amount of four hundred and three thousand dollars, all in the run up to the elections. It is a most unusual practice for any government to assume loans held privately with commercial banks. It doesn’t escape, however, that government is also guaranteeing a sixteen million dollar loan for Telemedia with the Heritage Bank.

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19 Responses for “Write-off List includes S.S.B. CEO”

  1. Storm says:

    CORRUPT! Get UDP hands out of the cookie jar!

  2. Lucas says:

    We all knew that Bailey was in that list and that Barrow lied when he said she was not, but way deep we wished we were in fact exaggerating. Now that there is proof beyond resonable doubt that in fact bailey was indeed in the list and that the P.M. shamelessly lied to the nation is heart-breaking, appalling and disgusting and to top it off, the bar association, the unions, the chamber of commerce and people like Kevin herrera, Senator Hulse and the deposed Union Senator are all silent. It seems that all these people and organizations are conspiring to destroy Belize. Bailey should be allowed to rotten in jail and barrow deserves to be hung by the bridge.

  3. Rod says:

    This pm and gov think that we are blind and stupid well mr pm you and your corrupt gov. Will be out soon because unu tha nothing but thief you are a disgrace to the country of Belize so people if you want more corruption and 1000 more murders vote udp vote Fu barrow please.

  4. Earl Grey says:


  5. D Real Belizean says:

    Next Best Thing Please!!!

  6. Mosh says:

    Bs with this GOB. What a pity on the PM, Can’t trust them with our needed money (taxes)

  7. missez says:

    WHOOT! WHOOT! thank u Mr. Barrow

  8. Retired CEO says:

    Totally unacceptable practice, those who have are continously milking the system at the expense of tax payers and poor working class and the have nots, with the blessings of this lawless, lying, unscrupulous, currupted PM and his bunch of bufoons in the cabinet. Apparently the theme is: sacrifice the have nots poor and needy for the affluent haves and the greedy. Wake up, Get up, Stand up, Rise up BELIZEANS, THIS PM AND HIS BUNCH OF CABINET BUFOONS MUST GO!!!

  9. BeReal says:

    I totally agree Retired CEO.

    How the hell can the CEO’s 1 month old loan be forgiven? Yet, she and the PM lies to Belize when they state that she is not in the list. SHAME ON YOU DEAN BARROW AND BAILEY. Goes to show that this corrupt administration “BAILEY” have any shame left.

  10. Jan says:

    And nobody stands up against this government. If it was the other party their would already be riots & vandalism, remember Belmopan. The actually Prime Minister called on civil disobedience. Just like some say this government is drowning you but at the last breath he will pull you out and you will be so thankful for a couple of bucks. REMEMBER…

  11. Mad Black Woman says:

    LYAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD BARROW! Shame and disgrace! Listen up people, see what this man is doing with our money- my money and your money. We can’t even feed our families with what little we earn and they are giving to these higher ups sweet candy!

    Mein- who wants to take over my mortgage and pay off my bills? Anyone- maybe Barrow will do it in the next month or 2.

  12. Phil says:


  13. Darius Martinez says:

    All those who are involved should be fired immediately without any benefits, they should also be banned for life from working in any government ministry\department and statutory body, this type of punishment would help prevent corruption in the future.

  14. murphy says:

    I agree with Jan if it was the other party u would have hear the UDP big mouth, but as u can see the PUP is a peaceful party and that’s why the PUP doesn’t engage in vandalism like the UDP. Merlene Bailey Martinez, a Commission of Inquiry needs to investigate what has happen and what has been happening at SSB from the time Merlene Bailey Martinez became CEO. Shame on she, since she was once a member of the Commission of Inquiry setup to Investigate the DFC.

  15. June says:

    How could this be a poor people assistance program with these “write off” Osawld Bowman # 19 and #37 on the list has over 89,000 on two loans.

  16. PUP says:

    show Bailey at the DFC hearings again, my my how things have changed

  17. Steve says:

    It’s sad for Belize. The SSB write off is a real scandal, an act of corruption. Where is the ACB, a group who were so concerned for Belize? Where is godwin Hulse? Where are the unions? Where is the independent newspaper with the most circulation? Where is Mark Espat? Where is Cordel Hyde? Belizeans need to be independent thinkers, vote your conscience on election day. Speak your mind. Let’s not allow the silence of these people forfeit our goal of defending Belize from political sharks. Let’s vote for the candidate (not the party) who has Belizeans at heart, in words and deeds. Let’s interview the candidate to draw out their real intention of running for office. The ACB took us for a ride.

  18. Darius Martinez says:

    No, i do not agree, this is a disgrace, shameful and corrupt, it is like selling our birthright for a mess of pottage, it is time to put a proper immigration policy in place to prevent such political abuse in the future.

  19. May says:

    Is there no legal recourse for this to be addressed? Many people on that list could afford to pay their loans. You know how many streets could have been fixed or paved with that amount of money? Who will do something about this. Those of us who need to meet our monthly mortgage payments know the sacrifices we have to make.

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