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Jan 11, 2012

Mass naturalizations of immigrants before elections

Dean Barrow

There’s another hot button issue that is stirring up controversy. On Friday of last week News Five broke the story of the rushed naturalization-taking place in Belmopan.  Hundreds stood in line outside of the George Price Center where they were sworn in and walked away with their nationality certificates.  The process is facilitated to pad the voters list; the new Belizeans now have until January twentieth, prior to the upcoming municipal elections.  On Tuesday it was discovered that the addresses of residents in Orange Walk were being used duplicitously to register new voters.  While in opposition, the U.D.P. took the high ground and cried foul over the then naturalization of hundreds who became full-fledged Belizeans and ended up on the voters list.  But now that it is in government, the U.D.P. has continued the practice. P.M. Barrow this morning defended the practice and said that the problem of fraudulent addresses requires the vigilance of candidates and their opponents and can only be remedied through the Elections and Boundaries Department.

Dean Barrow

“Persons who are being processed for nationalization, I am satisfied, are persons who if they receive their nationality certificate are absolutely qualified and eligible and deserving.  In other words, I have every faith that the Immigration Department is doing all that is necessary and other authorities involved to ensure that nobody receives Belizean nationality who is not entitled to the nationality.  Thereafter if politicians seek to get those newly made nationals who become eligible to vote registered in a particular area that is a matter for them and for the revising court.  None of us is naïve; none of us is a fool.  All the time people try to find addresses, candidates, in their constituencies for supporters of theirs that they feel will vote for them.  As long as there is no double registration that really is a matter, as I said, between the candidate, the candidate’s opponents and the Elections and Boundaries process.  Don’t expect me to stand here and to say to you that I get all moral and righteous about the fact that people might be using addresses that are not their true addresses.  In the electoral process in this country that is as ancient as the hills.  If it is happening then it is the obligation of the opponent of whichever candidate is doing that to be on top of his or her game to object and then as I said the revision court will deal with that.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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20 Responses for “Mass naturalizations of immigrants before elections”

  1. Lucas says:

    B-S. Barrow, you are the leader and you must demand tranparency. Do not come here with the crab that we are not naive and that none of us is a fool. You are leader and as such you must put and end to these nonsense. Do not try to excuse yourself by saying that these kaka de caballo is as ancient as the hills. By giving excuses you show that you are incompetent or a party to this abomination. Either way, you are disgusting. Pray that you lose the election.


    Belize is by far one of the easiest country to get nationalization. Hell, one don’t even need a real address, or proof that they can take care of themselves finacially.

    History is proof of Belizean politics, that every espect of it is a fraud, corruption, and a scheme to achieve power in any giving way, and at any cost.

    Ask Barrow and Musa how their dumb @$$#$ managed for so long to get in and out of power for decades. They will translate the same stories with a smaile on their prune faces.

    This is why no government in the world should have total power over a country and it’s people.

    I don’t blame the people for making false statements, blame the GOB of Belize they are just as bad as the criminals.

  3. Rod says:

    You are a traitor and a corrupt bafoon barrow pack your bags for Miami where you have your millions you will need it.

  4. Rebecca says:

    This happens before any elections, it was done during the PUP tenure as well

  5. ProudBelizean says:

    Rebecca, does that make it right?

  6. BelCap says:

    HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE…….This man has no shame, he made such a big stink of it when he was in opposition but now that his in power its ok for him i guess

  7. blackberry says:

    The PM will call the general election in august . that will give the people who voted in munnical election in the district to be transfer to belize city voters list in july in time to prop up the voters list for the belize city area . want proof of this transfer ask Fenigan. Rebecca it was done during the PUP does not make it right.

  8. Mosh says:

    Shame on our PM. He will stand and confess its happening…

  9. Jan says:

    People fail to realize that the politician will do everything to get to power or continue having the power. They promise everything when campaigning but always forget when they are eating good. When wil we have a government for the people ???

  10. Mad Black Woman says:

    agree with u shame at all. Things he used to bawl out when he was in opposition. u see Barrow- learn u never say never. Now u di get caught up in your own web of lies and corruption. Out u di elections and hurry!

  11. subKonshus says:

    Bottom line….this Administration is registering immigrants who don’t even own a toilet pit in Belize. Done with all the hmmm and haaa…..You guys are obviously not confident that you did right by the Belizean people, therefore you need to pad the list with people who don’t give a damn about our country. Just so they vote you back in. Thats the bottom line…..

  12. Belizean100 says:

    this whole nationalization business before election tends to happen with BOTH parties…and we all know it….sometimes these people already married a Belizean or have Belizean children….it all should start as to how we CONTROL the ENTRY of these PEOPLE in BELIZE because once they are here they find a way to stay!!!

  13. Bulba Martinez says:

    Wow, “If it is happening then it is the obligation of the oponent of whichever candidate is doing that to be on top of his or her game to object and then as I said the revision court will deal with that”. So say our lawful Leader. Mr. Barrow, let me remind you, this is not a game anymore. We the Belizean people are trired of the bs. We thought you would have practicced what you preached before you got elected but, you now show us your true color senor. Two WRONGS don’t make a RIGHT and I personally thought you would have right the wrong by now. Not only that you failed all Belizeans, but you also threw the Party under the Bus because, you know damn well that the bs is happening. Like BARROW unda wata battam, ih bite an cut evryting weh deh roun!!!!. Great job Senor, all good things must come to an end and the end is near.

  14. CEO says:

    The man could have and should have done more for the country to improve things but even the devil has good qualities and this should not be denied. This is a good move for the country and he is trying to gain some political millage from it: which politician does not do this?

    I am sure many of youre Belizeans who are preaching the gospel on this matter have relatives living illegally in the US; perhaps many of you were also illegal in another country. So why not encourage your relatives to come home and blah…blah…blah!

    All the jobs these people will get were right there and many born Belizeans choose to stand around and beg fuh wah shillin. Done unuh crap my people. Who will he be replaced by? The last crowd that was there? Think!

  15. Bulba Martinez says:

    CEO, ih still noh mek it right either way mih friend. Da wa solution wih all dih look fa an no mo a dih same problems. Somebady hafto be elected but wih hafto mek sure dat dih same bs wa stop fi good. If you know betta, dehn goh deh fi help wih people dem. America gat ih own problem an we gat fi we wan weh we hafto deal wid. Dih time dih get near fu wih comply an stop complain. Just vote hopefully fih dih right people dis ya time.

  16. ABC says:

    People stop all ur fool, we need to stand up for what we don’t support. Did u see what happened to Zelaya in Honduras; when these fools are doing so much to trample the people, the people shud stand up and take them out by force, u think they would mess with us like they do now??

  17. belize first says:


  18. I Have Awaken says:

    This man is a straight up Sociopath. Period. Belizeans vote UDP back under his leadership, I hope he declares Dictatorship, cause we wah damn deserve it.

  19. I Have Awaken says:

    CEO, are you smoking something? How the hell can this be a “good move”? Are you that naive to comprehend, even though you acknowledge, that this is being done for political mileage.

    With Belizeans like you and your moronic mentality, sometimes I pray that we just give our country to Guatemala, or Mexico or anyone else. Even the educated in this country seem to not have much common sense.

    Good move – what an idiotic, self detrimental thing to say.

  20. I Have Awaken says:

    Dean Barrow take all Belizeans for bloody fools. As he said, “Belizeans are not sophisticated enough to comprehend certain things.” Only he is sophisticated enough, from his ego centric rants he goes on. In his eyes he is the lord god of intellect and he knows all and makes no apologies. A leader who thinks he knows more than his people, collectively, and thinks that his ‘subjects’ are too dumb to comprehend ‘certain things’ then you are dealing with a man who will never be for the people he leads and will be disassociated and unable to connect with his people.

    Dean Barrow supporters are the folks who cling on to get whatever crumbs they can get for they don’t care about tomorrow, they just want that little hand out and the other set of supporters are the filthy rich that is in his little circle, who could care less that there 20+ homeless people in the park next to Brodies and blood, guts and brain spilled on the streets. As long as they are in their fancy house where I hear the elites are pushing for gated communities now.

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