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Jan 10, 2012

Fraudulent addresses for new Belizean Citizens?

The deadline for the registration of new voters has been extended from today to January twentieth. And there is a mad rush to register to vote in March seventh election or the upcoming general elections whenever they are called which, according to the Prime Minister, is very soon. So on Friday, as many as four hundred persons, mostly Central Americans, queued up at the George Price Centre in Belmopan to take the oath as new citizens of Belize. Despite the hue and cry from the wary public, the practice of mass naturalization normally takes place before elections to pad the voters list. The contention has been that most of the new Belizeans do not qualify and that due process is invariably not followed in the rush for new votes. In respect of Friday’s swearing-in, most of the new Belizeans provided addresses in the Corozal Southeast and Orange Walk Central constituencies. We followed the trail to Orange Walk today where the controversial process turned outright scandalous when a homeowner called the media to report that several of the new citizens were registered at her address and that of her daughter’s in the San Lorenzo area. She has found out that applications in the names of Freddy Ixchop and Ana Maria Hernandez were submitted with her address while Rebeca Acuna and Francis Maroquin registered at her daughter’s address. Our News Five team was still with the homeowner when she received a phone call from someone purportedly offering to pay her three hundred dollars to keep the story quiet. That offer was rejected and the homeowner explained that she found out her address had been used when she got a visit from Elections and Boundaries personnel on Monday.

Voice of: Homeowner, San Lorenzo Housing Layout

“I got surprised because they asked me about four or five different people if they live here. And everybody in the neighborhood know that only me and my two girls live here so I was just surprised.”

Delahnie Bain

“How did you find out?”

Voice of: Homeowner

“I don’t want to call any names but when they came here they asked where are the people them and I said I don’t know. That’s how I got to know.”

Delahnie Bain

“Okay, but who came here though, people from Elections and Boundaries?”

Voice of: Homeowner

“Elections and Boundaries yes, and they asked me where are the people because they want to speak to them and I said they don’t live here; and especially so many and when I said can I see the paper, they showed me the paper and said but these people just got naturalized. They said yes and they said that’s worse because everybody in the neighborhood knows that only we live here.”

Delahnie Bain

“And I understand your daughter’s house is also involved?”

Voice of: Homeowner

“Yeah, they said also two or three people are living there and she is a single person so the only person living there is—she’s living there by herself.”

Delahnie Bain

“What made you decide to call the media about this?”

Voice of: Homeowner

“To begin with, because they have things like human trafficking and those people just got naturalized and I know that I could get in some trouble for it.”

Delahnie Bain

“So have you been trying to do something about this?”

Voice of: Homeowner

“Well I went to different people and asked for an opinion and they said the best thing is that you have to tell the truth so here I am.”

Delahnie Bain

“And have you gotten anywhere in trying to contact any officials?”

Voice of: Homeowner

“Well of course right now around this time you can’t get to the big fish so you have to deal with the small ones.  Of course I am concerned because of course you know election is close so they are finding other people just to build them up you so they get naturalized because of the fact that election is close so of course.”

Delahnie Bain

“It might also seem like a political thing, like maybe you’re just trying to bash the government or something.”

Voice of: Homeowner

“Oh no, not at all. This is not about politics. This is about just being truthful and doing the right thing and they are not doing the right thing.”

Delahnie Bain

“Is there anything else you want to highlight?”

Voice of: Homeowner

“Well, I would just send this message out that other Belizeans, born Belizeans are out here seeking help but they’re helping other people who they think they can confuse but that is not right so do the right thing.”

The Orange Walk resident and her daughter will now sign and submit a declaration to the Elections and Boundaries Department, stating that they do not know any of the citizens who claim to live at their addresses.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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22 Responses for “Fraudulent addresses for new Belizean Citizens?”

  1. Lucas says:

    The buck stops at the Prime Minister’s desk. It is extremely and highly possible that this is going on with the PM knowledge and consent. Someone must go to jail for this and the PM must be held accountable.


    I am sure that the government officials will find domains for these people in time for election.

    Sit back and wait to see which of the new citizens will rise in political status within the year or so.

    Where will these people find jobs to support themselves?

    Oh, the GOB will make the effort to feed them and find them jobs, all the while sacrificing real born Belizeans.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    Doing business this way is a serious threat to our National Security.I am so tiered of these politicians that would jeopardize Belizeans safety for their personal gain.

  4. Rod says:

    Corruption that’s all this udp gov is good for murders and corruption if you want more murders and corruption vote barrow vote udp.

  5. Positive says:

    PUP use to make MUCH bigger mistakes. stop judging for you will be judged.

  6. alibaba says:


  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Fraudulent addresses should be grounds for denial of Citizenship.

  8. alibaba says:

    dean barrow promised for better accountability and transparency,and he is as corrupt or maybe worst,he just sweeps the corruption under the rug,he promised to bring down the cost of living “NO matta what” AND THINGS JUST GOTTEN WORST.

  9. Unknown says:

    @ Positive, PUP made their mistakes yes that is why they were voted out of government, so why should we Belizeans sit and watch the UDP make their mistakes and not do anything about it. Im not a political person I favor neither of them all they are doing is grab what they can grab yesterday for the PUP today for the UDP is is just who get more and neither of them want to see the other one get more than the other. Belize needs HONEST and GOD FAIRING people to run this country or we are not going to move forward.

    And as the Bible said not everyone that says lord lord will reach heaven. There is a Pastor a person that calls himself a god fairing person running under the UDP against Johnny Bricenio well if he is a man of God i am sure he would not be doing the things he are doing now. That just goes to show that he is the lover of money the root of all evil. Brother repent of the things you are doing and practice what u preach. no one can serve two master at the same time. The bible also says not to judge for you will also be judged. I am not judging it also says if you see a brother falling help him not to fall and if you do nothing about him falling you will be held accountable. Lets wise up Belizeans. W.W.J.D?

  10. Mad Black Woman says:

    @Positive- we should get out of the mentality of saying if this one do it y should u b complaining now. It is not supposed to happen and it is wrong, whosoever does it-plain simple. That is y there is no progress in Belize. We ourselves sit back and tolerate such nonsense from all our politicians- be it whichever P is in rule it is wrong!

    Barrow condemned it when he was in the other side now his Govnt get caught red-handed. let’s see what pretty excuse we’ll get now.

    plain corruption- I tell you ain’t getting my vote this time.

  11. Positive says:

    I agree with you Mad B W.
    The way i see it, very true, the 2 parties should concentrate on us belizeans getting attention first before aliens.
    I just cannot be convinced that we will not get robbed the exact same way from the PUP like we did last term. Remember that anyone??
    No-one can specifically mention any case of fraud from the udp like we had last pup term. And the party is the same Musa and Fonseca story. They will run the dirty show again. Please people, do not forget what happened to us all last time.

  12. JohnDoe says:

    Positive, why you call people not born in Belize aliens? I wonder where your ancestor are from.

    Embarassing to see discrimination in 2012. It doesnt matter who does this it is wrong. There a proper way to acquire Belizean citizenship. However took part in these illegalities should be held accountable. PM should launch an investigation if he has some shame left.

  13. CEO says:

    I personally know three houses in Belize City that has the same address and this is not in newer parts of the city. These neighbourhoods are very old so even though there could be the same address listed the people that issue new addresses have been known to give more than one property the same address. This could be where the problem lies.

  14. CEO says:

    All our political party leaders seems to know exactly what to do unfortunately they only have all this knowledge when they are out of office on the sideline. The moment they get ellected all the same crap the last guys did they start doing it.

    It is not only UDP that has problems PUP also have much problems and re-electing the same old guards would not be a solution to the problem. Will Belize ever get a leader that is not afraid to stand up for what is fair and good?

    The easiest way to get re-elected is to treat all Belizeans the same way and do what is right then just about 100 % of the population will be behind you!

  15. Mad Black Woman says:

    @Positive- totally agree. Both of them full of BS. Reason why we should not hesitate to let them BOTH know we are watching and will not keep quiet about it. We know election time is here and reason they are buying votes now…sad reality that our people sell out and then suffer.

  16. murphy says:

    Positive I agree with u to a certain extent, in that the 2 parties should concentrate on us belizeans before aliens. I totally agree with u 100 %. I agree that Musa and Fonseca will be in the show again. However what I don’t agree with u is that u r saying that no one can mention of any fraud from the UDP Govt. Come on, u make me laugh; Roben Campos from OW, when he was an Area Rep he used government vehicle (Ministry of Work Vehicles to b precise) to fix a lot (Personal Lot not Public) which he had close to the River after which he sold it a made profit using Public Work Vehicles. In other words, we tax payers paid all that diesel those trucks used to fill that yard. Fraudulent UDP Govt!!!!

  17. ABC says:

    I agree with Murphy, 2 of them have corruption under their administration and it starts with them. But besides that, the buck doesn’t stop at the PM, its the Public Service, as a public officer your ceo can tell u do such a thing and if its wrong, u do not have to do it and there is no way that ceo can fire u for doing what is right, all u can get is a transfer; but we have so many politically appointed ppl in the public service doing all these crooked and illegal stuff, it is the fault of greedy and corrupt public officers that don’t get enough with their salary that these things happen. If you love your country, the PM could not tell u to nationalize these ppl that don’t qualify.

  18. Samsung says:

    & the drama never done! I cant believed I killed my phone battery to read this non-sense!!!!!! Who cares????

  19. busha says:

    @ samsung, I hope you have unlimited data too papa…

  20. Positive says:

    Murphy, i didn’t say “did not commit any fraud”. If you re-read my message, i said ‘to the extent of the pup’s last term’. Never did i say that the UDP is perfect. They have their mistakes.

    I just don’t like when people say that we need the PUP back in power. That just shows short term memory problems. I will NEVER forget the HUGE parcels of land that were given out for just ONE BUCK!

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    The entire system in the Jewel is corrupted .

  22. Ryan says:

    Vote for me then!

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