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Jan 10, 2012

Police escort doctor from Cayo Hospital premises

An embarrassing incident took place at the San Ignacio Hospital this morning that has doctors and nurses enraged. The staff is up in arms because Doctor Angelica Rosado was escorted off the hospital compound by no less than police officers. Around nine o’clock this morning, Deputy Regional Manager, Nurse Myra Pulido called in the police to remove Rosado off the compound. The spectacle interrupted medical services shortly and later prompted the staff to go on a go-slow. According to an employee, who wished to remain anonymous, Rosado had resigned but it was never honored by the Public Service Commission. She returned to work and that was when Pulido called the cops. But this isn’t the first time that Pulido has been at a crosshairs with the staff, says the employee, and as a result, they want her gone for good.

Voice of: Employee

“This morning we had to stop work because Ms. Pulido call the police for them to remove Doctora Rosado from off the compound and I mean, this just mek wi look bad. People si police and everybody just crowd round and deh di question, weh di docta do and why the police di escort ah and suh. But Doctora neva di do anything wrong she just mi deh by emergency. Initially, Ms. Pulido she comes in, staff deh round, visitors deh round patients deh round, and she just come and says ‘I want you off this compound. If you don’t come off this compound, I’m gonna call the police to take you off this compound.”

Andrea Polanco

Myra Pulido

“Right. But did she say why?”

Voice of: Employee

“No, ih just seh ih nuh belong deh. The issue is that Doctora Rosado had resigned but Public Service didn’t honor the resignation so she was supposed to report to work until the paper work follow. So Doctora said she gonna report to work because she nuh want deh consider her as absent. But Ms. Pulido said well she nuh get nothing inna black and white so she nuh want Doctora on the compound. Doctora give ah wah copy ah the letter that she gets from Public Service but she just created a scene and makes the whole place look bad.”

Andrea Polanco

“Awrite, so when that happened, did the service stop at the hospital?”

Angelica Rosado

Voice of: Employee

“Yes, it did fi ah lee while.”

Andrea Polanco

“Okay, so now from what I understand, Dr. Peter Allen, has instructed Nurse Myra Pulido to issue a formal letter of apology to Doctor Rosado, are the nurses and doctor satisfied with this measure?”

Voice of: Employee

“No, we’re not, because so many complaints we have, how she treats the staff and she is not a genuine person, so we know that apology nuh wah be genuine. We can’t accept that.”

Andrea Polanco

“Okay, so if you don’t accept that, how do you proceed in the upcoming days?”

Voice of: Employee

“Well, we’re having a discussion right now to see what our next action will be, either to continue the go-slow or a strike, but we need to take our stance and let the Ministry know that we are dissatisfied and we’ve really, really had enough.”

Andrea Polanco

“Okay, so what is that you all want to see? You all want to see Nurse Myra Pulido be removed from the position there at the San Ignacio Hospital?”

Voice of: Employee

“That would be the best thing for this institution.”

Andrea Polanco

“So, nurse, explain to me at this point in time the entire hospital is on a go-slow?”

Voice of: Employee

“Yes, ma’am.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “Police escort doctor from Cayo Hospital premises”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    When you point a finger at someone….THREE FINGERS POINT BACK AT YOU!!!

  2. Emerildez Montenegro says:

    This report leaves us in the clouds, we don`t have an idea as to what pretty face did to Pulido. We need the details, please.

  3. Bgroovy says:

    I rather the doctora treat me than the nurse …..

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    What’s up with this bs in Belize,whereby everyone feels as though they can do as they please?

  5. Rosado Pink says:

    What’s up with this Myra Pulido? Who is she? Is she a nurse? As far as I know, Dr. Rosado was chief-of-staff at the Western Regional Hospital. Really, we need all the detailed explanation as to what has happened there. I think no one can make sense out of what is going on here. I hope Channel 5 investigates futher and keep us updated on this issue in the Health sector.

  6. Get it right says:

    Anyone got the Doctora’s number? She fine. lol I think its a case of Pulido hating Rosado bc everyone likes the Doctora bc she pretty. Obviously Pulido has something against Doctora bc she had to call police? Pulido should be sybject for disciplinary action for her poor judgment and decision making. But still if anyone has her number, let me know lol.

  7. impartial says:

    i see a nurse that didnt have the brains to become a doctor, so she goes on a abuse doctors who spent more time than her at school…

  8. nicholasa ruiz says:

    The ministry of health is at the mercy of the drill of the dentist and the screw driver of the electrician. Myra Pulido is Peter Allen’s protegee. That is exactly how the hard working people in the health department are treated by Peter Allen. He only rewards the wicked who support him. another bomb will soon explode in peter allen’s face. Fire myra pulido and fire peter allen. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER BEHAVIOR. I say to Dr. rosado sue her big time and to the staff at san Ignacio Hospital, take to the streets like what Sedi Elrington recommends. That is the only way the ministry will listen

  9. CEO says:

    Seems like the police does not know the law. How the heck can they just act because they got a phone call to remove someone for the hospital.

    Why couldn’t they ask if she was authorize to make that call and then ask for documentation that shows the Doctor was no longer to be on the premisses.

    The hospital seems to be a circus now too! The police were not ab;le to arrest the guy that raped the little girl even after she identify the …………. but they can remove a doctor from a hospital with just one phone call?

  10. Sasha says:

    There are no laws in BZ, punishment is rendered if you are not liked by politicians, public or police.
    Why is it that her resignation couldn’t be accepted? Even if she did something inside her scope of duties to cause removal, she can still be investigated after she quits. Just when we need more people to be helping the needy we have people bringing down others.

  11. wise up Belize says:

    Dr.Rosado should sue nurse Polido –ss for her embarrassment ,and set an example.Don’t play with people daily bread.the same thing some one at scocial security office in Orange Walk did with a security officer that was working there.after provoking the security officer he got him terminated from his job.The officer have a wife and 3 children including a young baby.these people in authority abuse it with out consideration for other people.when people go to labor department,they don’t get any satisfaction.wake up fellow Belizean’s know your rights you have rights too.

  12. nana says:

    No wonder the educated Belizean leaves Belize because they get better treatment aboard. Thanks to Dr. Rosado for serving Belize.

  13. lydia says:

    d person who says d doctor is hot is stupid because it is not a matter of beauty that is dealt with. it is the matter of everyone thinking that they can play superior to others when they attain a higher position. what they don’t know or remember is that they where in the same position any other citizen were before they uplifted themselves. people must remember where they came from and stop thinking that they are better than other caz we are equal beings

  14. Ryan says:

    The doctor had actually stopped working there 3 months ago so Pulido was right in pulling her off the premises.

  15. chow chow says:

    Myra Baeza Pulido needs to get d hell out of CAYO and go back to OW. This woman has a hideous character. I dont know how she is in the nursing career. To b a nurse u have to have charisma and love for people of which she lacks. Their r nurses who work hard and deserve a chance to uplift themselves but don’t get the opportunity to do so while some haggish people with pull string get all the opportunity which they dont deserve. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  16. RedBwai says:

    I like your thinking Get it right…lol

  17. carmen says:

    sue who is she to sue? who sued her mother years ago when the scandal of the big incident at mount carmel credit union that up to today we cant get our money back that only god knows with which money she was paid to study and make a living they chased her right on time.

  18. Lysa says:

    @Carmen; now you see that is going below the belt. was Dr. Rosado involve in that scandal at Mount Carmel. You all should get your facts correct before criticizing other people. That is why Belize cant get ahead because all we do is sit on our !@##$%$ and look at other hard working Belizeans. and no i am not related to Dr. Rosado in anyway. I don’t even know her. Maybe you should ask her which bank she owes for completing her studies.

  19. magali says:

    ok,ok people , I see , why things cant go right ,i have been to the san ignacio hospital and those nurses do needs to be disipline. If you are having a baby they treat you like s#$@#, if you reach late at night they reail up because they are in bad moode , you are hospitalized they sink the needle way down to your bone , yes they dont give a S&(&*( how you feel all they want is to feel and look preety in the white uniform. my pont of view when you are correcting someone , no one will like you and if you are strik worst so people stop this naunsense and let Mrs. Pulido do her job , none of us were there so no one should judge. pmaybe the little dr. has her own attitude and pulido put her in her place and those who mrs. pulido had corrected is against her too. just like politics.

  20. Manuel says:

    That is bs Magali. Personal problems and attitudes don’t have a place in the workforce whether GOB or private. There is procedures for a reason to deal with this sort of issue. Thats exactly why her Boss had to apologize on her behalf because Mrs. Pulido has no tact to deal with these problems. You shouldnt have a person in those positions who cant handle herself. You ever ask yourself why the Doctors’ resignation wasnt accepted.?? If it wasn’t for that, the doctor wouldnt be there anyway. So Im sure Mrs. Pulido may have had a reason but maybe not the right reason..
    I have also seen similar type situations at another hospital just thay they handle matters internally like how it is supposed to be. You make matters worse by creating any kind of panic for patients.

  21. Islander says:

    The doctor resigned because she wanted to further her studies by pursuing a specialty in the medical field . Even if the resignation was accepted a hospital is a public place and no one can escort anyone out of it if you are not acting illegally .

  22. chow chow says:

    Seriously Magali!!!!!!!!!!!! U really think her behaviour should b applauded. WOW!!!!!!!!! unbelievable. Well my fellow Cayo peeps, I know for a fact that it doesn’t make any patient feel better if they are already ailing in pain and on top of that have to deal with sour face people at the hospital. MY GOSH, DING IT, y mek u feel worse. HELP , HELP for our fellow brothers and sisters who have to deal with d BS at the hospital. The Health Administration has to do something. OUR people deserve good care and good care comes with excellent nurses.

  23. Belizean born says:

    I was present at the hospital when this incident happen. I am not taking sides but it could have been handled in a professional manner. Why didn’t Ms pulido call public service or ministry of health before taking such outrageous decisions? It seems that they both have beef against each other. It was plain to see t6hat Ms Pulido lacked managerial skills! this is what the ministry gets for placing persons not qualified in qualified positions! WE will never move forward if the politicians interfer in our jobs as Ms Pulido has been reported many times and she cannot be removed because she is politically affiliated!

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