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Jan 9, 2012

Businessman murdered in front of his home

Rodulfo Pererra

A shocking murder took place on Saturday night in Orange Walk Town. Thirty-seven year old Rodulfo Pererra aka “Boxie”, a businessman, was ambushed as he arrived home to his wife and children. He had just closed his business for the night and had headed home. Two men appeared to have been waiting to pounce on him; they opened fire and rode away. As many as twelve bullets found their mark on Pererra. Police are saying it appears to be a case of robbery but there are speculations that it may be a retaliation killing. There are many questions to this cold-blooded murder and News Five’s Jose Sanchez was up north looking for answers.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

After he closed his business, the New Chito’s Store at the corner of Queen Victoria Avenue and Cinderella Street in Orange Walk Town, Rodolfo Pererra headed home in this white Suzuki Trooper that is currently parked outside his gate.  Pererra was gunned down in his own yard.

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette, O.C., Orange Walk Police Formation

“Police received reports of a shooting on Oleander Street, Orange Walk Town.  Police visited the home of the deceased Rodulfo Pererra where the scene was processed. Upon the police’s arrival, the victim had already been transported to the hospital where he later died.”

Jose Sanchez

“Specifically what happened when he was shot?”

Joseph Myvette

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette

“From eyewitnesses’ accounts or from the witnesses we have gathered that upon him exiting his vehicle to open his gate, he was fired upon by two persons who were in the immediate area of his gate.”

Jose Sanchez

“Mr. Pererra is a well known businessman; he has a business in Orange Walk Town. Could it be related to his business or anyone saying anything?”

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette

“So far our investigation has not revealed anything.”

Jose Sanchez

“So no suspects, no arrests?”

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette

“We have four persons detained who we are talking to at this time.”

At closing time, Pererra may have driven past his mother’s house on Cinderella Street, which overlooks New Chitos. Both buildings bear the traditional black tie of mourning where distraught family members have gathered. And a few buildings further down the street, is an empty barbershop, which belongs to one of two Petillo brothers detained for questioning in relation to the incident. Alfred Petillo’s worried wife says that he has never been questioned regarding any crime before.

Jose Sanchez

“Do you know of any of them ever having a gun or of that sort since a gun was used in this incident?”

Voice of: Wife of Alfredo Petillo (Detained for Questioning)

“No, no. Never! Not so far. Never in my life. Neva.”

The body of the thirty seven year old businessman, husband and father now awaits a postmortem after a very calculated and callous crime.

Jose Sanchez

“So he was essentially ambushed?”

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette

“Yes. The police recovered fifteen expended shells from the scene; fifteen nine- millimeter expended shells. Upon closer examination of the body at the hospital, it was found to have had twelve bullet wounds.”

Jose Sanchez

“So would it be fair to say that this is not necessarily a robbery; it seems more like an actual hit?”

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette

“I think we would be speculating if we say that at this point in time because we know for certain that a gold chain and some other personal items were stolen.”

Jose Sanchez

“Speaking to friends or family members, is he known to have any one who dislikes him strongly to do such an act?”

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette

“Ahm, so far our investigation has not revealed any of that. We are still on the ground at this point in time trying to talk to other witnesses, as well as in the process of recording statements.”

Voice of: Wife of Alfredo Petillo (Detained for Questioning)

“My husband is a hard working man and everybody knows that. He goes anywhere in Orange Walk. He at his shop from nine in the morning until nine in the night; he only take his break during lunch break and he come back two, go back to work. That is what he does every day and all day.”

Jose Sanchez

“Has he ever been in trouble with the law?”

Voice of: Wife of Alfredo Petillo, (Detained for Questioning)

“Never yet, never ever yet. This is the first time. I don’t know what happened.”

Jose Sanchez

“Then this must be a shock for you to hear he has been detained in relation to this incident?”

Voice of: Wife of Alfredo Petillo, (Detained for Questioning)

“Exactly; for everybody—especially me, his family, he has his kids. He always talk and he no deh pan deh thing deh. He is a hardworking somebody.”

Jose Sanchez

“What about the friends he keeps? Does he keep any kind of friend that would encourage him to do bad things?”

Voice of: Wife of Alfredo Petillo, (Detained for Questioning)

Wife of Alfredo Petillo

“Well he da wah big man. He no keep friends especially dah my house or yah. He hangs out dah his barbershop and he trim and do whatever with his brother and his brother’s friend and that’s it. He does not have any friends that would encourage him to do this or do that. He is a big man talk to we everyday and he no deh pan they kinda speed deh.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now, have you had a chance to speak with him? Have any of the family members had a chance to speak with the brothers?”

Voice of: Wife of Alfredo Petillo, (Detained for Questioning)

“No, nobody no have no chance to speak to them. They don’t want us to see them; they don’t want us to talk to them any at all.”

Jose Sanchez

“And the reason why you are speaking out today is because?”

Voice of: Wife of Alfredo Petillo, (Detained for Questioning)

“Well because we want to know what is happening because especially down at the station they don’t want us to see them, they don’t want us to talk to them—they are not giving us any information on what is happened. They said that they are holding them for forty-eight hours and that soon up. They have not charged them or nothing yet.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Pererra is the second murder victim for 2012. He is also related to Renan Briceño Junior, who has been charged with the murder of Dale Tillett. Tillett was shot on New Year’s Eve and died last Thursday. But police have not been able to confirm whether Pererra was murdered in retaliation.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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33 Responses for “Businessman murdered in front of his home”

  1. Storm says:

    Hang the killers. No mercy, no exceptions.


    No one shoots a person twelve times for a random robbery.

    Weather it was a robbery or a “hit” we will never know the real truth behind the murder, because the police are too lazy, afraid and incapable of actually accomplishing a through investigation.

  3. Earl Grey says:


    They may lack resources,,, BUT THEY ARE NOT LAZY.

  4. Islander says:

    This is definitely a hit, let’s look at the numbers alone. 15 shots were fired and 12 shots made contact, whoever pulled the trigger was no street thug. This high rate of accurate fire from a small arm can only be achieved through lots of good training .

  5. Chitown says:

    This is a hit alright: Whether it was because of drugs, jealousy, or some other illegal activity. If the cops say they do not know for sure then they are either stupid or inept!

  6. wise up Belize says:

    I know we won’t need a child to wisen up the police.look into this case.It is wide open.RETALIATION is all over it.This is only the start of that issue.

  7. rod says:

    and the carnage has started for 2012 if this pm and gov.stas in power there will be another 1000 murders to come so when you go to vote remember this you might be in that number so let it be said so let it be written

  8. Shot Dem Down says:

    the gov has a big part to play along with the police. it was an act of retaliation. the gov and police are so stupid and dumd that everybody knows who sends hits out and who commits the crime but they always have bogus stories to tell. soon we honna have to take the law into our own hands. many are going to go down once my family is touch. its just plain pathetic and outragous of our courts, police & government. !@# the police, gov & justice system.

  9. Get it right says:

    Rod get the PUP …. out your @$$. This is not a political issue buddy this is low life thugs acting in a cowardly fashion and killing an innocent hard working man. Hope the killers along with the person who put this hit out is captured and punished for what they have done.

  10. AnnonBelizean says:

    @Get It Right I must agree with you. For a period of time I have been reading the responses of people expressing their opinions and beliefs, and I must say that whoever Rod is, he is a non-sensical, illiterate, politically blind idiot. He has never ever contributed anything of tangible value, and his responses are always politically motivated. I am not politically aligned with any party, as a matter of fact I don’t even reside in Belize, haven’t done so in the last 18 years, however I am still a Belizean and very much concerned about the crime wave that have been wreaking havoc on a once peaceful nation, where there was a time that not even the police officers carry guns. Rod get it right, if you are going to be making claims that the murder rate is based on the political party that governs the land, then you must provide statistically factual data of the murder rate when the country was governed by another political party. If you are unable to do so, then it shows that you lack basic education, and that your tunnel vision mentality is purely political.


    Earl Grey, you are the only one on this site who seem incapable of typing an intelligent sentence, or respond to any given question with any brain function at all.

    Now, shut the !@#$ up, and go away.

    When someone stab you in the back in the middle of the night the police will rule your murder as drug related. That would be the end of you right there, (not important).

    You are too simple minded to even realize what is going on in your own country, leave the opinion bar for those of us with some intelligence.

    Go back to school, do it for your country, and stop being so !@#$%^& ignorant.

  12. from the west says:

    I dont see why all the hate towards the police, Seems to me they are quite risilient inspite of the non supportive public. Lets recognise the many successes that they have, and after you voice your support for the good that they do, only then do you have any moral standing to criticise when they fail us.

  13. Tracy says:

    My sympathies and prayers go out to this family. Such a tragic event, in a place where we all want to feel we are safe.

  14. Beliceno says:

    of course it is political you fools!! Barrow just announced that he spent $ 880,000 .00 on paying gangmembers for a so call truce. that is why the police are very hesitant to say this is rataliation by George St. they want very much for it to look like a robbery so the UDP government does not appear inept once again. my condolences to this family. but I see no hope with this Police Force!!

  15. Mosh says:

    Get it right! it comes back to politics again, its how the government deals with this crisis on fighting crime … it boils down to politac issues….geti it right.

  16. hard woking Belizean says:

    ALL, if the police does not have the support or backup of the Gov’t how in the world can we expect them to work efficient and to the best of their ability?!! Indeed there are some of them that are corrupt but not all…..The PM has made deals with gang leaders and look at what it has caused and brought onto us innocent, honest and hardworking Belizeans! Guess we need to become vigilantes in our own country….thanks to the ‘intellectual’ our country has as leader!!! Making deals with gang leaders……what the F*&#@%!!

  17. lance says:

    pple… Hear this, no one in this world is a saint even when they say u were a good person when u dead… The !@#$%^& police gone arrest a innocent man PiTT, the police just gone arrest other three person for the crime of this man. U think that if u do something bad, u be hanging around the area where the crime happened, no way. the reall murderers are gone, who knows where but they are gone far away from here. The police just gone arrest these pple to show that they are making “ACTION”… and put a little satisfaction in the orange walk pple. this is way some pple retaliate again the police and other innocent SOULS out there…

  18. Rich Kid says:

    Typical Bzeans bickering no wonder our country can’t move forward only backward. This isn’t about the gov’t people it’s about a simple crime that was committed and it seems i quote that retaliation took part. Now if you are from the streets you will understand that it is just how it is i shoot a gangster the gangsters friends shoot my family,my gangster friends shoot one of the gangsters family that i murdered and so forth until the end of time. That’s just how it is maybe that is why the saying says you live by the sword you die by the sword Nuff said…..

  19. friend says:

    I hope justice will be serve to any of those would profited or were involved this tragedy. The bible states the state renders justice if that means execution so be it !

  20. Samsung says:

    y dont they kill the guy who killed their thug friend? Dat man was innocent he had a family. Another broken home. Why is dale tillet in a club & hes a 4th form student? When I was in high sch we were never to enter a club dats instance termination. I realize dat d ghetto youths live poor so they think poor. I hope the judge (s) do not have mercy on them. capital punishment.

  21. alibaba says:

    the problem here in Belize the high ranking police officers and some police men are too corrupt to do there jobs,money talks and bs walks.”same as the GOB they are rotten with corruption everything just gets swept under the rug.

  22. Earl Grey says:

    @MADDY VAN DIJK -THE IDIOT….YOU CRITICIZE BELIZE AT THE DROP OF A HAT, and for you to call Belize police LAZY, show how DUMB YOU ARE.


    You are the DUMB ONE WHO never has anything relevant or constructive to say.
    YOUR DUMB A$@ usually has to rephrase the the news you read to break it down for your PEA BRAIN…and TO CALL YOURSELF INTELLIGENT………LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL.


  23. murphy says:

    hang them hang them rather shoot them!! this is an innocent, productive citizen who lost his life, come on, he is not like those gangs who go around stealing stuff from other people!! Gov’t should find an solution other than giving money to gangs!!! that not helping at all. Memba people, retaliation brings retaliation again!!!!!!!!

  24. Louisville, Ky. says:

    It seems to me that some people will stop at nothing to make political mileage out of everything, even the execution stlye of a husband and father and productive citizen of the community.
    As to rod……he has proven himself to be a complete imbesile that is obviously singing for his supper. Poor thing doesn’t even realize that he is being given the same script to repeat over and over again.
    For those critical of the PM, I have a question. Were you all not blaming the PM for all the unruly obnoxious and violent youth that irresponsible fathers were producing and turning loose on the society? You asked him to do something, do anything, to stem the tsunami of violence that flooded the country. Now you ..itchin’ because he spent almost a million dollars to provide jobs for these outcast and made them feel once more that they too can be productive and be part of main stream society. And guess what, in process, the murder rate even fell! What….. no gang related slayings since he cut short his state visit to a foreign country to return to address the wanton execution of his people? No, I am no Dean Barrow disciple but, we should be honest enough to give credit where credit is due. To some people because of politics, the man is damned if he do and damned if he don’t. That is what is wrong with some of YOU! Oh by the way, as far as I know, he did’nt pull the trigger on any of those that got killed. Get the sense you knuckle heads?

  25. murphy says:

    Louisville, Ky Dean Barrow has to go that’s it. I was once a UDP, in fact voted for Gasper Vega this past election, but not know, and what’s this government should bring is capital punishment. IT seems that indeed u r a Dean Barrow disciple!!!!!!

  26. Bzean says:

    Living in Belize right now is sheer hell, you never know if you will be killed in a random act of violence. Of course you could be an upstanding citizen just in your home when some ruthless killer decides on a home invasion a picks your house. Any little thing can get someone killed and no one is promised tomorrow. From reviewing the news I read everyday I would say “yes gang violence is down” but war has been declared on ordinary productive citizens. The people I see being killed are businessmen, children and people who bring good to the society. Its funny when people comment from the USA. I can tell you that I fully respect the decent people who live in Belize and aren’t just putting in their two cents from their cozy homes in the States.

  27. Xunantunich says:

    The murder rate for both governments have been the same, except now with the U.D.P there a gang truce. There is dialogue, thanks to the committee the Prime Minister has formed. BUT, what will happen if P.U.P came back into power? The streets of Belize City has no truce with them. I understand that the people of Belize do not even trust the P.U.P.Will we be back to square one with the violence?

  28. Elgin Martinez says:

    No one in the Jewel is safe, anyone can become a statistic any moment.That’s how bad this crime situation has gotten and the GOB needs to do something.

  29. Louisville,Ky. says:

    Murphy, if you are so convinced that Dean Barrow has got to go, then so be it. Like I said, I am NOT, one of his follower so his removal won’t be any skin off my back. I may inform you though, from the look of things I am not sure that you hold the view of the majority of Belizeans. Or, perhaps you were part of that recent bogus poll that has your boy Johnny as being more popular than the current Prime Minister. Quien sabe?
    Bzean, I get the impression that you too, live in a foreign land, therefore if you have any connection to your homeland you should not find it “funny when people comment from the USA.”
    See, I am not just an american, meddling in the affairs of Belizeans from my “cozy home in the States”, I am in fact a born and bred “Belizean to the bone” that is truely concerned about affairs taking place in the Jewel. Even though my exile is self imposed, no one will prevent me from passing an opinion on things close to my heart, which is to say, things Belizean. Oh !!

  30. murphy says:

    Louisville,Ky For ur info I was not part of any poll, nobody needs to carry on a survey to find out that Johnny is more popular than Dean Mr. Quitar Barrow!! It is obvious, u c; the difference is that I live in Belize, not a foreign land like u (USA). More over nobody is preventing u from passing opinions which come from the bottom of ur heart. Hah! Hah!

  31. Get it right says:

    @MOsh, so the guy was killed over political issues. It don’t matter what kind of policy the Government puts in bc they can’t control the misguided conduct and thinking of those who are committing the crimes. No Government in the past, present or the future will stop crime. The most they can do is minimize it, which we have seen in the past few months. Thats why things are how they are in Belize bc we make everything political. Blaming the Government won’t make anything better. Rod comments are solely for political gains for PUP. He does not give a damn bout the people or this country. The solution to the crime in Belize is not in the hands of the Government, but in its people. The people of this country hold the key to curbing crime, and always will be. We just have to do our part and stop looking to GOB for everything. If you don’t support your Government, Police or your country how will the crime situation get any better. Get it right!

  32. Northern princess says:

    The way I see it, the killing won’t stop until the the BZE government starts punishing these idiots for the crime they commit….If you kill someone, the penalty should not be a couple yrs in jail, IT SHOULD BE HANGING!!!! I bet if the government brings back this law, these idiots would think twice before they take a human life. I SAY BRING BACK THE HANGING LAW!!!!

  33. Rick says:

    Remember there are two victims after the trigger is pulled, idiots is not a wise term to describe, because the crimes has a deeper root that must be uprooted.Remember Crime prevention negins at home.

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