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Jan 9, 2012

New citizens swear oath

In Friday’s newscast, we showed you the video of hundreds of persons lining up at the George Price Centre in Belmopan where they took the oath to become new Belizean citizens. The rush to process and bestow citizenship on hundreds of persons is telling because municipal elections are just around the corner. And with the general elections imminent, it stands that the new Belizeans are soon be added to the voters list. There is also a report that four hundred and eighty additional persons will take the oath this Friday, at least that’s the plan being put in place by the Immigration Department. But sources close to News Five say that in the mad rush, a number of prerequisites for citizenship are being waived and that the letter of the law is not been followed. One new citizen told us in Spanish that he did not have to take the certain tests that form part of the requirements.

In the following video you will see the long lines at the George Price Centre, the busses, and U.D.P. political operatives, assisting the soon to be voters. According to our sources most of the new Belizeans are from the Corozal Southeast and Orange Walk Central constituencies.  This morning the VIP, the Vision Inspired by the People, railed about the mass nationalization taking place saying that due process is not being adhered to and reminded government that the granting of nationality is a serious process for which due diligence and processes should be followed. The release says that one year ago, the VIP voiced its concern to the proposed amnesty of over twenty thousand illegal persons residing in Belize and called for due process to be respected and followed. That programme, which would have offered permanent residency, was shelved, but now there is evidence that citizenship is being granted to hundreds of persons.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “New citizens swear oath”

  1. joe lopez says:

    The samething the P.U.P. gov’t did in 1998 when they granted the amnesty for naturaliztion of inmigrants.

  2. Lucas says:

    I want to clearly establish that I have no problem with the citizenship programe per se. My problem is granting it to Guatemalans. Perhaps young generations of Belizeans do not know but, we olders do know and certainly govt. is very well aware that the Guatemalan strategy of annexing Belize is by a peaceful invasion, that is, my populating Belize with Guatemalans. Guatemala knows that by force it is nearly impossible so, they send wave after wave of their nationals to live in Belize and in time, Guatemalan nationals and Belizeans born from Guatemalan parents will be more than Belizeans born of Belizeans. These pseudo Belizeans will have more allegiance to Guatemala than to Belize and in that way, Guatemala will control the destiny of Belize. That is how The USA took over the Southern States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. The USA sent colonists to these Mexican States and in time these colonists revolted against Mexico. The names Austin and Houston are not Mexican. The Mexican American war came about because Mexico tried to do something about it. GOB knows all these historical facts and knows that Guatemala wants to play that trick on us and why GOB is playing into Guatemalan hands is beyond my understanding. My conclusion is that Barrow is a TRAITOR. He is a JUDAS who is selling his country for a few votes. When his term ends, he should be arrested and charge for treason and for ABUSE OF AUTHORITY.

  3. Earl Grey says:

    Lucas….IT’S THE QUIET GUATEMALAN INVASION….no need for a military…JUST SEND PEOPLE IN TO OCCUPY soon they will be running for office.

  4. Chitown says:

    Hey Lucas: there is much truth to what you had to say but the way you ended shows you are not so informed after all!

    I agree we need to be smart and handle this very carefully but we should not discriminate. Up north there are many Belizeans who marry and live with Mexicans and they come into Belize just the way Guatemalans do.

  5. rod says:

    damm traitor this gov. and pm just for votes because he hates spanish people worse gov. and pm in the history of belize and if he remains in power that means another 1000 people will be killed in the next 5years maybe youll be one of those 1000.

  6. BelCap says:

    i agree w/ lucas, i have no problem w/ central american ppl being part of Belize but i wonder if any of dem understand @ least 50% of OUR OFFICIAL English language…let dem become part of our national identity but mek sure dey speak our language, i personally tink it a prerequisite but its ignored in leiu of elections just so dey(being the PUDP) can get a few extra votes and stay in power but look out cz di 3rd parties are coming for U

  7. blackberry says:

    Putting politics aside, i have been saying what Lucas said for years but nobody seems to to be listening. It may be even too late for us to seal our borders and hold the industeries who bring in seasonal workers responsible to have them return.


    The art of war? I think not.

    How many Belizeans live in America today, Canada, or England today?

    People relocate to other countries for many different reasons.

    More opportunities, better education, quality of life, etc.

    After a year, half of these people will have left belize for a better life in America, or else where.

    It’s time to nationalized them completely. They speak spanish already, now they should be taught how the tax system work.

  9. BelizeanBornAbroad says:

    I am a BELIZEAN in every sence of the word and have been living in this wonderful HAVEN called BELIZE since age 2.

    I was born in El Salvador and have been here over thirthy years (even before independence) and thank God everyday for bringing me here.

    It was not my choice to be born somewhere else, IN FACT, if I had a choice, I would choose to be born in Belize. It is however, my choice to remain in Belize since it is a peaceful country where one can raise a family.

    I am against these mad rush to naturalize people conveniently in time for elections. My family had to wait 5 years to get Residency status and twelve years later, I got my Citizenship.

    I love this country and I am prepared to serve and fight for it if necessary. God Bless Belize always.

  10. Lucas says:

    Hi Chitown: Even though we have some disagreement as to where the northern border actually runs, Mexico has always respected the Mexican-British border treaty. Furthermore, Mexico has never at least shown any desire to control Belize politically. I said I have no problem with the citizen programme being granted except with the Guatemalans because it is only the Guatemalan govt who wants to take over my country and not the Mexicans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, Slavadorenos etec etc. If being wary of the Guatemalans makes me descriminatory, according to you, so be it and I offer no apology. LONG LIVE BELIZE. GOD SAVE THE BELIZEAN PEOPLE.

  11. ladymatura says:

    i want the issues to be clear:
    1. our constitution does nto allow us to give citizenship to Guatemalans because of the claim;
    2. its not that people shud not get citizenship – its whetehr they truly qualify under our law;
    3. and why if english is our official language – why it is not required – no Belizean can go anywhere in the world and just get citizenship like that;
    4. den finally – its the motive behind these mass registeration – and yes the PUP started this $#!% and the hypocrites in the UDP now join the band-wagon and doing it too – how we so lucky to get that kind of leadership for our main politicla parties?
    I wonder what is the position on this matter of the pther parties? Oh and then these new immigrants get land, political favours etc immediately and they surely know how to quickly get their social security card and work the system! But now they are Belizeans!

  12. Samsung says:

    Who cares????????

  13. Taliban says:

    Isnt this the same as the passport scandal? To me registering illegals or naturalizing them is the same as selling passports as you are paying for votes with citizenship, buying is buying and corruption is corruption. Central? Arent there enough jobs for Belizeans and dont the caneros have problems with labor to bring in foreignors to work for little or nothing while belizeans punish? What have they given back to Belize? And dont give me that BS that Bzns work in the US, it was choice for them to leave and if America send them home, thats their business, Bzns need to stay home and build their own country.

  14. Emerildez Montenegro says:


  15. Emerildez Montenegro says:

    Great !!! Taliban, Great!

  16. Islander says:

    As a Belizean that bleeds red white and blue I can attest to how full of crap your idea of ” mass peaceful invasion” is. I was born in Guatemala and then blessed to be brought to Belize at three. It took me up till 17 to get Citizenship BUT IT WAS AND STILL IS THE PROUDEST DAY OF MY LIFE . At 18 I enlisted in the BDF served my country and literally put foot to @$$ on our border.

    Guatemalans come here to run away from poverty, war, curruption etc etc . For people to say that they would be willing to give that up to go back to what they were running away from, just shows how poorly such person understands human nature.

    I am long done with my years in the military but if my services were required by the Jewel you bet your @$$ I’d pick up a rifle and DEFEND THIS LAND THAT HAS BEEN A BLESSING.

    Skipping protocol and naturalizing people in a hurry is a different matter. Let them learn the language, the history, the culture , pay taxes AND THEN FOLLOW THE PROPER PROTOCOL TO NATURALIZE THEM.

    To those of you who say that Guatemalan born people can’t be true Belizeans please tell me how many years did YOU put foot to @$$ at the border the way some of us foreign born have done?
    How many of you involve yourselves in the ACTIV

  17. Tired of the Hypocrisy says:

    What is the Hon. B.Q. Pitts doing about this scandal? The Attorney General should investigate this especially after all those tykles that have been bestowed upon his most royal self by the lovely Queen in mother Hengland!!

    The PM should also call for an enquiry! He once said he would not tolerate not even a whiff of corruption. Where are you PM? You afraid of this election why you haffu try steal it? Why you fraid PM?

  18. Earl Grey says:


    And I agree with you about them LEARNING THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of their adopted country.

  19. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    These people and their children will be Belizeans, just like us Belizeans who migrated to the U.S. Our children are Americans with no intention of living in Belize.These people from Guatemala are coming for the same reason the other immigrants are coming.They are coming for a better way of life.The same reason they are going to the United States.Belize need hard working people.I have no problem with that.

  20. veteran says:

    what a way to buy votes for next elections,belizeans,those lawyers as honorable ministers are to smart for you fools to deal with.

  21. ladymatura says:

    islander – good points and i think you said it right – you went through a process and the law does provide the exception when the Minister can intervene and allow a Guatemalan born to become a citizen by Sec. 23 and 25 of the Constitution. So the problem i see here is the rush … the rsh to dishonour our own laws and make a mockery of a system because they want these people to vote for them… obviously in your time the politicians had not yet learnt how to buy votes with ctizenship because from what you write you are much older and retired from BDF. And yes – let every new citizen be able to speak English – not only the Guatemalans. Anyway – I have said my share on the matter and be assured people this is not only about Guatemalans registering since lots of the people are also Salvadorans, and hondurans as well. but if there are those who don’t care – well that is not new that is why we are at this juncture in our country’s history! usually the ones who do not care its because political fanatism is more important!

  22. Biggs R. says:

    Ha Ha Ha Why do we thing that the guats. will take over might as well they do our average Belizeans
    male do not wants to work so we need the guats. to keep the farms and the dirty work going….Belizean men do have a problem…not to work…spoke weed….rob hard working people… gangs….stealing…killing each other….what do we need to do….no workers…no belize….figure that out…

  23. Elvis cano says:

    All of you Stupids need to shut the !@#$up!! You are the ones that elect these corrupt !@#$%^& for a few bucks and promises! You dig your own hole, now get in it!!! Open your bloody eyes and start a new party with different visions for this country!!! It’s UDP or PUP !! Bunch of stupids!!! Use the brain that God gave you!!!!

  24. just like you says:

    Elvis cano 1000% agree, open your eyes.. now they are crying and they have the fault.. educate your self people.. @Elvis cano more money coming there way.. lol then in 4 years will hear them cry again….

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