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Jan 4, 2012

Shooting victim condition worsens

Dale Tillett

The year 2011 ended in a most violent way for Aaron Pope, a nine year old school student from Grace Primary School who was killed as he slept at home; a victim of the continued gun violence that has earned Belize City the reputation of murder capital. Aaron’s family has already lived its share of tragedy with the murders of two other family members; his father Elbert and grandfather Elston Peters. There have been no arrests so far in the wake of his murder early on Saturday morning but his mother today issued a statement to say that the spilling of blood will not go unnoticed. Another victim in the spate of shootings on New Year’s Eve is Dale Tillett; his prognosis is not good. News Five’s Isani Cayetano has an update to the New Year’s Eve madness that appears to be the resurgence of gang warfare.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The recent wave of gun violence in Belize City over the past weekend has raised concerns from the public about the current state of the gang truce which was brokered by the Barrow Administration in September of last year.  The rash of shootings has claimed the life of a primary school student, injured two others and left the family of a fourth victim clinging to hope that their loved one will somehow survive the ordeal.

Nineteen year old Dale Tillett remains on life support at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital following a shooting incident outside of the Palm Island Nightclub on New Year’s Eve.  Tillett was shot in the head and lower back during a scuffle which occurred while patrons of the popular French Kiss series were leaving the establishment.  Tillett was initially admitted to ward in a critical condition; however, a CAT scan conducted on Tuesday has indicated that the bullet which entered and exited his cranium has severely impaired the function of his brain.

According to Geraldine Tillett, doctors have declared her grandson clinically brain dead.  His condition is being closely monitored during a twenty-four hour period after which the family will have to make the painful decision to have him removed from life support.  On Saturday morning shortly after four o’clock Dale and Brandon Tillett were shot by thirty-two year old Renan Briceno while standing in the parking lot of the disco.  It was first reported that both men are related and have familial ties to the George Street Gang but Tillett’s grandmother has since come forward to deny those allegations.  News Five has learned that the investigating officers erred in properly recording the addresses and kinship of the shooting victims.

The grandmother went on to say that the officer who took an initial statement made a wrongful assumption that the pair was related because they share the same last name.  That mistake led to information being published that Dale Tillett was a resident of 87 George Street when, in fact, he is a resident of Euphrates Avenue.  Conversely, the family of nine year old Aaron Pope, who was slain inside his home moments after the Palm Island shooting, also refutes claims made elsewhere in the media that his death is the result of an ongoing feud in which a relative of theirs is said to be involved.  Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Another shooting incident took place on Pregnant Alley. No one was injured and police say they have no leads.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Shooting victim condition worsens”

  1. dasilvaparham says:

    Listen Belize if a crime is commited in the neighborhood and we have ten suspects ,Its time to get rid of all ten of them. It clearly shows that they are potentially capable of doing the crime. Lets starting executing all the bad guys. If i have a close family member that is one so be it .Get rid of them all and stop saying like the mothers are doing ” OH MY SON WAS A GOOD BOY”

  2. jose says:

    your so ignorant sure your not part of the solution

  3. Roger says:

    In Belize we have about 100 gang members holding so many people hostage. if we get a witness protection program then im sure alot of them will be convicted.

  4. wayne says:

    I’m sooooooooo effin tired of all those stupid $#!%heads…
    I really cant hear it anymore “was such a good boy, such an angel” BLABLABLA
    lazy, good for nothing ……., sooner or later someone will take care of u – better watch out

  5. ????? says:

    Word on the streets: I believe that the PM has taken you for a ride.The gang truce has always been an illusion. All the blocks that were apart of the truce were already linking before with George street. The current gang warfare is still on between George street and West street which includes pregnant alley. This started some years back. George street is still beefing with Rocky road also–years back. Half of Ghost town is divided so only half links with george st. George st and south side still has beef too as well as Kraal Road. Incomprehensible? George st. retaliates at random when they get touched..AKA breast is west street -pregnant alley..motive for killing of boy…Briceno was with a west street banger when the altercation broke at palm island..The PM is trying to illude the public at large but the streets know better…George street is a tyrant still reaping souls on the street with bare young boys like dale tillett..the clean up program employs mostly ‘no names’ in the street. The real killers are not part of the program. George st is broke now too hating on each other even and preying on the society for money through robberies and extortion….reality on the streets and I hope you get the word out.

  6. BMNJ says:

    The Churches have a responsibility in the social welfare of this nation. They should be organizing support groups & focusing their attention in going into those ‘hoods’ and converting or even brainwashing those that are urgently in need of God. Every Sunday would be great since most church members don’t need to work on Sundays.

  7. CONCERNED says:

    This is sad to hear- A defensless child is killed whilst sleeping; while another clings to his life in the KHMH! I do not condone crimes at all. However, these are questions that need to be asked:
    1. If this Dale Tillet was such a “good boy” then why is he hanging around known criminals of George Street?
    2. It is to my understanding that this Dale Tillet is a High School student. If such is the case then, why is he at a Club? He shouldn’t even be out after 9 o’clock unless accompanied by a Guardian. I know it is difficult to keep track of a child, but in this time and age parents/guardians should have tabs on his/her child and make it their business to know who their friends are.
    My hearts goes out to the Family of the 9yr old and Dale Tillett’s one as well.

  8. CONCERNED says:

    @ Roger… it is a good idea. But a witness protection program just wont work in Belize. Our country is just too small. The police and the government has knowledege of who the known criminals are. However, they decide to keep these scums on payroll..!?!?! Wana know y? ha ha ha… Some of these same ministers have these known criminals doing their dirty work for them. One day it will all back fire in their faces.
    I am longing for the day that when we can all walk freely in our own country.

  9. Earl Grey says:



  10. WakeUp Belize says:

    Just the title of the story on 7news is irritating enough: “PM Barrow Says Truce Holding, Despite 9 Year Old Killing”

    Then Mr. PM will go on to say:
    “As far as our information goes, while those responsible for the murder are known underworld figures, the fact that they are not part of our deal is reassuring.”

    Reassuring? Reassuring for who? Go tell that to the crying mother. And if they are known underworld figures then why has no arrest been made and these figures charged.

    @Jose: Who is your comment directed to? Is it to the first comment then you are the ignorant one. And if you are so bright then enlighten us, what is the solution. I don’t want to hear to create jobs and bu****it. That is for them to get money to buy more guns. The solution is like I posted yesterday,…… relocate the elderly and the children and nuke the area with all the rest. Resurvey and give the land back to deserving Belizeans and end of story. 1000 of them scums could die and I wouldn’t miss them. Yet that child, I really feel it, even though I did not know him personally. He and the other children falling as collateral damage are our future. Those gangbangers are our past. Erase our past and embrace our future.

  11. wise up Belize says:

    these animals will never stop because they know that they won’t be convicted.Just like the brandon smith and leon grey,and the others that got off with Randy Coye’s murder.those guy’s that killed Randy pushed a piece of stick up his ……… after they killed him,now they are out of prison and see what is happening again?Wake up

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