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Dec 30, 2011

Accident victims want answers

On Monday a group of employees on their way to an early morning shift at Windy Hills Resort were involved in a near fatal collision.  The Toyota Hiace they were traveling in along the Western Highway near mile sixty-nine was severely damaged when an oncoming vehicle, an Isuzu D-max driven by twenty year old Ian Vega, violently slammed into its side.  The accident resulted in massive injuries to all three occupants of the minivan, including its driver, thirty-four year old Luis Polanco, who remains in critical condition at Belize Healthcare Partners Limited.  Polanco received severe head injury and has undergone several emergency surgeries as his brain continued to swell following the incident.  Complicating his injuries is the fact that he has also suffered at least two cardiac arrests since the accident.  Traveling in the vehicle with him was Erlin Pook and Reina Ruiz.  Pook’s right tibia was fractured while Ruiz suffered lacerations and bruises to various parts of her body.  Polanco ’s family claims that a proper investigation into the accident has not been conducted by San Ignacio Police Formation, which is yet to issue an official report to the victims.  It is also uncertain whether any blood/alcohol tests were conducted on Vega who has since been served a writ of intended prosecution for driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention.

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17 Responses for “Accident victims want answers”

  1. josebmp says:

    if this guy was not a vega it would not make such a big deal. its an accident. sure alcohol was a factor but still an accident. it could happen to anyone. so lets not try and make a mountain. belizeans need to learn to not be so IGNORANT and have a little respect for peoples families (both). it can happen to anyone of us. remember that!! we should help our belizean brothers who are clinging on to life by prayer not bring down this one and that one. we should change our mentality. if he was drunk he will have his day in court. lets just hope no one dies. that should be the goal. instead we point fingers and are quick to judge before the courts or god gets a chance. for the upcoming year lets look at ourselves and identify that we are part of the problem (all belizeans). we must aim to try and be one belizeans. it sickens me that we bring down people on this forum. it should be removed, as it only serves for bad minded individuals to reak havoc on people reputations. …..helping to bring down an already divided & ignorant society.

  2. Stand up says:

    Come on folks ont give up Luis deserves justice fight for him dont give up.

  3. fedup belizean says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Vegas’ file suddenly disappears from the inept Mai and his illiterate subordinates……Guys let’s face it this family is above the law….and have been for years!!! They’ve been wining and dining customs n police for years so they’ll turn a blind eye to their “import business “. Guess selling chips n crackers by the truckloads really pays huh??? Hope capo vega would have a little compassion and help these poor people w/ their med bills to say the least ..

  4. cayo says:

    This guy Vega was definately in the wrong i passed that morning and saw this accident it look really bad we even ask the police if the person in the van servived due to the way the van looked. And from a lot of eye witnesses they say they saw him swerving on the highway heading to benque where he lives. Also from the location of the accident u could see he went all the way into the next lane in the path of Mr. Polanco, these Vegas are well know to party hard in San Ignacio and in the Benque area and it is no the first time one of them has crashed on the benque road due to driving drunk check the other brothers. Also it was said that when Ian was taken to the loma luz hospital by the time he got ther he was snoring indicating he had a long night and must have been under the influence but i am guess this will be swept under the rug due to the hight connection they have in the government. It is no fair because poor ppl end up losing wat little they had, this guy was definately under the influence and no proper investigation was taken but if it was any other person they would be behind bars at this time. The corruption witht the police in the west is very big, the GSU needs to come and do some wrk here there are a lot of guns in the streets here in san ignacio and santa elena something needs to happen b4 more innocent ppl die.

  5. fedup says:

    Guess I won’t be surprised when Vegas’ file misteriously disappears from the inept Mai and his corrupt officers….Let’s face it guys, this family has been above the law for years….they’ve been wining and dining customs and police from the get go so they’ll turn a blind eye to their “import business”…..Guess selling “chips and crackers”builds you a mansion on the hill and buys you immunity……Hopefully the Capo will have a change of heart and help these poor,innocent and hardworking people defray their medical bills….that’s the least he could do…..

  6. islander says:

    Its sad when traffic accidents happen, SPECIALLY BECAUSE NO ONE WAKES UP IN THE MORNING SAYING ” hey today I am gonna get in a car accident”…. So its hard to assign guilt, Cars are mechanical hunks of metal that do malfunction.

    Hope everyone gets a full recovery and that if anyone is guilty of doing anything wrong then may they be brough to justice but like i said “NO ONE EVER WAKES UP SAYING TO THEMSELVES, TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO GET IN A CAR ACCIDENT”.

  7. DonPepe says:

    Believe u me nothing will happen, this stays like that, they already paid the police a lil money which he needed for the end of year celebration and done, the guy was so !@#$%^ wasted that he even flea the scene before cops went there. His family got money oh and hey, he’s the nephew of Deputy PM Gaspar Vega, time to take the law in your own hands.

  8. j luis says:

    Islander is such a DICK for saying something so ridiculous, accidents can be avoided that’s why there is a no drinking and driving law, many accidents happen every day, what is being argued here is that no justice will happen because he is a Vega

  9. maryjane says:

    we Belizean are tired of this corruption and injustisness time to wake up and if Ian have to pay let him pay PM come on where is ur promise (no one is above the law )jajajaja I knew this was another big joke

  10. belizeanpride says:

    heard this morning that one of the guy passed away hope the family get justice.

  11. cayo kid says:

    Heard the ambulance took Vega to the hospital first then returned for the other victims on the second trip. How crooked and ignorant can our officers be. Hope Vega pays for what he has done

  12. Earl Grey says:


  13. spanglish says:

    accidents can happen guys, it can happen to anyone ok rich or poor, creole or spanish, the most important thing is how we handle the situation, maybe vega was in the wrong, well he should pay all hospital bills, and since the gentleman passed away he should be responsible for all funeral expenses, and he should make sure the children get their monthly financial allowances until they reach the age of 18years.

    now i sympathize to the family of the late mr polanco, but, as they are christians they most know that the bible say there is a time for everything, a time to live and a time to die, of course i feel their pain and loss, but there must be forgiveness in their hearts for they know where their love went, how do we know where vega will go if he die right now? people only God know why these things happens, as christians pray for your enemies, walk the Jesus Christ walk.

  14. Woody says:

    Yes the bible says “there is a time to live and a time to die” and as Christians we learn to forgive,
    it also says an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth, so do we just accept the fact that a person took a life by being irresponsible in the way he drove his vehicle? or do we go looking for revenge,? of course we don’t but the moment you get behind the wheel you are responsible for what you do, yes accidents happen and yes they happen a lot more when you are impaired by alcohol. you want to drink that’s your business but don’t drive and cause ruin to another family because of your irresponsible idiotic act. he has been served notice of intent to prosecute for driving without due care and attention, this should now automatically be lifted to manslaughter by negligence regardless of family association.

  15. norma says:

    God bless you,I just want to said that you all need to stop all those coment,becuase a family member see this coments this morning an didnot like it, an we all now that accidents happen but mr. vega all u need to do is give your heart to JESUS .He is the one who can help you pass though this moments,becuase we can escape from the laws here on earth but not from GOD justice, but remember what 1 juan 1:9 said , and thanks GOD he is giving the strength to the Polanco family.

  16. truebelizean says:

    to josebmp, islander, and norma: I hope you are never in the position of losing a family member to drunk driving. To josebmp, this is not about ignorance, this is about injustice. You know damn well that had it been anybody else, including you, behind that wheel, you would be in jail pending charges or with charges already mounting on your a$$. People are speaking out because we are tired of double standards. To islander, what stupid message is this. Of course, no one wakes us saying that, but when you get behind that wheel, YOU are responsible for your actions. YOU control the vehicle. Now if you choose to drive drunk, text or talk on your phone behind the wheel, there’s is nobody to blame but YOURSELF. Now to Norma: We can clearly see on who’s side you’re on. Oh and to Spanglish, where is the part about jail time. Wouldn’t anybody else be serving time for this. Money is no problem for the Vegas. And by the way, the rumor going around is that the poor Vega family is the one incurring all the hospital bills for the victims. Such B$.

  17. Glendy says:

    Just one question.. and that maybe never can be answer …What would have happened if ian was on the van and Luis Polanco had caused the accident ????? In what place would be Luis?? would he enjoying life as ian is?? Hidding like him or in jail, or in the worst case dead because the vega´s family has taken this in his dirty hands

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