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Dec 23, 2011

KHMH again? But who’s guilty?

Thousands of files of what appear to be irregularities at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital have come into our possession. It contains from mundane administrative information to questionable financial charges. There are copies of credit card charges and orders and payments placed to a US based company, Skilled Solutions, for purchases of hospital supplies and medication at exorbitant prices but there is no proof that they were received. At the centre of the latest allegations is Carlos Pererra, the Orange Walk based director who came under fire during the 2009 inquiry, but kept his job at the KHMH. The investigation was launched when doctors and nurses went on strike because of the alleged wrongdoings in the period January first 2007 to June thirtieth, 2009. Soon after, on March second, 2010, Angela Wade, Director of Operations, under the caption  (quote) Lack of transparency and failure to follow KHMH policy,” (unquote) wrote to CEO Gary Longsworth signaling her displeasure at the way the hospital was being managed. Wade essentially highlights numerous areas where due process was circumvented and arbitrary decisions taken. Wade records specific cases where tender bids and hirings were done at whim. She writes that (quote) no matter what happens, no matter what line of authority we have in place, Mr. Pererra is left to do as he pleases and push people into all directions and cause conflicts. (Unquote)  In the case of the KHMH credit card; the transactions show that Pererra was charging fuel every other day as a matter of routine. There is a long list of transactions to restaurants and supermarkets including Publics, Brodies, Everyday Supermarket, Riverside Tavern, Celebrity, Chon Saan, Biltmore and Caribbean Sunrise. The information began surfacing three weeks ago. A former employee at the hospital, Delroy Herrera, was threatened by the hospital with a suit if the story was picked up. Herrera was first detained on Thursday by the police.  Both his attorney Arthur Saldivar and Herrera spoke to News Five today.

Arthur Saldivar, Attorney

“As of yesterday my client Mr. Delroy Herrera, a former employee of KHMH, had been brought in to the station pending an investigation of what I’ve been told [is] robbery.  Now as ridiculous as that may seem because robbery implies that whatever was taken was taken by force but that’s basically what I was told.  Yesterday he was released without charge at seven-thirty and today he came back on the request of the superintendent in charge of CIB, Mr. Dawson to be present while his computer, his wife’s computer was being examined to determine if whether or not files from KHMH were on those computers.  One of the computers, the CPU, there were files from the KHMH and that computer was impounded.  The other computer had no files from the KHMH but was still retained by the police.  Upon attempting to leave the station Mr. Herrera was taken into custody and now he’s locked down again.  The situation here is one that is certainly rife with abuse.  The Government of Belize, I believe, is doing its utmost best to punish a person whom they believe has information that is embarrassing to them and certainly of great concern to the Belizean public because this information basically exposes a wide level of corruption taking place at the KHMH.  Despite the fact that there was a Commission of Inquiry that was conducted recently, the KHMH by virtue of what is on that computer and on many electronic media around the country now exposes the fact that the purchasing practices at the KHMH have been unbridled and certainly that the corruption one unabated and has actually increased since the commission of inquiry. The Criminal Code Chapter 101 of the Laws of Belize has no provisions that in any way would shed any light on the possible offenses that may arise from what they say Mr. Herrera did.  In fact, Mr. Herrera was gainfully employed he was legally employed and had the legal authority to have the information that he has in his possession now.  So outside of that I mean there is nothing physical as you know, it’s all on computer as these are electronic files so there’s no, there isn’t a physical document that he went into a filing cabinet and removed and took out of an office.  These things are stored electronically all of them.”

Delroy Herrera, Former KHMH Employee

“I neva mi di thief no documents papa.  We were stopped by Carlos [Perrera] from bringing jump drives and we were to go, whatever we save must go on the network so when you go and you click and save on the network on the network or whatever the case may be everybody documents di deh.  You could see everything and I had interest in this company weh we know we continuously di buy and we di pay in full because da pre-payment and dehn di under ship, items man, items weh from last year 2010, 2011 done weh still noh come een in full yet.  Afta when I left from KHMH and I say ah gwein da di media dehn mek sure that dehn staat to bring een di thing dehn one-one, afta that ih just die down again, yo undastand.  So that da di situation right now with me.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “KHMH again? But who’s guilty?”

  1. Storm says:

    Why don’t we have an effective Inspector General for ALL publicly-supported organisations and agencies? In the end, they are squandering or stealing money from hardworking taxpayers. That money should be going, in all cases, for the public good, not for private benefit.

    And we need penal laws to make it unprofitable for people to steal a shilling of public money.

    To me, misappropriation of public money is just another form of treason.

  2. Jukdog says:

    Stand Firm Youth..Dem Politican Wa Come Up With All Kinda Crap Fu Try Mek You Look Bad Via Dem Two Clown Mouth Piece….Cause Yuh The Show Dem Dutty Deeds ! Keep The People Informed Noh Tek Yuh Lick In Silence !

  3. javier solis says:

    This man just loves to create trouble to get his way. That man was a terrorist at the KHMH, a bully who got on everbody’s nerves. He went into the server and by-passed the pass word somehow ( we think its with the help of a certain lady) and downloaded files he was not privy to. Then tried to blackmail the administration for his job back or $100,000. He is well charged for stealing, and later will be charged for extortion. He is having his 15 minutes of fame, but thats all he will get, plus some jail time. If there is criminality to expose, the Administration will deal with that in the Courts, not by Herera as the judge, jury and executioner.

  4. Believe Me says:

    Everyone knows “natural law” applies here; off with his head.
    Protect the perpetrators of corruption.
    Accountability should be illegal.
    Belize needs corrupt officials, to sink further down.
    Criminals don’t always need violence.
    Good criminals steal money from the public, not from people.

  5. Steve says:

    A NEW MEANING TO THE WORD ‘TERRORIST–exposing corruption of government workers (Solis, 2013).
    Where are we heading, Belize????
    Opinion: If Herrera is using the KHMH case of irregularities for extortion and blackmailing (according to Solis) there is a court case to pursue (this is not done), but there is another ‘big’ case of corruption that needs to be investigated immediately & urgently. This is the second case of irregularities that is occurring in this institution that needs to be address. But it is sad to see that it is only Herrera that is on the “hot seat.” The big problem is that the law (gov’t) wants to prevent Herrera from exposing more information of corruption. I think that the judiciary should be an independent body and should deal with the corruption case in the institution.

  6. Steve says:

    Terrorist has a new meaning: one who exposes corruption of gov’t and gov’t workers. The case of KHMH is centered on preventing Herrera to put to light more info of corruption at KHMH. The law should work independently and investigate the rampant corruption occurring at KHMH.

  7. javier solis says:

    Steve, take off your blue bottom bias and think: if there is corruption, let the courts deal with it, on both sides. I fully support anti-corruption, and i wont point fingers at you and Ralphie from 98-08. Whats done is done: you got away. But the fool,-fool who pretends to be an angel of light is actually a crook himself, trying to blackmail to get his way. If you, Stevie, want to at least look smart, just comdemn both actions, not only the so called administration. If a person is overly bossy does that make him instantly corrupt? Think bu-bu. Da two different things.

  8. Steve says:

    I have clearly stated, Mr. Solis, that there are 2 court cases to pursue 1) extortion & blackmailing (according to u); 2) Corruption @ KHMH or act of theft. Let me put it in this scenario: If Santi (who happens to be the political officer of Caribbean Shores) becomes aware that at his firm one of his employees broke into the firm’s server and obtained without permission important data–data that happens to reveal acts of theft to his firm by his manager, would Santi just put the police after his employee who broke into the server and exposed the corruption information, or would he investigate the person who is being implicated in the information of stealing his firm? Keep the answer to yourself.
    You are accusing me of condemning “the administration”. If you read carefully, I am speaking against the act of corruption; I think the law should address and give equal importance to both cases–the terrorist case that u are mentioning and corruption @ KHMH (stealing the public purse) * this is very serious. Like most Belizeans, I think that corruption in gov’t institutions should be put an end. By the way, I would appreciate if you expose things about Ralph from 98-08, maybe you know things that the Bzean public does not know. Bzeans have a rite to know.

  9. Ragamuffin says:

    Solis – Wise men speak because they have something to say Fools (like yourself) speak because they have to say something. Let us put an end to all forms of corruption wether it be from blue red or yellow… Country first…

  10. Lionel Fernandez says:

    Mr. Solis,

    Dont’ pay any attention to those. Let me say that you hit it on the head. I want to be objective on this issue. It is clear to see that this gentleman was trying to take money out of people for information that had no substance. It is clear that he stole the information because he was not prevy to that information. I work at the instiution and I have seen many changes for the better of the patients and the people. The data that he stole does not show any corruption, it only show part of the process which this young man has absolutly no idea about. Now how come he did not bring this to his employer along time ago. As well I can recall when Mr. Herrera was defending the KHMH in the commission when he was a manager at KHMH. Now all of a sudden he is a whistle blower oh please. He is a thief and stole property that is not his. As an employee of KHMH I am concerned that he stole information from the KHMH that has patient data in regards to medical reports. I challege him to say otherwise bc I was told by my director that he has files from all the directors.
    I have seen how Dr. Longsworth and his managers make a lot of changes for the hospital and if there was corruption they wont be able to do half the things they are doing. This is political and can’t be any clearer. As an employee i will tell you there have been alot of strick policies put in place and things are not the same as before. I believe that people are after the KHMH bc of the changes they have made and continue to make where blatant abuse was before. Dr. Longsworth, I support you and your team and i understand your concern.

  11. Lionel Fernandez says:

    Dear All,

    Let me first start by saying that I am in support of the KHMH and the boss there. Dr. Longsworth and our boss have been doing an excellent job. I am of more concern that this gentleman have data from the CEO and other emploee folders that have patient data. As an employee I am conern that ths man have medical reports etc with patient data of our patients. I challege him bc i was told by the IT dept that he has files from all the managers and seevral managers have medical reports etc in their folders. This man should be charged for stolen data for patient safety.
    I am not concern about the financial issue because as an employee i have see the tremedous amount of work that his been done by DR. Longsworth and his managers. If any corruption was happening they would not be able to do half the things they are doing right now and I can list them as I have been here for years compared to before. It is my personal opinion that there is no corruption but people taking data they dont understand and using it for political purpose instead of talking to the institution and get their side. Instead of allowing this man to go out there and try to extort money from members of the KHMH and other political people. I support the KHMH and believe the the news need to check the information before going out there and kill the hard work that have been a part of at the hospital as we do so much better than many of the private hospitals.

  12. wikileaks fan says:

    This man Herrera has a role to play as a whistle blower. Nobody jailed Julian Assange for what he did at wikileaks. Governments and big coorporations have tried to shut him down by blocking his credit card account and trump up charges of a sexual nature. this is a part of the free press and democratic society and transparency in public service. If KHMH has nothing to hide then what the fuss is all about. KHMH is my opinion is still a cesspool of corruption as it was before only different players.

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