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Dec 22, 2011

Mother and Daughter Murdered by Boyfriend

There is a heinous double murder to report tonight. A mother and her daughter were cold bloodedly shot this morning at their house in Carmelita Village on the Northern Highway. Another family member was injured and is hospitalized. What makes this latest double homicide even more insane is that the trigger was allegedly pulled by an enraged ex-common-law husband. News Five’s Isani Cayetano spoke to witnesses and family members about the tragic murders.

Joseph Rhaburn, Son of Deceased

“It’s really hard you know.  When you see things like that you noh know what fi do.  I hope dehn ketch da man weh do that because he noh should do that mein.”

Joseph Rhaburn was at work this morning when he was informed of the brutal slaying of his mother and sister.  Upon arriving in Carmelita moments later he observed this green Land Rover parked in the middle of the street near the family residence.  Police had already began processing the scene.

Joseph Rhaburn

Joseph Rhaburn

“When I reach police done mih deh right ya.  Dehn done mi di like how you know when somebody dead you cyant come close to the person, to the person from your blood because that da fi dehn work right. “

Inside their humble abode was the lifeless body of thirty year old Ana Cortez.  She had been shot to the right side of the abdomen.  Her former common-law husband Lorne Lisbey, wielding a shotgun, then exited the wooden structure where he trained the weapon on fifty-one year old Anacleta Pech and fired another round to the center of her chest with surgical precision.

Wilward Jones, Resident of Carmelita

“I have known Lorne for sometime and it’s a big surprise to us because he is so quiet.  He’s a guy that’s always trying to work hard and do everything he knows to make life meet and it’s very surprising to me what had happened today.”

According to Wilward Jones, a close friend of the family, he also learned of the tragedy while at work sometime after eleven o’clock this morning.

Wilward Jones

Wilward Jones

“I was at home working and a friend just called me and told me that they killed my friend, that my friend killed his wife and other people along with him, his in-laws, you know.  I ran over to see what happened

By all accounts the couple had been together for the past six years and had quite a turbulent relationship.  Their endless arguments eventually led to Ana returning home to her family recently.”

Joseph Rhaburn

“Really, really dehn neva mi have wah good life you know, every time [deh mi di] fight and this and that and this man Lorne anything, any lee problem he like push it that my mommy have fault [eena it] and all ah dehn things and da noh so, you know.  He noh should do that, if you wahn fix something you should fix it in a correct way, noh like the action weh he tek fu come and di kill my mommy and my sista.  That noh correct.”

Anacleta Pech

A throng of residents later poured onto the street in front of the residence, many in tears at the commission of such a callous act. What led to the violent encounter remains unknown but what will be committed to evidence is a statement given by Roque Cohouj, an eyewitness seen here, who told police that Lisbey entered from the back of the yard where the shooting began.  Jones believes that the murders were premeditated.

Wilward Jones

“This is his jeep right here that I am leaning on.  His working tools and everything [are here.]  You can see from here that he intentionally come here so I don’t know what the problem really is.”

Also at home at the time of the rampage was fifty-three year old Santiago Alberto Cortez as well as Judith Rhaburn.  Rhaburn was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where she is receiving treatment for injuries received during the shooting.  The bodies of both mother and daughter were later carted to the morgue in Orange Walk Town.  Meanwhile Lorne Lisbey remains at large and is being sought by Orange Walk Police. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Lisbey is hunter by profession and when he separated from Ana, he continued to live in the village.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Mother and Daughter Murdered by Boyfriend”

  1. Ter says:

    Let’s get the story straight. Ana was not Lorne’s wife. Judith Rhaburn was his common-law wife. Check your facts.

  2. Storm says:

    In this case, I think it better if Lisbey is taken dead, not alive. In any event, he must die, either at the end of a rope or another way.

  3. murphy says:

    hang him!! hang him!!!

  4. truth says:


  5. Earl Grey says:

    There is no need to show an exposed dead body…. it should be covered!!!

  6. belizeanpride says:

    let him be the first to be hang for next yr 2012 so begin a new yr with severe penalty for those that kill and should be killed. no more kolbe inmate, hang the idiot.
    My condolence to the grieving family regardless the base of the murder, this is the time of family unity not breaking the heart of others, mein this idiot is selfish if he couldn’t take it like a man (rejection) he should have killed himself instead of killing others. jeez this is really horrible to watch and read on the news.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am in total agreement with @Belizeanpride.

  8. ana wagner says:

    My condolences to the family, I’ll be praying for them . Remember the bible says ” Vengance is mine and I WILL REPAY IT SAYETH THE LORD!”

  9. cool in north carolina says:

    well things are going to happen regarless of the situation people in belize cannot control thier emotions. they have to educated them and too they need to be more policing in this country. the gov of belize those not care about who get killed in belize. thier should be a better domestic violence in place so tragedy does not happen like this one. maybe these ladies could have been save if the gov of belize would put better domestic law in to place. here in the u.s you do not do stupid things like these. men in belize are sick they do things like these cause they know they will not do nothing for these ladies. he will get bail and what? he will let lose do another crime. sick people in belize need better education.

  10. Cayo says:

    All this could have been avoided if the police had responded 3:00 am in the morning when they were call by the the family because Mr. Lisbey was threatening them. But the police were no show.

  11. Unknown says:


    Line him up with the rest of murderers and put one in the center.

    Dig a hole and drop him in there.

    Belize is getting out of control now. Seriously. We need Capital Punishment

  12. lorne lisbey says:

    my pa had problem with his wife Judith Rhaburn bcaz aha my lil sis den Rhaburn ma mi come ina d problem and my pa begin the shoot dem

  13. Lisbey says:

    All you idiots have nothing good to have no clue of what had happened. This situation has nothing to do with education. information here is not even correct.
    you people can post stupidity. you all make me sick.And ter thanks for making that comment.

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