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Dec 22, 2011

He Burglarized Home Allegedly to Pay Bills

Twenty year old Elvin Myvett stole from his neighbor to pay medical expenses. Sadly because of his crime, the young father won’t be able to provide for his sick child for the next seven years. That’s the duration of the sentence that was handed down by Magistrate Albert Hoare today after Myvett pleaded guilty to a charge of Burglary. The break-in occurred at the Sandhill residence of Carol Brooks at mile sixteen on the Northern Highway. Brooks reported to police that on Sunday morning, she was cleaning her house when she noticed that a louver had been removed from one of her windows. She later discovered that her two thousand dollar laptop had been stolen from her bedroom. Myvett was detained soon after and he handed over the computer to police. During his mitigation plea, Myvett told the court that while he needed money, he knew it was inexcusable to steal from his neighbor. Magistrate Hoare imposed the minimum sentence of seven years in prison, effective immediately. Myvett’s mother indicated that she will appeal the case.

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3 Responses for “He Burglarized Home Allegedly to Pay Bills”

  1. rights says:

    belize has exaggerated sentencing guides. the poor people stay in jail for so long and the rich stay for a couple of hours at the most. so many politics are involved in belize. he should def pay for his actions by community service or what not. but 7 years for that? what the hell is wrong with the laws in belize?

  2. islander says:

    They should have given him more time….. there is no excuse for breaking into someone else’s house and my reason is simply because by breaking into someone else’s house you are putting those people in a position NO homeowner ever wants to be.

    So what happens if the home owner catches him in the act and shoots him dead? The media will chew the homeowner into a million pieces, spit him out while making the thief seem like the victim. Then you add to that the fact that taking a human life can have serious emotional and mental harm to the homeowner who pulled the trigger and its not a good situation for anyone.

  3. S@GVILLE says:

    Islander obviously you don’t live in Belize.Life is really hard on poor people. The little money they have goes to food and bills.They give a man seven years for a burglary but they will grant a man freedom if he marries a 14 year old.That is manditory carnal knowledge.You must be rich yourself,only a scrooge who doesn’t know what people are going through could say something like that. This country is suffering because of the idiots we have as leaders. Didn’t you know they arrested a guy for having information that goes against the govermwent.All the information ended up in that guys hands,and because he called a talk show they arrested him and took away his computers.We live in a country that restricts us from speaking.Yes in might be the land of the free,but that is only in the anthem,we don’t really have that freedon of speach.The minute you speak out on anything the police are coming for you because they have to protect the lies and corruption that the goverment is causing.No one is safe in Belize,we have no protection and no say. Christmas is here and polititions are exploiting poor people.We need a change in Belize but it is sad to say that it will never happen. People with power only seeks more power.They might say one thing before they get into office but as soon as the money starts coming in they get greedy for more. I don’t see why all ministers need to be driving a first world country vehicle that burns a lot of fuel. That is my money paying for them to ride under ice while i have to roll down my window because i can’t afford it.Polititions,and diplomats move around Belize as if no one can even stop them and tell them about tinted windows.If i drive by a check point,my windows aren’t even tinted they would stop me.Bottom line i am sick and tired of this stupid goverment because they are the only ones benefiting from whatever money comes in. Look at the city ,what is up with the streets.They should kick themselves in the azz because they drive on it everyday and don’t do anything about it.Elections will be next year and it looks like Belizeans need a next five years of this to realize what the heck is going on. You think this year was bad,what 2012 and ammount of crap that will happen.God please bless all my Belizean people for the Christmas and for 2012.

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