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Dec 22, 2011

Healthy Living: 2011 top fitness fads

When the New Year sets in many people will be working towards accomplishing their numerous resolutions. A very common goal for the start of every year is to get fit and healthy. But before you decide on your new work out plan, we look back at the top fitness trends for 2011 and find out which are worthwhile to continue in 2012 and which you can leave behind in 2011.

Marleni Cuellar, Reporting

No matter what shape you’re in, watching the countless exercise infomercials on television can make you believe that your six-pack is one DVD set away. We’ve seen many fitness trends come and go with each passing year and 2011 was no different. How effective were the top exercise trends on 2011, we sat down with well known nutritionist & fitness instructor Karen Rosito to find out her analysis. We start with the buzz around Tony Horton’s P90X.

Karen Rosito, Nutritionist & Fitness Instructor

Karen Rosito

“In the comfort of your living room you can turn on your DVD I guess all of Belize owns a DVD and you can just do it, it’s around an hour and fifteen minutes.  It’s a three months program and the good thing is that they are very instructional. They have the not so fit, and the fit and the fittest. The not so good part is that you need, because it involves a lot of jumps and push-ups and things you need to be able to push your own body weight you get on your knees it is a little complicated because you use your weights and packs, stools and weights; three for the Plyrometrics which is the jumping and stopping, if you do not jump you won’t burn the calories so honestly I would advise that people do it but be fit at least cardiovascular fit.”

Rosito says that she has seen people have great success with P90X but her advice would be that it’s a better choice for people who are minimally fit. It is a great calorie burner and is good for burning off calories

Karen Rosito

“Remember it’s not about losing weight, weight is water, weight is muscle, it is about losing visible fat. And that is what P90X does. You literally burn depending on your weight and your level of fitness five hundred to a thousand calories. A thousand calories is more than two plates of food if you’re on a diet.”

But in 2011, the craze over p90X which was a 3 month program gave way for another high intensity workout that boasted total body conditioning is the 60 day Insanity workout made by Shaun T, a familiar face in many households with his shouting, jumping & sweating. This program according to Rosito, was a better option for people because it included exercises that can be done by just about anyone.

Karen Rosito

“Honestly, P90X is a little bit more difficult and confusing. Insanity is the bomb right now because first thing there is a fit test. They do this P90X in a gym setting, no equipment and you notice some of the people are not so fit. Little bellies, little giggly thighs and all that but they make you believe it is possible, and fortunately it is because I have a client who did three months of P90X and she lost a whopping fifty pounds. Shaun T is not only pleasing to look at but his assistance, the people around him they also come from different backgrounds, you see the housewives, the young adult and everybody is doing this thing and it is easy because they give you a counter at the bottom that says let’s do this for three minutes and if you can’t we will stop and show you a better way. So for me right now as a fitness instructor it is easier to instruct.”

Again, like P90X, people who decide to use the Insanity program should have a minimal level of fitness as well.

Karen Rosito

“The Con about it and there is not much is that you need to be fit of course, one. Two you need again a big enough space. They do kicks they do abs they do jumps you cannot do it on a cement floor if you only have a tile floor at home  then get the little mats they are sold at Mirab fifty dollars for four set it nice and you can jump on that to take the impact still wear a good footwear.”

Even the hype around Insanity became out shadowed by a new favorite, currently available at most fitness centers in Belize: a combination of dance & aerobics, Zumba. Under the tagline: ditch the workout and join the party, the Latin inspired dance fitness program grew very popular worldwide.

Karen Rosito

“Zumba won’t go away right now. We have twelve million people over this world following Zumba. Form grandmas, to primary school kids, we had Michelle Obama indorsing Zumba because it is ethnic, international music. The thing is anybody who can remotely dance to a tune or rhythm can do Zumba. It has a level of difficulties yes but you will catch up with little mistakes and move on. Then when you go to a wedding or a party or dance you will be able to move because it is salsa, Zumba, Cumbia they use a little bit of Cambria and now even Punta. When I tell you: calories? Five hundred to twelve hundred per hour because e if you think it is any joke to move those hips, check the weight of your hips and you know because different areas of your body have different weight and to move those hips and your legs together is a lot of cardio, you sweat and until recently you didn’t use weights but now they bring their shake little things but it is fun.”

Rosito says the only challenge some may have with Zumba is exercising with a large group and being willing to let go of mistakes when learning the dance steps. It is yet to be seen what will be the latest trends in 2012 and surely some will still maintain the programs they’ve started this year. The most important purchase to make though, according to Rosito, has to do with footwear. The fads of 2011 even included a new fitness shoe!

Karen Rosito

“Make sure you have the proper tennis shoe nothing is more devastating to you workout than an ankle injury and back injury, you get calluses that will never heal because you are wearing the wrong tennis shoe. Recently they have sketchers they have differ4ent brands even a no name brand that come out with these elevated tennis shoes that they use to walk, stride white or whatever, Marleni and the rest of Belize those are absolutely an orthopedics worst nightmare because most of us are overweight and you will step out in one of those three inch babies and you ever twist your ankle on these streets that are not the best that is it for the next three to six months if you ever get back good so those are if you are of normal weight, they are not good to walk for people that are knocked kneed. My opinion is not only mine but from the survey that I looked at this morning. The Nike Shocks is a good tennis shoe. If you can’t then go for something else that at least we will say a cross trainer that offers support. This is a cross trainer, you can run a little bit, you can jog and you can certainly do Zumba.”

So when you set out on the fitness plan of your choice, remember the right shoes, right underwear for men & women and also the right attitude.

Karen Rosito

“Be serious about your health and commit to staying fit, commit to staying well.  Christmas morning I want to challenge Belizeans before you eat the ham, the turkey, the black cake, rum popo you heard Robin with the calories and your portion get up and walk and do a morning walk with your family and thank the good lord that you are healthy and well.”

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3 Responses for “Healthy Living: 2011 top fitness fads”

  1. islander says:

    Insanity will definitely give you results BUT and this is a big BUT, make sure that you go at your own pace. It is easy to get carried away when you see the results and try to go as fast or faster than the people on TV….this caused me to injure both my wrists… SO TAKE YOUR TIME AND GO AT YOUR OWN PACE AND YOU WILL SEE AMAZING RESULTS……

    The program is BANANAS :)

  2. Belize Journal says:

    It is funny that every year, without fail, there is some “new” program out there for sale to help people lose weight. True, there are individuals out there that may have some specific malady which will require medical supervision, but the secret to weight loss is first of all not a secret at all, and secondly has not changed in thousands of years.

    “Eat less, exercise more” – Try it. And it’s free!

  3. Earl Grey says:

    Ms. Rosito knows her stuff…..

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