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Dec 12, 2011

Murder victim identified as Nigerian national

Last Friday, an unidentified man was found with multiple stab wounds; in fact, police say that as many as fifteen were inflicted on the body. Up to Friday evening police were unable to determine the time of the murder or the motive, but he has now been identified as forty year old Abayomi Olatunji, a Nigerian national. Olatunji was viciously stabbed and police believe that after he was murdered, he was dumped at mile three on the Western Highway. The Nigerian community is still in shock at the gruesome murder of one of their own. According to accounts from close friends, Olatunji has been in Belize a mere five months and was working as a Security Guard with J & B Security Firm. His friends say he was very easy going and believe that he is just another victim of violence in Belize.

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12 Responses for “Murder victim identified as Nigerian national”

  1. Rod says:

    Why is this pm letting in all these Africans in the country he is trying to stack the deck with blacks by giving any African citizen status by doing this he is doing two things making money and giving himself more votes from the black people wake up belizeans we have no jobs for ourselves and what does this pm do give jobs to Africans who come here and pay him money to become a citizen and he garnaches their votes in election all these Africans are taking away your jobs belizeans and we will soon be overran by terrorist most nigerians are terrorist why is this pm being a traitor to his country I’ll tell you why for money and votes.

  2. Earl Grey says:


    WHERE IS THE CHURCH ON THE ISSUE OF VIOLENT CRIME???? ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

    GOD HELP US!!!

  3. Belize says:

    The guy just arrive in Belize and was already working. You think he had a work permit? These guys are drug dealers just fronting by getting jobs illegally. People just don’t get kill like that for nothing. Here this BS “His friends say he was very easy going and believe that he is just another victim of violence in Belize”.

  4. Beautifulpempem says:

    Was here only 5 months and already working???Sumting wung…Belizean people cant even find a job here but a foreigner could!BS!!!And i totally agree with ROD!!

  5. jose says:

    mr or mrs belize and rod stop talking like that you both sound ignorant when you both talk about africans or hispanic so stop that $#!% I agree that this stupid incompitent pm of UDP have to hall his @$$ cuase he ner his area REP will not get a vote from me nor my family

  6. joe lopez says:

    How stupid you u are rod! Saying that stupidity senselless opinion about people coming to belize to work? This happening because our belizean people especially those lazy black criminal people, which they just go about robbing and killing people on the streets of belizeand those are the people u are defending? How stupid are u?? Dumb @$$!

  7. Miss D says:


  8. OLA. says:

    It is sad to see that Rod and other criminal minded Belizians are still in this kind of idea. Because of that you decided to take another persons life? I know Rod is not your real name but with the kind of voice you put up here, the spirit of the dead(Abayomi Olatunji) will continue to hunt you, you will not see peace again in your life as your believe is against God’s law of “Do not kill’.
    The Police and legal authority should go into internet serial number for this mail to find the number of the computer Rod use. He is one of the killers.
    Abayomi Olatunji, your spirit will not have peace until all people who have Rod believe are hunted.
    The writer’s spirit had taken the name Rod and you will have mental deaseas in Jesus name. Your families also will not have peace.

  9. Tyrone Garcia says:

    That guy called Rod must be a foolish guy and a murderer. He is so useless that he could be talking of africans like that. If he actually knows the history of Belize, he will know that everybody except the mayans are the only true Belizeans; every other tribe is a foreigner at one point in time. The difference between rod and the Nigerian that was killed is that rod’s great grandparents came to Belize before the Nigerian. Rod, if you are from a family at all, go and ask any of your surving family member where they came from, its either they were the bastard africans that were expelled from africa or the austracized spanish. But know this for sure; the spirit of Abayomi will hunt you and your loved ones until they all die useless death worst than that of Abayomi.
    Take kia rod and his friends until you die in like manner.

  10. Tyrone Garcia says:

    i am not surprised at the kind of words from this animal called Rod. But he shd know if he has a head at all that everybody in Belize is a foreigner at one point or the other except the original owners of Belize; the mayans. I am not surprised cos he is illiterate. Anyway my point is that the spirit of abayomi will hunt you and all your loved ones until he kills all of you in worst cases. You have used your mouth wrongly against the dead and the dead will come after you.
    Rod, you and all your special ones will not have peace again until the spirit of abayomi kills you all.

  11. Tyrone Garcia says:

    as for Belize,he/she shd go and learn how to use his mouth very well. for ur information, if you dont go to schl and really work hard, not only africans will come to take over belize but people from the caribbean(caricom) that are serious will take over.
    Instead of sitting there and wastg ur time; go and find a better thing to do and ask for God’s forgiveness.

  12. girl says:

    How there Ola and Tyrone wishing death on people because rod spoke against the Nigerians. It’s obvious that Ola and Tyrone are Nigerians themselves. Don’t wish death on someone or his family, rod did not wish death for anyone but was just speaking his mind.

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