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Dec 7, 2011

Highway Accident claims Wayne William’s life

Wayne Williams

Also on Tuesday evening, another Belmopan resident died in tragic circumstances. Shortly before six, Wayne Williams, owner of Williams Engineering Services and Director of the Central Building Authority, died on the spot in a terrible accident on the Western Highway. Williams was driving a Toyota Tacoma, heading back to Belmopan from Belize City when the accident occurred between miles twenty-seven and twenty-eight. It involved two other vehicles; a West-Line bus driven by thirty-two year old Stanley Ramclam and a bowser, driven by thirty eight year old Ervan Augustine. Information is that Williams attempted to avoid a bowser that was parked on the left side of the highway at the same time there was a bus was travelling toward him. The driver of the bowser, according to police, was repairing a damaged tire. When Williams swerved, his vehicle hit the right side of the bus. Our News Five team arrived on the scene soon after the accident and Andrea Polanco has this report. We warn viewers that some of the images are graphic.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Forty-six year old Belmopan Engineer, Wayne Williams was driving his white Tacoma pickup truck with license plate C00686, between miles twenty-seven and twenty-eight on the Western Highway, when he lost his life.

According to several accounts, Williams was travelling alone from Belize City enroute to Belmopan, when his truck was involved in a head on collision with a passenger bus travelling in the opposite direction. Reports are that Williams’ truck, travelling in high speed, went into the lane of the bus and collided on the driver’s side. His vehicle flipped some six to seven times down the highway. The wreckage from the accident lay scattered on the road; the white pick-up truck was totally destroyed, the entire top and back portions were completely ripped off.

The front of the truck was left open with the entire engine exposed, with lights ripped out and what was left of the windshield was shattered. The truck’s tires were left on the corner of the highway from the impact of the accident. The force of the crash left debris, including glass, metal, tire and other effects strewn across the highway several yards away from the vehicle. Williams’ personal belongings lay scattered outside his truck; a bible, several compact discs, his work bag and a hard hat. Williams, it appears, died on the spot slumped in the driver’s seat, with massive upper body injuries.

On the scene, police officers and other officials processed the site of the accident and later remove Williams’ body from the truck, to be carted away to the K.H.M.H. While Williams’ vehicle sustained the full impact of the accident, the bus was damaged to the driver’s side. The front was ripped open and the windshield was shattered. Here, the driver of the bus is receiving medical attention from the BERT personnel; while not seriously injured, it appears that the glass from the windshield caught him in the upper body. Also at the site of the accident, is this parked water truck, which according to reports was on the highway fixing a tire, whether it played a role in the accident remains unknown. The cause of the accident is not known.

Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

Today the Ministry of Transport, Communications and NEMO, where he was previously employed, issued a press release expressing condolences to Williams’ family. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Highway Accident claims Wayne William’s life”

  1. madmax says:

    Why in the hell is this @$@hole parked in the middle of the road no flare no warning man nobody no do $#!% fe move it no warning now my cousin had to pay the price Belize your are pathetic No kind of common sense WE NEED CHANGE AND we need UPGRADE. We simply don’t have any kind of safety laws yet alone organization Everybody do weh they wah no law no Justice No consequences we no fix $#!% Chetumal done the kill weh they got something.Still we have nothing same laws same belize same infustructure noting change Wayne wanted to see us upgrade do betta fe we self and because of the same safety issues that he wanted to address that we have throughout this country it cost him his life ( simply Law all truck must carry cones and or flares to warn people) in 2010 I myself almost ran into a truck parked in the dark on maskall road i was lucky NOW WE LOST A HONEST FUNNY CARING PERSON THAT WILL NEVER AND COULD NEVER BE REPLACE THANKS BELIZE ! RIP WAYNE A TRUE VISIONARY AND FRIEND!!wE LOVE U

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    My condolences to the Williams & Baird family.

  3. shuran says:

    This highlight the poor work of transport department -the law should have been updated to ensure old vehicles are not operating on the road and all vehicles should carry cones , its time we do better than this , minister of transport come on use common sense, its not rocket science, we continue to loose lives due to failures of those who are not doing the job

  4. Rosella Zabaneh says:

    One of major problems I see with drivers on the highways is the overtaking of vehicles in areas which has a curve or blind spot, also if you are overtaking a vehcile and there is another vehicle coming from the other direction the one you are overtaking starts to race and the one coming does not even ease to give you a chance to overtake properly, I am sure this is the cause of a lot of accidents. Transport department should have a call in service where drunking drivers and these kinds of drivers can be reported, and also drivers that are driving without due care and attention. This will assist with deterring accidents. Another major offense is the breakage of windshields by those trucks carrying sand, and sand and gravel. This can also cause accident becuase once a stone came into my windshield right in front of my face and i was the driver. All the truck did was continue driving I do not think the driver even knew that one of the rock that came out his truck came into my windshield.Transport law is that they should cover properly the material and this is not done and if covered is done with half the material covered and half uncovered. The transport laws must change and a license must not be the only criteria for driving. On the other hand the roads need to have the yellow lines and the shoulders need to be fixed as that also can cause you to swerve off the road.

  5. No Integrity in Belize says:

    RIP Wayne my heart ache for your wife and 10 month old son. I know what a good father you were and it is a shame your son will have to grow without you. I cannot tell you how sick I feel about this. We will be there for Lupita.

  6. Imagine the possibilities says:

    Flippin, is responsible, what happen to the check point at 4 miles, the police and BDF always asleep, waste of taxpayers money. what happen to the machine and equipment they bought to paint the center line on all major highways. what happen to cones and flares neccesarry to indicate an obstruction on the road at night. these people blood are on the ministers hands,

  7. dude says:

    ms zabaneh: if you overtake a vehicle even though another vehicle is coming from the other direction then YOU ARE THE SAME kind of idiotic driver you just blame for causing accidents !!!
    proper driving should be tought not only pay some dollars to your bally and be the owner of a drivers license. and vehicles should be checked on a regular base for tires/lights/brakes/wheel alignment.
    if something is not ok with a vehicle, let the driver pay money before somebody has to pay with his life !

  8. Very Concern says:

    I firstly want to send my condolences to the Williams Family in their time of need.

    Secondly, I am more than concern with the Northern Highway between the Haulover Bridge and Vista del Mar junction, especially in the night. The road needs to be lined with white marker and divided with the yellow lines and reflectors. Please, I beg, can someone help!!!! Thank you

  9. Bulba Martinez says:

    To Rosella, you are so right. We can point our fingers at the Minister of Transport and his incompetent Department, but at the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own safety out here. There are “don’t give a damn Drivers” with no COMMON SENSE, especially Commercial Drivers that has absolutely no regards for the 2 wheels and 4 wheelers. Knowing that they usually cannot move a broken down commercial vehicle, these idiots does not take adequate precautionary safety measures and assume that they will be seen at any given time. They take it for granted until lives of innocent people is destroyed. My advice to all drivers, “Steer high in driving, keep your eyes moving & get the big picture, periodically eyeball your rear view and side mirrors, maintain your distance approximately 10-15 seconds rear of vehicle ahead of you, overtake only when it’s safe by making sure the driver in front of you can see you (light signal & horn), and make sure that opposite traffic is clear before proceeding. If vehicle that is being overtaken decide to drive faster than you during this process, back off for your own safety. In rainy weather, slow your vehicle down to avoid hydroplaining. Your life depend on you and so are your family who awaits your daily arrival home. My heartfelt condolence goes out to the Williams family. Have a safe and Blessed Holiday my Belizean brothers and sisters. God LOVE’S you and so do I. Adios.

  10. ABC says:

    I agree with madmax, this could have been avoided if Mr. Williams, may he rest in peace, had seen that there was an obstruction. In other countries whether it b day or night, wherever u break down, u put out ur cones or even large pieces of bush so ppl can see that ur on d road; come on this should be in our laws. We worked with him and he was a funny guy, full of life and aspirations, its sad, our condolences go out to his family.

  11. Earl Grey says:


    THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION needs TO LAUNCH public service announcements PROMOTING HIGHWAY SAFETY…. and for the Holiday Season….ANTI-DRUNK DRIVING!!!!!!!


  12. Orangewalkenio says:

    Condolences to the grieving family,
    definitely we need to make serious changes to the entire transport population. From the minister to the man walking on the street. We are in dire need of dramatic change in the way we move.
    lets bring to light a couple and let’s be as pragmatic:
    1. we CANNOT remove all “old” vehicles from the roads but we CAN surely get them to acceptable standards such as with the lights(appropriate lights and not any light), horn, adequate tires, indicators. Big problem here in the north with all the cane vehicles. very dangerous so if you are travelling around here be very cautious. Having spot check points to address this would help.
    2. lets demarcate all our major highways. as a previous blogger mentioned, we supposedly have the equipment but for some reason it is not being used.
    3. if any driver has the unfortunate luck of having vehicle problems, please completely remove your ENTIRE vehicle off the road… and place your cones and if you dont have your cones, use some bush to correctly mark your presence…i mean correctly because we dont want you to just place a big piece of branch and cause an accident that we are trying to avoid.
    4. no overtaking on curves and on hill…..this should not have any exceptions…absolutely a NO NO…i see this happening a lot in the section from Belize City to Belmopan….especially in that stretch around Jaguar Paw.
    5. Lets be mindful of our speed limit. I know some of us think we can drive safely and carefully but from experience, when in panic, reflex kicks in and sometimes does not make the right decision. so let us please abide by the speed limits and reach home to our families who loves us. not because you have a late model vehicle, u think you are safe.
    6. people walking and riding on the highway, i know some of you mite not know this but you are really put YOUR life and the life of the motorists in danger. I have seen many pedestrians and cyclists around Biscayne and Gardenia. This problem is compounded when the pedestrians and cyclists have ZERo reflectors and there is incoming traffic. To make matters worse, the incoming traffic has inappropriate light. To tell you the truth i sometimes lose sight of the pedestrians and cyclists. So if we are walking or riding at nite, use a reflective vest. Atleast put some reflectors here on your bike. Here in OW, it cost around $2.75 a ft. This simple thing could save lives.
    7. to the ministry of transport, please insert, update, upgrade and maintain all of the signs on all the roads. This weekend a foreigner climbed on top of the round-a-bout by the bypass. It has signs but are presently covered by overgrown grass.
    8. lastly, as someone said before, we are all responsible for our own life. So please let us be cautious. No drinking and driving. NO speeding, No walking and riding on the highway especially at night and with no reflectors. no overtaking, no talking of our unsafe vehicles on the highway, Have a blessed and safe Christmas Season. Dont forget the REASON of the SEASON. No need to go paint the house, buy expensive gifts and be all materialistic….we can go out and just share family time and smiles with our PEOPLE.

  13. Pride says:

    Very Concern, I agree with your comments. I hope the Authorities are listening. it is a serious situation.

  14. Jewel says:

    R.I.P. Belize. So full of life and charm. You’ve always been such a wonderful person and I hope your death is not vain…hopefully they will do something about this in your country. Siempre te quiere, que vayas con Dios. My Condolences to the Williams family.

  15. spanglish says:



  16. Very Very Concern says:

    from experience the police will have no charges for the obstruction, my accident took place in october broken down bus no warnings of the obstruction ahead even worse another stopped opposite lane to give help, police say my fault for crashing into the parked bus even after I managed to avoid a head on collision, by the grace of GOD I am alive, so sad for the Williams Family, but more stories like this will continue until it is an offence for drivers to not properly mark or indicate an obstruction, cones, triangles even broken branches can save lives imagine BELIZE!!

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