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Dec 5, 2011

Churches ‘Take A Stand’ Rally against UNIBAM

Emotions are running high on both sides of the fence locally as Caleb Orozco on behalf of UNIBAM is challenging Section 53 of the Criminal Code, but the Churches are opposed to that and have been organizing country wide. On Saturday, in down town Belize City, a rally was held, the numbers were not as high but the message was passionate. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

On Saturday morning, hundreds of Christians, of all ages, from across the country congregated at Battlefield Park for the ‘Take A Stand’ Rally.  On December ninth the preliminary hearing for Caleb Orosco’s UNIBAM versus the Attorney General, will take place in the Supreme Court.  Pastor Scott Stirm says they are sending out a resounding ‘no’ to UNIBAM’s call for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Belize.

Pastor Scott Stirm

Pastor Scott Stirm, Belize Action

“We realize that what takes place in the court room is not dependable on what takes place out here. We recognize that whatever happens in Belize should start and end with Belizeans. We are on the list of eight countries to topple their agenda. This was started by the Human Dignity Trust and pushed by international attorneys, but when they pack and leave, we will be left to deal with the consequences of that. If that becomes legal then they have license to be able to go into the high school to be able to teach this and to be able to move forward. Number two, our attorneys plus a number of other attorneys have identified to us that section fifty three is one of the only laws that is there to protect young boys in situations of sexual abuse. If a male violates a female, our criminal code defines that as rape and if a male violates a male that is not defined as rape. Section fifty three is one of the only laws that is there to protect our young males. And if you change section fifty three our young boys are gonna become prey and that’s part of the whole agenda. All you have to do is to look at the countries where the first step was made and then the law of precedence, once you change this one, this one is next and once you change that one, this one is next and the homosexuals deny that. But we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that that is their agenda. They’ve already told us that we are going for same sex marriage and we are going to be able adopt children.”

Julius Espat

This high profile case has attracted international attention, but most importantly, it has brought together leaders from around the country:

Simeon Lopez, Mayor, Belmopan

“I want to publicly, publicly acknowledge, that I as the Mayor of the City of Belmopan, stand with you all against this agenda of the UNIBAM people.”

Julius Espat, National Campaign Manager, P.U.P.

“I am here today representing the Leader of the Opposition of the People’s United Party, Hon. Francis Fonseca. And this is the official position of the People’s United Party. The P.U.P. doesn’t support the efforts of the Human Dignity Trust and UNIBAM to strike down or amend section fifty 53 of the criminal code of Belize.”

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez, Minister of Works

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez

“I am here as the son of God. I am not here before you as a minister of Government. When the time comes for me to use that hat to fight to spread the word and to fight in what I believe is wrong, I will do. Ladies and Gentlemen, my message is simple and clear. From when I was small I know that God mek wah man and ih mek wah gal. From I small when yuh reach a certain age, certain things inside ah yuh tell mi that I want wah gialfriend.”

Henry Gordon

Henry Gordon, Senator of the Churches

“This one is the Bible, this one is the constitution and I want to remind you that this one stands on this one. Never forget that. The constitution stands on the Bible. The Bible is the word of God. I want to point out a few things to you because what we are looking at here is not only an attack on the Bible but an attack on God. I want us to understand a couple of things; the Constitution begins by saying, “Where as the people of Belize affirm that the nation of Belize be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God.”

And central to the discussion is the procreation of life. The church says that the agenda of UNIBAM is anti-life. Homosexuality doesn’t foster the concept of ‘family’ as defined in the Bible:

Eugene Crawford

Reverend Eugene Crawford, President, Evangelical Association of Churches

“This is really a family focus; today we are highlighting the beauty and responsibility. It is God who said who said in the beginning in Genesis 2:24 that therefore shall a man leave his mother and father and cling to his wife and they become one flesh. It is God who said that; God addressed the emotion of loneliness that Adam was expressing and says, I make a mate for you and therefore he made a woman.”

Simeon Lopez

Simeon Lopez

“We are in our forty-second year of marriage. In other words we have gone through more than forty-one already and we have been together for all of those years. Oh there was little ups and downs like any other family, but if UNIBAM gets its agenda then very rarely will you see a couple like this standing up here. You will see a couple of a different manner.”

Canon Leroy Flowers

“Now a part of that agenda, as we saw the Mayor’s grandchild, and I am thinking of my eight children and nine grandchildren, that I see everyday. I thought it means that if the other agenda is affirmed, we are not going to see that. Your sons will not be able to bring home their grandchildren to you.”

Canon Leroy Flowers

In his words to the gathering, Canon Flowers told the audience that  it is paramount to remain steadfast in what they believe:

Canon Leroy Flowers

“We must not be confused, we must not be side-tracked, we must focus that it is because of Calvary, we have life; and therefore we can stand on our principles, regardless of what is said. Now, we need to be mindful that many aspersions and bricks and blocks will be thrown at us but if we keep focusing and that is what our agenda must be. Now, just across from where we are standing will be the litigation of this case. Regardless of the outcome, number one, we as a church should know where we stand and regardless of what the courts rule, we should know what we are about and what we are to do. Number two; let us not judge the judges, so that we will not call that they be burned to the stakes in the event that they rule against us. Let us therefore take a stand but let us focus on what that stand is, it is about bringing men and women, boys and girls to a saving grace, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Have a good day Belize, and let us continue to stand honestly, without fear or favour. We don’t need to allow them to allow us to become like them in our behavior.”

Galvanized in a common belief, echoing messages ‘say not to the changing of section 53 of our constitution,” the Christians at the rally waved their banners and joined in a praise and worship, chanting down the agenda of United Belize Advocacy Movement:

Reverend Eugene Crawford

“God will give the victory. We are serving a God of victory and today, praise God, let us raise our voices and give God thanks, Hallelujah; we are moving on to Victory in Jesus’ name.”

Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

The case has picked up traction internationally and high profile lawyers will be representing UNIBAM as well as the government and Churches.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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36 Responses for “Churches ‘Take A Stand’ Rally against UNIBAM”

  1. Retired CEO says:

    I wonder what would Jesus say or do if he was present to see this pseudo religious action group claiming victory in his name, spreading their superficiality and venom of hate, coupled with gender hostility and intolerance in his name? When in reality and historically the only people that Jesus exhibited any hostility and intolerance against were the money changers, arrogance, and avariousness, additionally without the shadow of a doubt most of the people who were demonstrating and speaking out on his behalf most definitely falls under one or more of the above statements or condition. Perhaps this is clearly why he he asked for forgivenss for those who do not know what they are doing and following. Jesus was such a wise man that he knew that people would be one day behaving in the like manner and in his name without knowledge of what they are saying or doing. May god have mercy on them for they surely do not know what they are doing or saying, certainly a people suffer due to lack of knowledge.

  2. belizeanpride says:

    @ RETIRED CEO i believe Jesus would be proud of those people for believing in him and having open eyes to see the abomination that wants to take place in our jewel. Jesus said those words because it was the people who chanted crucify him and they did who we’re not knowing were complying to the plan of God to make Jesus die for you and me CEO and for those from unibam also but remember we have to live under his command not what we feel like.
    I know Jesus is proud for the brother and sister standing out for what is right and not supporting abomination. this is not hate this is helping a brother not to sink in the hole of sin, so meaning if i can help you guide you not to sin by telling you unibam is not good i’m helping you but if i don’t i’ll be helping to push you into the hole of hell. simple as that.

  3. BelCap says:

    to Retired: i myself am not gay but you cudnt have put it more clearly……it amazing how much hypocrisy we see nowadays. BRAVO for putting it so succintly

  4. brightman says:

    The Christian church should not be the moral authority on these matters. Dictating that they are is a self-righteous and presumptive act on their part. Their track record is the worst–millions killed during the crusades in the ‘name of God’; thousands burned at the stake as witches for protesting against the Catholic Church (how quickly the non-Catholics forget!!!); their considering and condemning scientists as heretics for claiming the world was round, that micro-organisms existed, that psychological issues, not demonic possessions afflicted many displaying unusual symptoms; that the world is billions of years old; their condoning slavery for centuries; their turning a blind eye while Hitler killed millions!!! Now they wish to dictate and impinge on the human rights of a minority group based on their interpretation of “SIN”???!!!! If you are straight (heterosexual), NO amount of praying, therapy, or convincing will ‘turn’ you gay; if you are gay (homosexual), NO amount of praying, therapy, or convincing will ‘turn’ you straight!!!!!!!!! Learn the facts people!! Stop spreading misinformation and stop hurting an already vulnerable minority: dignity, justice, and rights for ALL!! If you think homosexuality is wrong, then don’t engage in it, but don’t impose your prejudices on others. There are too many real problems affecting our society; let us not divide ourselves further. We mus be more respectful, tolerant, and understanding of diversity. Let us not wear blinders!! Live, and let live!!!!!!!

  5. unanimous says:

    to brightman, u r really bright, I couldn’t be more in agreement with your comment,

  6. No Integrity in Belize says:

    Sin is sin no sin is bigger or worst than the other. Pointing out someone elses sin does not eliminate the sin you are committing. The Bible clearly state that Homosexuality is a sin and that is the bottom line. I don’t believe the church is preaching hate for anyone as the Bible says hate the SIN love the Sinner and that is the christian way, just because I do not agree with your lifestyle does not mean I hate YOU all it means is that I do not agree with your lifestyle…period. God created a man and a woman for a reason and anything that goes against is teaching is wrong it is un natural even the act itself is unnatural and that statement does not mean that I hate gay people it is just a fact of nature. People please stop being so emotional about this issue and aproach it intelligently and with facts.

  7. william freda says:

    Religion has been the biggest cause of sexual abuse and procecution of others.The division
    of church and state was created so that religion does not have any say in the implimentation of law.lets talk about economical growth,preventive healthcare lets talk about poverty alleviation I believe that if we want to do some good this is where we should start.

  8. Brightman says:

    @ No Integrity in Belize; while I respect your opinion, you contradict yourself. It is a FACT that the earth is over 4 billion years old. It is a fact that most people are born gay–they don’t “choose” to be gay as the unlearned claim. THE BIBLE and its origins along with ALL RELIGIONS is a matter of BELIEF/FAITH, not fact. Keep studying, some day you will become enlightened!

  9. Belizean says:

    I honestly believe they are so many things happening in Belize right now, Crime, Poverty, Unemployment I can keep going and going for someone to bring up a law suit for rights on sexual orientation. I have no problem with people living their lives how they want cause not everyone will have the same wants but the take it at such a level and trying to force views on a country is not tasteful and not important. You can live your life how you want it as tomorrow is promised to no one but dont try to force things down ppls throats for acceptance.

  10. Retired CEO says:

    Much sympathy with little respect to you, Belizeanpride, please do some research before responding ignorantly and irrationally to things you appearently do not know anything about. Take off your blinders and quit being so dogmatic, live and let live!!!!!

  11. deedee says:

    Well said Retired CEO & brightman.

  12. Belize Journal says:

    @ William – There is no such thing as separation or division of Church and State. This does not exist in the US constitution, and certainly not in Belize’s.

    @ everyone else: Should there be an absolute standard for anything?

    How dare us deny the right of the folks at NAMBLA, who just want to be able to have relationships with children? What about the polygamists, who stand for their right to marry multiple women/men. Dare we deny also the polyamorists, who believe that it there is nothing wrong with relationships which include multiple men and women?

    What is your tolerance index? If you deny these people their rights, you are just as guilty as the Christians you say are intolerant. If you agree with their rights, then how far should they go? Is there an end that would suite anyone?

    Pray (no pun intended) tell…

  13. CEO says:

    Will the church next demonstration be against pedifile priests and church leaders who violate jouviniles in their care and trust?

    Let see you guys take a stand against real problems in our society.

  14. CEO says:

    “No Integrety in Belize” you spoke against the facts that “brightman” stated but now you want to approach the matter intellegently. So tell me how can you do this and ignore the facts?

    The point that brightman was making as stated in the bible is like what Christ told the guys who wanted to stone the woman who was accused of adultry “He That is Without Sin Cast The First Stone”. In other words churches are not qualified to speak out against issues like this because they have done more harm than good to societies. This world for the most part is divided along religeous lines. How indept is your knowledge about religeon?

  15. John says:

    @Belize Journal: Yes, separation of church and state certainly exists in the US constitution. It’s only in the 1950s that “in God we trust” was established as the official motto of the US– a move that is being vehemently fought now as anti-American, as it should be in a multicultural nation where many different beliefs live together.

    If you are asking what my tolerance index is, let me tell you that it is high for consenting adults who want equal rights under the law. Obviously pedophilia (which always seems to come up when discussing gay rights for some bigoted reason) will remain illegal, as children are biologically not mature enough to understand the consequences of sexual activity.

    Think long and hard about choosing the bible (or any other holy book) as the absolute standard for morality. We don’t stone people for working on the sabbath (Ex 31:12-15) or punish women for getting an education (Tim 2:12) . Why do you think that is, even though it is CLEARLY in the bible? Because we have moved on as a civilized society, and we are continuing to do so now.

  16. Brightman says:

    @ Belize Journal: As long as these CONSENTING ADULTS, they should be entitled to their day in the courts. No one is advocating or condoning any violation of any child–do not twist the issues–another clear example of misinformation! And you’re right–there can not be an absolute standard for everything–nothing is absolute!!! Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am in total agreement with @Belizean’s views on this issue.

  18. OWtoBoston says:

    Funny how they single out one line in the bible and ignore many others. If you’re gonna use the bible as your weapon, don’t pick and choose. Hypocrits, all of them. I wait for the young to bring their beliefs forward.

  19. Earl Grey says:


    KEEP THE GOVERMENT OUT OF THE BEDROOM…then we can’t even keep them out of our yard, they would shoot your dog to come in your yard.


  20. JamCan says:

    @No Integrity in Belize – while i am on your side, i must challenge your theology. Some sins are worse than others. Just read John 19:11 (ESV) <> And why would some people have greater judgment than others if all sins are the same? Matthew 11:24 (ESV) But I tell you that it will be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom than for you.”

  21. Morfph says:

    In midst of of all the chatter of hypocrisy, intolerance, rights etc. we cannot loose sight of the fact that homosexuality (whether man to man or woman to woman) is an absolute abomination to God. Nothing we do, nothing we saw, varying perspectives, opinions, ideologies etc. will ever change that. It was for such abominations that God has utterly destroyed entire civilizations in the past; God remains the same God after all this time and it remains not beyond His resolve to seek restitution for all grievances against His moral standards. I reference this not to pronounce doom on my beloved Belize; but to underscore the seriousness, severity and gravity of what is at hand. Whether it be in the court of legislature or the court of public opinion, we cannot continue to sanction and accept as the norm or the “new unfolding way of life” practices such as this and then continue to wonder why we continue to suffer dramatic moral and economic decay within our society. We cannot see with regular frequency, our children abused and molested, our elderly stabbed multiple times, our homes invaded at supper time and not think all is okay in Belize and that we don’t have a serious problem in our country. For starters, when we can be bitterly divided as to the ‘right or wrong’…of an obvious wrong, that should be a clear and obvious indicator that we have major work to do. When we all put aside all differences and start denouncing all that is is ‘stenchly’ wrong (homosexuality, child abuse, murder etc.) in our society and start advocating all we inherently know to be right, then and only then, will Belize start to experience the blessings that will see it grow into that ‘Jewel in the Heart of Central America” we all know it can be. Folks, lets not get distracted by all the other irrelevant issues, what we have before us is a huge task and responsibility….a task that demands us, curb and eradicate the decadence in our society and a responsibility to protect what remains, while restoring what has been lost of the moral fabric of Belize.

  22. Voice of Belize! says:

    We no want our jewel to end up like Sodom and Gomorrah! Homosexuality brings destruction and curse to a nation…

  23. Concerned says:

    Homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God. I am a chirstian and I do not believe in the behavior. But retired CEO, you are so opinionated and support the very core of homosexuality and I respect that, however the same way you are willing to defend homosexuals and what they stand for and get so defensive of people bringing them down and not supporting and believing in their view and way of life is the same way heterosexuals will do to defend that belief. So please don’t give little respect because someone refuse to support your way of living. RESPECT it, just simple. “RESPECT”. I believe that homosexual behavior is wrong and it is a behavior that is learnt from what we see in society. I do not believe that one is born that way. Its failure sometimes as parents that we dont correct behaviors. If you are out their with your little boy and see a man kissing a man and a five year old sees that, its the responsibility of the parent to correct the behavior and explain to the child that it is not RIGHT. But we turn our hids frowned at the action and the child is never thought that the action he saw in the streets is not right. So, they grow up believing that the “act” or behavior is the norm of society. TV and fame all teaches us about these actions and we lust and we feed on it. Like all sins it is in our flesh that we desire anything and everything that is wrong. I respect any homosexual as a human being but not their way of life as I do not believe in it and refuse to believe in it for fame or favor from anyone. I will not judge them because it is not my place to do so. But I support and stand against legalizing it. I refuse for my two boys to believe that homosexuals way of life is ok by GOD. Because it is not. And please we dont need to get catholics involve. Whatever the priest did that is between them and God. whatever catholics did centuries ago in the name of God that was wrong let God be the judge of that. We should not allow same sex marriage or for same sex to adopt a child. The very thought of homosexuality behavior is a bit confusing to me I must say. They want to live a life that GOD had created for MAN and WOMAN like Marriage and raising children, however not as a man and woman. If you were born homosexual then why do you want to raise kids. If you want to have a man and live with a man a man cannot bare children so why have the desires to have children. Then you are not born a homosexual learnt behaviors from society curiosity and lust make you want to become one. Why want to marry if marriage was in the bible for a man and woman. So if anyone that is confused and contradicting is the behavior itself.

  24. Louisville,Ky says:

    Brightman and CEO, no amount of philosophising or hallow rhetoric on your behalf will convince right thinking individuals to agree with you in accepting homosexuality as normal. Could it be that you are trying to convince yourselves?………… because you are certainly not convincing us.
    Just carry on with your Loose selves (pun intended) and leave your slackness in the closet and out of our court room. You were never prosecuted in all these years for your unnatural lifestyle so why are your drawers now in bunches trying to change laws that aren’t even paying you any mind?
    I truely believe that you have ulterior motives and you are hell bent on seducing our innocent little boys. See,my beef is that I have a 7 yr old grandson and God forbid anyone of you child molesters touch Am………..God forbid!!

  25. Unknown says:

    Louisville, I so agree with you how can we stand for what is wrong and accept what the BIBLE, the words of God is against. Belize was once a blessed country just wait and watch what will become of Belizeans like them that have no heart for what is right, and for all the others who just don´t care as long as they are not homo, think about what your children will have to be living in and will be taught in school and by who; the same homosexuals. Will you feel safe having your children in those environment? Please do not take God words and use them to make your wrong right seek before and ask for understanding. I am sorry for our Belizeans who are just going to sit and accept this……Political views how can Godfery and Lisa want to be in government who has to stand upon the words of God, and yet going against his words just like that you are not going to do good for the country……The Devil has you both where he wants you his (riding horse) next you will have to sell your souls to him in order to succeed in your careers……..This case will be the last you ever get unless you sell souls and what will it profit for a man to loose his soul and gain the world. NOTHING.

  26. Belize Journal says:

    After reading the responses to my question, I am surprised. Never once did I mention the bible, yet it was used as a defense. Hmm…

    So was my question answered? Not really.

    If “Consenting Adults” want to do something between themselves, it should be ok regardless of what it is? There should be no “Absolute Standard”?

    Keep digging!

  27. Caleb says:

    Bravo! It is so amazing how our government see how wrong homosexuality is. Lets stand against for what is wrong! Lets not be carried away by adapting behaviour such as this in our country.
    Not because U.S has it we should accept it. No this is an independent country therefore the people are the ones who rule here. thus the people will stand up against this abnormal behaviour.

  28. belizeanpride says:


    no hard feelings bro, even if you have little respect to me but definitely, i believe my bible even do i might not be a saint nor the pope is a saint we are trying to walk the correct path of the Lord, I’m not voicing a point of them (UNIBAM) raping kids, it’s the morality of having man to man which the bible says is not right so how can we encourage such thing. BUT IT REALLY HAVE YOU ANNOYED TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH BRO.

  29. John says:

    @Belize Journal: Oh please. Look at the article you are leaving your comments on and tell me the good clergy of Belize are NOT using the bible to support their stance on the issue.

    You know what used to be an absolute standard? Marriage used to be nothing more than a legal exchange of a property from a woman’s father to another man. Women WERE property. That was society’s absolute standard. If you say, “well of course, that was barbaric and we would never do that now!” — remember that you are looking with the perfect hindsight of someone living in 2011.

    Nothing has ever been constant. Don’t pretend society is perfect the way it is now.

  30. Anointed says:

    Let God be true, and every man a liar. There is absolute truth. His name is Jesus, and if Jesus was at the rally as a human being, he would not be condoning the homosexual behaviour. He would be willing to forgive and say, “Go and sin no more!”

  31. Christian for life says:

    I believe in Jesus, I believe he is the son of God, I believe he died and rose again and I believe he’s here now, standing in our midst with the power to heal now and the grace to forgive…………Father God we ask that you bless this nation, we know what your word says, we know that your word does not go void, keep Belize oh God and forgive those who do not know you as personal saviour for only by knowing you as their personal saviour they can understand the depth of legalizing same sex marriage and everything else that comes with such an act. Father you said where 3 or 4 are gathered in your name there you will be. Can’t see my son growing up in a nation that allows this sin to be open, no way.

  32. brightman says:

    While I am not an atheist, I keeping reading that God did this, and God hates that… Well, a perfect, holy, and impeccable God would not have created imperfect beings and put them through so much hardship, and certainly not have created them in His image and then give them small-mindedness!! The Bible is but a literary compendium of beliefs ever-changing passed down from primitive societies who had no understanding of science and the universe. People, please, stop being so self-righteous; you are losing credibility. Look at your own faults before you judge others! This is about human rights–the right to equality and quality of life. Live and let live–let us not divide this country further; be tolerant, respectful and let unity, love, and peace, prevail!!

  33. Beautifulpempem says:

    Ceo and Brightman please keep uno gay life private!we Do not want to know!!!IGod bless our jewel Belize i pray in your name lett this Unibam be perish!!!

  34. Proudly GAY says:

    Dear Pastor Scott Stirm,
    with all your respect, you and the aglican church are some fools wasting your time and money which you can use wisly to help to POOR that needs it. Know you are talking a lot things that dont go so. I am a 16 year OLD GAY GUY from BELMOPAN, i am currently attending hight school. Let me teel you something its not a choice to be gay, we are bron gay. I dont have any feelings for girls. i like strictly cute guys like my self and trust me we are all in the closeth. know getting back to you Pastor Scott Stirm the last case of CHILD ABUSE in belize was a prist or somethinf like that, that raped does 3 boys thats bad. i sleep with guys my age, not younger nor older.

  35. A Hopkins says:


    You are correct Sir. For example, shall we put to death those who curse their parents?
    “For everyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death. He has cursed his father or his mother. His blood shall be upon him(Leviticus 20:9)
    Shall we allow slavery? “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.” (Leviticus 25:44-45)
    Shall we ban smallholdings and blends of material? “….do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear material woven of two kinds of material.” (Leviticus 19:19)
    Are shrimps and lobsters to be banned? “Whatever in the water does not have fins or scales; that shall be an abomination to you.” (Leviticus 11:12)20:9)
    And worst of all, shall we insist that everybody has weird hairstyles? “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” (Leviticus 19:27)

    It’s all in the Bible! Waddya say, Pastor Stirm?

  36. Caleb says:

    you all are !@#$%^& sick!!!! why are u supporting lesbian hoes and men that use each other in the @$$!!! Get a life and pray to god to save belize

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