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Nov 29, 2011

Family says dark friends and EMO led to death of UB student

Greg Alexander Flowers

A young university student lost his life tragically on November twenty fifth.  The police report was not released until late Monday evening. It outlined an incident in which Greg Alexander Flowers went swimming with his friends and did not resurface. A family member identified the body, according to the report, after it was transferred to the San Ignacio Community Hospital. It seemed like an open and shut case of a seventeen-year-old University of Belize student who had drowned. But the teen who had everything to live for, did not know how to swim. He had only recently moved west to attend UB and his family believes that a darker tale of EMO, murder and human sacrifice may have been covered up on the banks of the Mopan River. To get to the bottom of this murky tale, News Five’s Isani Cayetano travelled to Orange Walk Town for Flowers’ burial where one more twist was added to this unusual tale.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The burial of seventeen year old Greg Flowers at the Piemonte Memorial Cemetery in Orange Walk Town four days after he reportedly drowned near Branch Mouth in Santa Familia Village was delayed momentarily a little before noon today.  His grieving family was busy placing a last minute call to forensic pathologist Dr. Mario Estradabran asking for a secondary inquest.  His death is steeped in mystery despite being ruled as a case of drowning by San Ignacio police last Friday.

Voice of: Marian Flowers, Aunt of Deceased

“My nephew couldn’t swim and the fact that di lee bwai dehn stories keep di change, the place weh dehn say ih jump keep di change.  Dehn say ih actually swim around di river and ih cyant swim, from ih jump ih mig gwein down.  Dehn have witnesses weh say di lee bwai dehn mu di try push my nephew affa di bridge.  One man say that he sih my nephew when ih hand mi deh up eena di air and di lee bwai dehn deh pan di bank di laugh.”

The young men Marian Flowers refers to are fellow UB students whom Greg had only just met since enrolling as a freshman at the institution back in August. Though not confirmed, his aunt is convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are part of a predominantly Cayo-based occult known as Emo.

Voice of: Marian Flowers

“Di lee bwai dehn weh mi deh with ahn he mi meet dehn less than wah month, one ah dehn ih meet di same day and dehn say that dehn eena Emo and dehn say that two a dehn already mi eena, dehn mi done get investigated fi some case wid some lee bwai weh ih mu get ih throat cut and so all ah dehn things just noh di add up.”

What remains equally puzzling, the family says, are the lacerations Greg received to the face and other parts of his body.  Following the incident his friends, it is alleged, were preparing to leave the area without notifying the authorities.

Voice of: Marian Flowers

“Afta that happen wah lee young bwai weh mi deh across di bridge he say that he sih di bwai dehn di get ready fi go so he gone cross and he ask dehn if dehn no gah wah phone fi call di police and dehn said no.  All ah di lee bwai dehn deh had phone, my nephew phone mi deh right deh pan di ground wid sixty dollars een deh.  So dehn mih just gwein and leff ahn right like that.”

The funeral procession for the teenager filed into the graveyard shortly after eleven this morning where his loved ones milled around for almost a half hour while arrangements were being made for a consequent autopsy.  They believe that he simply may have been murdered as part of a ritual sacrifice.

Voice of: Marian Flowers

“Maybe ih possible but one thing I know fi sure [is that] Greg noh wah jump eena da wata.  Greg, ih da wah lee bwai ih very responsible.  He come to me sometimes di try fi advise me.  Ih very responsible, ih gah ih head pan ih body.  Just Wednesday da lee bwai get awarded fih ih outstanding performance eena ih CXC.  Ih get scholarship, he noh wa put ihself out deh eena dehn kinda danger, ih know weh ih mi want eena life.”

While the interment of Flower’s body resumed at midday it is no closure for a family that has since confirmed that his remains will be dug up at a later date for a complete post mortem examination to conclusively determine whether he was indeed murdered. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Some friends believe that the death of Flowers’ grandmother three weeks ago may have made him depressed. His family denies that allegation.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Family says dark friends and EMO led to death of UB student”

  1. Manuel Almendar says:

    To protect from EMO, you must put JESUS CHRIST inside , not on the outside,period.
    I cannot take depression as a reason to jump into a river , bull, not that young man.

  2. me says:

    This whole Emo thing is B.S. The kids have issues that is all. This case however might have started as playful, spiteful and ended up in manslaughter.

  3. A. Wagner says:

    I strongly believe the San Ignacio police should investigate more thoroughly into this youth’s death. We are loseing too much of our outstandig youths to violence.God have mercy on Belize!

  4. dude says:

    emo is just a style of music which kids use to try to express themselves.
    just like punk and wave in the 80′s, grunge and gothic in the 90′s and so on…
    even when rock’n roll got popular in the 50′s, parents were shocked because it was the “devil’s music”…
    if somebody claims to hurt or even kill himself because of the music he listens to, then the problem is not the style of music, it is in the persons mind…
    emo sucks anyway…

  5. Manuel Almendar says:

    Well… what you talking about EMO surely says that you are NOT aware of WHAT EMO is.
    Inform yourself and you will be surprised , yes , very surprised at what EMO really is.
    If there is a EMO member reading, tell us more and be HONEST about what EMO really is.

  6. keara tun says:

    emo is just a style that we kids like to express…but if someone kill a next person well they have a mental problem its not the emo thing again!!!!!!!!ooh and emos are normal persons just like us just that they are lil too weak!!!!

  7. sammy says:

    i dont believe anything that was said in news about the cause of death of Alexander Flowers.. i do believe that the young man was thrown in as the friends had a laughter of watching him drown… its jus so sad that these kinds of tradgedy is happening and we cant find a way to stop it.. this should be the number one priority for officers.. i am not saying that it is not possible for him to have committed suicide..we as parents can never tell what our child is going through.. they only tell us what they want to… they can seem quite happy and contented on the outside, but they can be deeply depressed and we have no clue.. but never the less, when you think about the story and really try to make sense and cant make any,then its probably not right.. like i’ve always been told, “when u havea gut feeling that the story is someway wrong, even in a small way possibe,then it probably is!” anyways my condolences to the family! wish you all the best!

  8. Karen says:

    Some people are just clinically depressed and parents misunderstand or don’t care about their kids much. Parents are too distracted from their families problems to support them, everyone needs to feel loved and Belizean culture isn’t as affectionate as others. So emo culture caused his death? You guys are so dim witted. Belize has nothing for teenagers to do to keep a healthy state of mind and medication for depression is expensive. If I told my mother or father that I was depressed, do you think they’d care to seek treatment for me? No. It’s not the “Belizean “way. “We just Di get them thoughts from American television.”x


    To my understanding EMO is satanic teenage group originating somewhere in central america. Whether their linked to each other through music or not, I think the practices and rituals that these EMO youths are practicing are without morals and is surely a very dangerous one. I have read case after case regarding these senseless, idiotic human sacrifices mostly in the western region, and I’m like shocked at how calmly society is coping with what IS a potentially serious problem! Demons, witchcraft, satanic rituals have NO place in society and should be investigated thoroughly and dealt with accordingly. Instead we are letting this happen! No one cares, no one wants to care! I for one is outraged at these stupid, senseless, ridiculous practices by our youths! Its unheard of in Belize! We didn’t practice these types of evil in my time, we played football and ate sour plum after! It only goes to show that our youths have weak minds and are followers of these ill practices, that’s a huge problem! If we can’t choose right from wrong, good from evil, then we are doomed as nation and as a family!

  10. Be Safe says:

    No offense, but this story was uninformative and missing a lot of details. Reporters needed to be on the scene when the body was taken out of the water … No person when drowning would have their arms crossed in front of their chest…. I hope the police investigate this …. everything leads to foul play … … EMO … And don’t let no one pull the wool over your eyes what EMO stands for and the group movement …Its deep deep deep and Satanic …. God Keep our youth safe… reveal the TRUTH in this case…

  11. joe lopez says:

    I do not agree with u karen, the parents of this youth they do care for him! That’s they are giving him good education. What I think happen here that these youths were playing and didn’t. Expect this to happen because of their foolishness!!

  12. dude says:

    too sad a teenager is dead and too sad his death gets connected to the emo subculture.
    it is especially people like Manuel Almendar, Prince Michaels and Be Safe who spread the fairy tale that “satanic evil spirits” are involved in the emo scene – cos they dont have the slightest clue of modern teenage lifestyles, or they just blind.

    btw. only people who believe there’s a god also believe there’s a satan and vice versa

  13. K says:

    RIP home boy GOD have u now!!!

  14. M says:

    Just so sad…used to see this young man in my class, calm and intelligent person. Gone too soon. Mein, this whole emo crap or whatever, its All ridiculous..i pray for my little Belize. Especially for the young people…Greg is in a better place now. May he RIP and may d truth be brought out. God bless him and his family.

  15. Lauren says:

    Greg was a very happy kid spoke to hime the night before and he was looking forward to a lot. he was no depress and his mother care more for him than anyone can care for their child he was murder. He had a lot to liver for and the truth will come out soon. He had people that love him very much and he could talk to them anytime which he did. someone murder him and there will find out who did it. IT WAS MURDER

  16. bon jovi says:

    all ah unu weh deh pan emo unu stupid and nothing dah bout music hea deh people deal wit di d devil but if u want follow he neva deppressed caz i live wit he and i no he was a happy child so if u no no u shouldn’t talk jus by d way how u no dah murder

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