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Nov 17, 2011

Caribbean artists concert on Settlement Day

Bobby Chin

Garifuna Settlement Day is fast approaching. The population of Dangriga, often referred to as culture capital, will be the center of attraction this weekend. Whether you are looking forward to eating traditional food or viewing the reenactment of the first boats to Belize, the constant sounds of drumming will be an accompaniment to the festivities. There will be at least two concerts that will draw large crowds, one, which will focus on local artists, and the other that is drawing controversy for featuring musicians from the Caribbean.  Nonetheless, Tanya Stevens and Black Chiney stopped by our studios to promote their Culture Fusion Concert that will reign in Settlement Day at the Jay-Z Lawn in Dangriga.

Bobby Chin (Black Chiney), Artist

“This is Bobby Chin and this is…”

Shawn Dizzy, Dancehall Artist

“Shawn Dizzy.”

Bobby Chin

“And Black Chiney and you know this is the hottest dancehall artist in Jamaica right now.”

Shawn Dizzy

Shawn Dizzy

“Deh yah fi Bobby Chin Birthday bash.”

Bobby Chin

“Garifuna weekend.”

Shawn Dizzy

“Yeah, Garifuna weekend. We wah turn it up to man. Very first time in Belize and looking forward to performing for the fans and you know give it all the energy performance.”

Jose Sanchez

“Give the audience a preview of what they should hear from you.”

{Shawn Dizzy sings}

Jose Sanchez

“What shall we expect from you?”

Bobby Chin

“This is Black Chiney, the man weh own the sound that represent Belize around the world. I play tornado in Italy the other day and it turn over the place. We dah di only set weh play Punta ina Europe. Represent Belize bad.”

Tanya Stevens

Tanya Stevens, Musician

“I’m here for Garifuna, I think that’s on Settlement Day.  The blending of the cultures this big celebration that’s going on and that’s what I am here for. And I rush to get here and I was sitting at window in the airplane, that’s why the breeze get in my hair. And I made it.”

Jose Sanchez

“I’m assuming there’s a show. Where will this show be taking place?”

Tanya Stevens

“Well previously I’ve only been to Belize City but this time I am headed to Dangriga. First time I am going to Dangriga.”

Jose Sanchez

“And what kind of performance, what should the people attending this show expect from you?”

Tanya Stevens

“The show is a melting pot of different cultures so it is going to be fun for everybody. Everybody can get what they want out of it. For me personally, I am going to enjoy myself too. I am going to be singing my songs too. But more than that; if you buy the CD and play the CD, but with me here you gonna get a live experience. So we going to be interacting with each other and having as much fun as we can squeeze out of any one day.”

Jose Sanchez

“Will you be doing any Garifuna duets?”

Tanya Stevens

“Well if somebody lets me hear something that is exciting of course. I am very adventurous.”

{Tanya Stevens sings}

Jose Sanchez

“It is Garifuna settlement day and you are bringing non-Garifuna artists from across the Caribbean, some artists may feel disrespected by that.”

Barbara Noralez

Barbara Noralez, Concert Promoter

“We understand and in fact we have been hearing that and I think all the artists in Dangriga know that I am Punta rock promoter. What we are doing here, we’re merging both cultures. In fact if you go to a Punta rock function or any Belizean function the majority of music you hear is music from Jamaica. So I would rather have live artist from Jamaica work along with live artist from Dangriga. From what I can see, our music and our entertainers need a lot of help and exposure and lot of thing. And I believe that what we are forming with cultural fusion, one day Jamaicans the Jamaicans might want to Belizean artists and Punta rock artists live in Jamaica and that is one of the ways how we can expose our culture too. All of us know by now in the country what Garifuna music is all about. We’ve had other foreigners come and experience it. Why don’t we have people of our color come and experience it with us and share with us too? Our headliner with Tanya will be Adrian the Doc Martinez and we’ll have live drumming. So we’re adding to it the Dangriga and Garifuna part of it. We’re putting the tenth scenario—the women singing and the drum beating. So that is going to be our part of it.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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31 Responses for “Caribbean artists concert on Settlement Day”

  1. Elgin Martinez says:

    Wake up Griga and don’t have this lady Noralez bring any foreign artist to your community for this special occasion.This is a disrespect for every Garifuna person.

  2. Bulba Martinez says:

    Right idea but wrong timing and I agree with you Elgin. This is why people in the South always get screwed and the Artists there grab at anything. They are nothing but a bunch of followers who are easily being misled. I am ashame of Adrian to go along with the bs and for Barbarra to disrespect our culture and people like that. Our ancestors will tossing and turning as of today, thanks to you Barbara.

  3. Garifuna to the BONE says:

    I will be in Griga this weekend promoting Garifuna Culture! Will not pay a dime to go see Tanya Stephens with all that vulgarity! It is GARIFUNA SETTLEMENT DAY, celebrate that pay the Garifuna Collective to do a concert not Tanya Stephens she does not even know what the culture is about! Yes we are a melting pot of culture but lets give credit where credit is due! This is down right disrespectful to Garinagu people! Adrian the Doc I had a lot of respect for you now I don’t! You should have declined! I guess money talks and bull***t walks!

  4. fureal says:

    I hope mi Garifuna sistas and breddas no support dis concert. Tanya Stevens da pure r….. I agree with Elgrin Martinez we can’t mek dem come disrespect our people.

  5. louisville,ky says:

    Elgin, at first I sorta kinda felt the way you do but, after hearing Barbara’s (Bubby) explanation, I feel differently. At times promoters need to be adventurous and innovative and think outside the box so to speak. As popular as punta rock is in Belize and diaspora really and truely it has not caught on in the international arena the way reggae, for example has done. Who knows, maybe it is this kind of fusion and collaboration that it needs to take it to that next level.
    The Bubby that I know is roots and hard core Garifuna to the bone, so I don’t believe she would be disrespectful of her culture in any way. Now if you tell me she is all about her paper, then that’s a whole different conversation.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    We’ve came far as a people,let’s not forget the hard work that has brought us to this point.United we stand and divided we fall.Bringing these foreign artist into our community for our settlement day is just going to divide our people.

  7. Garifuna to the BONE says:

    Louisville,ky it is clear this is all about the money for her! What happen to the Garifuna performers here in Belize Lloyd, Garifuna Collective, Reckless,Griga Boyz if we don’t allow them to perform for us in Belize how will they represent us abroad? Miss Noralez money is not everything!

  8. SMOOTHY says:

    We Should support tanya, she’s trying her best you know. tis for us belizens to make us look good. Smoothy out.

  9. hmm says:

    why do we need jamaicans on Garifuna Settlement Day? take them to Belize City Corozal anywhere but Dangriga to compete with Supa G… with the is disrespectful. i don’t think it is an interntional disrespect but obviously disrespectful.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    lousville,ky:Action speake louder than words family.Furthermore if it’s the paper that she’s all about then i can assume that she is not for the people.

  11. Bulba Martinez says:

    One does not have to disrespect their culture by making excuses to promote. Punta Rock has gone international for a very long time now and you can ask Ivan Duran about that, he is one, if not Belize’s local and International Promoter, who promote our Artists just about every where. Why not 10th. of September, Independence Day, Baron Bliss Day, or a “Caribbean/Punta Rock Soundsplash” concert, instead of distracting our Carib Settlement Day Celebration?. I would have no problem with any other Band from anywhere throughout our country, but this is total disrespect either way you put it. fureal, I de wid you an Elgin, there’s a line in life that we should never cross.

  12. Kendra Riddick says:

    Tanya Stephens and all those other artists can NEVER be used to disrespect our culture. We have something solid we can share with the world. Our culture has been promoted in international arenas and events attended mainly by people of European decent. I think it is adventurous and broad-minded to “educate” our Caribbean brothers and sisters about the depth of that aspect of our culture. We have what we have and no one diminish the significance of our day and our culture. The reality is, music truly is an international language. On that selected night, we can invite our familiar neighbors/relatives to join us in speaking the same universal language with us. It never was only ours, it is OK to share. Jamaica is a music-loving nation. Who knows, it could open some of the doors that the Jamaicans have already entered. If not, we still have a strong and celebrated culture!. My people, try to see this in a broader light…In any case, we gon’ still be alright!!!

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    Kendra Riddick:Can you please give me the name of one Belizean Artist that has been promoted in Jamaica.

  14. Rambo says: on Saturday at 9pm live mixxing Reggae Soca and Dancehall Tune in we are Celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day the right way also in the mix local artists like Mc Melo, Brother David and more so while you chat enjoy the mix it’s gonna be just like you are in Dangriga with Stone Jam respect…..

  15. Always concerned says:

    OMG…I would imagine that people have a choice and can CHOOSE to spend their money where they want. Who don’t want to go to Y-not now have another option…THAT’S ALL. Don’t see where the disrespect is because EVERY YEAR DJs are invited down, even our local DJs and sound crews, they play Dancehall, Hip hop and everything else so I don’t see the issue at all.

    People always find a way to create a divide, I’m disgusted by the stupidity that people are displaying by making this a big deal.

    Jump high, jump low…the concert is gonna be happening and like I said…who don’t want to see Tanya and the others, go to Y-NOT island, we don’t need negative vibes while we bash it up!!!!

    PS: Maybe people can take all their time and efforts wasted on complaining about Tanya and see to it that people continue to promote being Garifuna after 19th Celebrations, I Born and raise here in Dangriga and there are only a handful of people here who continue to wear Garifuna outfits, cook the food and speak Garifuna other than around Nov. 19 th. GET REAL!!!!

  16. Joycelyn Noralez says:

    If we’ll become so narrowminded when we live in a world where most people feel like global citizens then so be it. We want to own our culture so much that no other culture can participate in
    this celebratory occasion with us in their own cuiture without us feeling disrespected? Perhaps only garinagu people should celebrate the 19th then since we own it by ourselves. Tanya Stephen’s is only an added attraction. She can NEVER undermine the prominence of our garifuna artists and the garifuna settlement celebrations.

    To all the disrespected, I look forward to attending your show next year!!!!

  17. popeoplefedup says:

    So who will it Be TANYA stevens and DIzzy or SUPAG/Reckless/Lloyd tonight/? Promote the foreigners on a cultural night, Garifuna is a UN culture. or is it our people…

  18. Kendra Noralez-Riddick says:

    Elgin Martinez…..Regretfully, you have totally missed the point! ….and truthfully, to answer your question, perhaps none. The response to the question however, is irrelevant. Dream big, brother; dream big!

  19. Kendra Noralez-Riddick says:

    …Oh by the way, promotion is not as profitable as people think it is.. It is an EXTREMELY risky business.

  20. Concern citizen #2 says:

    I agree with Elgin about disrespect, have the Jamacians took any of our artist and try to promote them in Jamaica or any where in the world? Byron Lee used to come to Belize and take all of our money and run back to Jamaica and talk about it when he gets back to Jamaica, you are right it’s all about the money.

  21. Concern citizen #2 says:

    I agree with Elgin about disrespect, have the Jamacians took any of our artist and try to promote them in Jamaica or any where in the world? Byron Lee used to come to Belize and take all of our money and run back to Jamaica and talk about it when he gets back to Jamaica, you are right it’s all about the money.

  22. louisville,ky says:

    Ok Faambly, point taken, I know how you all feel. As a Grigalizean to the bone myself I fully well know, that there are things sacred you don’t tamper with when it comes to the Garifuna culture. Bubby should have known better. She is there on the ground and should have felt the drum beat of the people. I will say though, that while the timing as Bulba suggested is off, I stand in full support of Bubby’s initiative in mixing up the reggae with the punta.
    Indeed it’s a gutsey move and a risky investment but, dat dah how MY Gial ress !!

  23. Billy says:

    How do garifunas think they are? We are all belizean , the only native are the mayas

  24. Not a 'Sell Out" says:

    PSSSSHHHT! Jamaicans and Jamaican artists listen and promote only their reggae. And build their riddims for their market. Punta is close to Jamaican ‘Kumina’, which they (generally) look down upon in a condescending manner. Good-luck in your attempt to open their minds.

    T.V. Ramos, Mr Segura must be turning in their graves. Elgin Martinez’s argument is well in-line and presented.

  25. Not a 'Sell Out" says:

    PSSSSHHHT! Jamaicans and Jamaican artists listen and promote only their reggae. And build their riddims for their market. Punta is close to Jamaican ‘Kumina’, which they (generally) look down upon in a condescending manner. Good-luck in your attempt to open their minds.

    T.V. Ramos had a vision; he must be turning in his grave. Elgin Martinez’s argument is well in-line and presented.

  26. logic says:

    Elgin a Belizean artist promoted in Jamaica is Eljai if thats how it is spelt correctly. THe problem with some of you Garifuna people is that you have so much damn pride. You need to relax yourselves and teach your children the culture and the language if you are so insulted about foreign artist being brought in. instead you should feel honored that an international non garinagu superstar is coming to commemorate garifuna settlement day. on the real some of yall think you are making a bold statement but yall sound so prejudice. if you dont want foreigners then keep yourselves in the garifuna community and fight for an independent PG or Toledo if your so damn insulted. sometimes i swear some others feel ashamed by their own kind behaving so ignorant. the UN should not hold the garifuna is such regard with the way you are acting. it is the very reason that others want to celebrate with you why such artists should come . bunch of insolent fools acting the way ya acting.

  27. Barbara Norales says:

    Everyone of you go ahead and google Barbara Norales and you will find out about my work and commitment to culture. There is no paper to be made. Supa G could tell you that when I learnt about the Beliken Fest I called him to produce the show. Maybe bringing in Tanya Stephens is as disrespectful as promoting cheap beer for the 19th. Is that what your culture represent? The beneficiaries of the concert at why not was not the artist or the garifuna nation it is Belikin company who has done nothing for the development of the Garifuna nation. There has never been a Garifuna person at the helm of Belikin in Dangriga.

    I was approached by two gentlemen, Shawn Castillo and Cadle Williams who wanted to do something different. Shawn had approached our local artist to work with them. Some of them even collected his deposit and didn’t even show up to perform. I stood in solidarity with him as a young garifuna promoter who wanted to do great things. He has since learnt the lesson that I learn a long time ago of how ungrateful our musicians most of our musicians are. It was impossible for a little black gariufna boy to stand up to the likes of Barry Bowen Company who buttered the paws of a few in the name of culture.

    My people there is a saying the goes “if I didn’t open my mouth, you would not have known how much of an a—hole I am”. Are you saying that Beliken is doing a better job of promoting the culture than I am? A lot of you are far removed from what is going on. Thanks Louisville, I am truly as hardcore as they come. Lets start having garifuna lessons on hamalali radio, where we sometimes hear some of the most vulgar reggae tunes. We don’t need Tanya Stephens to disrespect us, we disrespect each other every day.

    For those of you who think that I am a sell out, maybe I could have given Beliken an offer to step down and kill my young brother’s dream who have decided that they don’t want to rob, kill or do otherillegal stuff. My people thanks to the good Lord, I have learnt to build houses with the stones you throw. Let’s sit down and see how we can learn to respect ourselves as human beings, that is who we are before we divert to our little categories…..WE ARE MEMBERS OF THE HUMAN RACE. Too bad there were media houses who encouraged such… much did you make from the Belikin Ads? WAKE UP WORLD!

  28. Barbara Norales says:

    My biggest disappointment comes when those who are in position to guide these guys and left them to head in this direction. They played their dirty game while Dave Vasquez from Bowen and Bowen sat back and smiled at them making @$$#$ of themselves, trying to make me into some villian. Take your trashing somewhere else. I got a job and believed that it is something that could work. Who gave any artist monopoly on the 19th. I am hopeful that the Galen University Music Project will make a difference. I already see the difference in some of the artist that are in school, I think the rest should join in and hopefully we won’t be intimidated by any other artist that come into town.

  29. Barbara Norales says:

    I suggest that each one of you sit with the all the artist and ask them to write what I have done for them and what I have done against them. They only come together on the 19th of November to find something to fight. Sit down with Supa G, I can show you video documentaries of us being in all different corners of Guatemala, ask him what he did when we start making money? Ask him who signed him on to Welcome to the Party band wagon, ask him what happened half way through with money? There is only so much backstabbing that a person can handle and this one take the cake because I was open to sit down with them, but they are so ignorant and full of hate they took this to the world and the rest of the country like they were victims. They were entertained by the local media, cultural organizations and other people who have done nothing to develop them.

    Adrian has had the experience and travelled internationally with Garifuna Collective and understand the work that need to be done. Adrian has refused to participate in shows where dj’s curse all night in the name of Culture. Does that make him a sell out. All of you should have been here last christmas when we all woke up to cussing in our bedroom from Why Not with the Till Jankunu Show promoted by a member of the Dangriga Town Council. Let’s talk abbout disrespect. I cannot fault you for what you think and feel, while the Fusion may have lacked timing, November 19th is the only time of the year that Griga has the crowd that could facilitate such and investment. Come walk in my shoe with an endless dedication to have our people develop and grow out of that close-minded ness. Unlike a lot of you, I chose to live here and put up with the attitudes that is here and try to change it. It is an endless battle because a lot of the teachers in our high schools have the same attitude, they have the opportunity to mold the minds of our children, what kind of minds do you think they are moulding? For those of you I say come do your part or jump off a bridge. Have a good day!

  30. TeeJayMat says:

    It may be about the money or it might not be about the money. However, as we are always talking about promoting and keeping the culture alive. In the interest of Garinagau nation did anybody think of approaching Barbara to discuss their fears or feelings of disrespect before starting to cast the aspersions. Our problem has consistently been not being able to work with each other. People we have got to get rid of the crab mentality, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing but there is a way to do it constructively. Honest discussion would have resulted in more being accomplished than trying to sully Barbara’s. Last but not least profit is not a bad thing my people. lets get over that ISSUE, except when you are selling your soul.

  31. Always concerned says:

    Str8 Up Bubbie….I support you every step of the way. People are quick to jump on the negative band wagon and have no idea what they are talking about…I’m glad you decided to set the record straight!!!

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