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Nov 11, 2011

Stephen O’Keke throws in the towel on mayoral campaign

Stephen O’Keke

The People’s United Party on Thursday presented its slate and mayoral candidate for the March City Council elections. Karen Bodden will be leading that team. But there is one independent candidate who stepped down today from the 2012 mayoral race. Activist Stephen Okeke, who has been campaigning on the airwaves for the last few months says he won’t run because he has been receiving threats to his personal security. Okeke says that he suspects the intimidation has been coming from the supporters of another mayoral candidate and in recent weeks it has increased to the point that he is in fear of his life.

Stephen O’Keke, Withdrawing Name for Mayoral Candidacy

“I am doing that because I don’t feel safe anymore to continue even though I have been having threats for many months now and even more intense for the past several weeks because of the things that we have been doing, the activities that we have been pushing ahead to educate them about what we are trying to develop. The threats recently became too much that I though after the threat this past Monday I didn’t think it was safe to continue.”

Andrea Polanco

“Okay, so when you say threats, are you receiving them via emails or what form?”

Stephen O’Keke

“Well email it will be anonymous, you don’t know who is threatening you, but when people approach you personally and explain to you how they are going to hurt you. And if you are conscious or not that these people have the power and authority to execute that threat, it is something that you should be concerned about.”

Andrea Polanco

“Okay. So you don’t know at this time from which end the threats are coming?”

Stephen O’Keke

“Well, I will say from those who are also sponsoring a mayoral candidate because I have been told specifically that I should get off the campaign because they have already decided who wants to be mayor and what they will spend and do until he becomes mayor.”

Andrea Polanco

“Now that you’re out of the running for the municipal elections, will we be seeing you rallying behind one of the other mayoral candidates?”

Stephen O’Keke

“The problem with that is that what they think we need seems to be very far from what the people are crying out for. All that we are hearing is how they are going to repair drains and streets. These things have been here for the past twelve years.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you’re not supporting any of the candidates at this time?”

Stephen O’Keke

“If I see any candidate who is able to deliver what Belize City needs then I may help advice. But I am saying that if there is no outrage about this thing of personal security because it if happens to me it’s open to happen to somebody else”

Okeke didn’t say if he has made complaints to the police.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Stephen O’Keke throws in the towel on mayoral campaign”

  1. J says:

    Okeke wants attention… Let’s see if he will kidnap himself too

  2. Islander says:

    This guy is obviously starving for attention . It is sad to see how far politicians will go to get some attention. Reminds me of the old man that kidnapped himself and then released himself right before elections.

  3. blackberry says:

    Stephen you knew what you were getting into before you even decided to get in . i am sure you remember rosado .

  4. Rebel says:

    Mr. Okeke…I respect you. You were not afraid to say it as it is. Those DARN power-hungry, corrupted, evil UDPs who threatened you for being ouspoken will soon see their last days at city hall. Don’t anyone even want to ask whether it was the PUP…they were never a threat until now. Let’s see who the UDP will threaten now.

  5. belize small business says:

    Islander and J, are you sure your complain about Okeke needing attention is not an expression of personal deprivation? How that what you suspect others are acting for is an expression of ones secret desires and unfulfilled aspirations? How is it that all that Mr.Okeke has done is not a part of the discussion about him. It seems everyone wants to demonize something about him. He has written ground breaking books: Understanding the problems of Belizean Youths”, “How to solve every problem everyday,” “The Psychology of Belize Politics,” “the psychology of the Belize Market Place – how to succeed in small business in Belize,” “To dance my dance,” “The African American experience – a third person perspective,” and more. He contributes to public discussions in ways that has improved individual lives and national development. He is an international public speaker (and what attention would he get that he does not yet enjoy with benefits internationally?) He is the sculptor who rendered the renoun bronze sculpture of George Price now proudly displayed in Belmopan Price center, Philip Goldson, The drums of our father in dangriga, The orange man on your B-H juice, and more. So for which of these should he be faulted even if he seeks attention. Which of the political aspirants will match his performance and delivery. Or does this has something to do with his race or skin color? People have called on radio to ask that he be deported to Africa – what a shame Belizeans. That at this time of our development, a mans value still depends on the color of his skin and not the content of his character. What a shame!! And what has islander and J done for Belize or contributed to the development and improvement of lives of Belizeans? Your love for Belize should be evaluated on your contribution to, not your benefit from Belize. If you love Belize, don’t just tell me, show me. If this man says that he is feeling threatened, lets not go after him, lets ask for an investigation. We should embrace and welcome people who contribute to our country, not just peasants who belabor our limited resources.

  6. belize small business says:

    Blackberry, should electoral office then be a dog eat dog kind of business? Should we who they aspire to serve not moderate their behavior and their approach towards that office to serve us? If someone complains that they feel their live is in danger at the hands of those who “have the power and authority” to make and execute a threat, should we not take it a little more seriously than simply waving it aside (even if he just felt that way because of an experience?)? And are we really comfortable being evaluated based on the experience and choices others have made (as comparing okeke with rosado or Aikman)? Okeke has been fearless and outspoken. Daring and doing things many Belizeans will not even dare to stick out their heads for. If he met stuff that scared him so much to abandon something he has already invested personal funds of between 15K to 20K already, should we not step back and take a little more intelligent “Mmm!! Huh!!” instead of cajoling? Are we really satisfied with what we are getting? Is there possibly more to his story than you have read?

  7. belizeanfirst says:

    Looking for attention. Ground breaking books? Please@@ Has anyone checked them for plagiarism.

  8. MACAL RIVERA says:


  9. Get it right says:

    Come on, does Okeke really think that he is a legitimate threat to any of the Mayoral Candidates? The story sounds made up. I can’t see any reason why any mayoral candidate for any of the parties should be worried of Okeke. We all know he wouldn’t even get close to getting a quarter of the votes the other candidates will be getting.

  10. blackberry says:

    belize small busines you miss my point , politics has become so dirty it is no longer possible for a few good men to enter into it because of the unthankful sacrifice they have to give.

  11. advocate says:

    It is no secret that this man cannot even run his own family much less our City. He needs to first show that he can handle his candle before wanting to handle ours. Like the saying goes “Show me your family and I will tell you who you are.”

  12. 2 cents says:


  13. 2 cents says:



  14. Nigerian4life says:

    I understand what Mr. Okeke is going through and I must say it that every Nigerian in this country face the same thing without even going for any political post. Many Belizeans center every immigration problem on Nigerians. What have we done????????????. 99% of Nigerians in Belize contributes to the economy of this nation. We have Doctors here,Nurses,Lecturers,Security Officers,Taxi Drivers,Teachers,Students,Marketers,Investors,Engineers and Politicians.. Under the common-wealth Nigeria gives a large sum of money to Belize every year..

    Mr. Okeke you’ve made a good decision by stepping down….. Thunder will strike every evil gathering against you… They don’t understand that you don’t have the physical strength to fight but you can fight and win the invisible battle……

    9ja for life!!!!!!!!

  15. stayclean says:

    Blackberry sorry I missed your point. But Advocate seems to be going in the direction of Joe and Juliet Wave radio. Okeke is a good guy at home, in his business and in public contributing in ways that have been useful to Belizean lives. Ignorance can be bad. And racism can be uninforming. But if family were a standard for running public office, what is Barrow, finigahn, fabers, boots, Joe, Alphonso, and others doing up there? Do you even know what Okeke stands for? That is why immigrants of the Indian and Chinese community don’t do nothing for Belizeans. Its a big waste of time. Folks don’t just get it. They are so highly intelligent that they are inneffective. So the immigrants just make their money and run. But if being immigrant is the problem, what is Erick Chan Boubouani or whatever, and Penna doing up in government? O! Ok, they are not black.

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