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Nov 8, 2011

DEA FAST Agents in region, but not Belize

Belize has been clearly linked by many international organizations as a transshipment point for drugs heading from South America to the United States.  The latest article written about this major problem appeared in the New York Times on Monday. The article called “D.E.A. Squads Extends Reach of Drug War” refers to a drug plane incident in Honduras during which an elite detachment of military-trained D.E.A. special agents joined in a shootout.  The program called FAST, for Foreign Deployed Advisory Support Team began in the George W. Bush administration to investigate Taliban linked drug traffickers in Afghanistan. But during the Obama administration the scope has been widened to include Central America. The New York Times article lists Belize as one of the countries involved with the paramilitary style D.E.A. FAST group. But according to Minister of Police Doug Singh, FAST is slow because it has not reached Belize.

Via Phone: Doug Singh, Minister of Police

Doug Singh

“We have actually advocated some investigation to get the record straight. We were confidently advised that no teams, no DEA commando teams etcetera, have been in operation with any unit of the police department—not with the anti drug unit, etcetera; so we are certain on that.”

Jose Sanchez

“When that drug plane landed on the southern highway, there were some unconfirmed reports that it was the DEA that initiated the contact to inform the police of the plane landing. Is that true or not?”

Via Phone: Doug Singh

“That is generally though; that is via the surveillance that is done through Florida with the radar where they would advise that there is the possibility of a plane that landed in Belize and more or less where the region is. But the first responders were the B.D.F. who were advised. And the actual first person on the scene who actually intercept someone was actually the police station at Bella Vista Village; the corporal from Bella Vista along with a special constable there. So there were no DEA per say involved in that investigation.”

Jose Sanchez

“To clarify, there are DEA agents, but not the types that are referred to in the article?”

Via Phone: Doug Singh

“Yes there are representatives of the DEA in Belize, but certainly not what is being suggested in that article that we are aware of. I will go one step further, we contacted the DEA office in Belize at the embassy and they confirmed that there has been no such operation in Belize. So I am not sure where the direction of the article. I can only go by what I’m told.”

Jose Sanchez

“If that would happen in the future, that is something that the government would be kept abreast of and you yourself would be aware of right?”

Via Phone: Doug Singh

“Well certainly we would expect to be made aware of it. If there are any joint operations it would have to happen with our consent and we would have to be involved at different levels so absolutely.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “DEA FAST Agents in region, but not Belize”

  1. Lucas says:

    WE HAVE ACTUALLY ADVOCATED SOME INVESTIGATION. In other words, the man does not know what is going on as minister of police, or is he just playing fool?.

    WE CONTACTED THE DEA OFFICE IN BELIZE AT THE EMBASSY. Again, asking the U.S. Embassy about the allegations when as minister of police should know what the hell is going in his country.


    The sad truth is that we are not independent much-less sovereign because our politicos have not a shred of patriotism nor nationalism but are a bunch of sell-outs. I can assure you this FAST guys are not in Cuba and probably not in Nicaraqua.

  2. Earl Grey says:

    DEA, CIA and FBI operated freely in Belize…DOUG SINGH IS SLEEPING and don’t know WHAT’S UP!

  3. Mr Perez says:

    The DEA should not operate in Belize because they have failed in there own country. Who would allow a failed organization to come and do operations? If they were so BIG and efficient why then is the United States still the biggest user of controlled drugs in the world? They are not to be allowed and our minister is shameless to speak as if he doesn’t know what’s happening in his country and ministry. How can you say that you can only speak based on what you’re told.

    The truth is that all illegal drugs must be legalized in order to take away the gangs, thugs, cartels out of the illegal business. When alcohol was illegal people found ways to get it.

    The war against drugs is a waste of time and money! I don’t use drugs and if it was legalized I would still not use it! Most none users would not use drugs if it was legal or illegal. DEA is not under the Belize government and hence should not be allowed to do arrest and other policing work in our country.

  4. blackberry says:

    DEA has been operating in belize since 1983

  5. belizeanpride says:

    it’s embarrassing to know that dough don’t have a idea whats going on in our jewel. and can only word what he is told, what the hell is this? means somebody refers to him exactly what to say when interviewed. jeez what a shame. it brings an idea that somebody else does the work and his like the spokes person for the post his being paid for. WTF!!

  6. CEO says:

    Mr Singh how the heck you mean they were not involved per say? If they did not send info down you guys would have had no dam clue what’s going on! All the crooked cops knew of this!

    FBI, CIA, DEA, FAST, SLOW, or SLOWER should all operate in Belize and the Minister should not have any appologies because they cannot even safe guard their weapons much less the country I would assume.

    In the mean time let’s get some drones in the sky too! Just blow the ……….. out the water as they make a run for sure.

  7. Rod says:

    I repeat useless incompetent pm and gov. Worse ever.

  8. Storm says:

    It would be great if the U.S. or U.K. can help us, especially train up our own native-born squad of “Untouchables” to go after drug gangsters and everyone they pay off. We NEED law enforcers of unquestioned honesty andloyalty to our Constitution.

    I’m all for more and more foreign law enforcement assistance from credible agencies.

  9. KIKA says:

    i heard about too. so this might be true that it was that FAST operating with the signal of radar propelling part of central America that the police and BDF were informed that a plane is about or going to land some where is Belize. the thing is @belizeanpride and CEO that this minister don’t know what is happening. Everybody knows that is what that org that is operating that informed everybody and everybody began to run.

  10. pilot says:

    am a pilot in belize an yes there are d.e.a operation in belize. the goverment should not allow d.e.a in belize , we cannot go to there country an do surveillance in ther country u will be arrested an put in jail so we do not need them in belize they need to take care off there crackhead citizen . there are 30 d.e.a agent in belize running freely in our country . the minister of police need to look into the d.e.a operation an withdraw them from our country as soon as possible. this is unfair that they can go in any country an do wnat they want .

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