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Nov 8, 2011

Should DEA freely operate in Belize?

Tonight’s question is: Should the DEA freely operate in Belize? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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18 Responses for “Should DEA freely operate in Belize?”

  1. Lucas says:

    They should not but Belmopan has no cojones. The U. S. talks and this UDP administration trembles. A few years ago, the U.S. wanted to redirect the VOA antenna in Punta Gorda towards Cuba and, Minister Shoeman said no way. The U.S. got fits and made threats. Minister shoeman did not bugged. In retaliation, the U.S. dismantled the Voice Of America Antenna. Minister Shoeman had pantalones and cojones bien puestos.

  2. junkman says:

    we cannot doit too much curuption in our country let the pro s handle it wipe out all drugs dealer i sy yes let them operate free ly in our country

  3. blackberry says:

    we do not need them if we could only get good honest men to carry out the laws we already have. reject them and uncle sam well stop donating things like the recent cost guard donation.

  4. Kima says:

    The thing I don’t get with Belizeans, is that they can’t make up there minds, and choose a way forward. They sit and complain of the drug problems and violence it lends to, begging for a solution. Our government is not in a position to help us people, they are the main drug traffickers, both parties. We need external intervention. And being you won’t let God help us, then take the help from the DEA. If we allow them to operate freely, they will be able to cut down many major operations, they have intelligence and know how, Belize may never acquire due to corruption. I say Yes to the DEA operating freely in Belize.

  5. veteran says:

    Hey Lucas,lisa shoeman dad and most of the pup and udp lawfirm members are COMUNIST,an antena in belize would bring no hard to belizeans,the pup and udp mafia do nothing for belizeans since its existence,atleast the USA is.get real.

  6. bdf says:

    Lucas,whats wrong with having a anthen in belize place by the USA?lisa shoeman and the pup mafia are communist.if the belize police are not doing their jobs,lets let someone else do it.

  7. Jose says:

    The main reason for the donation was not to help Belize/people. They just want better assistance in their drug war.
    I am not aware of any laws of Belize authorizing foreigners to conduct searches, make arrests, and use firearms in this country and it should not be done. Those people are good at carrying out secret missions and cover their tracks if they do something terribly wrong. We cannot trust them.

  8. Lucas says:

    Hi bdf and veteran: I am sure you know about the antenna I am talking about. Right?. If not let me tell you. During the mid 80s, when Central America was ravaged by internal wars, the U.S. was allowed to erect an antenna in P.G. with the purpose of bombarding these countries with American propaganda in favor of these C.A. pro U.S. govt. When the C.A. wars ended, The U.S. wanted to redirect the antenna to Cuba and so undermine the Castro govt.. Now, Cuba was one of the first countries to support Belize’s independence, all the while the U.S. was supporting Guatemala. Cuba is a poor country while the U.S. is rotten in wealth but Cuba has done for Belize much but very much more than the U.S. has done for Belize. Cuba has gained nothing with all the scholarships and health aid he has given us. All Cuba yearned from us was true friendship. On the other hand, the U.S. help is meant to dominate and control and when a country or leader is of no more use, it is thrown away like garbage. If not, ask Noriega, Somosa or Saddam just to name a few. What Minister Assad Shoeman did was remaining loyal to a true friend and at the same time stood up for our sovereignty and to that I say Amen. Now if you guys want to suffer belly pain for the U.S., I have no problem.

  9. Sasha says:

    No doubt about it, the answer is yes. The greedy/incompetent officials just want the money for themselves. Let the US get their share for doing their job and the other 75% to government who should use it for schools, hospitals, bridges and highways. They should also hire an outsider for accountability of all money/drugs handled.

  10. Indy says:

    Lucas thanks for the history. Unfortunately organized crime is one of the toughest organization around the world. They do not have any loyalty and they are hidden and are very wealthy. They are very influential as we have witnessed in both the PUP and the UDP administrations. They have ran away with a container full of drugs, unloaded lots of packages both in land and sea, landed planes on our highways and most recently have raided our “most secured” facility and ran away with our weapons.
    If you are scared of the US taking over Belize, that era has ended. It is the best interest of the US to help because the drugs are destroying its society. They have the capacity and the technology to help Belize, who lacks resources from all level. We don’t have radar to detect unauthorized planes or boats in your country, our forces lack basic things as radio transmitters, personnel to patrol our borders and streets, and the training to tackle this can of crime. We don’ have it!
    I would suggest the US to help Belize reform its institutions whereby there are check and balance. Train and breed new leaders in our society. Belize lacks leaders. Belize is at a young stage where it can be prevented from getting to the level of Mexico and other neighboring countries. Securing our borders is another issue that needs to be tackled.
    Conflict Prevention and Development should go hand and hand.

  11. Western says:

    Nothing to hide here and all to gain if they can help clean up the drug trafficing problem. Welcome boys.

  12. ladymatura says:

    Well since both the UDP And PUP when in Government are said to protect the drug pins… well what is the worry if the DEA comes in.. maybe finally we will have some of our ministers of Government and their cronies and financial backers arrested and charged.. isn’t that what we want? Drugs running and circling in this courntry – the gangs are about that and you all don’t wonder how come no major arrest and bust? ever wonder hwo come the Police and BDF are not given the resources to fight the war on drugs? Belize at its highest governance level is not interested in stopping drug-trafficking because they know what they get from it! Waht about the money-laundering gogin in – do you all knwo which are the law firms facilitiating these? wake up people! I no happy with the US coming in- but this may be the only way for us to get some answers.. let us not wait til we have garisson communites like in Jamaica and a crisis incident like Dudus – remember it was PM Golding who was protecting him!

  13. Storm says:

    No foreign agency should “operate freely,” BUT I hope we can get lots of foreign help with the consent and knowledge of anyone in our law enforcement who is CLEAN AND HONEST.

    I’m sure we have some police working with cartels, so it is risky who to trust with joint operations from that point of view.

  14. Electron says:

    @Veteran It’s obvious that are unable to see the big picture, especially of the wider international political arena. The truth is, Belize is a sovereign nation, we can’t allow any law enforcement agency full autonomy in our country – to do that would be to undermine ourself as an independent nation. What we can do is welcome the help that they can give us. Oh, also, there is nothing wrong with communism, its not a bad word, you don’t have to put it in CAPITAL LETTERS.

    @Lucas Yes thanks for the history, you would be surprise that there are many Belizeans who have strong opinions about everything that comes up when in fact they really aren’t aware of the real issues.

    @Indy Not only do we need to breed new leaders, we need to breed new everybody, at least to learn to think critically about the issues of the day, but we cannot be indoctrinated by US politics or rhetoric, so we cannot ask them for help in that area, study recent history, you will see that it’s not a good idea to let them meddle in our business…

  15. Rizzo says:


    Let me put your torch out for you. The only reason we allow Cuba in is because the politicians that rob the country place their money there. Since visibility of monetary accounts are not available the politicians are able to hide their money there. Tell me Lucas since you know it all, how many times did Musa and Fonseca go to Cuba? Hmm!!!!! No need to hide the truth. The US yes can be demanding but they see a picture that we wont and never see. Why? Because we are all about getting paid off. The politicians are not smart. Not even half of them have an edication but Hence the our corruption that is currently going on, the poverty level, killings and drugs. So keep it real and go with the truth we will be taken over soon by who? Don’t know yet but soon.

  16. Rich says:

    Hell yeah let them operate since our police can do their job then let them in atleast we will have sombody that trying to mimize the drug trafficking in belize and not corupted by the politicans . that way nobody safe not matter your status . everybody know that the drug traffic in bze have from high offical involved and the polices scared to touch them . drugs drop crime go down both link together . so let them in i welcome them.

  17. bgroovy says:

    …. the antennas, what about the good paying jobs we lost in pg? the mother ……. care more about his handlers in Cuba than us in pg…….

  18. b groovy says:

    Lucas you forgot to mention the good paying jobs we loss in pg…..guess who owns the property now????.

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