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Nov 8, 2011

MS-13 Gang Meeting near police station

Last week news reports on US networks said that close to two dozen Belizeans were caught in the U.S.A. for drugs and gang related activity. But here at home, there are talks of the gang, Mara Salvatrucha, popularly known as MS-13. All accounts indicate that MS-13 members were caught in Belize and police have reason to believe that they were meeting across from the Raccoon Street Police Station.  According to police, during a search of a residence on Raccoon Street, twenty-six year old Jose Carlos Reyes, a Naturalized Belizean told police that he is a member of the gang. Today Reyes was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a single charge of ‘profess to belong to the MS 13 Gang’ to which he pleaded guilty. Reyes was slapped with a maximum fine of five hundred dollars for which default in payment will result in six months imprisonment. Reyes told the court that he was once a member of the gang, which he joined at the age of twenty but have since left the group. Also in court was Reyes’ nineteen year old brother, Angel Ruiz who was charged with possession of a control drug when police discovered zero point five grams of marijuana on his person. Ruiz pleaded guilty to the charge. Another man believed to be a member of the gang, Elmer Galdamez was detained pending a violation of expulsion order which had been issued against him from a country. Caliz was deported from the U.S to El Salvador but he has been in Belize since September seventeenth. Caliz has been under remand at the Belize Central Prison where he will remain until he can pay for his flight to El Salvador.

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6 Responses for “MS-13 Gang Meeting near police station”

  1. Swamp Dragon says:

    Wipe these fools out now! Rid Belize of this cancer immediately. Give no sanctuary to thugs and murderers. Barrow should be ashamed for meeting with gang “leaders”. Something he is actually proud of. Maybe he thinks he has stood up to the gangs. I believe he has coddled them and given them a pass to move their drugs for profit at the expense of civilized society in Belize!
    A major mistake Barrow will never admit until he has left office. What a !*&^%ng joke! How shameful! MS-13????? You have to be kidding.

  2. belizeanheat says:

    Barrow is trying to pay these fools off with cash to stop the war because the Police can’t handle the job. This will only work for a short time, they will come back for more and more and more. You can’t negotiate with criminals.

    Let the DEA in to clean up the mess. The US are the only ones competent enough to handle this situation. Barrow and the Belize police can’t.

  3. Bulba Martinez says:

    Rediculous, if Caliz is unable to purchase his ticket back to Salvador, our Tax dollars will be taking care of him for the duration of time he intend to be there. He is probably scared to go back to Salvador or they don’t want him there anyway. Belize, safe haven for bs, it’s a damn shame. Find out what the idiot’s fare to Salvador will be, Inform the Guatemalan Authoritys that you have a Deportee intransit to Salvador, and escort the SOB on a Bus to Melchoir with only his Bus ticket. Much cheaper than to house and feed the !@#$%, while honest Belizeans on the outside are suffering from hunger. Enough is enough.

  4. Necho says:

    you @$$!@#$% are full of $#!% many of you know me and know my bro Elmer cadiz. He only have tatoos like everyone does. He has been accused and jail but yet he haven,t been to court that is just not right but the human rights should handle this matter. You martinass probably dont know him he hanve’ even live in el Salvador since he was brouth to Belize when he was only 5 years old like I was when both of us came to Belize,only when him was deported from the us like many belizeans get deported from there, and for everybody concern he is also a hard working oerson who tries to survive and by the way he went to school here from infant 1


  5. Necho says:

    we can pay for his plane ticket thats not the problem the problem is that he not even was with the other guys. he was picked in front of his house by the GSU at around 6 O’ clock when he was going to do his work which is a public service TAXI driver. but no the GSU hold him locked right up beat the hell out of him at the station letting no one to see him or nothing not achance to go to court or chance for bail him was remanded straight to the prison I still wonder if the GSU is the one afraid to take him to court and lose this case

  6. elephant says:


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