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Oct 26, 2011

Marijuana tourist says Belize sucks

A cruise ship passenger who was in the jewel on a one day visit had a brush with the law after he was busted with weed on Tuesday. When he was arraigned this morning, the forty-nine year US national Douglas Magnuson, a trucker of Wisconsin admitted that it was a really stupid and silly thing to do.  Magnuson told the court that he is in recovery as an alcoholic and that he does not even smoke but that a buddy asked him to get the local weed. Magistrate Roberto Ordonez imposed a fine of two hundred and fifty dollars which Magnuson paid up. He promptly exited the courtroom and got into a taxi heading to the port to get back on a ship. His impression was that Belize sucks and he is never coming back. Magnuson was searched at the Tourism Village and found with the two point five grams of weed.

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42 Responses for “Marijuana tourist says Belize sucks”

  1. Sooooo says:

    Of course Belize sucks if you come here on a tacky a$$ cruise.

  2. Seriously says:

    hahaha, he lucky he no gone da hattieville ramada, he mi wah now all about ‘sucking’ in Belize. lol.

  3. Victoria says:

    well he needs to stay the hell away, he has nothing to offer the jewel

  4. belizeanpride says:

    hahaha just like the americans who comes to molest our kids any one can say americans sucks.

  5. Woody says:

    who forced you to come here???
    who twisted your arm to buy the weed???
    nobody…you did it on your own ..
    you suck…go home we don’t need your type here….

  6. dunfedup says:

    Know what I like about this story? USA wants us to clean up the drug trade, right? But it is exactly for people like this guy that we have this problem-Americans consumption of illegal drugs. Keep catching ‘em!

  7. From the West says:

    This story and the comments under it are the funniest thing I have read in a long time. This American with the help of Channel 5 has made my morning.

  8. BT says:

    At least he contributed $250 (plus the cost of the weed) to the local economy. That’s better than what a lot of those cheap @$$ cruise ship tourists spend.

  9. Chris from canada says:

    You got caught dummy ,what that have to do with Belize

  10. Gilda says:

    O yeah! keep catching them, the word gonna get out! Lol dunfedup says a mouthful….

  11. pinky lou says:

    c’mon Magnuson you should applaud the efforts of the Justice system in the illegal drug trade fight that is plaguing our jewel, which you paid so much yankee dollars to come experience.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    This fools admitted that he was in recovery an alcoholic,hence the reason he shouldn’t have been around any type of drugs whatsoever.You judgement as a recovering alcoholic sucks more than my Belize.

  13. Get it right says:

    They should’ve sent him to jail, then we would see who would suck then lol.

  14. tashy says:

    Seriously, I love that comment. your funny. yeah get all of them and take that 250 for belize

  15. tashy says:

    Seriously, I love that comment. your funny. yeah get all of them and take that 250 for belize

  16. CEO says:

    We have enough weed smokers in Belize so that is a good thing you do not want to come back. I hope that was the biggest charge you could have been slapped with!

    Why don’t you come back to America try driving your rig with weed on you see if you will not lose your CDL.

  17. Elena says:

    Hey Redneck!!! You suck for trying to get high and got BUSTED!!!

  18. Common Sense says:

    all american feels like they are untouchable!!!!!!!!

  19. Jimmy Criminal says:

    Belize does SUCK big time
    Hate this country and the lazy @$$ people.

  20. Go de Strong says:

    Keep getting them …them feel like they can do what dem want yah ….

  21. deedee says:

    Jimmy Criminal GO !*&% YOURSELF, nobody is putting a gun to ur head & demanding that you stay in this country. You don’t like what’s going on GET THE!F*&% OUT, its as simple as that.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    Jimmy Criminal: You refering to Belizeans as lazy,So what about the millions of Americans that are living off the welfare system who’s never held a job their entire life.Get your facts together before coming on this blog to write bs.

  23. knowyourrights says:

    Jimmy “CRIMINAL”! Wow …. your name says it all. Please write us some more. Such entertainment. LMAO

    More “CRIMINAL” (s) should be pushed behind bar. I say slam the biggest fines on them and let them pay for the damages they are doing to our country and people. Maybe that way we will reduce the number of “CRIMINAL” (s) coming to our country. We are too tolerable!

  24. Old Fashion says:

    Seriously? this is news? what about the criminals and all the shooting in belize? why don’t they do something about that? this guy wanted to feel good and there was no attemp to sell.

  25. Mz.Deez says:

    Wow!!!! You guys above are such intelligent Belizeans – I read each of your comments with great pride. Im so proud of you for defending your country and what your country represents!!!! I had a belly full of laughs…so sad for Jimmy Criminal, I guess hes one of those freaks in America who try to go above the Law, tsk, tsk, tsk, Belize is such a great country to live, it just SUCKS that Americans think that because of the color of their skin, they can run the entire world. Go Belize!!!!!!

  26. truth says:

    well to be honest, i believe that i must applaud the police for doing their job, but again why is that it is so hard for them to search those guy on the street that are selling drug , is it because they are afraid? or because their family or friends? to me you they are still missing something. they should start getting more serious with their job and stop being weak! get all those guy and send them to jail because they don’t want to work just want to thief and sell drug and get easy money!!

  27. Jimmy Criminal says:

    I am a born Belizean but I still hate this country and my $tupid lazy countrymen. I cant make money so I need to resort to crime.

  28. Gilda says:

    yeah jimmy, it;s people like you that add to the negative element in the Jewel.. Your name speaks for itself!

  29. Andy says:

    Wow! I’m an American, and I was planning a visit to Belize because of all the wonderful things I’ve heard about your country. But after reading these comments, I’m having second thoughts. I don’t want to be anywhere that I’m not welcome. Thanks for the heads-up!

  30. BelizeanFiLife says:

    He’s just madd because he did not find the correct high he wanted. buy some crack if want dude. we love belize and if you discrispect us …oooohh….thats bad for you… come ina albert street and halla that mien…

  31. orlando says:

    I’ve been to Belize ones before I have to admit back then was a different country then what I’m reading here now, if I ever go back there(not) I know what ridicoulos stuff is made up in this beautiful country, but really retarded in common sense..

  32. futurevisitor(not) says:

    I came across this story as I was researching what excursion I wanted to do and after reading all of these comments this “cheap A$$ american” will just stay on the ship. I refuse to part with my hard earned (from many years of working) money and put it into a society that thinks so little of the American tourists that pump money into their economy. I guess I will just spend that $400 that I had set aside for that port and treat myself to a day in the ship’s spa (at least they appreciate us).

  33. Mark (scheduled to visit) says:

    People c’mon (both sides). As an American is someone says our country “sucks” of course you are going to be pissed and make remarks that you may or may not believe. I’d hope that the majority of the people of Belize would embrace tourism and appreciate the $ you can bring. I’ve heard great things about the Caye and will be there this December. IF I tried to buy some smoke and got caught I’d be happy to pay a $250 fine it’s better than what would happen in most of US. Now people of Belize, don’t be blind enough to condem an entire country based on an irrational ALCOHOLIC trucker from Wisconsin (shhh, the whole State of Wisc is probably drunks..ha ha). My flights are booked and my 7 nights at $600 per night are booked and I’ll have a pocket full of cash and look forward to partying with the people of the Jewel. Relax my friends and don’t judge others by groups (ps I loved the ethnic slam of being called “white faced”…hilarious).

  34. potential traveler says:

    Seems to be a lot of animosity towards Americans here. Obviously the man in the article isn’t a very good ambassador, but are these views shared for all American travelers? I was planning on spending a month in Central America, and I’d like to think I’m a respectful person, but is there a lot of prejudice throughout the region?

  35. mike says:

    to belezeanpride-you belezeans do a fine job of molesting your own kids,and killing each other and to the guy who mentioned cheap a$$ americans,wake up,40-50% of your export and business is american,belize is changed big time,crime is off the hook,blame economy if you wish,i think it has changed so much that a yr ago i got a handgun permit,if you want to hate or make statements make sure you have your facts especially on the child molestation,its not true,belize is a pipline to illegals making there way north and belizeans enable this for monitary payback and that includes explotation of children for sexual slavery.

  36. Traveler says:

    Man, my girlfriend and I were planning a trip to Cotton Tree Lodge in Punta Gorda. After reading how the locals feel about us there, I think we’ll vacation elsewhere. Glad I came across this message board.

  37. Blackhebrew says:

    I came to Belize City on a cruise probably 2 year ago. Met locals, smoked “flipper joints” is what the locals call them. Dranks Belikin beers that cost me 1 dollar each. Ate really good food. It’s was a overall good time. The only negative was the little kid that kept magically apearing and asking me for a dollar. I finally have him one dollar. I assume the little kid went and told his friends because short after there was about 10 other kids asking me for money. The situation was actually funny to me. Next trip to Belize will be a direct flight instead of a cruise.

  38. Blackhebrew says:

    Belize is 1000% safe for any savy traveler it dont matter where u from. Tourism and fish are leaders in economics in Belize. There are stiff penalties for anyone doing harm to a tourist. This does mean u can come to Belize flaunting money and material things like its upper class white America. Go to Belize keep a low profile and you be fine

  39. DonTheSailor says:

    I’m searching for a retirement area and was hoping to find a laid back place and become part of the normal population; I’m not rich but hopefully have enough to sustain in reasonable comfort. I realize the cruise boat patron was probably a rude arse but I would feel the same for any country, the USA included, if I was persecuted for utilizing a good natural God given plant. The criminalization of a plant that causes no harm is ridiculous. That’s why I fully support legalization in all the world. Anyway are Bezileans this angry? Don’t people get high in Belize? I tell you what, you all come to Seattle and you can smoke and we won’t charge you but for the pot and you’ll find friendly faces. We may even throw you a fish!

  40. Hilario says:

    HAHAHA People from Belize really think their $hit doesn’t stink huh? DonTheSailor is probably used to the ever-pretentious dimeamor of Seattleites, but I will NEVER visit a place full of jackwagons like the ones that have polluted this post. From what I’ve gathered, people in Belize are under the impression that people care that they exist, much less know they exist. Sounds like a bunch of pretentious, self-righteous children that found a place where they can live a full life without ever having to grow up. The “Jewel” seems a lot more reminiscent of a new Hostile movie than a jewel.

    Now excuse me as I spark my marijuana with a bunch of people who aren’t scared of it! They will legalize it soon and you’ll be buying more hippy lettuce than any of us, just like they would have been stroking themselves for being sober during prohibition but drown themselves in booze since its labeled “legal” by simple humans like themselves.

  41. Illuminatibuay says:

    I personally think that this guy has no common sense because there are police everywhere and why would he be carrying weed to belize wen he is only coming for a visit, not returning to his old wooden house.

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