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Oct 18, 2011

Mother of Rape Victim wants police action

The mother of a four-year-old alleged rape victim has been waiting since September twenty-seventh for answers about her daughter’s case.  She has heard of rape cases that have resulted in immediate incarceration of alleged perpetrators, but justice it seems has turned a blind eye to her case. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, has made it clear that she has not received a victim’s statement from the Police Department. The investigating officer handed over a recording of the minor, one, which is inaudible.  And despite requests from the D.P.P.’s office, it seemed the police work has stalled. News Five spoke to the mother of the four year old victim who now says she intends to go to the D.P.P. to ask for help.

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“It surprised me and from last night I no sleep because I say something wrong with this whole case now—the D.P.P. noh get no files; weh wah happen now? I say personally the police force along with the D.P.P.; dehn dah one firm, I noh know weh di happen.”

Jose Sanchez

“You said in previous interview your daughter was clear with everyone that she spoke to what had happened to her and who did it?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“Yes she said it plain. She even tell the doctor. Even when dehn put my baby to sleep and all—my baby say it during the sleepiness when they drug she out—it’s the one person name ih call.”

Jose Sanchez

“Exactly what happened at the police station in terms of since the D.P.P. has not received your daughter’s statement? When they were talking to you, talking to your daughter; did anyone write anything down? Did you think they were taking a statement?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“To be honest I didn’t see a statement take any at all; that dah di honest truth. Nobody take a statement from my baby yet. The only thing dehn do dah recording, but statement-wise, no.”

Jose Sanchez

“Why do you think the police is being so inept, so unable to at least carry through with a statement to give to the D.P.P.?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“Well my personal opinion, I think that how dah wah pull string di happen. That dah the only way I could see it out right now with the news weh I see last night. It put everything together that dah that deh di happen and take place.”

Jose Sanchez

“The D.P.P. said she would like to talk to you and your daughter, but needs something substantial, I guess procedure-wise from the police first. Who are you dealing with at the station?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“I deal with wah officer weh name Mr. Dawson. That dah the only person I di deal with right now weh talk and keep me informed on what di happen.”

Jose Sanchez

“What has he told you has been happening as the D.P.P. hasn’t gotten anything?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“Well, he tell me that they are trying to deal with the case—dehn di do this and dehn di that, but they haven’t gotten fully to the exact thing weh di happen. And before that, I speak to Mr. Fitzroy and he tell me that how the D.P.P. mi give them the ok to let go this person. So I noh know weh di happen to be honest.”

Jose Sanchez

“But the D.P.P. is saying that she didn’t even know of the case until she saw these interviews on television.”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“That dah exactly my point. Right there and then like I say god noh deh di sleep.”

Jose Sanchez

“They are other cases have come forward and almost immediately, the accused have been arrested and charged and this is after the incident with your daughter.”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“That dah exactly how I see it. The way how I see it; they di try say that my baby di call different names. My baby noh di call different name and everything weh she di say right now. I sick off of this. From this thing happen I stay sick. It really frustrating fi see weh all di happen and Mister Doug Singh need fi step down and put down ih foot because this dah craziness weh deh di happen.”

Jose Sanchez

“Part of the update that the police gave was that they wanted to collect DNA samples from any male your daughter could have come in contact with. What have they told you now since the DNA was what they were waiting for—not in the other cases, but in your daughter’s case, they needed samples?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“Yes they tell me that they take DNA tests, but dehn say they doubt that could prove anything. That dah weh dehn tell me in the last meeting.”

The police released the suspect and the press officer said that he was informed that the release order came from the D.P.P.’s office. The D.P.P. had said that not only is that information untrue, she had no knowledge of the case until she saw it being ventilated in the media.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Mother of Rape Victim wants police action”

  1. Jan says:

    Here we go again. Only in Belize. Some people might say we bad mouth our own country but gosh what is happening. Its like a cruel game these folks are playing passing the fault on each other. Why do you think we dont trust our own police and justice system.

  2. germs says:

    a police man did it ….

  3. Cayo hills says:

    This is sad mein, a mean this dah wah baby 4 yrs old this shud be wah priority case and somebody fi done get locked up how them wah the play with wah case like this. But like weh them seh up deh dah must wah a di po po do it fi mek them the cover it like dat. The baby call out the name weh more them want, and them find out dat the baby violated this just messed right up. This mek ppl get mad and wen someting like this happen close to home all u wah do dah tek matters ina u own had cuz, u cya depend pan the law fi find who responsible and mek them pay fi weh them do. But who fi blame fi all this corruption in the system?

  4. Ann Rivero says:

    Go public,call out his name,stop and start to tell anybody that would listen,pass his house everday and cuss,dont’ be ashame,the baby is ony four she will grow up and put this behind her,she will not be the last,love will help her and if all else fail FIRE BUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Storm says:

    It’s time for the DPP to take charge of this investigation and be “hands on”. JUST GET IT DONE!

    Right now there is some child rapist walking aorund out there, and I feel every little girl is at risk of attack from him.

    Why do those who are paid to protect us duck their responsibilities and “pass the buck”?

    Maybe we need to hire a whole new batch. It’s getting close to time for Belize to start all over, throw out all the previous “leaders” and get all new ones who haven’t yet proved themselves lazy, incompetent, or corrupt.


    Dude, what’s the use of having a justice system? When not even the police department are competent of even conducting a proper investigation? We are not talking about a teenaged victim, or a 25 year old victim, or an elderly victim, THIS IS A SMALL FOUR YEAR OLD CHILD! FOR CHRIST SAKES! Its terrible for the little girl and her mother that this is turning out this way. And whoever told the mother of the victim that they doubt that DNA would prove anything is just an ignorant, dunce! DNA provides 100% proof in any case! Because that is what they did say they were going to conduct, a DNA test to determine the perpetrator

  7. Dougla says:

    The people the police should hassle they don’t and the ones that are minding their own business is the one they always want to shake down…I mean really this little girl can’t defend herself where are the people that are suppose to protect her…no one cares because it is not their daughter or child…it only hurts them when it hits home…we need to care even if it does not affect us directly because some day it might be one of us having to go down that same road

  8. Sue says:

    The only way the DPP and the POLICE will react is if the mother make a poster with the image of the pervert and stick it on every lamppost in Belize. Then it will all hit the fan. She needs to stop hyde and protect the pervert.

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