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Oct 17, 2011

Many accidents; where is Benque’s ambulance?

When helping an accident victim, most Emergency Medical Technicians would tell the public to call 911 and not to attempt to move the injured person. Good Samaritans who want to help can cause additional injuries. But Benque Viejo is facing a dilemma, as it is filled with good Samaritans who have no choice but to move injured individuals because a new ambulance has been taken away from that municipality, which leaves them without any. News Five spoke via phone to a concerned citizen who says the responsible individuals need to return Benque’s ambulance.

Via Phone: Amin Avilez, Concerned Citizen

“There is more than one incident that happened and this is the recent one that happened actually—the weekend one on the guy, Elmer Ramirez; they knocked him down. He got transported to San Ignacio hospital. They were asking for ambulance; but ambulance is not around.”

Jose Sanchez

Amin Avilez

“How was Mr. Ramirez transported to the hospital?”

Via Phone: Amin Avilez

“Behind a pickup truck.”

Jose Sanchez

“I understand there was also another incident of a young man who was injured also and was taken to the hospital without use of an ambulance.”

Via Phone: Amin Avilez

“Yes. There was another incident that occurred just a few days back at Xunantunich with a tourist. He got transported in the police vehicle because we didn’t have any medical support on that part so they called in the police vehicle to transport that person to the hospital.”

Jose Sanchez

“I’ve seen pictures of there’s a ceremony and an ambulance is being handed over to Benque; is that correct?”

Via Phone: Amin Avilez

“Yes. There was an inauguration on April 13th,if I am not mistaken, which they handed over which was a clinic and also they handed over an ambulance which didn’t stay there for not too long—I think a day or a week—something like that.”

Jose Sanchez

“Where is that ambulance now?”

Via Phone: Amin Avilez

“That ambulance is at Joseph Freight in San Ignacio. For what reason? We don’t know.”

Jose Sanchez

“So essentially, Benque does not have an emergency service?”

Via Phone: Amin Avilez

“No emergency service to be transported; no.”

Jose Sanchez

“And we all know that the police at times; they don’t have fuel for their vehicles. Is this what everyone is depending on? For the police being able to transport accident victims?”

Via Phone: Amin Avilez

Viviano Sandoval

“Well anything that is around—the police vehicle, and they are limited—they have a monthly based finance that they get for fuel and stuff which they use for their patrolling. So that sometimes has to be used for transporting people when they get hurt—when people get knocked down or stuff and need to be at a medical area quick enough so they have to use that. If not they have to use any truck that is nearby from the citizens in Benque to get transported which I don’t see it legal if they actually gave…claiming that there is an ambulance for here that shouldn’t be happening.”

The most recent accident in Benque occurred at seven-thirty a.m. on George Price Boulevard. After the accident, a student at Mount Carmel High School Viviano Sandoval was taken to the Mopan Clinic and the Western Regional Hospital by private citizens who found him on the roadside.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Many accidents; where is Benque’s ambulance?”

  1. Storm says:


    The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT obligation of any government is to take care of the security of its citizens.

    If GOB cannot even do that, cannot put gasoline in police cars and apparently pilfers an ambulance [for what reason? I hope an investigation gets to the bottom of it, and someone ends up behind bars!] — THEN WHAT DO WE NEED GOB FOR? Step aside, call an election, and let the people speak!

  2. Don Pepe says:

    As the stupid mayor again, where it is at Joseph Freight service, wow that is the Brother of stupid Rene Montero, they are now using the ambulance to deliver things that they bring from the U.S.

  3. Sincere Sincerity says:

    Please be informed before you talk about stuff that can make you look bad at the end of the day. It is a pitty that persons like YOU who think themselves SMART and EDUCATED talk STUPID….and Mr. Avilez: are you sure you have the balls to talk after a shameful night at the consultation for the 9th Amendment Bill? (lmfao) People already know that you have not a bit of intelligence, sympathy nor interest in making Benque a better place. So, why not keep your mouth shut?? huh?? Better yet, wash you mouth with CLOROX before saying anything stupid….!

  4. sweety says:

    @sincere sincerity i gues u are 1 of those who get pay to talk good about the stupid maor huh..u wash ur mouth before opening and saying lone stupiduty………..stupid mayor where is the ambulance??? what is it doing there at jospeh frieght????? what it belkongs to benque…….all what they do is full their pockets n !@# everybody so stupid ppl stop vbelieve in this liers…….cause in benque the worst dogs are incharge and no do one !@#$…..

  5. Jose Guerra says:

    One thing with some people. the truth hurts. Avilez is right. the ambulance was brought in for the taking of the picture and it is true. it is not in Benque but parked somewhere else. the clinic is open Monday to Friday so we can’t get sick after that. If it is pay day they only work till mid day. What a shame. and they call Benque a town!

  6. proud Belizean says:

    only in Belize no one is held accountable. If you are not UDP and you call for ambulance in some areas they do not come. The games people play and get away with it.

  7. Belize says:

    Our peoples health should be the number one priority of any government. i am sadden to know that our brothers from Benque have to endure these unjust situations. I don’t care where the ambulance is or who send it there, if it was for benque it needs to be brought back if not buy one GOB.. stop buying lexus and BMWs for your minister and get an ambulance for benque. What the hell is the Ministry of health doing. We need better. we deserve better.

  8. cali says:

    i think each town should have about 3-4 ambulance mr. pm you and i know that the country could buy these equipment that our people need so badly. even a good used ambulance only cost around $15,000.00 US don’t tell me that us that we cant afford it. stop spending our money on your personal use, that goes for the whole entire government. we need these thing Mr. pm you and the rest of the government does not need a fancy car to drive around in and have the entire country finding for themselves.

  9. Juniore Guerra says:


  10. Sincere Sincerity says:

    @ sweety: i dont get paid for anything…what i say and do is because its the way it is…
    Mr.Avilez is a PUP and for campaign they want every simple thing against the other party…it is my concern because i would def not want a person like Avilez to be a part of the town council… not only because he is PUP but because i am sure that there are more intelligent persons than him…look at him..he doe not even look formal…and let me tell you, think before you talk… it is very shameful that Politics have to be so dirty…Mr Avilez, please…stop making yourself a clown…grow up and dont do things for others sake…do it for your own good…and next time prepare a good speech to support what you say!!

  11. microban 9 says:

    instead of critizing each other you guys should get together and demand answers from the mayor and representative.Leave politic to the side ,and act as benquenos not as politicians.

  12. dawn sandoval says:

    microban 9 good advice: the issue here is why an essential service is not in Benque? why was it presented for show then taken away just for headlines? All benquenos should be very concerned, politrics is playing with their life! This is not a PUP or UDP issue (its your human rights for adequate health care sevices, in other countries the persons responsible for this dilemma would be held accountable and put in jail for the endangerment, negligence, and irresponsable treatment of its citizens! power to the people stand up and demand your ambulance and a full functioning hospital. After all it is your life they are playing with!

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