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Oct 12, 2011

In the north, 3 minors sodomized by U.S. National

A few weeks ago we reported the brutal rape of a four year old girl for which no one has been charged even though she identified the perpetrator and the attempted rape of another minor allegedly by her father. Well tonight there are reports from the Corozal District that three minors, all siblings have been sexually abused by a US national.  Thirty-five year old Brian Sears an American national and self-proclaimed ‘former school counselor’ was arrested and charged for sodomizing the three teenage boys. A doctor certified that the thirteen, fourteen and sixteen year old boys have all been sexually molested. The incident took place in Sarteneja village, where it is reported that Sears had been paying school fees for the minors, and at least one of them was staying at his home. On Saturday, the mother of the boys, a Guatemalan national reported the incident to police after they complained to her. On Tuesday, October eleventh, Sears was charged with committing an unnatural act and is schedule to reappear in court on Monday, October seventeenth.

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27 Responses for “In the north, 3 minors sodomized by U.S. National”

  1. RT in Vegas says:

    We have seen such incidents repeat themselves over and over. We have to do a better job of having proactive approach. We need to get better system to track outsiders when they enter Belize. They track our @ss when we go to U.S.A. Don’t let anyone feel like Belize is a country where they can come do their dirty deeds. Send the message!

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Let’s see if this American Pedophile is going to be convicted.I doubt is,this criminals is going to get a pat on the risk and send back to the US.Maybe someone should give him some street justice.Belizeans stop trusting these foreigners with your kids,some of them are wicked as hell.Just because someone is from America doesn’t make them free from committing crimes.Please start doing background cheks on these people.If a Belizean had done something of this magnitude in the US he would have been facing life.

  3. Rod says:

    Hang him hang him high .


    This is just another case of mothers exploiting their kids in Belize. Single mothers too poor to financially care for their kids so they used their sons as collateral. Arrest the parents in this case, they aslo commited a crime against kids.

    Give the American life in prison, a message to all the other wicked foreigners, and rapists in Belize.

  5. ree says:

    How? why three of them? not one…. three? Lord have MERCY!

  6. Learsiman says:

    Kick his mother!*!@#$% @$$ out of this country. We have too much problems with locals and now have to deal with these idiots?

  7. belizeanlatino says:

    I actually know this man and I am originally from that village. I can believe it from him I might be wrong but I can. One of the things I hate about our society in the whole of Belize is the fact that as soon as a white person moves to the neighbourhood, they are trusted by many and people feel they have money so the kids are allowed to hang around with them and this happens in the whole country. We have to realise that they are people like us and there are good ones as there are bad ones!!

  8. Manuel Almendar says:

    …… GRINGOS !!!

  9. deedee says:

    Not 1…not 2…but 3 brothers were being abuse by this man????? Why was it that 1 of the children was living with this man??? Why is it this man was paying school fees for these kids??? Where is the father of these children??? The mother may have brought the incident to the attention of the police, but her @ss needs to be slap with some charges for putting her children in harms way. What the hell is wrong with these people, trusting these foreigners who they hardly know, shame on that mother. I’ve said it before & i’ll say it again…THE ONLY WAY TO CURE RAPIST, CHILD MOLESTERS & PEDOPHILE IS A BULLET TO THE BACK OF THE RITE EAR.

  10. Al says:

    Children need to be educted about these sexual preditors and enouraged to tell someone when these things are happening to them. These children need counseling for a long time or they will become offenders. Please take care of them emotionally and phyfically.

  11. Mary says:

    Somebody needs to educate the the Belize Latin community that not all white people are like Jesus.

  12. Joe says:

    Give this animal life in prison!!!!!!! — or release him and have ten guys take him by lagoon side and rape his @$$!!! then dump in the lagoon to drown.

  13. somiah says:

    I agree with all the bloggers…Why do Belizeans trust foreigners? they think they have money…. The ones that have money won’t even come to Belize, they will go to the cayes or Placencia. A lot of them live hand to mouth just like Belizeans. Some are leaving and finding places where there social security and little money can be stretched further, all economics. Then you have the criminal element, who are just like prowling animals, roaming from place seeking who they can devour…If they don’t have their family with them, don’t trust them! stop living in the dark ages… why you think Americans are being hated all over the world? they put there ungodly behavior out there for all to see, and those who already have it in them are just happy to come out of their closet and put it out there in the name of modern times…. God help us ( if we need it )

  14. Belizean says:

    “Sears was charged with committing an unnatural act” This law is the law that protects our kids. This is the same Law that Unibam, the gay activists are trying to strike off our law books, because they percieve it to violate their rights. This should not be allowed, infact the law should be enforced and strenghtened because truthfully, this law is protecting your rights not infringing on it. STRIKING OUT THIS LAW WOULD MEAN THAT WE ARE EXPOSING THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT KIDS TO SATISFY A FEW, JUST SO THEY CAN ENGAGE IN THEIR ACTS WITHOUT REMORSE! It should be strenghtened to mean more years in prison in addition 1000 hours community service in a heavily populated area, where everyone can see a child molester pay back society.

  15. Rod says:

    He should be hung I hope they lay wa good pipe payou in a jail.

  16. MadDOG says:

    time to talk out, time to put these men in gail. time to enforce the law … why do you think people get away , with murder, rape,and unlawful act, why…. the answer is simple we dont have our Belizean law applyed….. we lose cases by small tecnicalities….. and these people are back again doing the same ******** . but is a man get convicted 20yrs. in 5 he out shame on belize . God will do justice belive me.

  17. CEO says:

    So let see…He will pay about two hundred (BZ) and/or serve a month in prison, and then get sent back to the US where he will continue his craft!

    Good people need to rise up against this crap!

  18. BREEZY says:

    Belizeanlatino is right on target. The problem with belize is their low f—–ng self esteem. You trust every piece of WHITE TRASH that comes to belize. You give them special priviledge from the minute they enter the airport. You don’t check their bags and believe that all of them have money. News flash people – Many of them are worst off than many of you and can’t do a damn thing for you but exploit your country and people. Start respecting yourselves. Take this from a belizean who lives abroad.

  19. Disappointed says:

    Not surprised. Belizeans worship and adore white people as long as you are a white foreigner you can come to Belize and make up any story about your self and you get carte blanc. Especially in the North. They will give you their children, their wives, their home whatever you want all you have to be is WHITE, plain and simple. Just watch when you arrive at the International Airport, they wave through all the White folks but as soon as they get to a Black person they send you to get searched and treat you like a criminal. Stupid people get out of the Dark Ages, White is not always Right. This will continue to happen as long as these people are so brain washed that white people are their saviours.

  20. BT says:

    @Belizean, the UNIBAM constitutional challenge has NOTHING to do with enabling sexual abuse against children. There are laws that protect children from sexual abuse, and that will not change if Section 53 is proven to be unconstitutional. Section 53 criminalizes consensual sexual activity between ADULTS. That is why UNIBAM is challenging the law. Right now the state feels they have the right to dictate how, why, and with whom ADULTS may have sexual relations.

    May I remind you that a couple of little girls were in the news in the past weeks for being raped by men. Section 53 does not protect children, nor was it intended to do so. Striking out section 53 will not make our children any more vulnerable than they already are.

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    BT:Give me a law in Belize that is enforced,none,hence the lawlesness that have took over.

  22. Belizean says:

    BT good point and defence, however, how can striking out a law that offered some form of protection doesnt open doors to abusers. In fact additional laws should be created or ammendments to that law stating unless it is consensual between two adults, but not striking it out as unconstitutional. In addition, a rape of a child is an unnatural act, whether male or female, the perpetrators ought to be charged with this as well and laws ought to be created/ammended to entail this. I’m not against anyone with differing sexual preferences or even care what goes on in their private life, infact, my life is as private and they should remain just as such. Laws should not be ammended or struck down which may remove protectionism from children and adults. The state does have a right to dictate with whom adults have sexual relations if it means adults can cross the line and abuse children, so yes the state does have that right to dictate that. In that case I’m willing to stand against Unibam and violate their rights if it means protecting a child. My sons’ life is as valid as those kids and I’ll be dammed if I say nothing or allow a change in a law that takes away the right of a state to “dictate how, why, and with whom ADULTS may have sexual relations”.

  23. Belizean Mother says:

    You said it Breezy and Dissapointed. Took the words right out of my mouth. Punta Gorda is also a haven for child molesters and perverts. 99 percent of the white trash that live there are some sort of sexual predator. PG mothers….beware!!! They like to harbor in niches of our country where they can get away with thier nastiness with little or no trouble. Hope he serves time here and not get deported so his fellow inmates can have a fieldday. Please mothers, Never trust foreigners around your kids and don’t allow them to be taking pictures of them, even in Church!!!

  24. Belizean Mother says:

    You said it Breezy and Dissapointed. Took the words right out of my mouth. Punta Gorda is also a haven for child molesters and perverts. 99 percent of the white trash that live there are some sort of sexual predator. PG mothers….beware!!! They like to harbor in niches of our country where they can get away with thier nastiness with little or no trouble. Hope he serves time here and not get deported so his fellow inmates can have a fieldday. Please mothers, Never trust foreigners around your kids and don’t allow them to be taking pictures of them, even in Church!!!

  25. Angry says:

    Please show a picture of this creep…

  26. belizeanlatino says:

    it’s bloody time for us as Belizeans to stand up and fight for better protection laws in our country, apart from that we need to make sure the bloody law is enforced or else what is the damn point of having it!!!
    As Belizeans we should stop trusting every foreigner that comes to our country be it white, black, brown or what ever, at the end of the day we don’t know them and they don’t know us. We need better vigilance on the people entering our jewel.
    On this matter I say we make sure he gets what he deserves from the courts or else we make sure he gets it!!!

  27. Sweet gial says:

    That poor little baby 4 years old their is no justice for her so now everybody feel like they can do it and get away with it. What is that country turning too.their is no justice if u the victim don’t have money to pay off those f£££££ing asshole police. Please we need justice for that 4 year old baby.

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