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Oct 5, 2011

Sex, Lies and 5 to 6000 video files in Kevin Lee Saga

Kevin Lee

The Kevin Lee story is apparently more insidious than initially estimated. Lee is the well known acupuncturist who operated up to three massage parlors in the City. In late September reports of the secret videos of Lee’s clients began to circulate. It’s sex, lies and five to six thousand video files that were apparently on a six hundred gigabyte internal hard drive and two back up terabyte external hard drives. Insiders who have seen some of the files have said that it appeared that the sexual activities were clearly consensual but none of those individuals or the high profile clients gave permission to Lee to be recorded.  Lee fled the country when he learned that we was about to be detained. Minister of Police told News Five today that Lee has been taken to court in the United States and he will eventually be deported to Belize.

Doug Singh, Minister of Police

“We were informed and evidence were presented to us. That Mr. Lee may have been recording some of his patients without consent. Once we’ve seen the evidence that showed that there were approximately five to six thousand files that he had saved on hard drives and I think there is an estimate of six hundred files that have explicit material. While for a few, the actions may have been consensual, I don’t think any of these people knew they were being recorded. We have consulted the DPP on the type of charge that can be levied. We’ve taken actions to bring in Mister Lee. Mister Lee left the country immediately after he found out that we had discovered this evidence. And we moved as quickly as possible to intercept him. We were fortunate within hours after he had left believe to start taking such actions. We tried to stop him in Salvador—where he flew from Cancun to Salvador—and was unable to; we didn’t get the cooperation there that we thought we would have gotten. And he moved on to Los Angeles, where we did get the cooperation of Interpol. And he’s now in the custody of the authorities in Los Angeles and they are reviewing our warrant and going through the proper legal process before they can return him back to Belize.”

Jose Sanchez

Doug Singh

“When you say activities, you’re referring to consensual sexual activities?”

Doug Singh

“I assume it’s consensual sex, I can’t make such assumptions. But there is no legal charge that can be made against anything if it’s consensual. It’s not the sex so much so that I think is the problem because it would be very difficult to prove that it was unwarranted and that it was paid for which would then make it illegal. Certainly though, I don’t think any of these individuals understood they were recorded. We have evidence that at least one of the individuals asked not to be recorded and was still recorded. Mr. Lee obviously understood that he did something wrong and immediately tried to flee the country. We are making effort to return Mr. Lee here. It is my understanding that the fine for this kind of infraction—I’m don’t know for a fact that Mister Lee published any of these; if he did the crime would be so much more severe—but if he merely recorded, I think it is a summary jurisdiction matter. At least this is what I was advised and there is a minimal fine for each incident. It’s unfortunate. It shows perhaps that our laws need are to be looked at a bit more and are to be amended to make these far serious crimes.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Sex, Lies and 5 to 6000 video files in Kevin Lee Saga”

  1. marco says:

    There is a fool Gringo in San Ignacio that lives with a Belizean East INdian girl from PG carrying on with a lot of photography business. He appears quiet shady and disrepectful. He lives in Santa Elena. Coud the police look into his activities. Some may be of the same nature as Mr. Lee’s.

  2. santa elena says:

    who you di talk bout dah tall white man weh wear glasses? me nuh trust he..i forget weh deh call he

  3. Zeus says:

    Although this story should be taken seriously, I cannot avoid becoming all hilarious. Unless the reporting is all bogus, it reads in a very funny manner. Think about it. An ugly dimunitive Mongolian looking man banging hot, sexy, Belizean wives. Aah, this is getting to be too good to be true. The report reads “consenting sex.” Do Belize women have such a poor taste in men? Asians eat lots of raw, putrid like foods. They say its good for your health, but definitely bad for your breath. Pictur this……. smelly breath Dr. Lee erotically kissing a hot Belizean goddess. It’s funny, very funny.

  4. Earl Grey says:

    I heard that they are making a movie about it….can’t wait!!!

  5. BzeBoYnuneZ says:

    Zeus, you’re right on that! I was laughing also! Do they think that low of themselves? I didn’t think silly thinks like this exist down there especially for women! I’d think maybe a mens version would make more sense since well, Belizean men can’t stop making DaMn babies for no reason.


    Are these high profile women married?????????????what would they be doing sleeping with that ugly Asian man……was it the strength of Dr. Lee that turned them on?????????got to be cause if they are high profile women i dont see why they would need to down grade themselves by consenting to sexual activities………what is this world coming to??????????he is not even cute…………..

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe the Police department need to also start focusing on cyber crimes,With this child molestation that is rampant in Belize,we need people with knowledge of computer forensics.Who knows what some of these pedophiles might have done with these kids.There is always the possibility that they can have photographs of their victims.Time has change and us as Belizeans need to start been proactive.

  8. Belizeanguy says:

    Maybe its the way he does it, They do know a lot of techniques! Ha ha ha!


    Earl Grey they can’t make the movie you forget the Srilankans still in lock up. The Film Commissioner will have to screen, do make up and shoot. Belize done folks it will not get better. The good old days are gone forever the only solution is strong leadership with moral courage that has the will to infuse absolute discipline in every faucet of our lives, be it waiting at the bus stop- you must stay in line and board by turn, showing up late for any event means you must write an apology letter; if the streets and drains infront of your house dirty- the family must clean it or serve 1 night in piss house; if you urinate in public – you must do community service; if you don’t pay your tax automatic pay sheet deduction OR YO CAN’T TRAVEL outside of Belize; you ride up stop- your bike is confiscated; you thief – flogging in public square, walk with beer/rum on the street- you get locked up, rape/child molestation/murder- yo heng; violate vehicle tint rule – confiscate vehicle for the weekend – NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO FAVOURS, NO BALLY THING, JUST STRICT DISCIPLINE ENFORCEMENT. If the British were in charge of every enforcement agency in Belize THIS COUNTRY WOULD RUN LIKE A FERRARI, with Bzeans in charge it wont happen NO GUTS, no MORAL COURAGE, too much bally thing, old boys network, familiarity, friend-friend arrangements we cannot police ourselves and that is reality that will haunt us to eternity. The law must apply to everybody but ourselves. Notice when the gang leaders felt pain they hurry run to the negotiation table. we have to feel to straighten up that is what our ppl understand pain- financial, physical, economical etc. WORD

  10. Earl Grey says:

    Fu Manchu strikes again!!!
    Ancient Chinese art of Massage…. good for woman. You try??

  11. Learsiman says:

    Jail his ugly @$$.

  12. McBowen says:


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