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Oct 4, 2011

Sex, lies and 600 videos; the Kevin Lee massage parlor

The news of a local businessman fleeing the country for recording hundreds of sex acts and women in various forms of undress went viral over the Internet today. Massage therapist and acupuncturist Kevin Lee, was suspected of recording his massage sessions and turning them into commercials without the consent of the clients. Several clients featured in the advertisements have complained that they didn’t know they were being recorded. Allegations now say that Lee also recorded sexual favors his massage parlors offered to local clients and tourists for cash. It is known that Lee fled the country and was arrested by INTERPOL in Los Angeles on Monday. The Asian community leaders are keeping out of the situation, and the Police Department is also keeping a tight lid on the investigation that over two terabytes of video on Lee’s electronic equipment have been uncovered. Strangely enough, an employee of the Taiwanese Embassy told News Five that they only learned of the allegations since reading the online reports and offered no comment. But the same online reports quote the ambassador.  The website says their Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that “a Taiwanese expatriate is being detained in Los Angeles for alleged sexual misconduct in Belize, where he practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It is reported Kevin Lee molested several of his Belizean female patients and also videotaped them as they got undressed. Many of the victims were said to be wives of politically prominent people and well-known socialites.” The ambassador also reportedly told the newspaper that, “This is not a sexual assault case. No wives of ranking Belize officials fell prey to Lee.” Another report in The China Times says that a technician who was fixing Lee’s PC several weeks ago found nearly six hundred video files in Lee’s hard disk which began to circulate after an attempt to blackmail Lee failed. But who is Kevin Lee? Earlier this year, Lee was in a feature on acupuncture at his Freetown Road Office.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee, Arrested in the U.S.

“My grandfather and father were Chinese doctors. They taught from I was a child. From six years old I watched and they taught me how to do it and the exercise Tai Chi Qigong. So I do a massage that is half Tai Chi Qigong and energy. I do a massage that has an energy push, which is different from other massages. Energy push makes the pain go away quickly. I come to Belize to do Acupuncture.  The first time I come here [to Belize] my friend had some pain because the bone was broken. I did Chinese medicine and use Chinese acupuncture and it helped her bone heal quickly.  So the next time her friend comes with a lot of pain. I did the acupuncture and she said “Ooh!” She felt different, much better. So she told a lot of people, her friends, to come here and try acupuncture. For a headache, we don’t put the acupuncture needle in the head. We put it in the foot. When we put in the needle, the headache goes. With back pain, you put it in the gall bladder line. Gall bladder goes from here to the head and back. I will look for gall bladder energy line and at a special point put it there. Back pain will go. First time people come here they worry about the needle but, putting in the needle is not a lot of pain. It is no more pain than an injection. The acupuncture is less pain because the needle for acupuncture is small. Some people don’t like acupuncture, so for their first time, I give them a massage. But the problem with the massage is that it’s a lot of pain. I tell them to try acupuncture because a massage is more pain than acupuncture. A massage will push the pain and the needle, which is small, when it goes in for some people they don’t feel any pain and some maybe feel a little but it’s not a problem. People who feel sick should come. Acupuncture can work. I want to help them correct the problem and not die. If your kidney isn’t good, if your liver is not good, if your gall bladder is not good whatever kind of sickness, acupuncture can help you. I tell the patient you’ll like acupuncture so test us.”

The article complied by Nancy Liu, Oscar Wu and Lilian Wu leads to more questions and allegations. The computer technician who tried to blackmail Lee may have also committed a crime. There is an alleged investigation into the computer technician and possible accomplices since the end of September when the report first came to light.  Word on the street is that Lee will be eventually deported to Belize. While the fine is a mere two hundred and fifty dollars for lewd acts, it is said that Lee could be fined for every person he videoed.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Sex, lies and 600 videos; the Kevin Lee massage parlor”

  1. AnKor says:

    Wow. i hear even well known personalities were in the videos paying for multi services of sexual activities. this man needs to be brought to justice for his recording of private moments.


    We trust that doctors will care for us when we enter their work place, weather it’s for an ultra-sound or acupuncture.

    Sometimes men can come off as the most evil creatures on earth, and this dirty old ……… just might be the proof that I needed.

    Don’t deport his sorry @$$ back to Belize, China can have him.

  3. JDR says:

    This is too funny. I am betting the people going to him knew exactly what he was offering: Sex, Lies and Videotapes.

  4. JDR says:

    This is too funny. I am betting the people going to him knew exactly what he was offering: Sex, Lies and Videotapes.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Wake up Belize time has changed,i personally don’t trust any doctor.Everytime i go to a private doctor i look for anything that looks unusual in their office.People are to wicked these days.Belizeans need to get out of this mentality of trusting any and everyone.This is thesame reason why alot of our kids are been molested by pedophiles.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Thesame attention that is been given to this case should be given to the case with the two little kids that were raped.Furthermore why is so much attention given to this case?Is because most of the victims are affluent Belizeans.What a F double standard.

  7. Carlitos13 says:

    This is a shady case for Lee is a doctor and of course he would need some kind of documentation for his daily activities. I would not agree with his method of documentation but concerning the commercials, even in the United States we see commercials with hidden cameras. This method of advertisement is a way of showing the “real world” raw and un-cut. You need to ask yourself; if he was this preditaor who preyed on unsuspecting women for his sexual pleasures would he really leave his files that open for a no-integrity technician to easily find it and attempt to black-mail him. Really, would you leave “supposedly” disturbing files like that on a system that you upgrade every now and again. However, disregard all that I said before for it all boils down to – He ran!!!!!!!

  8. FED UP says:

    This man is not a doctor, he is a perverted scam artist, they are many like him calling themselves doctors, just preying on peoples pain and illnesses. they should all be locked up. Don’t we have a body called Belize Medical Council that should deal with this..

  9. Concerned says:

    True, the US runs ads using the hidden camera “reality” style, but the difference is that they are always required to have the participants sign a release form granting their permission to use their faces in the ads. No form, no appearance. Besides, he must have been running for a reason. Maybe it’s more complex, who knows.

  10. ida pott says:

    well what can we expect if the prime minster Dean Barrow take care of the gang , he will take care of all these child molester that are RAPING ALL THESE BABIES AND TO TOP IT OFF THEIR OWN KID , i do hope the Mothers of these kids do something for the sake of the kids BOYS AND GIRLS
    DEAN BARROW NEED TO LEAVE OFFICE HE IS THE WORST PRIME MINSTER OF BELIZE THE WORSE , And I was hoping because he is a black man he would be tuff on crimes but i see he gets paid to turn his face somewhere else .SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME ON HIM

  11. Miss D says:


  12. Darlene says:

    You trust him as a doctor, and he violated that trust, he should be punish for this. I hope he was using clean needles on his clients, with all the aids cases in Belize.

  13. Victoria says:


  14. suenodelmar says:

    tie him to an anchor and sink him to the bottom of the sea. he is no loverboy, Bob Marley Say “no woman no cry” so the people who paid for the services should not cry.

  15. Geraldine says:

    Take a closer look at his picture, he definitely looks like he would totally secretly tape his clients. He is just another self-proclaimed doctor stealing peoples money!!!

  16. gladwell says:

    This man is as much a ‘doctor’ as Dr. Dre, Dr. Pepper and Dr. Doolitte. Please don’t be hating on doctors cause you think he is one, or you feel your doctor overcharged you for taking care of that STD you picked up from sleeping with someone you shouldn’t have in the first place…
    doctor my a$$!
    if u stupid enough fi stand behind donkey den u need fi geh kick !

  17. sun says:

    ay, this man is from taiwan ok. not china.

  18. Sun Tzu says:

    “Happy Endings” will be seen all over… that’s what the big fuss is all about… lol

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