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Oct 4, 2011

Mother of 7 year old victim speaks of abuse

On Monday’s newscast News Five spoke to the grandmother of a seven-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her biological father. The child is still trying to cope with the incident and the Department of Human Services has spoken to the child’s family. The mother of the victim has two other daughters, and is also pregnant with her fourth child. She says that she is a victim of physical abuse by her husband. Her problems are compounded by unemployment and the lack of space she now has to share at the home of her mother.  She told News Five that although she was afraid of physical violence she waited for the right moment on Sunday to leave her house and report the incident to the police.

Voice of: Mother of 7 year old Victim

“I mi scared. I didn’t know what to do because he mi abusive and he threaten me that he wah kill. I mi feel bad, I mi feel way out cause I couldn’t believe that he mi wah do that to ih own daughter—ih flesh and blood.”

Jose Sanchez

“What happened when you woke up? What time was it on Sunday? What can you recall?”

Voice of: Mother of 7 year old Victim

“Eight o’clock in the morning. it was raining and I woke up suddenly because I wanted to use the restroom. When I get up, I didn’t see my child on the bed, my daughter and my husband, so my mind went straight on the little girl—the four year old that got raped—my mind went on her. So I remembered that and I went to check for my daughter and she was not on the bed when I looked and my husband was not on the bed, so I went outside. When I went outside, I looked in the other room facing the hallway. When I looked in the other room, I saw my daughter on the bed and my husband is on top of her—my daughter is half naked and my husband is naked and he is moving up and down on her. So all I can do is just turn my head and stay by the bathroom and bend down my head and just stay right there and can’t do nothing. And when he went out that was the time I got ready and I come at my mom and went to the police station.”

The father of the child was charged this afternoon with Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature, Attempted Carnal Knowledge and Attempt to Commit an Unnatural Crime. No plea was taken since two of the three charges are indictable. There was no objection to bail the father was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until November eighth.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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22 Responses for “Mother of 7 year old victim speaks of abuse”

  1. BMNJ says:

    Cut off his private parts & put him in jail for the next 40 years.


    Where is his photo?

    Belizean mothers need to teach their daughters about emancipation, and that begins with education.
    Too often and too easy Belizean women become victims of spousal abuse, yet they continue to stay in those unhealthy relationships due to the fact they have no education, no money and no place to go.

    Stop the abuse by reporting it.

  3. deedee says:

    Just as I suspected…the husband was physically abusing his wife, it still does not take away from the fact that the mother/wife, who saw what was happening, should have done something to help her daughter. I still can’t believe the mother just stayed by the “bathroom” & did absolutely nothing to help her daughter whilst the father did the unthinkable…SMH.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    I totally agree with deedee,how could this woman watch this man sexually abuse her daughter.F if he is the father that idiot would have been dead.

  5. Snuggles says:

    MAY GOD HAVE MERCY UPON BELIZE. Lord God Almighty please we beg of you, protect and guide our children from these creatures that seek to destroy them. Father God, these children cannot help themselves, please help us to help them. O LORD HAVE MERCY.

  6. crcn_ctzn says:

    this irates me so much that i could beat the bloody woman. i am a mother and if i saw a man on top of my 7 years old daughter molesting her there is no way on gods green earth i would just stand there and hang my head down. the police would be carting his dead body to the morgue or the least half dead. god this is jus so sick !@@%.

    what are these men thinking there are so many woman out there that they could go and sweet talk and the others who are at these entertainment establishments and bars that does sexual favors. come on now if our kids can’t rely on there fathers to protect them from $#!% like this what do they have to look forward to when it time for them to begin relationships. these kinds of things leave serious life altering scars.

    !@@% am so mad right now what is our small country coming to. SHAME AND DISGRACE to theses men who damage young innocent children and rob them of their most precious asset.

  7. Snuggles says:

    Lord, u know that’s not wat i really wanted to say, yes i needed to pray. Please please i beg d government or police department to giv me dis ……… Let him go in my care let me deal wit him. He will never want to c another female not even his mother wen i am don wit him. Mothers start protecting ur kids they can’t protect themselves especially from people they trust. D mother should hav called her neighbours to help her kill him. I’m sure they would hav gladly helped. These children are innocent, defenseless babies, how can a man tink dis way for his own child? My anger keep me bak from finding words to describe him so i’ll sum it up, he’s d devil in person.

  8. redgal says:

    Reading all these comments on here about this story. It is hard to judge someone if we haven’t been in their shoes. If this person is abusive to the mother at the time this act was going on she might have been in disbelief he is abusing their daughter. If she had reacted he might have kill the mother and the daughter too. We where not there so we don’t know. She could have use a telephone and called the police but she didn’t, I think she didn’t have the strength or the courage to tell anyone so she went to her mother and I think the mom encourage her to go to the police. This might have been the bravest thing she had ever done on her own. Lets support her in this act and encourage her for coming foward with this news . Imagine how many more moms know what is going on in their house and don’t say anything and encourage the abuse to continue please see The movie Precious and Eve Bayou . Hopefully we see justice done and this guy gets what is just due is to him. Hopfully the child could life thru this ordeal with lots of help and support from everyone in the community.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    How did he attempt when the lady caught him in the act?Bunch of fools.

  10. DR says:

    I think that the mother is just as guilty as that RAPIST for allowing that ……. to that to his own daughter, she could have called for help at that very moment or find anything to hit him with. Women need to start stop being scared and stand up for themselves and their babies caused nobody will do it for you. The GOV need to start applying harsher punishment to these freaks called Fathers, start posting their pictures so moms can be on the lookout for these ……… I know that they don’t publish their pictures for the child sake, BUT THE DAMAGED IS ALREADY DONE! People say that CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE but if this continues their won’t be any future with happy and healthy kids.

  11. totally angry says:

    This is just plain nonesense how in the wolrld can this woman say she asy what she say and not do anything ??? @(*& I am a mother too and I saw a man no matter how abusive this @$$ is I would get a stick or knife or whatever is in my way and knock him cold. She should be put in prison too and for the man I say hang this good for nothing .

  12. Storm says:

    CASTRATE ALL RAPISTS. That must be part of our criminal law, just like we must hang all murderers.

  13. maria says:

    This pisses me off !!!!!!!!! as a mother how the !*** do you bend down in a corner and just stay there!!!!!!!!!! come on now women of Belize stop this $#!% !!!!!! does your child even matter! do you even care about her? no this !@#$% just care about fu she buss @$$ WTF! i need to stop reading this news its just bs! the thing is thats when you grab the machet and chap up somebady !@$$ and then lesgo see weh wah happen because he wah behave good inna jail fu 2yrs and them wah tek he out!!!!!!!!!! another rapist gone free!!!!!! disappointed in a country i dont even want to say i am from anymore!!!!!!!! how sad!

  14. Miss D says:


  15. ananymous says:

    Dis is dead sick..i hav two sons but i still try my best to be aware of them at all times. dont pass judgement on the mom people, she was abused too & treathened. it true many moms cover up & dont say anything cauz they think there is no way out. i personally would wait until he was asleep and give him a good bath with some hot hot oil!!! my new baby would b born in jail. Gosh, i jus cant imagine my kids suffering like this, if they cant trust their parents, who else can be there for them??

  16. thefacts says:

    the man actually pulled a knife on her and instead of catching her he cut the one year old girl. that is the situation. they lived in a london bridge shack area in deep swamp. so no electricity, no phone. she has no phone. she has no jo b and he ‘ketch and kill’ she lived in fear. she had to wait until he was gone to run to her mother. and shes not going back.

  17. SM says:

    How on earth would I ever stand there watching my kid being raped and do nothing! To hell with all those women who put man first in their lives! I have a saying in my life for parents “Never trust your kids to someone 100%, not even to your shadow”. Where can our children find protection then, if we the parents deny it to them?????May the Lord have mercy on those animals but not human!!!!

  18. Lost in Belize says:

    I don’t know if this lady slow or something but how on earth would a mother stand in a corner and bow her head or watch as her husband is naked untop of her daughter (regardless of age)….Where is the maternal instinct that kick in when we as mothers see our children in danger? Something definitely wrong and more investigation needs to be done on this family.

  19. asdhgf says:

    what the F@#! is wrong with the mother and father! She just stands there and does nothing? She deserves to get charged as well.

  20. pissed off mother of two says:

    This is just sickening. Belize on a whole needs ti tighten up . having these kinds of crimes committed to our innocent children should surely lead to death penalty. As if there isnt sufficient women on the street these fools take advantage of our poor babies. To the mother , i dont care how strong or how abusive that husband was or is, i would have ran to my kitchen and get the heaviest cast iron pot and bust that fool back right open. Bet he wouldnt be able to hit her again. Women, dont leave yourself in an abusive realationship, you put yourself and others around you , meaning your children, in danger. Belize needs prayers mein. Its sad whem your abroad and have to read bs like this on the news. Its really depressing. I pray this little girl can recover from this and know that there is a bright future waiting for her.

  21. a mother says:

    i am so down founded when I hear of these kind of things, there was a time when little girls wanted to be with thier father because he protected them. how can you possible have sextually feelings for your own child the mother is not good enough, we mother some time we only think of our self becareful of the men you get involed with, father’s help your fellows brother there is somthing wrong up there.

    May God be with them.

  22. BZNinCALI says:

    @thefacts, your explanation only made this woman seem more feeble, if this man cut her one year old before all this happened, he should have been in jail. No matter how poor they are that does not justify this. While she may not have been able to whoop his @$$ in hand to hand, a frying pan, a stick or something across his worthless head would have given her the upper hand. If we are not willing to fight like hell to protect & defend our own children, we cannot question why they do not value theirs or anybody’s lives.

    One more thing, I don’t care if she has to sleep on the floor at her Mom’s house with her kids. Suck it up, go knock on doors, ask who needs their floors or stairs scrubbed, their clothes ironed or their houses cleaned & develop her own hustle so that she does not pick up another abusive @$$hole,. Stop feigning helplessness, pregnancy is not a handicap, get off her @$$ & show her daughters that they can & will get through this & when the .. shows up again, introduce him to some hot fat & a butcher knife.

    I understand about the child’s right to privacy but his nasty face needs to be blasted all over the TV along with his name & his pedigree, this is learned behavior.

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