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Sep 27, 2011

Police say not enough evidence; but will collect DNA

Fitzroy Yearwood

And while the mother feels alone and is calling on the authorities to do everything in their power, the police say they are not sitting back idly. The Police Department has admitted that their main suspect has been released because there is not enough evidence to charge him. But they are collecting biological specimens that should be conclusive when charging the suspect.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“After speaking to Mister Dawson, he’s saying that the evidence is just not there for them to have charged this person and that the file was sent to DPP’s office. We know the DPP is out of the country, but we have people in case that still reviews these files. And as we speak, that file is in front of them.”

Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“Sir your position concerns me because the DPP didn’t leave the country until sometime after eleven and she was extremely clear that it had not been sent; transmitted to her in any form or fashion and secondly that she had to requested it from the police.”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Jules, whether or not she had requested it, wouldn’t have been to me. I can only relate to you what I have been informed by O.C. of the C.I.B. who has said to me that the file has been forwarded to her office. We have gathered specimen for DNA testing and we are hoping to have these results swiftly. I know the question has come up as to why we haven’t charged this man that we have detained over the weekend, but it is rather difficult when you are interviewing a four year old. We have re-detained this man. We are questioning him further. We hope to submitting his DNA also for testing. We are trying our best at the department to bring charges in this matter, but we are also looking at several other possible suspects in this matter because after viewing the interview of this four year old, we at the police department believe more has to be done to have the whole picture clearly before charges could be levied against anyone in this matter.”

Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“What has been confirmed thus far about the condition of the child?’

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“One; the doctor has confirmed that the child has been carnally known and we have to do several testings because as a form of discharge. The reason why I am being so careful is that we wouldn’t want to put too much information out there. So we have to be real careful when it comes to the evidence being gathered. We wouldn’t want to put the

suspect on high alert as to what we have before he is actually detained and charged in connection with this incident. We have someone in custody and we are about to interview several other possible suspect. Reason being, after going through the interview of this four year old child, it would be irresponsible of us to go out there and charge one person when other names have been implicated in her statement. So to clear up all ambiguities, we have to make certain that we have the correct person before we put that person’s identity out there which if we are wrong; that would cause serious danger to his life and not to mention his reputation also.”

Yearwood says that the doctor’s report that the girl’s injuries may not have been recent and that is why they are conducting a DNA test on possible suspects.

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10 Responses for “Police say not enough evidence; but will collect DNA”

  1. RadicalBelizean says:

    Colect DNA? When? Bloody joke! These things happen in thing Belize because these guys know they will get away with it. Bunch of jokers.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Our problem as it relates to crime is the conviction rate.It’s not like you guys don’t know who the criminals are.As a result i really don’t know what difference collecting DNA would make.Maybe you all need to focus on a witness protection program.

  3. R.T. in Vegas says:

    Belize need a witness protection program. Belize is so small so it has to get creative. Use surronding countries or even USA. But yes, it needs one bad. Untill then, conviction rate will be low.

  4. JMReed in Calif says:

    This story has just gone from bad to worse! The implication is now that this FOUR YR OLD CHILD has injuries that may not be recent. Therefore, this poor child is a victim of repeated molestation! I am outraged – no so much with the police department – they have to follow protocol and procedures – but at the parents for not doing their duty in protecting her! This little girl has dropped more than one name of DOGS who have molested her. I am thoroughly disgusted! Come on Belize when will this foolishess end? When will women begin to put their selfish needs on hold and put the welfare of their children first???

  5. DT says:

    Jeez, this is getting worse – what next? The Police saying that the girl was prcticing willing sex for years, just so another Belizean Peadophile can walk free and offend time & time again?

    This poor girls life has been destroyed by a pervert, or possibly more than one, and the main suspect walks free. Is there any justice inthis country, any protection for the innocent????

    Obviously not anymore – God Help Belize…

  6. DT says:

    There’s two sides to this, by the way, as the Mother is protesting a little too much, and as the Police dig deeper, they are finding more & more evidence of repeated abuse. One case of abuse of this horrendous nature is bad enough, so where was the Mother when this started?

    I hope she hadn’t anything to do with this, and didn’t profit in any way. Either way, for the childs sake, people ned to be coming clean and telling the Police everything they know.

  7. Storm says:

    Most Belize police are as slow as molasses, just don’t seem to give a rip about protecting us from violent criminals. All they want to do is collect paychecks and not work up a sweat.

    Replace Dough Singh, and get a leader in there who will shake things up, top to bottom. We need an aggressive, professional police department.

  8. Skywalker says:

    Why don’t other CARICOM nations help each other out with witness protection?

  9. ladymatura says:

    If properly collected DNA can say who is the culprit of the recent incident. It is best we get one rather than worry about which we will not get. Sadly under our system of law – not much weight is given to the “evidence” of a four year old. plus a child of this age is not to be interviewed with the regualr police technique this is when you call in the chidl psyhiatrist and they use their technique and can help the child communciate it all. If the chld indeed as was reported in other news had a yellow substance coming out of her then it means her attacker is infected and so the suspects need to be tested for this same discharge. other ways to determien who did it withtou the child’s evidence is through circumstantial evidence so it is important that police get statements from when the child left school to account for her whereabouts until she was returned to the mother. There are various investigative approach to be taken if we truly serious about this. police have arrested men on less evidence than this but because it is not their child and pain suddenly they need special instrucitons from the DPP… hmmm

  10. DT says:

    The school should be penalised for allowing the girl out to her ‘uncle or grandfather’, as the teacher stated.

    That teacher should be fired immediately.

    The suspect should be on remand, and the Mother should be questioned again. Something is going on here, and that family is involved.

    The poor little girl needs councelling, and relocating to safe & loving Foster parents, away from the family and definately nowhere near the school. She knows who attacked her, but nobody is listening, and her Mother is protesting way too much!

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