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Sep 22, 2011

O.W. Murder on the eve of Independence day

Nelsi Chuc

There is another grieving family. In the village of August  Pine Ridge in the Orange Walk District, a seventeen year old allegedly pulled the trigger on a married woman, with whom he appeared to be obsessed. It happened on Independence Day eve. News Five’s Andrea Polanco has that story.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Twenty-five year old Nelsi Chuc would take her routine exercise out here in the remote area of August Pine Ridge Village along the feeder roads. But on Tuesday, she was riding along the road with another woman when her routine was interrupted. What is being speculated as a lover’s quarrel, turned sour here on Sugar Road and ended in Chuc’s murder. The alleged killer, a seventeen year old, pulled out a gun and fatally shot Chuc to the neck. Chuc’s aunt, who is also her neighbor, tells us what she knows of her niece’s death:

Romalda Torres, Aunt of the deceased

“I hurry gone out, I check with my son and I tell him mek ih ker mi where the scene was. I couldn’t believe when I see her laying by the road.”

Andrea Polanco

“So she was out in a remote area, that area called Sugar Road. Do you know what she doing out there at that time?”

Romalda Torres

“She always go and do exercises with her bicycle, two of them, many ladies go and do exercises there.”

Andrea Polanco

“So that guy was waiting for her out there?”

Romalda Torres

“I think. I don’t know how that happen because I really nuh know. I only si every time when she comes out and two of them use to go and do exercise. I don’t know if the boy was watching her.”

Andrea Polanco

“Did she tell you about the argument? Was there an argument between Nelsi and the young man?”

Romalda Torres

Romalda Torres

“She say, she told me yes that the boy was telling her that if she don’t accept to be with him. She won’t be for him, for nobody. That’s what the girl, the lady tell me and from that moment she say that the bwai shoot her.”

Andrea Polanco

“So Nelsi didn’t have the chance to respond?”

Romalda Torres

“No. The lady say she told Nelsi, the boy is coming with a gun and he will kill you because he done tell she that anytime he will kill she. And she say awrite mek ih kill me and she neva do nothing to stop it because she was on her bicycle. She stop but she was on top of her bicycle and she neva make nothing. The lady say she neva mek nothing to fight with the bwai, nothing.”

Andrea Polanco

“She didn’t expect him to….?”

Romalda Torres

“No, the lady say she never believed that the bwai was going to do it.”

But according to her aunt, the minor was obsessed with her niece for a long time. She says Chuc always dismissed his advances:

Romalda Torres

“Yes, yes, I know that’s what was happening, he liked to see her.”

Andrea Polanco

“And she refused him?”

Romalda Torres

“Yes, yes, many times but she never wanted to have relations. I don’t know what happened afterwards because I only heard those noises.”

Prior to Chuc’s death, Torres says that the minor was frequently creating a disturbance around Chuc’s residence, but she ignored him:

Romalda Torres

“One day before this happen I was resting at my hammock on the verandah when I hear bangs on the zinc and I told my daughter, ‘that noise where it comes from?’ and she tell me, ‘see, see, it’s the boy that is shooting Nelsi’s house.’ Last time my son from San Pedro came and we heard noise over here and my son and three of them came running to see what was happening and when the boy see my sons, he run over him with a machete but my son put down his head, if not he would’ve killed him too.”

Andrea Polanco

“So she didn’t report any of the threats before to the police?”

Romalda Torres

“I think she never do it, she never do it. When I saw those problems I told my sister and she never wanted to tell her husband because her husband won’t play, he is a strong man and he say he doesn’t care if he gets in trouble because he is old already. And she never told her father what was going on.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “O.W. Murder on the eve of Independence day”

  1. BMNJ says:

    Once it’s a premeditated murder, regardless if you’re 60, 30, or even 15 years old, you should be charged, tried, & sentenced to life imprisonment.

  2. ES says:

    No one has the right to take away life but GOD, even if its a minor he knows what he was doing. He should receive life imprisonment.

  3. belizeanpride says:

    Many youths in this village seem to be living like lawless youths since there’s no police station anymore. The only one was burnt to ashes. My family has been affected by some of these scums of the village. I’d plead to the police department to please post a police man there and a new station. Charge the young guy as an adult have no mercy on him, he took a life regardless the situation it was based on. Some many times he did harassed the young lady but she never attempted to make a report contributed to her last faith, very sadly, report any harassment people, don’t play with you life. these things really sucks.

  4. FN&***&MODERATOR!!! says:


  5. Mari says:

    May she rest in peace and God help that boy. Only he knows the true story.

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    Lock his behind up & throw away the key, if he is this evil at 17, imagine what he will be like in a few more years. God knows we do not need more psychos roaming the country. This should also be a lesson to every woman who is being stalked, SPEAK UP, complain even if we believe the Police Department is worthless

  7. Islandboy70 says:

    Wonder if he is arrested already? Also, what if this 25 year old female had an affair with this boy and screwed up his mind then just ignores him and tell him to move on. I am not advocating the action but seems to me that there is more to this that what is being reported. They probably had an affair and he was hoping that this girl will be his forever, the love of his life. Kids can do stupid things at times. I am sure that he regrets what he has done. Can this be a case of temporary insanity? Food for thought.

  8. Common Sense says:

    Sorry the poor ignorant boy, have not heard the term— there is many fishes in the sea!
    He need to hang out with more Real Creole People- he would not be in this trouble right now– Prayer goes out to the family of the Girl!
    No matter what the girl did she does not deserve to die!!!!!!!!!

  9. Earl Grey says:

    Send him to the PRISON FARM for life……

  10. take it from here says:

    well my regards to these family!i will like to say that i hope that the killer is in police custody!and that the husband will be strong to support a pain like these!

  11. Darlene says:

    Islandboy please temporary insanity, he been plotting to kill this woman, he been hanging around, stocking and destorying her property as per the neighbor . Regardless of what happen between them, she did not deserved to be killed. He should be tried as an adult and sentence to life in prison. I am tired of hearing about these sensless killing in the small country of Belize and it making Belizean and other tourist skeptical about going to Belize.

  12. FN&***&MODERATOR!!! says:


  13. new yorker says:

    well i wish all the best prayers fro these family!make god be the judge of these!

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